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Found 27 results

  1. Having Starlight and Trixie together in the movie means it has to take pace after "No Second Prances" sense that's the first time they met. Not having the Royal Guard would explain why Celestia had Flash Magnus be the new drill sargent after season 7. Having it take place then would also explain why the changelings and the Pillers of Equestria were not in the movie but I'm not sure about the yaks but if the movie takes place after "No Second Prances" the mane 6 haven't been to Yakyakistan yet, unless you count Pinkie kinda. But griffins probably wouldn't want to help, and sense Ember just became Dragon Lord she probably needs to impose her rule, and that I don't think the ponies would trust all the dragons yet to listen to Ember. As for the map expanding, remember the map was broken after "The Cutie Re-Mark", which would also explain why it took so long and that Mount Aris needed to be repaired and the new train station there. As for Twilight saying "This happened while we were gone?" could be when they went after the Pony of Shadows instead of the Storm King. Why Sandbar mentioned The Storm King but not Queen Chrysalis nor the Pony of Shadows is that no pony would probably know that Chrysalis replaced the mane 6, the princesses, etc and that the Pony of Shadows never appeared in public, and why Apple Bloom was recapping the movie in "surf and/or Turf" was because The Storm King was what directly affected the hippogriffs. This I the best I can do saying it takes place between season 6 episodes 6-7 and explaining how. But there is one thing that contradicts all of this unless you can help me, the new throne room, it is possible they were working on a new throne room for a while and was finished in the movie in a different part of the castle and was going to turn the old throne room into something else but for what happened to the new one in the movie they had to go back to the old one while that was being repaired, but the whole of Canterlot got repaired when they retuned all the magic at the end of the movie? Write below if you can think of any reason why Celestia and Luna would still be using the old throne room until season 8.
  2. Do you think there's a military in Equestria besides the Royal guard? And are the wonderbolts a military organization for defending the nation, or just for show? And if the wonderbolts are a military, what do you think their ranks are? Did the EUP dissapear completely or is it still in existence? And who do you think replaced Shining armor as the head of the royal guard?
  3. Shining Armor was the original captain of the Royal Guard, but now that Shining lives in the Crystal Empire as the prince, that means he's no longer part of the Canterlot guard, and he'd have to be replaced! So... who's the replacement? Hopefully the show can mention that soon!
  4. Who would win? Would the ponies' Royal Guard be able to beat the Space Marines from Warhammer 40k? Or would the Space Marines win?
  5. What if the reason that all the Guards look alike is because they're all Celestia's children? Or Luna's in the case of the night guard? What do you think makes them all so similar?
  6. Long read ahead, so brace yourselves!! So I watched the new episodes, and saw all the Royal Guard everywhere, and it seemed to me like there were TOO MANY of them. I did a little research on the matter, and some questions arose. First off, the MLP wiki on Royal Guards says: "The guards... their cutie marks are obscured by their uniforms." Also: The My Little Pony wiki page on Cutie Marks says that: "The My Little Pony franchise is famous for cutie marks, unique symbols located on the ponies' flank or haunch." Unique. This means different, original, not like others, etc. This brings to mind a certain question. If cutie marks are usually different, then how are there so many Royal Guards? They surely can't all have the same cutie mark, as they are unique. Also, since they cannot all have the same cutie mark, and their uniforms cover the area where a cutie mark is located, what if the Guards don't have cutie marks at all? Does this mean that all ponies without cutie marks must join the Royal Guard? But, also, the same MLP wiki page on cutie marks states that: "The cutie marks are obtained when ponies discover a unique characteristic that sets themselves apart from others" so does this mean that the Guards actually DO have cutie marks? Wrong! "A unique characteristic" Guards all do the same thing, so no outlying differences there. "sets themselves apart from others" Guards, once again, all do the same thing. This brings an altogether different question forth: How does a Royal Guard become a Royal Guard? Are they, as I stated above, simply cutie-mark-less ponies, or is there something else in play? Maybe the Guards aren't ponies at all, but Magical beings conjured by Celestia and Luna? Or maybe there was only one or two Royal Guards to begin with, and they were cloned to make more? Also, since the Head Guard is Twilight's brother, does this mean that all Head Guards are actual ponies, who are controlling the other Guards? Does this mean that the Head Guard knows the secret of the actual Guards? I'm just throwing ideas out there, and I have no idea what could be true. (Although the cloning thing might make for a good fan-fic) Please tell me if you've got a plausible solution for the matter? TL:DR - Royal Guards aren't real ponies.
  7. I was thinking should Twlight gain a small guard detachment, as my OC is a member of this unit that's fine for me and RP or headcannon. But what if the show was to do this it could add some character to the castle and EUP as a unit. give me some thoughts people and i'll sum them up and make a video next week if it's any good. what you ponies think?
  8. If you love fighting and protecting Equestria then you will love this fan club! Discuss everything about the royal guard since i am a fan of it and please join! It is so cool and become the royal guard that you want to be! Discuss everything that you want over here! Any pony is welcome!
