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Found 26 results

  1. Rather simple, what are your thoughts on the ponies as their opposite genders? The Mane Six as boys/colts, and even Spike as a girl?
  2. I've been to a few conventions and read alot of guidelines online for convention rules and none of them seem to have consistent policies and enforcement. The guidelines are often fairly vague like no "offensive content" or "hate symbols". I can understand the rules about no real or realistic weapons, although I have still seen plenty of cosplayers walking around cons with fairly realistic looking prop guns. Also, how do you determine offensive content? Like I was thinking about putting together a cosplay of Schrodinger from Hellsing but I don't want to get kicked out of a con before I even walk in the door. Does this mean all realistic military uniforms are inappropriate? What about Tanya the Evil or Marvel's Hydra? Also, what determines appropriate sexual content. I've seen plenty of cosplayers in what amounts to lingerie, bikinis, and dominatrix gear, and this was still during daylight hours. Also, not to mention all the dealers selling barely obscured porn art. What do you think is appropriate and not appropriate for a convention, especially one open to all ages, and who determines that?
  3. And here we have our newest addition the Roleplay World! This section is specifically for Tabletop-style roleplays that involve more systematic and mechanics-heavy rulesets like PonyFinder, Dungeons and Dragons, and FATE among others. Due to this, the rules for this section are slightly modified from the regular RP rules: 1) High amounts of OOC in the RP posts are expected here, in order to deal with die rolls, out-of-character questions to the Game Master about immediate events, game rule instructions by the Game Master, etc. However, OOC still needs to be on-topic. 2) The Game Master will not necessarily have their own character in the RP, and so pure setup and description posts are *not* counted as OOC. They may not be about a specific character, but they are In-Character as 'Environmental' posts. 3) The minimum character count is much lower here due to the nature of Tabletop RPs, as quick responses to resolve actions will be necessary on occasion. Note that this is not an invitation to host non-Tabletop RPs here to take advantage of the lower character minimum. This forum is for Tabletop-style RPs only. 4) At the beginning of each RP, it is necessary to state which ruleset is being used. Be as specific as necessary to make sure every player is using the same rules. Otherwise people using GURPS 3e Revised will be very confused by those using GURPS 4e, for example. All other RP rules still apply here. Finally, as this section is new to Roleplay World, these special rules may be updated and revised as time goes on and we find out more about what things work and what doesn't. Good luck and good gaming!
  4. So, I was just thinking about maybe creating a topic to put all of the artwork I've got from requesting it from others. I have it all in a folder, but I have considered maybe making a thread to showcase it. I'm not entirely decided if it would even be a good idea, but I wanted to ask before I really even consider if it would be in line with the rules? I would obviously credit the name of the creators(Atleast including the name from whatever their site name was at the time.) But would It still be ok as far as the rules go? Considering none of it would be my creations(Unless I want to showcase some of my mediocre art ;p.) Would I be required to get direct permission from each creator? Because some of these people have left the site considering much of it is quite old. Again, i'm just curious if it would be ok as far as the rules go, I'm not really sure if it would be a good idea or not, so I may not make it regardless, but I'm just asking if it is in violation of the rules in any way. Thanks.
  5. This may have been stated elsewhere and if so I really am sorry (still very new here) but I was wondering if you a fanfic that's NOT nsfw but can't for some reason or other be linked here if your still allowed to talk about here as long as you don't put a link to it. I'm asking because I've started writing a T rated fanfic that may dip into some darker stuff later down the line or may get the rating bumped up to just barely M. Hope I didn't post this in the wrong spot and that I haven't caused any of you any grief if so I really am sorry, I'm just trying not break any rules here so please be patient with me as I don't have a lot of experience with forums in general. Thank you for your time.
