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Found 5 results

  1. Just watched this video and I think Luna would be a better ruler than Celestia =) what do you guys think ?
  2. Honeslty i think Celestia . We seen she can rule alone for 1 thousand years . And as far as we know they were peaceful if Celestia isn't the best fit to be rule. Really who is? Twilight wouldn't be soo bad but i wouldn't trust her completely yet... Would they really let Luna rule alone after what she tried to do? I get she was nightmare moon when that happen but without Celestia who knows what she would do. I wouldn't trust her. Cadence i guess could rule but she might not be capable of lowering the sun and moon but that could also be for twilight but who knows . We haven't Yet to see that the others could. (not including when Twilight had Celestia and Luna magic.
  3. Edit: Sorry aout mistake in title i am half asleep XD I think this is very possible. Discord is taking baby steps forward to becoming a better pony and hes does already has Experience ruling a land(even if it was in eternal chaos). So could he possibly become a great ruler of maybe a different land or help rule equestria along with the princesses. If he every did help rule Equestria what would he help with? With powerful magic like his he could help protect the land ... but we seen how well that went last time. I guess people or ponies learn from mistakes and maybe that is something he wouldn't do again.
  4. What shall you do after becoming the all mighty ruler of Equestria? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I will banish Celestia from the land and make Braeburn the co-ruler! :comeatus:
  5. So, we all know that Celestia and Luna were not around when Equestria was formed. But supposedly they came to power a little while later. Judging from the Fan-Episode Snowdrop (awesome story BTW) they ruled for about 100+ years before Luna became Nightmare Moon. I just found myself asking "How did they come to power in the first place? And why?" I don't know if this is ever addressed, but I suppose we can theorize for now. That's what we can do here. How do you think Celestia and Luna gained control of Equestria? And why?