  9. Equestria, filled with new ponies everyday coming from everywhere and new people to meet from every corner. That was life in Equestrian and especially Pony Ville where many ponies called home. Pony Ville was a place with the most recognised places which included the Carousel Boutique where Lightning Strike, a young teenage pony had a sister who would usually have classes there every Thursday in sewing and crafting and Rarity used to teach her and Lightning Strike had moved in only just 2 years ago and was still learning new things about the place. Lightning Strike, she had messy and ruffled up knotty hair because she never really paid attention to it either because she wanted to start writing a story that came to her as quick as the flash of lightning or maybe because she would get angry that fast or maybe because she was one of the most fastest ponies in Pony Ville. She was also quite strong but could get very irritated and was care free. She was quite smart and intelligent in many ways and more creative than ever, for example she knew facts that even her own mother did not know but it was hard for her to concentrate and she got bored in one small lesson. Lightning Strike was a very strange pony. Lightning Strike’s main ambition was to become a royal guard and she could. She had heard that ponies as young as 12 had joined the royal guard to help out the royal guard and become Junior Officers and learning combat skills and guarding some scenes and stopping evil in Equestria from a young age. She imagined the uniform that she would wear as she loved to look smart and practical and hated looking all pretty. As the sun rose up over Pony Ville Lightning Strike groaned as she stirred in her bedroom. Her bedroom was full of things got to do with the royal guard as well as her love for video games and there were models all over the place. Her wall was full of graffiti showing her style and care freeness. “……….Time to get up mares!” cried Lightning Strike’s mum and Lightning Strike groaned and turned around. She was used to waking up late because she did not have anything to do on Monday Mornings but perhaps do a little learning because she was taught and she had taught herself and her sister, Stylish Mare grunted. “Coming………” they both chorused and then Lightning Strike flew off her bed at that instant and the table rattled inside her bedroom. Stylish Mare raced down the stairs and Lightning Strike checked the time. It was 10:30. It was a little earlier than usual and then Lightning Strike asked her mum why. “Mum why did you wake us up early man?” she asked and her mum turned around and there was a sly look on her face as she handed the mare’s their breakfast, Lightning Strike sat down on the floor and then ate up and then Stylish Mare heard that the sewing classes with Rarity had been changed to Mondays instead of Thursdays. “Oh cool……….” Stylish Mare said and then started talking to her mum about what she did and what projects she had and her mum discussed it with her. Lightning Strike hated the sewing class. She was told off by Rarity and got so agitated that she left. She was not good with a sewing needle at all. Styling, hair making and that sort of thing was not Lightning Strike’s talents. Lightning Strike preferred being out on her skateboard or writing stories and drawing pictures and designing things. She liked to show case her things and liked gaming as well. Besides she was a Pegasus and Stylish Mare was a unicorn so it must have been easier for her to sew as well. “Strike, I have some news. I signed you up to the royal guard and your first training and shift is today. Tell me how it went. Now hurry up and get your new uniform on!” cried her mum and Lightning Strike grinned. “Cool!” she yelled and immediately whizzed upstairs with her wings and saw that in her room, there was new royal guard armour. A gleaming yellow helmet with a blue plume and her very own spear and there was also her armour. She was so happy and fitted it on her head. The armour was quite heavy. “……..Thanks mum. I’ll be off then!” yelled Lightning Strike and she immediately buzzed her wings and zoomed off into Pony Ville and she looked at the address. So all the new Junior Officers were supposed to be at Canterlot Castle and she smiled as she race off. She finally flew down and looked around slowly and then saw Captain Shining Armour, the Captain of the Royal Guard standing right there and her mouth gaped open. She did not know where to go and Captain Shining Armour came forward. “Oh…….hello…….let me check your name………you must be Officer Strike yes?” asked Captain Shining Armour. His helmet was on but he was not wearing his armour. His horn sticking out and his blue light hair gleaming and Lightning Strike nodded. “Yes sir……….” She said saluting and stiffening her body. “That is good, we are going to practice that and you had better get practicing young royal guard for you will have lots of work to do this week!” cried Captain Shining Armour and Officer Strike nodded and held her spear tight and flew into the courtyard looking around eagerly and then Captain Shining Armour came forward. “Salute and line up!” he roared and Officer Strike immediately raced to her spot with the young junior officers stand there and they had their arms up. She was pretty good at this and Captain Shining Armour could see it. “Welcome to the royal guard academy! This is where all royal guards trained and it was created a long time before any of you were born. My name is Captain Shining Armour and I am the Captain of the Royal Guard and your coach and trainer!” he said in a loud and clear voice. “Yes sir!” chorused the royal guard and Officer Strike held her spear grinning at herself. She was going to be taught fighting skills here although there was going to be a lot of fitness training that would drain her out, she could get used to it. “Right, no introducing here, if you are confident, you’re confident and if you are not you are not. Who are we? We are the royal guard and you shall learn the royal guard promise today and we shall be doing some basic training!” yelled Captain Shining Armour. Officer Strike saluted him. She felt her golden armour weighing her down and her hair was plastered to her forehead but she remained straight and still. “You have an opportunity, not much people as young as you are allowed to join the Royal Guard because the spaces are full. Our duty is to protect the Princess and you shall be going to training every Thursdays and Fridays and then be on shift for 4 hours and your day offs would be on the weekends and for the rest of the day after that although you are allowed to work more but you are paid for the 4 hours shifts. You are going to be paid 40 coins a month which you can use to buy your new books for studies and supplies and armour polish and then of course the rest can be used to buy whatever you want for hearts content!” yelled Captain Shining Armour and Officer Strike nodded as the Officers around her saluted Captain Shining Armour. “Right let us get started!” yelled Captain Shining Armour. “It is important to salute the Princess! Princess Celestia is a very brave Princess and has done so much. In return you will have a great responsibility on your shoulders as you will guard the village and the castle for her! Do you understand?” asked Captain Shining Armour. “Yes sir!” cried Officer Strike and she knew that she had to attend everyday unless she was sick or had to go somewhere else like an event. Officer Strike knew that she was going to try and become the best Officer ever in the royal guard and who knows? One day lead it. “On your feet now and let’s get started! Stretches now! Push ups give me 10!” yelled Captain Shining Armour and Officer Strike found herself on the floor doing press ups and grinding her teeth. She gritted her teeth as she had not been going out much lately and then continued. Trying her hardest as 10 push ups was not a problem for her. The armour weighed her down and she could feel the pressure. “Up now and great! Run around 4 times!” yelled Captain Shining Armour and Officer Strike saw that the courtyard was quite big. She breathed and then raced around galloping with her hooves as Captain Shining Armour urged them all on and to drive their hooves up. She listened and gritted her teeth as she finally panted and stopped. “How do you all feel?” asked Captain Shining Armour. “Warm!” yelled the Officers as they were certainly warm. Officer Strike could see that they themselves were tired and that she knew she was going to have to do more than this and so Captain Shining Armour let them all have some water. Officer Strike went over to have some water and sipped a little and immediately it burst her energy and refreshed her for some more. She was not going to get beaten down this easily and she was not going to make herself hopeless as a royal guard. She was going to try her best as Officer Strike. She looked down at her golden armour and smiled. She was an Official Royal Guard now. “Right, now today we are going to be doing our salute and how we hold our spear and stop someone if they try to get passed a place that they are not