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Found 119 results

  1. What roller coaster was the first one you ever rode and where was it? Mine was timber terror, which is a wooden roller coaster in silver wood theme park. What was your reaction to your first roller coaster? I am going to valleyfair in Minnesota for a school trip on the last week of school which is in a month.
  2. As a 5 - 10 year old, What were you guys scared of? Monsters lurking beneath your bed? maybe you've seen a scary movie that haunts you to this day. were you scared of the monsters in your closet? As a child, I was scared of turning on my TV and seeing static appear on the screen, as a kid, I watched "the ring" which was a bad Idea and I was scared of a monster climbing out of the screen and grabbing me. Haha, Lets look back at those moments and laugh! What was your biggest fear as a kid?
  3. Have you ever had a nightmare so bizarre and strange, that it baffled you how you could have ever even come up with it in the first place? I had this one relatively recently. I was swimming in the ocean in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, where we go for vacation every summer. I was so far off of the coast I couldn’t see the shore. I got tangled in a net and pulled up. I was on a pirate ship. The crew wasn’t wearing any pirate clothes or anything. I was greeted by a seemingly nice woman. She explained to me that I had been kidnapped, and took me to the corner of the world (xD). It was snowy and there was a hole in the ground. I climbed down and it was icy, and very pretty. There were “beds” carved into the ice walls, I think the pillows were made of ice too? There were no blankets, but the ice looked very pretty. I turned to the female pirate and said, “Can I say goodbye to my friends before I give up my phone?” I pulled my phone out, and she said sure. I went on Instagram and posted something, stating that I had been kidnapped. My location services said I was somewhere near Haiti or Cuba or something… I then went on Skype and told my friends that I had been kidnapped by pirates. I used the location button to send them my location, and then gave the pirate lady my phone. I ended up escaping with the help of my little cousins, who are around 9 and 11. I checked my phone, my Instagram post had only 3 likes, a few frantic comments from my sister, and one comment that said, I quote… “that sounds pretty op but ok” (op means overpowered) We were in a forest of palm trees, looking around, making sure nobody saw us, when I saw someone looking at me from behind a tree. Who was it? Why of course! Doctor Eggman! (He was a member of the pirates crew) The pirates kidnapped me again, but they put me on the actual ship, behind bars where I could see the deck. I saw Markiplier pacing back and forth, looking grumpy and crabby. I pleaded to him for help. “Mark! You’re a good guy! Help me!” He looked at me and explained that he no longer wanted to help people, and that he was racist towards black people. (I’m not even black, I don’t know why he said that…) I escaped, but I was kidnapped again, by my 11 year old cousin Mackenzie, and her two friends, one of which was insane. They tied me to a chair on the deck. The insane friend said, “Let’s cover her with makeup and make her explode!” They started to put makeup on me, putting blue blush all over my face. My cousin and her not insane friend winked at me to show that they were good. When they finished applying the makeup to me, I woke up. One word. WHY?!
  4. Just as the title asks. What is the scariest thing you have ever experienced?
  5. As the title says,Do you believe in ghosts/creepy stuff/paranormal activities,And have you encountered it before?
  6. I remember having Sleep Paralysis when I was younger, no scary dreams, just unable to move. Although once I had my head in the pillow when that was happening and I almost could not breathe. I also have a friend that once had a bout of it where he saw Slender Man just flying around in his room. She said it was more funny then anything else. Ether way, do you have any problems with it? Or any stories maybe?
  7. What is the scariest thing you've experienced in your life? Was it your imagination? Or was it real?
  8. I’ve made this thread to discuss some fairly odd,creepy,funny unexpected moments in otherwise good games. This of course can be from the NES all the way to the Xbox Scorpio and so on. these can be on purpose from the creators or a glitch. mine is when I encountered SA-X from Metroid fusion for the GBA.
  9. I fear of plenty of things. I could explain them in a lot of detail but I think I'll just make a list of what I fear MOST. Here goes: War - War is something I've feared for years. Especially nuclear war. Hearing about it just makes my skin crawl. I actually planned an escape route out of the country if it were to happen. Disease Outbreak - I have a bit of a paranoia with germs. When I hear about outbreaks of things like Ebola, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Mad Cow Disease and ect. my paranoia goes overboard! Murder - I live in a relatively safe place. Still, there are a few sketchy people that pop up around here. I'm afraid one of them will pull out a gun/knife and try to kill me. Car crashes - I usually take the bus to places but sometimes my family members offer to drive me. I fear one day some drunk on the road will kill us. Death it's self - I fear the Reaper more than anything. Life is precious. It's something you can't get back.
  10. Now I don't mean horror horror like genuinely frightening.. But how do you guys feel about horror themed episodes. Like zombie ponies. ( Within the bounds of the shows demographic I mean. No flesh eating. Make the ponies glow unnatural colors then do something silly to another pony to spread it ) Horror conventions and tropes that have been used in a lot of kids cartoons before, but with enough cuteness to counterbalance and keep it silly and fun.
