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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 4 results

  1. Sweet Sweep Sweepstakes! You know @SFyr. He’s one of our awesome artists. He’s been so kind as to offer a one-of-a-kind custom artpiece for one lucky winner. What’s up for grabs: a flat color, single character piece. Here are a couple samples of his work that he is willing to do for you: All of our donors are automatically entered, so why not throw in a dollar for a good cause and enter this giveaway*! Only one entry per person, so please don't spam a hundred singles at us hoping to lock it up in your favor. I will draw names at random on December 10th at 9AM EST and announce the winner. Thanks SFyr! *no purchase necessary to enter. If you want to enter without contributing, please contact me via PM. Thank you.
  2. Batbrony

    Member Q+A SFyr Q&A

    Good evening everyone, Batbrony here taking a break from his nightly patrols to bring you this week's member Q&A! This week, we'll be chatting with SFyr, a stand-up fellow who's been a wonderful addition to our community since he joined it if I do say so myself. Not only did SFyr write one of our winning entries for the Poniverse Mascot Summperpalooza Contest on Fimfiction, but he's also a smashing good artist who makes some lovely work if I do say so myself. Check out his commission shop on the forums here if you're looking to purchase some wonderful pony art! With that said, let's get this show on the road and kick things off with our first question of the night. SFyr, how did you first get into pony art and what led you to drawing ponies in the unique way that you do? Post all your questions below, everypony, and please, feel free to ask as many as you want!
  3. SFyr

    SFyr's Art Bin

    ================================== I was originally keeping all my drawings on this front page (first post), but I've kinda grown to dislike how it has to be setup--I can't make it work how I want. So, starting on page 2, I'ma just throw my drawings in new posts as I make 'em. ================================== So basically, I've been wanting to practice more, and get this whole drawing bit figured out, especially when it comes to digital work. Relatedly, I've also been wanting to create a psuedo-gallery somewhere on this site, so I have something to build up and come back and add to. Also, when I do a more finished work, I'd like to keep the WIP stages here and such for anyone curious to see how crud goes on. So, welcome to my little art bin !! I'm basically just throwing in MLP-related characters/crud from this day onwards, theoretically. I'm also gonna try to separate each work, then separate each work further down to the stages the file went through to reach the final result, so you'll see both shaded and rough. Hope y'all find it worth the look. 3/14/2014 -- Aquaspark (who belongs to Aquaspark), lifted from my other post: 3/14/2014 -- Camilla, a fanfiction character of my own: 4/7/2014 -- Storm Gazer, a request done for someone on dA: Random digital crud:
  4. SFyr

    Work in Progress

    So I kinda burned an hour or three doing a digital sketch inspired by the requests section, namely this post here: I don't fully know why, but I just found myself liking Aquaspark (and her ref) enough to give it a shot. Anyways, it's not far from midnight here, I'm kinda stalling until I hear back from them about the coloration, so... I kinda felt like sharing what I have so far in the meantime. Relatedly, I've been meaning to do like, some kind of art dump bit on this forum and/or just tacking on requests/ocs/random crud as I go about them. But I'm not quite there yet. So yeah. Here's some art of some sort. *Character is obviously not mine; see above link Lineart (though sadly I deleted the initial gesture sketch): After adding bases and easy-to-swap-out color layers... EDIT: Shading is done, and honestly, I'm quite proud of how it turned out. Still awaiting color correction instructions. For kicks, and evidence of why I think I'll keep separate color layers for all my works now: Layers are my best friend now.