allowed. Remember you do not hurt anyone with this spear and only defend? Do you understand? Only defend! Having a spear is a great responsibility and I have given you each training spears which you shall use in your shift. They are the same as any spear but are easier to wield? Got it?” asked Captain Shining Armour. “Yes sir!” roared Officer Strike louder than ever and took a moment to look around the courtyard. It was her kind of place and she liked witnessing the water falls and it could give her a story idea. “Right in your places and lets start. Stand straight and proud and stop slacking away. It is bad for your shoulders. Got it? Right now stand straight and put your hand up and immediately salute. It is harder than it looks………..” Captain Shining Armour said. Officer Strike straightened up her hoof and at that moment she tried to stand as straight as she could and her back hurt but she did and then relaxed her shoulders. She had to do this more often as her body was always tense and then saluted just as everyone else did. “Yes sir!” they cried. “Louder!” he yelled at them encouraging them. Captain Shining Armour was very good with younger guards as he treated them with respect, and if they did anything wrong he taught them how to do it. “Yes sir!” Officer Strike said at the top of her voice and gritted her teeth as the armour was slowly hurting her hooves and then Captain Shining Armour made them do it again and again and Officer Strike tried her best but she was completely worn out. “Right, practice this where ever you are! Saluting is important! Very important!” yelled Captain Shining Armour and Officer Strike nodded and remembered doing this as soon as she got home after training. “When you are around you should be a model citizen! Make lots of friends and be polite. I know that everybody has mishaps over here but just try and try to be confident but not over confident and not to aggressive either. When you are not in training you can still help out after your shift you want as you are a royal guard and you will be recognised as one……..” Officer Strike loved the way Captain Shining Armour gave the respect to her. “Yes sir!” yelled the young guards. “Now at ease!” he said quite calmly but loudly and Officer Strike nodded. “Salute!” he yelled and Officer Strike stiffened again and then when he said at ease she relaxed and the usual rhythm continued and finally Captain Shining Armour looked at the time. “Right Royal Guard line up!” he yelled and Officer Strike had already got the message that she had to line up and then lined up. Captain Shining Armour walked in the middle of the young officers. “We shall be doing spear practice now. Take your spear in the hand you are comfortable with and then imagine that someone came across you and you did not want them in a certain place. Hold the spear from the bottom and cross it against your chest and the sharp bit must not touch you. Understand?” yelled Captain Shining Armour and Officer Strike nodded. “Yes sir!” they all cried and Officer Strike practiced with her spear and crossed it forward in front of her and then back and got some compliments which made her happy and to try and try harder as well. “Practice that and you’ll be on your way to basic combat skills in no time at all!” cried Captain Shining Armour as Officer Strike tried her best and kept on crossing the spear over her and then Captain Shining Armour nodded. “Now we are running short of time everybody so Officer’s get together and lets all do the royal guard promise. Do you all understand? Have I made it quite clear? Good!” he said and then Officer Strike saw Captain Shining Armour hold his hoof up. “I promise to do my best, to do my duty to the Princess and Equestria! To help other ponies and to keep the royal guard officers law………..!” he yelled and then Officer Strike said it out loud and clearly. “Well done! You have all took your promises and if you attend three training sessions you will earn the blue star officer badge and that you are officially joined!” cried Captain Shining Armour. “Yes sir!” cried Officer Strike and then Captain Shining Armour smiled. “Good, all good. You shall be all given the information on what you need to buy and what books you will need to buy because when you come to training we will be doing study of the history of the royal guard and writing essays on Friday and on Thursday we shall be doing fitness and combat…………” Captain Shining Armour said and then looked at Officer Strike. “Welcome to the royal guard, just try your best. Every royal guard tries their best and they have weaknesses and they have abilities as well. We can try and help you improve on them!” said Captain Shining Armour. “Yes sir!” cried Officer Strike happily and Captain Shining Armour dismissed her and being a guard allowed her to explore some of the castle which was another opportunity and Officer Strike was in the mood to do so. She held her spear and walked very slowly and looked around keeping her eyes peeled like a guard and explored the courtyards as the other royal guard ended training and then Officer Strike looked around and saw some Senior Officer’s in their golden helmets and smiled. “…….Wow……..” she thought. This was it! She was going to start her shift tomorrow in the morning but she had to buy her books and she was quite excited and then was walking around and exploring when suddenly someone came in front of her. Officer Strike looked up and immediately saluted the pony in front of her submitting her respect to Princess Celestia. She would probably never argue with this Princess and Princess Celestia looked down and Officer Strike’s heart was beating. “Good morning Princess……..” she said politely smiling and Princess Celestia smiled. “Why hello there young guard and what is your name?” asked Princess Celestia. “Officer Strike Princess Celestia, my name is Lightning Strike. It’s a pleasure to meet you………and I am going to try my best to become a great and good royal guard……..” Officer Strike said and Princess Celestia smiled. “Well I do hope that you will and that is very sweet of you and I hope you live up to the royal guard code of conduct and that you will always stay a Junior Officer. It is good to have Junior Officers around because they make a good example. Warn us of anything and prevent bullying……..well that is good and it is nice to meet you Officer Strike……” Princess Celestia said looking down and smiling. Officer Strike nodded as she respected the Princess dearly and narrowed her eyes and held her spear and since she was dismissed off training she decided to go and go back home to her sister and her family and get money for her books as fast as she could. Energetic Officer Strike flew up into the air racing away as fast as she could and holding her spear over Pony Ville and the Pony Ville citizens looked up and saw a blur of blue and gold and wondered what that mystic blur was and were confused and baffled. “Did you see that?” asked Twilight Sparkle with her baby dragon Spike on her back and Spike nodded. Never had he seen such a thing before in Pony Ville and Twilight Sparkle shrugged and then turned and decided to canter off to have some fun with her friends and then study and Spike knew that it was going to be study much more. Officer Strike knocked on her door and Stylish Mare opened it. Rarity was there with Stylish Mare as they were finishing the sewing lesson and Stylish Mare had a beautiful piece of artwork with her and she opened it. Rarity was waiting there. Rarity did not really know Officer Strike and so she came forward. “So this is your sister. Officer Strike I presume?” asked Rarity looking up curiously. Rarity was not much older than Officer Strike but she acted like a lady at heart and Officer Strike nodded and came forward to shake hooves with Rarity. “A pleasure to meet you Miss Rarity and my sister has told me all about you and what a good sewing teacher you are. That is right my name is Officer Strike. An Officer in the Royal Guard but you can call me Lightning Strike……” Officer Strike said smiling as she was happy with her new job. “Yes, the family are so proud to have a royal guard in the family. The royal guard has a long history and I am really proud of you Strike!” cried Styling Mare as the little pony came forward and hugged Officer Strike and Officer Strike looked down. “Thanks little sis hey you should join when you are my age. Big like me. But I think you are destined for do artwork and designing. I just really have a lot of royal guard work to do. Captain Shining Armour wants be to buy some books…..” Officer Strike said looking down at Styling Mare and Styling Mare nodded. “Captain Shining Armour is the Captain of the Royal Guard Strike. You have to be very polite in front of him and stop getting angry to easily as well…..” Styling Mare said before she turned around and Officer Strike smiled and looked at Rarity. “Little sisters, I heard Sweetie Belle likes to play with Styling Mare huh? Got to go you know I have a lot business to get on with. As an Officer of the Royal Guard I have a 4 hour shift tomorrow……..” Officer Strike said nodding. “That is great. You know come and pop by my