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Found 7 results

  1. So, I downloaded Paint Tool Sai this evening and decided to draw Rainbow Dash from the S5 Finale. I'm really sorry for all of the uneven lines, it's really hard to draw with a mouse and i'm not sure if PTS has the same feature as Adobe Flash where the lines are auto-smoothed. Anyways, if anyone of you that sees this likes this drawing, that'll make me happy.
  2. So, here's a question: What's your headcanons about rarity working as Nightmare moon's maid in the S5 finale? What paths in life do you think she took that lead her to being Nightmare moon's personal maid, how do you think her life goes right now, and what do you see her personality and goals in life being like in that timeline? crazy headcanons perfectly okay
  3. And more like alternate realities than anything. While its cool and all to try and handwave it away as "BUTTERFLY EFFECT!" the differences in timelines really didn't add up much and were too massively varied. it seemed less like they were altering the timeline and more like they were Jumping from alternate reality to alternate reality ala Bioshock infinite with far more differences than ones that would be directly linked to the rainboom. I get that they weren't trying to focus on WHAT what have happened so much as just saying "Bad stuff would happen, accept it" if the sonic rainboom didn't occur, and so it should be taken with a grain of salt, but those timelines really seemed like alot more than just the sonic rainboom would have needed to have occured for the various effects. Hell, everything makes more sense if its just assumed to be "bad realities" than different timelines.
  4. Well, we just got this tweet about the spoiler about starlight glimmer's future. So what's you're thoughts? Damage control and misdirection like Tara strong's "I never said that" twitter about twilight becoming an alicorn, or do you think the book synopsis about Starlight being twilight's pupil after the finale is false and that's a mistaken synopsis?
  5. Unlikeable Pony

    Spoiler So, the cutie castle...

    So, here's a question. What do you all make of the cutie castle thing here from the gameloft game? Do you think its going to show up in the finale as a new toyset thing? be a castle that starlight glimmer lives in in the altered timeline? be a castle starlight lives in AFTER time is all fixed up and she does a heel face turn? What?
  6. Unlikeable Pony

    So this finale and epicness...

    So, here's a question. Last season's finale was, without question, the most over the top epic finale we've had yet. Whether it was the BEST finale or not, it had the most action and weight to its plot of all the finales so far. So here's a question: with the upcoming S5 finale, do you think it will measure up to the previous finale, or try and push the envelope any? Or do you think its going to be much more low key and laid back? Think there will be any fights, or more of a slice of life situation for its conflict and resolution?
  7. So, guys: What do you think would be a twist that could happen in season 5 that could actually have a negative effect on the community or even the show itself? I would say one big mistake would be giving the mane 6 coltfriends, the fanfic writers would take this as a huge blow, and also would show that Hasbro is out of ideas. Post what you think could be a enormous mistake!