  6. This is very much in the realm of overthinking it, but it's something I've wondered about, and this is probably the best place to talk about it. I'm sure many of you would admit to wanting to interact with and or hug and such, your favorite character(s) in the show. Goodness knows I have. But something always bugged me when I thought of that.. if you translate that sort of interaction into human rules, it gets... weird. You would be inclined to hug your favorite pony, nuzzle with her(or him?), and tell them how much you love them. But If you regard your favorite pony(s) as a human would another human, you wouldn't just hug them, it would be intrusive, or worse. Especially if it was one of the CMCs. I would hug Apple Bloom no problem, but if you tried that with a 3rd grader? Call the police! So wouldn't it work the same if you were a pony in the pony world? Would the rules be the same? The stigmas would be different. As a human you'd be tempted to cuddle them, but you wouldnt do that with other humans. You would have to know them super well or something.. So wouldn't ponies react the same way? Unlike the human rules though. not wearing clothes is seen as normal, but I think interactions between pony to pony would be seen as similar to human to human. But in the instinctiveness to adore one of the xharacters, you might rub them the wrong way. Star Tracker is a pretty cute and funny example of a similar reaction. But if you fangeeked out at your fav, there would be all these ramifications. You're adoring them, but basing on human customs. maybe they would not keen on it. Or maybe they would? In some case? Though you would probably take care to treat said pony the right way too. And this is worse. It's obvious Zephyr was doing things super wrong. I know I would feel bad if I did something to upset Applejack or Twi or someone in this hypothetical casee. That brings me to Fame and Misfortune, which i saw a few days ago. Pretty good and meaningful episode, and I'm glad to say I don't have anything in common with the complaining and nitpicking ponies. But I probably would be one of the supporter ponies. I think I would know when to get out of their manes. That takes into account that they're sort of celebrities too, that adds another layer. And then there's all the cases in the recent months of real people being ultra creepos that are being known. I saw this cute attractive image of Spitfire in her fan club thread, but although I want to love it, things like that just sort of bug me thinking about it, I dwell on it more than I need to or should. I know this is all weird to talk about, and is super unimportant, but it's some hypothetical thing that I've wondered about for some time. What do you think?
  7. Ganondox

    Deleted Topic

    So recently I made a satirical thread about Stellar Eclipse in response to what I found to toxic attitudes which are apparently somewhat widespread and popular in this forum (and others) regarding disability (as well as LGBT) headcanons. After all, satire is powerful means to make a point, especially after I found a direct approach failed. The topic got deleted only a couple minutes after posting, though it explicitly no rules, probably either being seen as trolling or as a low quality post (which I think its the most likely because it got deleted without notice). Now, if it was taken at face value, the topic would have *extremely* offensive, but it was satire. There is also a fine but very real line between satire and trolling. Regarding the quality, the topic name was intentionally low quality, but the contents were of significant quality to get a bro-hoof in it's short life span. So I agree the topic may very well have been in appropriate for the board/forum. If so, were would be the appropriate place for such content? It does have value. Second, there are technical aspects of deleted topics which are annoying. First, the topic remains in the recently commented on topics list on the main page, even though it is inaccessible. Second, the deleted page says "You do not have permission to view this topic." I realize this is a technical aspect of how deleted threads are dealt with on an administrative level and it's because I'm not part of the correct userspace, but it comes across as rather silly because I created the topic, I should have permission to access it's contents. It would also be nice to be able to access it's contents so I could copy it to a more appropriate location like a blog or something.
  8. I apologize that this may be inappropriate and impatient to post here, but the ticket I sent seems to have no response. I have losted an OC request topic a while back, but it had no replies, which I understand since no one is obligated to do if for free, however, is it against the rules to make a new request topic for it? Bumping here is not allowed, nor is making duplicate topics, but I want to know for sure if it is allowed to make a new one or not.