shop sometime if you want to have a makeover or anything………” Rarity said smiling and Officer Strike nodded hoping that she would not have to go and headed straight for her room and looked at the list that Captain Shining Armour had given her. “The books that I will need to buy for the study at the royal guard academy on Fridays are the History Of the Royal Guard. The Power of Friendship and for now I will need the Beginners of the Royal Guard…….cool……” Officer Strike said keeping her armour on as she fitted her helmet back on her yellow and blue wild hair and looked at her training spear and began to practice with it. She practiced the salute and how to do it properly as she knew that as a royal guard she would have to learn to submit to others that were higher than her as she straightened her back and then relaxed herself. She held her spear and practiced the drills that Captain Shining Armour had given her and made sure that she stuck properly to his routines as she began doing hoof ups in her room and her strong hooves went up and down as sweat poured down her mane and her wings were all ruffled. “That is enough. Right I need to go and get my books from the book shop…..” she said sticking to her priorities and wondered where the nearest book shop was. She held onto her spear and flew right off into the air with her blue wings which spread out wide. She loved flying as she raced across the skies of Pony Ville. She could see the whole of Equestria from up there and she wondered when her shift would start tomorrow as she was in her golden glittering armour and she had her spear clutched to her hoof. She spotted the book shop of Pony Ville in the corner. It was a neat red and there were lots of ponies queuing up for books and Officer Strike thought that maybe they were other Junior Officers. She kept the list in her mind and then headed straight for the book shop in her armour. “Wow what a queue…….” She murmured as she was zooming high and then zoomed right down and behind the long queue. She spotted a pony that had wings and was an alicorn and realised that was Princess Twilight Sparkle as she kept her helmet on her and waited. She spotted one of the other young officers. “Oh hey there, saw you at training. Beware Captain Shining Armour is going to give you a lot to do so you had better be prepared. My name is Jumping Jacks. Please to meet you!” cried the officer that was in front of her and Officer Strike smiled. “Thanks. My name is Lightning Strike. So we are really excited to join the royal guard right? So now you are starting your shift tomorrow. Is that not cool?” asked Officer Strike and Jumping Jacks nodded. “Yes 4 hours guarding the village in the mornings I suppose and then around Canterlot Castle. Captain Shining Armour is not as tough on us but he can still be tough. We are in the military now and we have to toughen up……” muttered Jumping Jacks looking sadly at the ground. Jumping Jacks was a unicorn and Officer Strike looked at her. She had a shabby red mane and had a grey body. Her cutie mark was of a pony jumping up high so Officer Strike thought that Jumping Jacks must have been really good at jumping up high. “How high can you jump?” asked Officer Strike looking curiously at Jumping Jacks. “Me? Oh I can jump quite high. It was why I was signed up for the Junior Officers because I could jump really high and they need ponies who are good at that…..” Jumping Jacks said proudly and Officer Strike smiled. “Well it is a pleasure to meet you” she said and Jumping Jacks nodded. The queue was quite long and Officer Strike decided to practice straightening herself and saluting and then wielding her spear and blocking. She knew that Captain Shining Armour wanted her to do so. Finally the customer line had grown shorter and soon it was Jumping Jacks turn. She had a whole list of books to buy and muttered something and then told the shop keeper what she wanted. “Starting your first days as royal guard officers? Is that not great? It is good that younger ponies like you are allowed to spot dangers and make a good example!” cried the shop keeper looking at them brightly and Jumping Jacks smiled as the pile of tottered text books landed in her hooves. “Wow all of this study on Fridays…….damn…..” murmured Jumping Jacks as she turned around and Officer Strike waved and then turned around. Her heart was thumping. How much study would she have to do? “There’s all your books and that will be 20 coins please……” the book shopkeeper said and Officer Strike nodded fumbling for her 20 coins and then handing them to the shopkeeper and she turned away and decided that she had to go and study immediately. She headed back home and it was baking and she decided that she had to take the armour off as she took off her armour and went up to her room and looked out of the window. Her dreams had finally come true. She was a royal guard. “Oh there you are Lightning Strike!” cried her mum as the unicorn hugged Officer Strike and Officer Strike smiled. She loved her mum and loved the fact that her mum was proud of her. “I have so much to tell you about mum but I have to go and study quick…..” Officer Strike said turning around and flying up the stairs and into her room. Instantly she tipped her brown satchel on her bed and the heavy text books came out. She was looking at Power of Friendship and she wondered why Captain Shining Armour had put that in her studies. She had heard about the elements of harmony and the Mane 6 but she guessed that it could come in handy. However Officer Strike was interested in the book called Beginners of the Royal Guard and the book had a royal guard helmet on it. She opened up the books and began reading through it and that was when her eyes widened and she grew interested. The beginners guide to the royal guard The royal guard is an honour and now you have become part of it. The royal guard means commitment and that you will obey your elders regardless. However if you do not understand anything you shall ask them for help because that is what they are there for. When you begin training as a royal guard your wages will be a small but fair amount for you to buy new armour at the end of the year and the books that you will need for training on Fridays at the royal guard academy. The rest of the week you will be on shift for only 4 hours in the morning and will be responsible for reporting any disturbing activity. As a Junior Officer we expect you to…… - Come to training regardless- unless sick and then will need to be compromised - Study hard and rank up through the Junior Officers. - Train hard throughout the week - Spot dangers such as hazards in the village and Canterlot Castle - Learn to fight with a beginners spear - Help out in the community We do expect a lot from you Junior Officers. When you are old enough you will become a Senior Officer and you shall continue or have a choice to leave the royal guard ranks. However once you have joined the Junior Officers you cannot leave. Why do I have to learn to fight? We don’t expect you going into war or having massive fights. We expect you to learn to defend yourself and make sure that you are a threat towards enemies. We want to build you up and strengthen you but you must not use any fighting skills outside of royal guard training against any pony or you shall be expelled from the academy and your job. Officer Strike stopped reading and began scribbling notes on her parchment. She could hear her mum washing the dishes downstairs and her sister Styling Mare doing some art and crafts and she continued reading. Officer Strike was an avid reader and could learn from a book so she browsed and skimmed through all of the books again and again reading the instructions on what to do if there is an emergency and how to defend yourself if you are attacked and learning survival skills and Officer Strike smiled. She finished reading the History Of the Royal Guard and the Beginners handbook but she was too tired to read the Power Of Friendship as she shifted the books aside and looked at her spear propped in the corner. “I am not going to have any training this whole week because they expect me to train myself. Ok Officer Strike get ready and push yourself to the limits!” she cried to herself as she came down and her wings were beating and she put herself down as she began doing as much push ups as she could. Her muscles had to grow strong as she put on her full armour and began doing it and the armour was weighing her down horribly and she was sweating and she had managed to punch almost thirty push ups in. She then started doing Jumping Jacks and jogging on the spot and doing as much as she could. Finally she fell onto the floor and her mane came in her face. She looked at her helmet and then she managed to remove it and she took off her chest plate and sighed and then headed over towards her desk and took some water from the bottle before she put it right back down. For that whole time in her room she spent trying to find out as much as she could about the royal guard and so she practiced with her spear in her room and thrusted it forward and backwards yielding it and learning the moves from the Beginners