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Found 15 results

  1. That's right, I'm interested. totallynotasellout
  2. Hey everyone! Sorry I've been really inactive on this site for a while, but recently I've discovered a nick for digital art, so I made no one other than, Vladimir Putin! I'd really like some feedback on my art. Also, who should I paint/draw next? (The Picture I used for Reference) This is my second attempt at making digital art, and this is probably the best art piece I've made in my entire life.
  3. Source: (I really hate Fox News, but Kucinich is pretty trustworthy if you ask me... He's a lot like Bernie honestly) In a nutshell, Kucinich believes that some intelligence officials have been trying to sabotage US-Russia relationships since the last months Obama admin to start up another Cold War to get intelligence on the Russian military (I assume that's what he means by "cash in"). He uses these events to support his belief: A. A recently leaked call from the head of the NSA. Assume it's about maintaining bad relations with Russia. B. The peace deal in Syria. The agreement was violated by a bomb that killed over 100 Syrian soldiers. C. Flynn lied to the FBI about Russia sanctions discussion (plausibly because he knows something's up...) This could be catastrophic, if correct. I believe it is, and it sounds utterly terrifying. Another buildup of weapon technologies that could end up in World War III and the end of modern America. When I say could, I mean LIKELY. Though it has other implications as well. It would hurt the economy (by increasing military spending and make welfare possibly become a thing of the past while living in the bubble that's about to pop, likely through nuclear annihilation, the nuclear annihilation part is the most concerning, for obvious reasons. I think with this in mind, the nuclear clock right now should be at 1 minute 'till midnight, instead of 2 1/2 minutes. I certainly hope some of the best of society can prepare for plausible nuclear bombing. Or at least some of society... I may sound like a crazed lunatic when I say that, but think about it. You know what happened last time. We almost got bombed. Literally we were about to get bombed in September of 1983 because of a glitch in a satellite, but it didn't happen only because of a now retired lieutenant colonel named Stanislav Petrov trusted his instincts and didn't press the button. Otherwise, America today would already be a nuclear wasteland, though probably not quite like it seems that it could be in the near future, sometime during Trump's presidency. I hope not, but I think it could easily happen due to this. Stories like this are WHY I'm concerned. I'm concerned that we may be at the beginning of the end for America. I feel like it should be understandable what my concern is now that there are multiple threats to our safety, between our president and his cabinet and rouges in intelligence agencies. Though I'm also concerned, in a lesser amount, about economics and our political atmosphere being as un-American as can be in America. This bombshell makes me much more concerned, that we may have the beginnings of the end here in these covert attempts to bring us to war with the Russians, which we don't want. I don't want war at all if possible, let alone with the Russians. They could end us, as they almost did 33 years ago.
  4. Imagine the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as Equestria, and the Russian Federation as the Crystal Empire, In "The Cutie Remark pt. 1", Equestria declares war on the Crystal Empire. Rainbow Dash was involved in this episode, and if we declare war on Russian Federation, all of Russians would be dead by NATO soldiers.
  5. Well, I like South Africa, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Israel, Lebanon, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Spain, Japan, Russia, Brazil and UK. I have looked at their Xmas traditions and I fell in love! What are yours? I know everyone will say Japan! Y'all otakus out there
  6. So When I was in London I picked up some Military Uniform/Gear Its A small collection. Soviet Air Force Cap Dated 1957 GP-5 Gas Mask Dated 1971 I am buying a Uniform Soon But I'm Low on money.
