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Found 73 results

  1. alright so I don't know anything about blender but I am trying to bring a sfm pony model into blender. I'm 16 hours in and I have flailed around enough to where I have figured out how to import the files and figured out how to use nodes to fill in the colors and hair. what's tripping me up now is trying to load the .png file for the pupils of the eyes. they load WAY to far forward and make her look ridiculously cross eyed. how do I move them to a normal position?
  2. Here one I just made minutes ago (when I post it, of course) and it's an idea I wanted to make since the beginning. I always make big and action posters, I wanted to make multiple about a someone with akimbo who dive while shooting to an enemy. But, now, I'll make the simple ones. This one make me learn about lights! yay...
  3. Hey! An another one while I've test the posing and the cosmetics on my OC (Blues).
  4. Hey! I've been making this one a month ago, but, I wanted to share it in here! This one is with ponies and PAYDAY 2 characters! It was one of my first scene of SFM at the time.
  5. So as I am still thinking about what happened with Roseanne lately, here's an SFM video of Spoiled Rich trying to perform the National Anthem. And if anyone asks, the audio is from Tiny Toon Adventures: The Grossanne Sketch with Tress Macneille as Babs Bunny as Grossanne.
  6. Blaze the Pegasus is a series I've been working on for quite a while, it takes place in the same universe as MLP:FIM, but in the future of the year 2124. We've seen franchises where aliens invade our world, Earth, and destroy monuments and governments to take over. But what if we were the aliens invading another planet? In Blaze the Pegasus, humanity finds a planet inhabited by ponies and declares war to take over their world to mine it for its resources. Since this takes place in the future, ponies no longer use spears and swords to fight back, they use machine guns and tanks like humanity does today. One soldier however, plans to end the war once and for all, Captain Blaze Ishtar, otherwise known as, "Blaze the Pegasus." I will give you the link to both the trailer and the first episode, I hope you enjoy it, and if you like it, please do subscribe to my Youtube channel, ThunderBlaze Studios if you wish to see more content produced by me, and support me by sharing my vids on Instagram, Google+, Twitter and/or Facebook. (The show is animated in gmod and sfm in case you are wondering.) Trailer: Episode 1:
  7. I have created a little video for the Nightmare Night i hope you like it
  8. Hey there, I'm new to the forum (so, I hope this is where you post this stuff) I've been practicing lately in SFM because I finally wanted to start making decent MLP SFM animations like I wanted to for so many years. This is a short one that I recently did, using some audio from Rick and Morty Hope the link works. Any criticism so I can improve? Thanks
  9. This was just something random I did out of pure boredom: A reason to why Tirek is the worst of the worst. [video]
  10. Another Anmation SFM YT: Video :
  11. The music was MUCH harder to make than the video. I'm not much of an animator (at all), lol
  12. Another Anmation SFM YT : Video :
  13. Hey Everyone : Evaluate it my animations : Channel YT :
  14. Another animation SFM MLP channel: video:
  15. Hi, my Animation SFM Twilight BOOM
  16. Hope You all Enjoy. Took 2 months to make and was a lot of fun to make this. This was made in Source Filmmaker and was animated by myself!
  17. I just want some Download links for models, maps, sounds, etc. I want some... "Professional" help. I'll be posting updates to its completion every so often, so uh... yhea. My channel is linked down here, and i'll be posting the link to the actual animation as soon as its ready. Thanks in advance. Link to channel: Some random Super Metroid mouse cursors I found while customising my PC: My Meme:
  18. Hello, I am working on creating a 3D render for my OC, and wondered how you load the .obj or .smd files from Pony Lumen's 3D Pony Creator in Sorce FilmMaker. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Alright, I figured out what to do to turn it into an .mdl but when I open it in Blender, the texture for it won't load and it just comes out in a random color. What do I do?
  19. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. This is my SFM poster of the first four villains against there good counterparts. well at least my version of what i think there counter part is. Just looking for an opinion but feel free to say whatever you feel like
  21. Hi bronies and pegasisters, Here's something fun to do. Open up this video (link) and listen carefully to what's being said in it. While you listen, observe the image below. Then rewatch the video, without looking at the image. What pairings between the two can you form?
  22. This is my third SFM poster staring every pony's' favorite pony Luna fighting her dark side for control of Equestria. As always looking for opinions and whatever else you want to say.
  23. Hi everypony! I've been kinda bored lately and just wanted something to do. If you want any help with stuff you're doing and need help with. I can help with any sfm animations, I could also help wiith writing and composing songs, and singing, last but not least I can also do voice acting. about my animation: I waork only with sfm and some after effects. I have a lot of experience with the two. I have been working on my sfm skills for almost 3 years straight, so I think I could help with anything you need! about my music skills: This is what I am best at, my pride and joy over all is music. So any thing I can do to help with music would be so awesome! My music skills range very widely, I can do singing, I can think of lyrics, I can pla almost any instrument, even dubstep instruments! I am comfortable with all music types and have made a song for just practice in all the varieties of music I can think of! about my voice acting: Now this is a new one I started because of my talent in perfecting accents. I cann do accents very well and can somewhat emphasize points in reading very well! so if you have a need for my talents I would be more than happy to help! wow... just realized how much I bragged! Sorry if it's too much! :3
  24. Twilight To The Future has been a very special project for me, and it's also my first SFM film! Join Twilight as she travels through time with Tails to save Princess Celestia from a group of BLU Mercenaries! Just today, I have finally released my teaser trailer for one of my most anticipating projects ever! Check it out here on YouTube! Special Thanks to: - Anna Chloe (VA for Twilight Sparkle) - Bob Gale & Robert Zemeckis (creators of 'Back To The Future') - SEGA (creators of Sonic The Hedgehog) - MLP Staff (for bringing us a great TV Show and great characters we couldn't have anywhere else c:) - and of course to the community for bringing me support! Enjoy!
  25. This is my first 3D image made out of SFM and After effects.The Picture is of Nightmare star from them Mlp Card Game. Looking for Opinions as well as anything you want to say about it