Handbook and she straightened herself. Then she bellowed. “Sir Yes Sir!” she roared and she hoped her sister had not heard her and laughed to herself and then continued. She practiced stiffening her body and imagining that Captain Shining Armour was in front of her. “At ease!” she roared at herself and her body relaxed. She knew that she had to be at ease when told to be at ease and had to be ready when told to be ready. Junior Officers would learn what military life was but in a safer environment but anything could happen and Officer Strike was ready for that. After hours of jogging and training and reading through her books the young Pegasus finally stopped and she looked at her wings that were itching to flap. In the royal guard she was not allowed to fly unless Captain Shining Armour wanted her to but she knew that she had to build her wing power. She was quite a fast flyer but her goal was to beat Rainbow Dash. She looked around her room. The banner of the royal guard hung up there was shining more than usual in the sunlight and Officer Strike smiled. She ruffled her scruffy yellow and blue hair as it fell onto her face and she finally slumped onto her bed drinking as much water as she could and she was exhausted. “I think that is enough training……” she muttered before getting back up again and itching go for a fly and so she sped off towards the door. She needed to exercise herself as she was a Junior Officer of the royal guard after all. She sped out and felt her blue wings free as the air tried to blow her away she fought it and spotted Rainbow Dash in the distance. Rainbow Dash was one of the fastest ponies in Equestria. Officer Strike spotted her but Rainbow Dash did not spot her and Rainbow Dash was heading in for her famous Sonic Rainbow Boom move. Officer Strike watched her and lowered herself as suddenly Rainbow Dash whizzed past her and Officer Strike neighed bucking up suddenly as she was quite shocked. Rainbow Dash never in her life had gone this fast before. “Wow…..” Officer Strike thought. Rainbow Dash’s messy hair waved in the sunlight as she was pure showing off and Officer Strike could see that. Officer Strike was not the kind of person to show off and she grew very jealous of some people and hated being teased and she had a short temper but she was calmer at the moment as she ruffled her wings for a fly. Rainbow Dash came down laughing. “What happened to you Losing Tike? You look like you have been through like so much hours of training. Oh wait I forgot. You are a Junior Officer in the royal guard!” cried Rainbow Dash and Officer Strike smiled. “Pretty cool right?” asked Officer Strike. “Pretty cool if it were not you Officer Tike! Hey are you planning to race me because I have not got all day you know!” cried Rainbow Dash and Officer Strike grinned and ruffled up her hair as she flew into the clear blue sky. “Ok bring it on…..” Officer Strike felt her determination arise in her. Officer Strike had always been determined and quite courageous with many things although she would even start shivering at some things she was not going to let Rainbow Dash break her down. Rainbow Dash stuck her tongue out at Officer Strike and anger burned inside Officer Strike like a lightning bolt as suddenly her body was buzzing up full of sparks and Rainbow Dash looked at her and Officer Strike looked at her. “On your marks, get set…….go!” yelled Rainbow Dash and that word echoed inside Officer Strike’s head but the anger which was surging through her suddenly burst out and lightning bolted out of Officer Strike’s flank where her cutie mark was and Rainbow Dash whizzed off. The battle between lightning and rainbows continued as the citizens of Pony Ville all looked up and wondered what was happening as suddenly Rainbow Dash came soaring down losing her balance and then up. Officer Strike felt her heart beating so fast and she continued flying as fast as she could and flapped so much that her wings were frizzled and as the bolt went right up Rainbow Dash whizzed right past her and towards the finish line and she was laughing. “Now whose part of the royal guard?” sneered Rainbow Dash and Officer Strike could not keep herself from wailing out but she breathed. If she was to be an Officer in the royal guard she had to calm down and though she was very sensitive and jumped to conclusions and took things very personally she breathed. “You have some speed. However the royal guard is not all about speed it is also about pacing yourself and guarding the place. Time is important as well and respect for others including your rivals. Dash I think you would make a good member!” cried Officer Strike winking at Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash scratched her head. “Are you feeling alright?” asked Rainbow Dash and Officer Strike grinned. “Better than alright Dashie, better than alright……” she said and could not hold her laughter at Rainbow Dash’s confused expression and Rainbow Dash shrugged and decided that she was better off just practicing. Officer Strike flew around for a while looking around Pony Ville and seeing if she could find anything interesting. She knew that she was allowed to work shifts even if she was not paid for it in her spare time as she whizzed off and came back with her armour and spear on. She flew around for a while before coming right down onto the ground and started patrolling and looked around. She had read enough of the handbook to understand what she had to do as she waited for the hours to tick by and for it to get dark. She spotted something going on and narrowed her eyes holding her training spear just in case there was going to be an attack and there was a little filly in the distance and she was crying and crying. Officer Strike spotted the school that the filly’s had erupted from and the filly was on the floor sobbing. Officer Strike very slowly approached the little filly. The little filly had a massive red bow on her head and she had pink hair and her lips were quivering and she looked up at Officer Strike for a minute. Officer Strike searched for her cutie mark but the little filly did not have a cutie mark. “Blank Flank……” muttered Officer Strike for a minute and then she came forward and looked at the filly and the filly stood up immediately back tracking and could clearly see that Officer Strike was a royal guard. “….I didn’t do anything wrong!” she cried immediately bashing into a tree and clutching her mane and then she wiped her tears and Officer Strike smiled. “I know you didn’t. But it’s getting dark and you shouldn’t be out here and soon every pony will be asleep and you look like you need to get to sleep. What is your name little one?” asked Officer Strike. “Apple Bloom…..” the little pony said quietly and Officer Strike nodded. “I know you. You are that pony from Sweet Apple Acres……what are you doing out here? Are you lost? Do you want me to help you to find your house?” asked Officer Strike and Apple Bloom nodded. “Apple Jack was supposed to pick me up but she didn’t come. I guess she had to do some work on the farm but then……….I got pushed over and run over by a couple of stupid ponies down there………” Apple Bloom said pointing her hoof towards two ponies who were laughing and sniggering and Officer Strike narrowed her eyes. “I’ll keep an eye on them ok? Now come on let’s get you home….” Muttered Officer Strike taking Apple Bloom by the hoof and leading her out of the school until she finally reached the farm house and knocked on the door and a pony that was orange with a Stetson hat and wild blonde hair in a plait opened the door. “Apple Bloom……oh I forgot…….” Apple Jack said putting her hoof to her mouth and Officer Strike could see the expression on her face and Apple Bloom smiled and hugged her sister. “Thanks so much…I mean this was all a misunderstanding and you are an Officer?” asked Apple Jack and Officer Strike nodded proudly and Apple Jack smiled. “You weren’t on shift were ya? I knew. There are lots of officers around the place at the moment and they have been guarding the whole place and practicing of course……..for tomorrow. It’s good the village does have guards…….I am Apple Jack!” cried the farm gal and Officer Strike shook hooves. “A pleasure to meet you but I have to get going maa’m……” Officer Strike said waving and then turning and heading back towards her house as she flapped up and sped off as the sunset began and the whole of Pony Ville stood out and remembered that Princess Luna was now going to be in their dreams. Officer Strike heard her mum shout and she woke herself up immediately getting changed into her golden armour and getting ready for her shift. She would have to report to Canterlot Castle right away. “Hurry up Strike! Come and have breakfast!” yelled her mum from downstairs and her sister started bashing her door and Officer Strike opened up her the door fully changed and in full armour even though she had not even washed her face yet. “Chill Styling I am coming!” Officer Strike shouted back frustrated as she straightened up her hair under her helmet and polished her plume and got her things ready and her satchel over her and then galloped downstairs.