  9. so i had this idea what if ponys had some sport not running or horseshoes what would it be called what would the rules be and how would they play with magic or would it ba an all ponys play sport would it be a ball or what and would it invole wearing any equipment.where would the stadium be and what would the proffesionals cutie marks look like also i am starting a daily post called (What if...) i will be posting daily questions that will usually be random hope to see you reply regularly
  10. Disclaimer: This is probably not a simple question that can be quickly and safely answered with a single sentence typed by someone who didn't read the whole thing. Short question 1: What grimdark and gore elements are allowed with relation to "PG-13"? I did a search for a question regarding "grimdark" and the last/only topic I saw was from April of 2015. The only answer I saw was that grimdark wasn't allowed because it typically involves gore. I am aware that the site is PG-13, but "gore" is not allowed. Unfortunately, the rating and the restriction of gore is too vague. (I'm a "Rules as Written" pony and to me "no gore" can mean a paper cut on Fluttershy or implied gore that isn't shown: I take that means all fanart of Lilpip isn't allowed simply because Fallout Equestria is grimdark and has gore in it so not even references are allowed). Not just for gore, but grimdark also encompasses dark humor, tragic endings, general or implied violence, horror movie references, domestic abuse, sexual innuendos, and drug/alcohol references. Reason for the question is because all of those named elements exist in PG-13 rated games, television shows, and movies. (If it's allowed, I'll be sure to post some kind of warning at the top alongside a 'Wait for Approval' post option.) Short question 2: Does the MLP Forums community even have bronies interested in said content? Even if something is allowed, it would be wasteful if the community itself frowns upon it or dislikes it. Question 3: I have a running comic series that seems relatively popular, which is growing into an "Ask Me". I was going to share it in MLP Forums, but I need confirmation from an admin due to the grey area it reaches. Could somepony help me with that? And if 1 admin approves but another admin comes along and disapproves, am I going to get in trouble?
  11. So, after watching Legend of Everfree I've completely lost track of how magic is supposed to work in the human world. I'll sum up the progression of magical presence over the course of the movies, and then attempt to make sense of it all. Equestria Girls Originally, there was no magic in the human world. The portal existed, but was only open once every thirty moons. Then Sunset Shimmer stole the Element of Magic and inadvertently caused the powers of the Elements of Harmony to awaken within the Humane Five, thanks to Twilight's help. Rainbow Rocks Somehow, the Humane Five transform into their anthro forms when they play music. This happens both when they play alone, or when they play together. It's pointed out that this is weird, but it's never addressed beyond that. Friendship Games The Humane Five now transform whenever they display their Element, as well as transforming when they play music. Sunset figures this much out, but not why this is happening. Legend of Everfree The presence of the...human world Elements (?) gives the girls powers that seem to be vaguely related to their pony version Cutie Marks. The gems themselves trigger some kind of transformation. The magic in RR and LOE bothers me most of all. The musical magic baffles me to this day because it comes right out of nowhere. It mainly annoys me that they point out how odd it is and then never mention it again, despite their magic being directly related to the plot. Hell, a throwaway line about the latent magic the Element of Magic gave them reacting to the presence of the Sirens would have been enough. It would have had its own problems, but at least it would have been something. Then there's LOE. I don't even know where to begin here. For no adequately explained reason, the girls end up with magic that seems based on, yet not consistent with, the magic their pony forms have thanks to their Cutie Marks. Fluttershy can talk to animals, Rainbow Dash has super speed...but Rarity can't fire diamond shields in the pony world, nor does Applejack have super strength. I also doubt Sunset ever had the power to read minds, since her ability was a surprise to her. I presume this power was awoken within them thanks to the mysterious EoH-like gems from the cave, which may or may not have reacted with the Equestrian magic within each of them. But that raises the question, where did the gems come from? Why do they have power? Are the gems a consequence of Equestria and the human world starting to meld together, like what happened in the Reflections arc of the comics? The stinger seemed to hint at something like this. If so, then why don't the powers of the girls map exactly to the Cutie Marks of their pony counterparts? I'm fairly sure pony Pinkie Pie can't make frag grenades out of sprinkles. I get the feeling that by this point, the writers have given up on keeping the magic even the slightest bit consistent, but I'm still looking for an in-universe explanation. Does anyone have any coherent theories about the way magic works now? Do you think we'll ever find out, one way or another?
