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Found 11 results

  1. Let's say you stumbled across a machine that cloned you but with one difference, your clone is a member of the opposite sex. Would you date your rule 63'd self? I imagine the conversation and interests would get boring since you know, it's you. It would be all similarities with no opposites or excitement. Now if you could alter a few traits so that it's not completely identical, then I might be swayed. Bonus: Has any artists drawn themselves or had a friend draw them as a member of the opposite sex? My friend did for me but I never got to see the final product :/
  2. Butterscotch's been getting them gains son.
  3. I can't figure out a name. I was thinking something along the lines of Minty Fresh for the mare and Cool Mint for the stallion, but I don't know. Anyways, which one do you prefer? The stallion or the mare?
  4. I created a more show accurate version of Acrylic Flow. Still not perfect though.
  5. She is the rule 63 version of my Ponysona, Brush Stroke.
  6. What do you think? The Flutter shy one took a LOT of experimenting.
  7. I genderbent my OC for the heck of it. Hopefully the image is good enough. Hope you like her!
  8. Rule 63 is an internet principle which states that for every fictional character, there exists a counterpart of the opposite gender. It is part of a list known as Rules of the Internet, and among that list it is the most popular after Rule 34. When people bring up Rule 63, a lot of individuals look at it with a similar disgust they may give Rule 34. Naturally, when a cliche that goes beyond the status of viral meme grows big enough, many, many people are going to find it, and it's universal implementation, obnoxious. What doesn't help, is that a lot of the content out there truly -is- bad. Many, many characters from all sorts of fandoms are made subject of R63 simply because the artist wants to have an excuse to draw some porn of them as the opposite gender. Typically, guys to girls. Thus, Rule 63 is very famous for being paired with Rule 34 and causing a lot of scarring for poor individuals surfing around the net > "Male character? Let's turn them female and make some grotesque Rule 34 :'D" And you know what? I'm with those people for the most part. Rule 63 is very abused, and scarcely gets used in a genuinely artistic, worthwhile fashion. By no means is the rule completely innocent in its' implementation. However, this view of mine was challenged when I stumbled upon the main embassy of Rule 63 in this particular fandom. The Mane Six have received male counterparts that are not only incredibly realistic and aesthetically pleasing in design and portrayed believably in all sorts of media they're represented in, but who's specific designs and names have become Fandom Canon from how popular and widely accepted they are. It all began here, with a fan fiction called On A Cross and Arrow. After being sent to an alternate Ponyville in another dimension due to a spell gone wrong, the Mane Six encounter their male counterparts, and the twelve individuals seek a way to reverse the spell's effect. The fan fiction slowly but surely exploded with popularity throughout the fandom, and before long, official vector designs of the characters were created, by a fellow named Trotsworth. Dusk Shine, Rainbow Blitz, Bubble Berry, Elusive, Butterscotch and Applejack. Ever since, the 'Colt Six' have become a fairly reoccurring theme within the fandom, sparking popular conversions of other characters as well. (see end of the topic for a few examples of further art and fan fiction of the concept) Now, for me, part of why I enjoy the Colt Six so much is for the very fact that we have a fandom that took something that usually results in nothing but badly done pornography, and turned it into a completely flushed out set of alternative characters, with their own unique designs and fitting personalities based from the Mane Six. The other reason, is that I truly believe a few of the Mane Six are cuter, or more unique in their male forms than they are as girls. For example, my 'Best Pony' list for the Female Mane Six is vastly different from my Male Mane Six list: F: Rainbow Dash > Applejack > Twilight Sparkle > Pinkie Pie > Rarity > Fluttershy M: Bubble Berry > Rainbow Blitz > Dusk Shine > Butterscotch > Elusive > Applejack Yes. Pinkie's personality is cuter and more unique as a boy, in my opinion Our fandom tends to take concepts and refine them into something incredibly thorough and well done, and in my opinion, Rule 63 is the perfect example. Whether or not you're willing to look into the mountains of polished artwork, fan art and voice work I'll be linking below, it's rather hard to turn your cheek to the fact that you don't see something flimsy like gender swapping taken to such a level in other fandoms. -- List of Mane Six (and some other) Rule 63 Fan Content: > MLP: BHoA is a fan project by Trotsworth, that goes through the series' first two episodes in R63 form, adding plenty of extra humor to the storyline. Page 1 - [link] Page 2 - [link] Page 3 - [link] Page 4 - [link] *Further pages coming soon* > The 63rd Rune is another well-done fanfiction regarding the Mane Six screwing up a spell; but instead of meeting their alternate selves, they become them! They'll need to recover an ancient and powerful magic in order to revert to their normal lives. [link] > philsterman10 is a Youtube voice actor pony fan who's made and participated in dozens of Colt Six voice overs. He's not only incredibly talented, but, in my opinion, nails what I believe their voices would sound like. He does both clips of the show and fan fiction, as well as voice overs for official songs from the show. Be sure to check out some of them! * * * * -- If you feel so inclined, check out our very own 'Are you ok with Rule 63 Ponies?' topic, where I also included the fourth page of Trotsworth's MLP:BHoA comic for people too lazy to click links I encourage you to give the concept, and some of these ideas a try Even if you aren't particularly interested in adoring them, realizing exactly what the term 'R63' means in this fandom's higher-class content, and not knocking something without trying what it is at its' best is a healthy practice. Thanks for reading~
  9. Oooohmygosh! This is so cool, I'm on the ponynet! Uh, hi everypony! My name is Bubble Berry, what are your names? Oh, heh, silly me, you can't answer me while I'm typing! Duh! I'm kinda like Pinkie Pie, buuuuut I'm a colt instead of a mare! I saw my bestest, bestest friend Rainbow Blitz had a thread where ponies come and ask him all sorts of questions, so I figured I should make one too! I can't wait to talk to everyone! Blitz says this site is really cool, and full of active ponies who are super friendly! Eeeeeh, I can't wait!
  10. 'sup, everypony? This is Rainbow Blitz, the cooler bro (or counterpart, whatever the hay you could call it) version of Rainbow Dash. Like good ol' RD used to say, ask away, dudes!
  11. I've come up with rule 63 names for lots of MLP:FiM characters. Try to match the Rule 63 name to the actual character. I have done major characters, one-shots such as Trixie, and background ponies. Some are easy, some aren't. I haven't figured out everyone I can think of, and I'll say those too. Feel free to make suggestions. Also, if you have a different I dea from what I came up with, feel free to say that too. RULE 63 NAMES: Applejack Dr. Whooves Carrot-Top Appleseed Solaris Shining Dusk Bubble Berry Zircon The Great and Powerful Preston The Shim Sham sisters Happy Chime Apollo Eris Shield Maiden Rainbow Blitz Derpy Doo Elusive Rollaround Crabapple Red Gala Barb Butterscotch Philharmonico Harper Confection Characters I haven't come up with names for: Cheerilee Cadence Fancy-Pants Vinyl Scratch Fleur-de-Lis Blues Noteworthy Berry Punch Probably some others.