  10. ..If each pony has its own cutie mark that symbolizes their talent, or an important feature of their personality .. What could be the cutie mark of a Royal Guard? The Royal Guards have all the same cutie mark?? (I don't think..) As always, forgive my english
  11. So I enlisted in the US Navy the other day and will go through basic training in July of this year and ship out after completing my senior year of high school. I know there are other military bronies out there but I want to know, what should I do? I was thinking something in the medical field. Any thoughts?
  12. well i know that equestria does not have a standing army but they do have armed forces like the royal guard and aerial acrobatics and demonstrations teams like the air force. So, they do have a kind forces. so, if you lived in there would you be in the equestria forces and which one would it be? I would be in the luna royal guard because I am already a soldier of the night, i like luna, and i like there armor.
  13. I love the royal guard, but the show doesn't really expand on them besides protectors of the princess. Ranking structure, core values, their creed, it all disappeared. So what you and I shall do, dear brothers and sisters, is create the royal guard. Here's what I think so far: >Captain is the highest rank, below princess. >ranking goes down from captain to the lowly Guardsmen, then up to Guardsman First Class, Senior Guardsman, and on and on to Sergeant, master sergeant, chief master sergeant, then enlisted officer ranks to captain. >Creed would center on the Princesses then Equestria in ranking order. >Duty before self >Integrity and honor >Excellence in all they do Add more, please for the love of Sun and Moon butt add more.
  14. I've been working on these two drawings since a few days ago, and I just finished these. Personally, I'm a big fan of Rarity and Flash, and of course for other ponies out there, but here I just want to focus on these two. Traditional artwork for Flash Sentry I like Flash Sentry because I find him a really cool character, even though he's not that interesting concerning about his personality according to canon results, but even so I tried to bring out something different from him were he's practically doing something. I imagine him that he's in a battle, in which he lost his helmet, and got a scratch, etc. but still has the guts to courageously continue the fight. Digital artwork for Rarity And Rarity, we all know the fabulous Rarity. I really like her because I can really relate to her when it comes to her admiration to fashion. I myself am very familiar with fashion, even for the women, so all her dress-making capabilities are not much of a mystery to me. I also added the gems in the drawing because that is her trademark design to her creations. So, I hope you like it guys
  15. What is the importance of the Royal Guard? not to mention they got horribly smacked, even though they got overwhelmed by Chrysalis's army. Like, they are not even powerful, and for some reason I feel they're just there to make canterlot seem Powerful. >.>
  16. This is the start of my story. -Crystal Edge It was a cold and unpony morning dawn. I had just woke up in the comfort of my home in the Crystal Empire. Today was a big day and a big moment in my life. Today was the day I started my career in the Royal Guard for the Crystal Empire. Ever since I was a filly it was my dream and honor to be a part of the Royal Guard. I always looked up to them and always respected them. My father was in the Royal Guard you see, he was said to be a strong and brave stallion. But thats only what others say of him... One day during the drought time of the Crystal Empire a dark and evil King known as Sombra cursed the Crystal Empire enslaving all who were in it to. I was never so scared in my life, I was only a little gentle filly at the time. I lived through the harshness that came with King Sombra's ruling, untill. Princess Celestia appeared and she battled the evil king and banished him for eternity. After King Sombra's defeat every pony was joyful once again but something was out of context, my father was never heard of again. My mother finally had to deliver the bad news to me. My father was gone, said to be lost during the first contact with King Sombra. I cried for weeks and visited my fathers grave every day. My father didn't say much to me because he was always out on duty. I guess this was my only way of knowing more about my father or at-least feeling closer to him. I knew he would be proud of me for joining the Royal Guard! I only hope to make him proud and do my best! The End of Part 1
  17. Spike's clawed feet tapped on the wooden floor of the library as remorse and nostalgia flowed through his head. He remembered those days, simple days of writing letters to the princess. The days went by too fast, for he had no idea how simple and nice his life used to be. He had grown significantly, as he was no longer bipedal and small. He stood up on his hind legs and tried to remember the feeling, but with no luck. He looked around at the empty bookcases, remembering shuffling through them to find a certain mystical tome. His jaw quivered and water flawed his vision, trying not to let a tear hit the floor. He failed and rolled over on his back and tried to take a nap. He knew that Twilight wouldn't find him here. He was safe, for now. His rebellious teenage phase was far worse than an average pony. He used his controllable fire abilities to vandalize his symbols into the sides into buildings and cottages. Twilight, being a princess, tried to stop him, but he had wings now, so he couldn't be her puppet any more. He felt weight on his eyelids, but also on his back. Why did he feel bad for running away? He had everything, and no chores or rules to restrain him. And yet his head felt like stinging bees, with his own emotions pushing on his like a giant paperweight. It hurt; and as much as he wanted it to stop, his mind held no mercy. He ran out, thrashing out with his tail and destroying buildings, spotting the royal guard already running towards him. Ugh, this again. He quickly spun around and swatted the guards away like flies. Suddenly, a bright light above his head blinded his vision, and the sound of feathery wings flapping made him curious, so when the light finally subsided, he squinted up and saw Twilight, slowly floating down to his eye level, tears rolling down her light purple cheeks. "You can leave if you want. I don't care any more. I won't send any guards. Just go." The large dragon's eyes widened, and his grizzly jaw curved into a surprised grin. His deep, mature voice growled in a low tone; "Thank you... Friend." With the sound of leathery wings chopping the air, he flew off, not even seeming to have a single regret. Twilight turned, still suspended in a flight position, and watched as the deep purple dragon flew away.
  18. hello everypony, I wanted some feedback for my second OC (actually he's more of my boyfriend's ponysona). His name is StrongHold and he works as a royal guard. Here you can see him as usual and with his armor on. His cutie mark is a shield and sword.