  12. We have partnered with MLP Forums to provide a medium of discussion for our fellow community members. Here, you can chat about anything and everything related to FillyCon! There are four categories for discussions: FillyCon - general discussion regarding the event, including guests, vendors, volunteers, and more FillyCon/Lodging - discussion of things like room shares and nearby hotels FillyCon/Transportation - discussion of things like ride shares and travel plans FillyCon/Philadelphia - our resident staff members will answer your questions about the city Any discussions unrelated to FillyCon should be posted to the other categories on MLP Forums. There are sections dedicated to show discussions, role-play, serious life questions and more! By posting to this section of the forums, you agree to abide to both MLP Forums’s Terms and FillyCon’s Code of Conduct.
  13. I recently made a topic that was in the wrong section. It got locked and nobody could post. :diamondtiara: I feel as if this is a bit harsh, and the moderators should move topics to the right section if they're in the wrong section. It would be a bit upsetting to have a topic of substance only to have it locked so you'd have to re-post in a new section. Sometimes, people might think the section is fitting for what they said. I don't personally want any of my topics unlocked that were already locked, but I'm saying that if somebody did post something and find out it was in the wrong section, they'd probably wish it weren't locked.
  14. Hi, all I've been kicking around an idea about making a separate area on the site for more mature community members to "let their hair down," so to speak, without feeling like the site rules are restricting them. Such an area would be subject to far fewer rules than the rest of the site, and allow for much more open interaction with other members of this great community. It's a place to kick back, make tasteless jokes, crack open a metaphorical six-pack, and maybe get into the odd bar fight. I am proposing this because many adult bronies came to this site out of common interest and developed a community. We love this community, but some would like the option to interact in an area where we don't have to worry about "keeping it PG-13." To that end, Skype groups and other off-site resources are messy to organize, and tend to be invite only. It's difficult to just jump into mature conversation without organizing it in advance. I am not sure exactly which rules would or would not apply in such an area, but for example, profanity rules would be one of the first I'd suggest exempting. NSFW rules could also be slightly scaled back (allowing for posting of more mature art, but not flat-out porn, for example). All of this would, of course, come with a warning and possibly age gate, so that members understand that the area's "wild west" attitude does not apply anywhere else in the site. For an example of what "scaling back NSFW" would entail, and why it could be beneficial: Fallout Equestria fanart and roleplay is very popular on the site as it stands, however, the fic itself unquestionably breaks MLPF's content rules. Technically, it is breaking the rules to link to the fic in any capacity. An R-rated site area would remove this barrier for community members who have more mature tastes, but still wish to interact with the same group of people they usually do. Lemme know what you all think. Peace.
  15. Hello! And welcome to our Minecraft Servers! For the enjoyment of you and everyone on the server, we have a few rules that should be adhered to at all times. -Be friendly. We are a large community of friendly, helpful players, and if we see you consistently causing issues on the server, you may be asked to leave. -No griefing/theft. Destroying, vandalizing, or otherwise damaging the property of others is prohibited. THIS INCLUDES SEEMINGLY ABANDONED HOUSES. Just remember, if you did not build it, then do not alter it. -No cheating. Hacking or cheating, whether through software (ie. hacked clients) or hardware (ie. keyboard macros) are absolutely not tolerated. We do not tolerate players that do not have the integrity to play fairly. -No spamming. This pertains to chat, commands, private messages, mail, etc. Spamming is not tolerated. -Do not advertise on the forums or servers. Discussion of other servers and sites is allowed, but do not link or provide addresses to any non-approved sites or services. -Keep roleplay in appropriate channels. Roleplay is allowed, provided it follows all the other rules, and is done in the correct chat channel. -Racist or sexist remarks, personal threats, and harassment of others is not permitted. This includes usernames and nicknames. -Explicit chat or images are not allowed. Additionally, explicit roleplaying is not authorized. Roleplaying is allowed if it is kept clean. (Note: Swearing is allowed in small amounts and is not to be directed at any player at any time) -Impersonation of any other player is not permitted. This applies to all players, not just staff. -Do not violate any laws. Any unlawful activity or otherwise violation of law is strictly prohibited. This includes copyright violations and piracy. -Listen to staff. We can't reasonably cover every possible scenario that might come up, so if a staff member asks you to stop something, stop. -Use common sense. Last but not least, use your best judgment. Blatant malice is not excusable, even if it's not covered by a rule. -English Chat. please speak English in global chat, staff cant moderate chat if its in a different language! Note: You are responsible for your account. "It was my relative/friend" or "I was hacked" is not an excuse!
