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Found 16 results

  1. Sup guys? I was thinking...I was actually planning to buy myself a shoe...But not any normal type of shoes...But a RUNNING shoe and I needed Bronies and Pegasisters to help me...To suggest or recommend on which is the Best Running Shoe Brand...Share and please post your recommendation down below -The Blue Dasher
  2. How fast are you on the ground at full speed? I'm 5'1, but I'm faster than most people! Feel free to post your 40 yard dash time if you like. Speaking of which, I believe mine was a 4.6 the last time I checked.
  3. New results just came in from my recent race. Our men's team did pretty well placing forth over all. Individually I placed 33rd in the mens race Results are here
  4. This one took me a couple hours since I kept getting stuck with the shadows. But I love how it turned out in the end! (Note there is supposed to be some of the page surrounding her, as if she was cut out of the paper.)
  5. A little while Back I announced that I had interests in writing an autobiography on my life and my running experience. And I am pleased to share the title of my upcoming book called.... Runner For God
  6. So apart from my outstanding mental effort from last week, I've reflected on myself A LOT! However I still have a few more races to come before High School ends. I will be running in college, but even so. Running has and will keep on playing a big role in my life. I live it, breathe it, and Have the soul for it. I still feel like I can compete for at least 5 more years and Maybe even more! But for right now, Out of all the things I struggled through and had to live with, I have decided to write a book on myself. I don't know when to start it, but I expect it to be finished by the end of June. (by that time I'm out of high school)
  7. Okay. So today has to be another great day in my life, It's kinda hard to believe it. But I managed to overcome my disabilities in my race I ran today (West Coast Relay's). I did not beat the time I set a few weeks ago, but finished with a 10:04 3200m (2 mile) and placed 9th. But! there is something that made me happy this race, but it requires backstory. So about my personal traits. I'm going to say on These forums that I have Motor Tics. Motor tics is a neurological disorder in which a person can make various twitching, repeating phrases, or mental disability. For me, I have a twitching type disorder with my neck and sometimes my jaw. So, the usual outcome whenever I have motor tics during a race, makes me feel defeated and mad at myself thinking that tics made me slower. Some races, (like the one I ran my best at) I do not have motor tics and I absolutely perform incredible. So going to today's race I had, I was very into it, I had a great first mile and going onto lap 5 I started Having neck twitches, and my jaw was very tight and I was moving all over the place. But by the last two laps, I thought to myself and I quote "BULLSHIT!" And my keyword that went through my head was "SURGE" so I pick myself up (still having bad motor tics) and sooner than later, I'm back on track I finished the race tumbling on the track but got up soon afterwards. I didn't say a single word for 5 minutes and thought to myself. And As soon as I got back to my stuff I said out loud. "I Just Ran my race and beat out the Impossible" Sure I didn't run my fastest, but I learned today that i ran my hardest. I did everything I can to beat out those Motor tics and I will never forget how the outcome felt.
  8. So over last weekend I announced I was gonna be doing a big race taking place in San Leandro California, (just south of Oakland) So here we go! We started on the road to The Golden Gate bridge Yes. That is a GOLDEN Mercedes SLS AMG Black series for all you super car people (enough cars, More Pony ) We made it to golden gate. Here is my beautiful face Our Team being silly Me, My Coach, and my good friend and team mate Charlie Sawyer Back in the Streets of San Fransisco, we went down Lombard Street (The crookedest, twistiest, city street in the world) We then went on the bay bridge to get to San Leandro where we would stay for the night and run the next day (Yes it's a bad picture ) Pre-race fuel: Scrambled eggs cinnamon roll, annnnnd BLUEBERRY MUFFINS! I'm gonna start a chain of photos for blogs called "Road trip ponies" or "Travel Ponies" by taking an pony plushie I own with me and tag a photo with it in Here is Luna Waiting for me to race as she over sees the the track :comeatus: Well. I wish I had more photos of me racing, but I had a great trip with my team Be back with another race blog soon!
  9. Today I have achieved something I have been working on for 1 year and 18 days. Breaking 10 minutes in two miles. Thats Right! UNDER 10 MINUTES, IN 2 MILES (3200) And to top things off, I finished 1st Place! Here is the official results! I wish I had more pictures!
  10. Well. Today was my second invitational track meet. Today's track meet was REALLY REALLY RAINY! I ran the 2 mile in the pouring rain and somewhat ended up running great I ended up doing the 1600m (1 mile) and the 3200m (2 mile) The 3200 is more of my main event, but today I seemed more focused on the 1600m as I set a new personal best time of 4:36 in 1 mile! I am very impressed with my performance today. I hope to break 10 minutes in the 2 mile next week
  11. This is just a question I had regarding virus protection software that I've been meaning to ask about. So, I have AVG currently, (Free version) and I use that as my virus protection. I don't use anything else thus far on this computer. But I was curious regarding Malwarebytes, it only scans for Malware doesn't it? I've never used it, so i'm not entirely sure, but I was thinking about downloading it to use just to be doubly protected from stuff. (Especially since my laptop I use to had basically died atleast partially due to a virus I believe.) Of course, I am not sure if it would be safe to use it alongside AVG, because last time I had two virus protection softwares present on my computer, it lead to a bunch of trouble(Last time on my old laptop I had Mcaffe, which came with that computer, and it wouldn't go away, and was just causing a mess, it wasn't working, and I think it was probably due to a virus, but I was unable to do any virus scans, so basically, I don't like Mcaffe anymore.) But if Malwarebytes does a different type of scan, would it be beneficial to have it alongside another virus program? I'm just curious, seeing as my laptop I use to have I believe got a virus, and I'd rather not have a repeat, so I've been very cautious and paranoid about viruses on this computer. So basically, would running Malwarebytes alongside AVG be a good idea? Or would it just not do anything, or lead to more issues? Thanks to anyone who can offer the knowledge, I know my basics and a few extra things when it comes to computers, but I don't really know a ton on the inner workings of things, and I don't want to mess up this computer.