  19. A thought that crossed my mind. Since Shinning Armor is a Captain, that means that there must be a comany of Royal Gaurds, with 80-250 soldiers. Let's see if we can get a better beed on how many there are. A company is traditionally made up of three to six platoons (26-64 solders). Canterlot diffinately has a large platoon stationed there, and there is probably a mid-sized platoon covering the rest of Equestria. There are also two new platoons, one with Luna on the moon and another in the Crystal Empire. These are most likely small platoons. That adds up to roughly 165 Royal Guards. As for the Wonderbolts, Spitfire is also a Captain. However, in the air, a Captain is completely different than on the ground. She is most likely a Flight Captain. This would put her in charge of 20-100 Pegusi. I'd estimate that there are 35 members. Since the Flight doesn't have to preform matainance, it can be very small. This makes Equestria's totally millitary strength 200 strong. No wonder the Mane Six have to be called in to deal with problems, the military makes the Italians look compitent.
  20. (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the intellectual property of Hasbro, Inc and Lauren Faust. I make no claims of ownership. This is a not-for-profit fan fiction.) Chapter 1-Coming to terms (For added effect, play this video while you read the fanfic) It was a dark, murky day in Ponyville, with barely a soul out on the streets, or rather a living soul. The town was currently in the aftermath stage of a panic attack; every street was tarnished with debris, corpses and blood. Some few houses were still smouldering. Smoke slowly billowed into the sky from what remained of a few buildings in the town. Most of Ponyville's most notable locations had been heavily boarded up and fortified. These included Town Hall, in which Mayor Mare, Bon-Bon, Lyra and a few other ponies were hiding, Sugarcube Corner, in which the Cakes, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle had holed up in, Sweet Apple Acres, which housed Applejack, Big Macintosh, Granny Smith and Apple Bloom, as well as the majority of ponies who had managed to escape Ponyville and the Ponyville Library, which Twilight, Spike and Owlowiscious had hidden in. Fluttershy had also boarded up her home nearby the Everfree Forest, despite being the most at risk of the Mane 6. Rainbow Dash was in Cloudsdale at the time. Just like the rest of the pegasi, she was aware of the infection below. As was typical of Rainbow, she wanted to help the ponies below, however all of Cloudsdale had received strict orders from Princess Celestia not to go down to the surface unless survivors had been detected. Speaking of which, it wouldn't be long before that happened. In the Ponyville Library, Twilight was going about her rounds (which she had put in place due to recent events). With the aid of Spike and Owlowiscious, she had gone through how much provisions she had remaining, as well as the condition of the boards she had nailed to her windows. At the present moment, she was going through her water supply. "Ok, waters looking good so far. Tick water off Spike, and that's today's checkup complete". "Consider it done Twilight!" Spike replied happily, checking off the water supply on Twilight's checklist. "Ok Spike, I'll be heading upstairs. There's some more books I need to study. Remember now, don't look out the windows, ok?" Understanding the firm words intertwining with Twilight's firm tone of voice, Spike nodded. And so, Twilight headed upstairs. Once Twilight reached the upper floor, she used her magic to levitate a book named "Diseases and Infections-An analysis by Prophetic Bastion", before proceeding to her balcony, which had been boarded up, to read it. She went to the contents page first, looking through the "Viruses" index until she came across the pandemic that had taken Equestria by storm, "Rage". At once, she flipped through the pages until she came across the page dedicated to the Rage virus, and proceeded to read it. "The Rage virus is a deadly virus that is contained within an exclusive plant found only in the Everfree Forest, and can gain access to an individual's bloodstream and saliva if exposed. Upon infection, the victim turns wild with feral fury and murderous anger. Symptoms of infection include dehydrated gasping, flailing of arms, stamping of feet, blood visible in the eyes and the sufferer will continue to advance upon his target until it is cornered or until he gets a grip on the victim, before wrestling it to the ground and proceeding to brutally kick, stamp and bite the victim in several places on its body until it either dies or ends up ingesting the blood from the sufferer, infecting it as well. Occasionally, the sufferer will also vomit blood, as if parts of the brain's cognitive functions are still alive and are working to eject the virus from the sufferer's body. If ever one should witness an individual being infected, they will have between ten to twenty seconds to put them down. It does not matter who becomes infected; a loved one, a close friend or even a family member, upon infection the victim must be killed. If the infected is not put down, then the whole of ponydom is at stake. Whoever is reading this, take that last bit of advice into great heed. If ever this virus should break out, the situation may come where you become the last of your species.............still alive". Those last words shook Twilight to her very core. And yet, she could've stopped it right there at Canterlot, if only she did not panic and flee the scene on a dime. Oh yes, she remembers that scene very well, very well indeed.................
  21. Why is it that They are male Only? It is the only sexual discrimination in the show besides All alicorns being female(But when Celestia spoke about Star swirl in the season finale it implied That Males can be alicorns.). So why is it that the royal Gaurds Are Male only When the Females of appleloosa Were expected to fight along side the males. And Magic talent Is not gender related and the only thing Stallions have over Mares in MLP is size but size doesnt matyer in a Place that has Magic and wings. So does anyone has an explaination on why the royal guards seem to be male only.
  22. Obviously, all the royal guards at Canterlot (or the ones in other places) have the same talent, which is being a royal guard (well done sherlock haha). Shining Armour, for example, has a shield cutie mark representing his talent for being the captain of the royal guards. The thing that puzzles me is that if every royal guard has the same talent, will they all have the same cutie marks? Because we don't get see their cutie marks underneath their armour and I'm wondering what on earth they'd have there. It always made sense to me that all ponies have different cutie marks but royal guards can't have cutie marks that don't represent royal duties... can they??...
  23. One of my most watched tributes has been this one, Shining Armor and Princess Cadence with the classic He-Man She-Ra I Have the Power track. I had thought it quite fit the theme of Love for these two. While the theme of Royal Guards and Royalty in General is in here, I added my Tribute to the ROyal Guard as well...
  24. This is my Royal Guard character, Dandelion Tuft! He's Dawn Caller's (late) husband. He was a reserve officer for the Guard, and worked as a florist in his spare time. He first started doing flower things when he was a colt, arranging dandelions into boquets all the time for his favorite best friend, Dawn, whom he met in the second grade. He was-OHMIGOD POP BOTTLE CAP COME BACK! Sorry. Pop bottle cap decided to be a ninja for a few secs there XD Anyways, Tufty was killed in the Changling attack on Canterlot, an approx of thirteen years ago, leaving his wife a widow. Dawn left the Guard with an honorable discharge a month after his funeral, and then moved to Fillydelphia with her four month old daughter, Tesla Coil. Do excuse how large his wings are! I was going to use the pose in a much more dramatic pic... and then it turned into a ref sheet XD Next time I draw him, he'll have normal sized wings ^.^ TUFTEH. YOU NEED TO RE-DYE YOUR MANE, DAMMIT. Captain Shining Armor won't be pleased if you show up with a suckish dye job! SNAP TO IT, BOI! >:I Anywho, gotta roll now, my computer's about to have a massive derp attack... something about the hard drive being sad. So I need to go do a back up thing... stupid computer, I just got you like, nine months ago...