  16. What rules at school do you hate most. I hate that you can't listen to music, but they will only let you listen to kidz bop. I mean, what kind of 8th grade student would listen to freaking KIDS BOP!!!!!!!! Tell me some rules you hate
  17. Post some weird things that always seem to have some similar result. Example: Whenever you play Morrowind with a House Hlaalu-specific character, they will always catch Ash-chancre.
  18. I talked to Artemis and ran what I was going to say by him before I posted this and he said this was okay. I apologize in advance for making this a huge wall ot text, but I believe this is an important issue and I want to be as thorough as possible. I have had the idea for this particular thread for a very long time and have decided to post it because I believe that the way the "borderline NSFW" rule here has been applied in an inconsistent manner that often makes it a bit confusing as to what is actually allowed on here. I have talked to a few other members on here via PM that seem to agree. I realize there are certain cases that are a tad more complex than others but it seems that even moderators don't seem to be on the same page on this matter. Clarifying this further and making things more consistent I believe will be a win for both the users as well as the staff as it will cause less inadvertant breaking of said rule and could also improve user morale. One user I talked to has said that he is afraid to address any topic even the slightest bit sexual because of this even though it is clearly within the rules to talk about sexual subjects so long as people don't go into graphic detail. I am sure there are others who may in fact feel the same way, when users are afraid to say certain things on any subject. While going to a moderator when you are not sure if something is innapropriate or not is good advice which I am sure some of you on staff may give and I of course agree with it when users wonder if anything even the slightest bit sexual may get them in trouble and they feel they have to go to a moderator for everything than I believe that is a problem. I and some other users have seen certain images and other material be taken down because it is judged as "borderline NSFW" while material which is just as close or even closer to it has been left alone. Case in point is the most attractive pony tournament held last year, which you can see at the link below. Most of the images posted are well within the realm of the rules however some of the images are while they are not full blown NSFW are fairly suggestive and because of the lack of a clear definition of "borderline NSFW" could have easily been removed and result in said warning but have been left alone. I looked through that thread carefully a few days ago and you can find said images on pages page 48,46, 45,44,42, 41,39, 37,36,34,33 and 23. One such image is very similar to an Applejack image that I posted that was removed by a moderator and it is this Octavia pic which I shall call "exhibit A" for ass. This same user also brough to my attention a glaring inconsistency in two disciplinary decisions. One being a 2 day suspension of a user who posted Nazi Rarity pictures in the March Madness Tournament thread and gory images of Rarity in the Rarity fanclub thread. While another user was given a 7 day suspension and nearly banned for posting graphic content of a man shooting a dog in order to raise awareness of an incident of animal cruelty. While the judgment of the user who was nearly banned was arguably bad and the content he posted was innapropriate it begs the question as to why who was miguided but had the best intentions got a 7 day suspension for graphic content yet someone who openly flamed and trolled only got a 2 day suspension. Another user I have spoken with on this matter was recent cited for "borderline NSFW" for an edited show screen shot. I saw the screenshot in quesiton and don't see how it was innapropriate as nothing sexual was added to said pic. The pictures I mentioned in the "most attractive pony tournament" thread are far far closer to "borderline NSFW" than that particular pic.
  19. Let's just make some jokes/puns/quips about the number 63 in relation to the lounge having 63 pages. I seem to have a r63 gun here but I can't use-*fires*
  20. Create a 5 rules for your favorite prince/princess' empire They can't be offensive or NSFW. I'll start... All citizens of the Appleloosan Empire must be FABOULOUS! All Races must not hate one discriminate another. All Sexualites and Genders must not discriminate one another. All shall love and tolerate King Braeburn and King Soarin! All citizens must own a cowboy hat.
