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Found 6 results

  1. Let's see about it here. Keep in mind that I'm a 15 year old girl, so that's a bit important: For liking MLP, Sonic, and Pokemon. My looks, which drove my self-esteem into hell. For making mistakes every now and then; a bit of clumsiness. For being quiet... Maybe some other things as well.
  2. ​I HATE PEOPLE ON LEAGUE! (Gaming people in general ALSO fall into this category.) You know what pisses me off? When I'm going online just to unwind after a stressful day of filling out applications and calling companies for a potential job just so have some (excuse the language) punk ass bitch of a human tell me how I need to kill myself because I'm not playing how he wants me to play. This applies to any gamer, nothing is worse than when you're playing a game minding your own GOD DAMN business having a grand old time and then that ONE person that ONE INSIGNIFICANT person comes waltzing along just to ruin what little fun you may be having! I understand if you're having a bad match or a bad game, that's fine. What's INEXCUSABLE is them telling you things like "You should kill yourself, you're so bad. Uninstall then re-install just to uninstall again that's how bad you are." Now I know what you're thinking, "Just forget about it. He's a nobody, probably a loser who hates his own life." That's true and probably accurate but tonight really made me upset. I'm just so sick and tired of people thinking "Oh just because I'm on the internet I can call you whatever I want!" Psh, if you were face to face with that person I'm sure you'd think twice. Please understand that I don't usually let things people say online get to me but last night was just too much for me and I had to vent. So tell me what you guys think, do you have personal experiences that you remember that just drove you crazy? Have you yourself been the troll? Have you done anything to stop the bullying? What can we do as a society to stop these jerks? Do you think anything needs to be changed? Have you ever been threatened over a game or in person? When do you think the bully takes it too far?
  3. threads, threads, everywhere But, anyway I remember my teacher forcing myself to read something I wrote in my journal, and I said something along the lines of: "And I'm happy because my friend is on the bus." To which some dumbass said, "So, shadow the hedgehog is on that bus?" (I used to be obsessed with Sonic) to which everyone laughed at me; while I sat there alone. Anyone else?
  4. Troblems

    Stop Staring.

    I don't generally so blatantly rant, but this has been an issue with me lately, so I'm going to bitch. Fair warning, don't read it if you don't want to hear me whine. I have a physical disability. Sometimes, it's worse than others, but basically because of a severe laxity of the collagens in my body, I'm double jointed in every mobile joint. If the joint moves, mine goes beyond what would be considered the normal range of motion. This makes the joints unstable, and easily dislocate. The actual disorder I have is Elher-Danlos Syndrome (EDS for short) either type 3, or hypermobility type. It also makes me extremely clumsy. It hurts, it sucks, and at this point I'm used to it. Right now I have three joints that are particularly bothering me. My right thumb, right hip, and left shoulder. The worst of the three is my hip. Now, I would normally wear a thumb brace all the time, but because my hip is bothering me more than my thumb, I have forgone the thumb brace in favor of a cane, because I cannot use the thumb brace and cane together. Which brings me to the actual point of my rant. I'm 28, but because of the whole collagens being lax, I look like I'm in my early 20s. I usually look about 10 years younger than I actually am. Anyways, I look to be in my early 20s, and I'm using a cane with a heavy limp. I walk funny right now. Not because I want to, but because it hurts. And people stare. A lot. I hate it. I am aware that people are curious as to why a perfectly normal looking 20 something is walking the way I do and using a disability placard to park. People are curious, and if anyone asked, I would gladly tell them what was going on. I'm very open with my condition. I write a blog about it. I try to raise awareness in any way possible. But nobody asks. Ever. Instead they stare. Because I am who I am, I generally stare back at them, to make them uncomfortable, because what they are doing is damned rude. I work a full time job. I am not on disability, although I do qualify. Sometimes, I am able to function at a higher level than other times, so I don't always have to use a cane, but I always have some sort of brace. My thumb doesn't heal. It never will. Again, this is a rant, so take this any way you wish, but honestly, love, tolerate, and don't stare at the gimp girl. She's carrying a three foot long metal implement that could "accidentally" get tangled in your legs and trip you, because you're too busy staring to notice. Ooops, so sorry about that.
  5. Other than how they feel better for doing it, I can't see how people could enjoy hurting or abusing someone else. Once again, I'm watching "Bully" and it makes me a bit miserable. So, what reasons do you think bullies have to bully? ESPECIALLY when that bully feels good when they drive someone to something as awful as suicide? Any personal opinions from yourself? Maybe, you were even a past bully? (Yes, I realize that I create a lot of topics. )
  6. I met a lovely gentleman today named assface who share with me a grave concern about salmonella poisoning. Okay so that is not his real name but for the purposes of this blog that is what I am going to call him. Because my wall load (yogurt, cheese, eggs, juice ect...) came so early that it got there before the milk load it was a lot more difficult and time consuming than usual to break down and work the milk load which put me really far behind. Assface freaked out and yelled at me because *gasp* get ready wait for it you are going to love this... HE FOUND A FEW EGG CARTONS WITH BROKEN EGGS! Can you believe it the nerve of me for not being able to alter physics and make eggs which are one of the most fragile things ever unbreakable? I tried to explain to assface that I was behind but his majesty decreed that unless I bent over and put my lips on his decrepit behind that he will complain to the corporate office and the health department. If I didn't need my job or didn't care I would have said this "yes sir do you want me to do that before or after I chew your food and wipe your butt for you?" But since the customer is always supposedly always right and I had the order from management I had to check every egg carton on the shelf, so I had to take the product I had out back to the cooler and take this shopping cart full of cardboard to the bailer and go to the front to get another shopping cart to put the broken egg cartons in and come back literally no more than a minute or two later and assface scolds me again and orders me to "do it now". But maybe I am being a tad cruel to this guy, it was unprofessional and inappropriate for me to divert some attention away from his holiness the second coming of Jesus Christ himself to put away highly perishable product I had out at room temperature and clean up my own cardboard and get a new shopping cart to put the broken egg cartons in when I could have just said "screw physics" and had a black hole come suck up all the broken egg cartons and leave the good ones intact. So this puts me behind by at least an hour possibly even more than that and I barely find anything, but hey it is not like I was doing anything anyway. Yep, I may complain about how hard I get screwed at work but it is all a lie all I do all day is hang out in the cooler brink beer and play pool and occasionally come up front to the checkstands to play video games and eat Doritos.