  25. (this is a short fan fiction based on the trailer for Assassin Creed brotherhood. There will be a bit of a backstory but not a lot as this is only meant as a very short fan fic for quick enjoyment, however if you like it and you ask me to continue it i would be happy to do so. This is the trailer you should watch then compare to this fan fic (now for the back story not to be associated with the trailer) It had almost been a year since that fateful day. The day when the two princessess of Equestria, Luna and Celestia were overthrown from power by one pony, Filthy Rich. Filthy Rich had used his large sums of wealth which he had built over the years to aquire help from all over Equestria, Rogue ponies, bribed royal guards, diamond dogs, dragons and some of even Celestia's own court had turned over to Filthy Rich's hand with the promises of wealth, positions of power and enough food and drink to last them a life time. Before Celestia even knew what was happening PonyVille had been occupied, Cloudsdale conquered. Manhehatten and many other regions of Equestria were sieged and conquered before Celestia could blink. Soon Filithy Rich claimed Tartarus and liberated the evil creatures and brought them under his banner. Now with all the other regions under his hoof and a huge army to boot. Filthy sieged Canterlot. Even though the citizens, guards and the princessess put up more than a fight, defeat was inevitable. Many of the royal guards were imprisoned, some changed sides when defeated, other were so humilated at their defeat they committed suicide soon after but many had died in the siege. Filthy Rich went on to corrupt the Elements of Harmony, with the help of some "friends" he had made in Tartarus and use them to bind the Princesssess. He bound them to eternally lift and bring down the sun and moon, chained with magic to forever carry out the duty they used to enjoy. Filthy Rich took their crowns and locked them away, as his attempts to melt them down into a huge crown for himself had failed for some strange reason. As he was paraded around Equestria with his escorts of his monsters to defend him many of the ponies grumbled congratulations, upset about their recent descent into Tryanny. However there were some ponies, friends of the princesssess, Guards who had swtiched sides to become spies or simply ponies who wanted their fredom back who formed a resitance. The spies informed the leaders of this resistance that Filthy Rich would be doing a procession in PonyVille. They would be hardly any guards as Rich was confident that he had asserted his dominace over all of pony kind and that he held Equestria in his hoof. Seven good friends wanted to prove him dead wrong. (this is the part based on the trailer) It was a lovely sunny day in pony ville, the sun pulled by the captive princess was high in the sky and the ponies were looking happier than normal, maybe because they knew what was gonig to happen or just because of the beautiful day. Filthy rich was sitting grinnig in a carriage, with diamond tiara in the other seat with two big royal guards pulling the carriage, they were going round and round the town hall with a crowd around the edges, with guards in the middle of the crowd every so often to put down any trouble. The mayor of ponyville was standing outside the town hall putting on her best fake smile but she just wanted to burst into tears from whats been happening recently. One pony was watching from the distance and grinned somewhat, she knew that this was going to go exactly as how it was practised, she trotted slowly towards the crowd of ponies. A little foal gasped and went close to her parents when they saw the pony aproach and the crowd dispered making a line down the middle, determied not to get in this ponies way. The pony was wearing a hood covering her face but kept her cutie mark and the rest of her showing. When some of the ponies in the dispersing crowd saw the cutie mark, a cloud with a multi coloured lightning bolt coming out they gapsed and wanted to get out of the way even more. A pony with red guard pony was on the roof on the town, when he saw the assassin he picked up his weapon in his teeth, a small wooden staff used to shoot pure lightning at its target, he readied the staff about to shoot and send his target to eternal sleep when he felt a tap on his shoulder, he grated his teeth and turned round and gasped, he was about to scream when he felt the cupcake spatula hit him in the head.Two other royal guards, annoyed with the sudden dispersion turned round to shout but instead saw the pony approaching and paused. One of them shouted at her to stop raising a hoof but was suddenly hit the face with a ball of pure purble energy and was knocked unconcious. The other ran at Rainbow dash with a spear in his teeth but was hit with another ball of energy making him drop his spear and fall to the ground, not unconcious but in too much pain to get back up again. As the pony trotted further down the pre made line she encountered two more guards who had not seen her yet, too busy in their conversation about pay. The assassin grinned grabbing both of their heads in her hoofs and smashing them together with all her might taking them out cold. Filthy Rich had by now seen this and was get really scared he barked at the guards pulling the carriage to get her. The two ponies grinned thinking it would be a piece of cake, they undid their harnessess and fast walked towards Rainbow dash, she grinned taking out two magically enchanted cupcakes from her cowl. At first the guards were about to burst into laughter but when they were hit with this magical cupcakes they were thrown about 5 metres, through the doors of the town hall and not stopping till they hit they heads on the wall. The rest of the guards now panicked rushing all around Rainbow Dash, believing she had run out of tricks they held their hoofs and spears out believing that the attempted capture of their leader had been quelled. Filthy Rich now climbed out of his carriage slowly laughing evily, on his face was a huge wolfish grin and he stamped his hoof on the ground. "Rainbow Dash, I am honured you thought i was worthy to see such a good fighting technique." Filthy Rich then shook his head tutting. "But it was also very foolish to take me on, Rainbow Crash!" Rainbow Dash rather then looking defeated smiled evily and looked upwards. Everyone did this was well and were amazed to see a perfect circle of eagle. Rainbow Dash grinned and nodded slowly at this circle and soon a perfect circle of coconuts feels from the sky. Before the guards could react a heavy coconut had fallen on their heads taking them out of the fight, one tried to fight the feeling of sleep coming over him and tried to lunge for Rainbow Dash, but instead seemed to sort of lurke slowly towards her. Rainbow Dash grinned and pushed over this guard, making him fall to the ground. Filthy Rich now screamed, "EQUESTRIAN GUARD!" Suddenly from the city hall a battalion of about 8 Scarlet Royal Guards came out, all bearing the best armour Rich could supply, they looked battle experinced and their strong leg muscles showed they would be a big challenge, one gave Rich a large sword which he held in his mouth grinned beleiving he had already. Then around Rainbow Dash other ponies appeared, first Pinkie pie, brandishing a very large cupcake spatula, then Twilight whos horn was glowing with pure magical energy stood at Dash's left. Then Applejack came pulling a huge cart of apples ready to stun as many guards as she could. Then Fluttershy flew down from the sky holding two eagles on her back. Rarity relunctly trodded over with a sharp pair of linen scissors in her mouth, lastly Spike came along, following Rarity practising his fire breath on one of Applejacks apples. They two factions stared at each other, poised to attack, it was like this for about a minute and combat did not start till Applejack had thrown an apple and hit Rich on the head, infuriating him. He screamed loudly and ran at full pace at the Assassins. They also rain at full pace at them two, Rainbow Dash then jumped in the air. Hoof aiming for Rich's head while Diamond Tiara looked on with a face of pure horror from the carriage. END Hope you enjoyed.