  21. The purpose of this post is to pose a question where the answer will be visible to all. The guidelines say that if you're going to post, post in English. As a person who enjoys learning and using foreign languages, I would like to know if it is okay to post in other languages if, in the same post, we also have an English translation.
  22. I decided I should compile a list of rules by which I live my life. I only felt it fitting, since my actions often cause confusion, and while I may seem to be quite random to the casual observer, I actually have a very calculated method of decision making/living. So here's a bit of what defines me, I'll post these in list form. Rule 1 -Before taking any action, I must have reasonable expectations that it will help more people than it will harm. I do not take my own gain or loss into consideration in this expectation. Rule 2 -If something I'm going to say is going to make people happy, laugh, or just generally improve their day, it's worth saying. Rule 3 -Do not have a negative disposition to somebody unless I have good reason (Such as if antagonizing them obeys Rule 1). Good reasons include: They are committing some kind of crime They are intentionally harming others for their own self-gain They are spreading hatred intentionally. Rule 4 -Let the past remain in the past, in the long run it takes more effort to hold a grudge than to forgive and forget. Rule 5 -Others before myself. Rule 6 -Anticipate the consequences of my actions and prepare for said consequences in advance. Rule 7 -Loyalty to friends goes before loyalty to self (AKA helping others over preservation of self) Rule 8 -Negative emotions can be kept to myself unless somebody actually has a genuine interest in such emotions. Rule 9 -Sacrifice is a necessary part of life, always accept it when necessary. Rule 10 -Say things are they are, not as you wish they were. Rule 11 -If any of my beliefs are disproved by evidence, discard the belief. ___________ I hope that kind of clears up any confusion you may have had over my moral obligations or philosophy. I was going to compile this list eventually anyway, so posting it here to help others understand the rules by which I guide myself would make a lot of sense and make my life a lot easier, instead of having to explain it individually. However, if you do wish for me to elaborate on anything written here, tell me in the comments, PM, or really any way to contact me and I shall elaborate/answer any questions.
  23. Just as a quick note, I was trying to get to the rules when I was on the TOS page (I understand you have to agree to the TOS before you can continue.) When it continued forward after accepting the TOS, the rules page linked to a "not found" page. Just figured I'd let you guys know! C:
  24. If there is anything that people don't like, tell me. COC I: Thou shalt not be a clopper, of so, thou shalt be looked down upon or outcasted. II: Thou Must receive a brohoof, regardless of anything but cloppers. III: Thou must respect the non-bronies. (That doesn't mean you can't annoy them from time to time, just not all the time.) IV: Thou must have a favorite pony, everypony counts, Spike does not, for he is a dragon. V: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors toy plush ponies VI: Thou must make Saturday a day of rest, so thou can watch the new episodes and talk about them on mlp forums. VII: Thou shall not slander a fellow Brony or Pegasister or any of their work or creations. VIII:Thou must respect everypony and new members, everypony is equal. VIV: Thou must help new bronies and new members on the site and off the site. X:Thou shalt respect Derpy's appearance or mentioning, except if somepony insults her or if something like The Last Roundup appears. XI: Thou shalt not restrict thyself or others from ponies. XII: Thou shall call woman bronies, "Pegasisters." They are the same thing. XIV: Thou must meet all of the Brony Requirements. If not, thou shalt be a mid-brony. XV: Thou shalt not use pony memes all the time, just once a month or something. (Memes as in overused references, like 20% cooler or something like that.) XVI: Thou shalt celebrate Derpy Day on March 1st every year. No other dates. Requirements I: Thou must be proud to say that you like the show. II: Thou must be of age six and older. More to be added. (Thanks for the Ideas) (I use Thees Thous to make it like the Ten Commandments and sound more official, btw.)
  25. Okay! So for this one I went for the more ambient and somewhat emotional feel. Hope you'll enjoy it!