  12. This has boggled me for some time (I know I sound crazy), but here's what I've established about the Running of the Leaves: According to Pinkie Pie, the Running of the Leaves HAS to happen for the leaves to fall. This is reinforced when after the race, due to not running efficiently, Rainbow Dash and Applejack have to run through the forest again. Ponies have a good control over the seasons and weather in Equestria, and while it's interesting how there's no special ritual for spring or summer (meaning the leaves bloom and flourish without any help), it would make sense to have an event similar to Winter Wrap-Up for autumn. I don't know how that's really possible how two ponies can shake the leaves all by themselves since there were a lot of other ponies in the race, so for the sake of as realistic of speculation as I can do here, I'll assume that not too many ponies need to run for the leaves to actually fall. If this was the case, it would make sense that ponies just running around normally would shake off of the leaves, but it makes me wonder if there's something magical about the path that specifically makes the leaves fall. Assuming all of those workarounds are physically possible, what really starts to mess with my head is when I think about scale: Do all of the leaves in Ponyville fall when the Running happens? Let's assume that there's a great physical or magical force generated that's strong enough to shake all of the leaves, even though no leaves are seen to fall outside of the immediate area. Does the Running of the Leaves happen everywhere in Equestria? It would make sense, since there are much larger, more populous, and more popular cities in Equestria than Ponyville. If this was the case, how is it possible for every town to organize and execute an event? This is also assuming that not every town and city hold the Running of the Leaves on the same day. If this were not the case, I doubt Princess Celestia would be in Ponyville to oversee it. What about all of the leaves outside populated areas? How do their leaves fall? Is there some kind of unmentioned weather team to clear the leaves? If this were true, it would sure need a lot ponies, considering the scale of Equestria itself. The next hurdle here for the Running of the Leaves is cost. Obviously it's great for the Equestrian government to not have to pay for the runners to run, but there's a lot more expenses. This is assuming all of the above listed possibilities can somehow happen. If every announcer rents a hot air balloon, and every race takes about four hours, then renting a hot air balloon for the entire duration of the race costs roughly 268 bits, or $1,000 USD. This calculation was made with v2 of a bits to USD conversion theory that I found. If a weather team were to shake the remaining of leaves not in a town, it would take a very large team working night and day for a very long time (probably the entirety of autumn) away from their friends and family. It would make more sense to compare the salary of a weather team member to a groundskeeper than a meteorologist, since their responsibilities are a bit more similar. For the extreme cost shaking the leaves would take, it would be much more cost-efficient to pay them this rate, too. The average groundskeeper salary is $25,780 USD annually. This equates to $6,527 dollars for the 91 days of autumn, or about 1,865 bits. Let's say Ponyville is about 11 square miles, an average size for a small town. If two ponies can cover 11 miles in four hours, that means they are clearing 110 miles of leaves in a 40 hour work week. This means that two weather team ponies cover 1,430 miles in the 13 weeks of autumn. There are approximately 57.5 million square miles of land on Earth. Let's say Equestria is about 2/3 of that size, meaning it has 38,333,333 square miles of land. If 31% of that land is forest like on Earth, and about 10% is covered by ponies in towns and cities, that means the weather team would be running through 28% of Equestria's entire land mass, or 10,733,333 miles, in 91 days. This distance would be covered by 7,506 sets of two (10,733,333/1,430), or 15,012 ponies. This is 600,048 hours of combined working and would cost Equestria $97,983,324 USD, or 27,995,235 bits, at the bare minimum. This is without the additional expenses of coordinating the races in towns and cities. I don't think an event of such a scale and cost would simply go unmentioned. The Running of the Leaves feels like only an annual ritual that I don't think would be absolutely necessary everywhere in Equestria. Tl;dr: The wind could probably do the same job.
  13. On April 27, 2014, I will be participating in my FIRST official run: The Vancouver Sun Run. There are a number of reasons as to why I am running. The most important reason is that I am doing it to show my support "Standing up against bullying". I grew up being bullied. I am currently getting bullied. I am trying to think of something creative to do for the run.
  14. Ive wanted to start this thread for a while, this is for anyone who likes to run, put your times, favorite memories, words of encouragement, or anything else about running here.!!! so whos gt a good running story
  15. So I decided to draw a pony. And I had this idea in my head so I did it. And that terrible multi-layered mess is supposed to be some houses in Ponyville. This was the first time I've used the blur tool. Please let me know what I can improve on and also which picture you like better, the unblurred or the blurred one.
  16. A writing blog is not enough. I must also rant about my daily life as well. So the cross-country season ended last Wednesday, but that doesn't mean running is over for ole' Kolth. No sirree. This Saturday is one of the biggest and most important races I've ever entered myself in: the Junior Olympics. Well, the state level. BUT STILL. Last year my Asian buddy (hi NeonDinosGoMeow) entered J.O, and he managed to make it through state and regionals and qualified for Nationals. This year my time, he said, is definitely fast enough to qualify for Nationals in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My time of 17:38 for a 5,000 meter race just proves that NO ONE DOES JUNIOR OLYMPICS ON THE WEST COAST. Anyway, that's my little freak-out for the evening. It'd be really awesome if you guys and gals would send a little luck my way for this race; it's really important to me. - Kolth P.S. Actual interesting material is on the way, I swear.