  7. Dear Putin,thank you for pulling back 2 third of your troops,please me too So,ill be going home next week because of problems in the familly,but the past 2 days were fun but tirering. Not much has happend,after the past days i did have made new friends. And i now have a boyfriend,which is not here nor from Russia,but he is on the forums ans he's American. Sorry for the short one,but ill be posting more soon
  8. So,my first night at the border was a fun expirience. The two other persons,who i shall be naming Yuri and Star,are friendly and we trained together so we know eachother. We take this task very serious,and by that i mean sit on our ass,drinking vodka and playing cards or watch TV. But what can you see on TV at night? Beside from porn and -2 stars movies,not much. Introducing the gaming console! Order now for borderpatrol for free Wolfenstein:The New Order. So,we sat just killing Nazi's,laughing at dismemberments and head exploding from a shotgun to da face. Also,i bring my Razor laptop,so i could just play some good o' Team Fortress 2 or Dota 2. Nothing really happend apart from a guy who drove past, and we stopped after 1 minutes with our awesome power.(The local police stopped him,we just sat like:"Oh,aah the police will do something"). We are very motivated...but thanks to numerous factors(Vodka and my ever going dream of VA :/) somevody started singing with her MP3. So,after some Let It Go, and German dups of Western sings from W:TNO,my two friends were happy....Well,i am not bad with singing,not good but good enough for me! But they asked me to shut up. After that,the holy end of shift came and we celebrated like it the freaking Bday of Rainbow Dash! Without the giant cake cannon though....Imagine,instead of killing with bullets,fill your enemies with cake or confetti till they explode!
  9. Pretty objective for New York Times.
  10. Well, as most of us probably know by now, about 16,000 Russian forces have occupied Ukraine's Crimean peninsula, and have surrounded several military bases. What do you think about this? Should Russia be messing with ukraine's affairs? Should the West be involved? Obviously, this is an unfolding story, so feel free to use information as it is reported.
  11. I've been bothered since the winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia started by this question: Just how... BIG is the winter Olympics for the Russian people? Is it revitalizing the country? I'm just getting the feeling that these games are a lot more than games to these people. My parents just shrugged when I asked about the winter games in Salt Lake City, Utah that happened back in 2002. It was just "closer than it usually is I guess." But I get a feeling of just... more. I feel like it means MORE to the Russians than it did to us. I want to hear your thoughts on this and if you're Russian then I DEFINITELY want to hear your thoughts!
  12. (This might get a bit confusing) (So the idea behind this "ask a pony" is that all countries -in the confusing fashion as possible- are teenagers. While they are supposed to be representations of the actual country, keep in mind this is all in good fun and I'm not trying to hurt anypony. However, I do want to show the interactions of all the countries/teens as realistically as I can to real life international relations while still having fun.) (TL;DR. I'm writing a AaP for all the Countries in the world. They'll talk and do their thing as if they were teenagers. I'll try to be funny and real. Deal With It) (You can ask questions to any specific country, or to groups of them. Your questions can range anywhere from real life issues to these teenager countries' personal lives with each other.) (If you need to ask ME a question, just put it in parenthesis or just address it to me. Or something) (Note: Some countries are male and some are female. The reasoning behind this is purely my insanity and has nothing to do with the country's strength or class or whatever.) America: So please, ask away! France: Really, we want to answer your questions. UK: Seriously, ask whatever you want. We don't bite. Russia: Well, Perhaps maybe Turkmenistan would. America: Do you guys really think they'll ask anything? China: I not so sure. I do not think they really get what's going on. Russia: Well they should. Otherwise we may have problems. America: Don't worry, guys, this'll go great... EVERYPONY, ASK YOUR QUESTIONS! (I promise I'll get better at this XD)
  13. Garry's Mod Stories "The Russian Mafia" (Strong Language Warning) Well, it's just basically a stupid dramatic story of the russian mafia in a Garry's mod DarkRP server, that somehow turned into a video that is pretty funny sad and, well, just watch the damn thing and let me know what you think. Me = Dimitri
  14. I fail to see a topic about this, yet. What's wrong with you people? Probably too fixated on freaking out about certain season finales happening tomorrow to post topics about this stuff. Witnessing a sonic boom from a meteor going through the upper atmosphere would be fairly bad-ass, just sayin'. Just stand in the middle of field where there's no glass or doors to hit you. You may get knocked off your feet if you're close enough but at least you wouldn't get skewed.
  15. I made this and I have no clue why I did. Might as well let strangers view it and judge me.... I put no time into it and I really have no idea why I drew it. I must have been tired. Well I'd like to thank my brother for helping me with all the computer parts...I have no idea what happened.