  11. Does anyone have any urban legends from their own country that they’d like to share? They can be scary, funny, stupidly mundane, etc. As someone who’s training to be a psychologist, I find things like these to be interesting, and it gives me an insight into how the people of the country think (eg. what they find to be frightening/funny compared to other countries). I’ll begin with an urban legend from my own country just to get things started. If the thread takes off, I’ll share more. The urban legend that I’ll talk about is a well-known one that comes from my own country of Northern Ireland (different from Ireland, I assure you). I attend a university called Queen’s University in Belfast, and the university has several buildings. For example, there’s the main Lanyon Building, the Teaching and Learning Centre, etc. The buildings that I’ll be talking about are the David Keir Building (DKB) and the Ashby Building. Across from the DKB, there is a graveyard known as the Friar’s Bush Graveyard. The graveyard is the site of a mass grave filled with bodies from a cholera epidemic, to the point where a mound can be seen in the centre. Those who approach this mound are said to experience the sensation of hands touching them and clawing at their clothes. Now, beneath the DKB, there is a maintenance tunnel. This tunnel stretches from the DKB to the nearby Ashby Building, and it runs adjacent to the graveyard. To this day, there is not a single staff member in that university who will willingly go down into that tunnel alone, and many absolutely refuse to. Those who have been down there attest to the fact that the tunnel, in some areas, becomes unnaturally cold. Voices can be heard, things can be seen, and perhaps most compellingly, the same sensations of the hands that can be experienced in the graveyard can be experienced in the maintenance tunnel. As for what the people saw down there, nobody knows. I personally don’t believe in ghosts, but I have to wonder what they saw, or what they thought they saw, that was so traumatising that they refuse to speak about it.
  12. Hi. Can you hear me? I spoke with Monika earlier, and she said that I could start a chapter of the Doki Doki Literature Club right here on MLP Forums. We can talk about literature, even manga, and of course swear our alliance to our club president. We can even discuss a certain video game that shares the same name of the club.
  13. Hello, everyone! I was thinking about making this topic for a while, and only now decided to do it, but, what are your most creepy moments from this show? For me, personally, that would have to go to the scene where Twilight and the Mane Six lost their cutie marks to Starlight back in season 5, though honestly, I thought the whole idea of The Cutie Map itself was pretty creepy, with the fact that it was about this cult like village in the middle of nowhere, where everyone is expected to be equal, and who knows how long that village must have been around before the Mane Six knew about it... Not to mention what came after the Mane Six lost their cutie marks. Still though, the sounds of Twilight struggling as her cutie mark is peeled off really makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason.
  14. Hello again! thanks for stopping by! it's time for some.. *put my palm around my ear* WEIRD VIDEOS!! now the theme of the videos are Sounds, yep, these are not videos as such but strange sounds that will do make your skin chills if you heard them alone in the dark. remember, there's no screamers and you are free to use your earphones for maximum scare experience just remember! if you are too sensitive to spooky audio i reccomend to not hear them but since you are a brave person have a nice trip to horror ^^ If you find a creepy or weird video/audio, please feel free to share it with us and make larger our collection and post your reactions too. Also if some videos are fake or not is irrelevant, the purpose is to freak you out. Cheers! 1) creepy Radio recording This video was posted by Sir Fortesque76, and he says he is works as a security guard of a bank and he was listening to a radio something strange,he grabs his phone and record the audio, this is what he got 2) The WKCR incident In 1995 a mysterious interruption cut the signal of the 88.9FM station and what it is heard next are screams and whispers with voices naming deceased persons. 3) Operation Wandering Souls During Vietnam war the US used an audio to frighten the Vietcong because of their religious beliefs, the vietnamese people believed that if someone dies without being buried the soul of the deceased will wander in pain for all eternity. The audio recordings can be an important factor in the battlefield? You be the judge. 4) The unexplainable Phone Call This audio was recorded by someone's friend who tried to call his mom but instead of being his mom a strange sound was instead heard, So far we cannot tell what it is, feel free to post your thoughts 5) The sound of Saturn The NASA has been detecting radio emissions from the Saturn planet, and they compress those waves into audio sound and this is what's found Tell us what was the audio that scared you the most. keep up the brohooves to continue this saga! n.n // BONUS Aghast - Sacrifice Aghast is a group composed by 2 witches of Norway that began to make atmospheric music specially for black magic rituals. It's been said that when they began recording their firsts albums strange things happened in the studio like poltergeist and stuff, is not recommended to listen to it alone and the music is charged with negative feelings and depression Creepiest call voicemail. Finally the most scary audio i found, the woman on the video found that someone left a message on her voice mail. The sounds aren't proved to be an animal, whoever who made that sound is not either human or animal, seems like something unknown, something or someone who is able to make calls and leave this, the audio hasn't been debunked so far and no further explanation exists to this day. I warn you, this sound is specially scary if you have a voice mail recorded, if you are going to listen to it, you are at your own risk and i do not be responsible for any shock or trauma.
  15. (Before i explain this vid, i want to say that it was proven to be fake. No one died in this vid, even if the description tries to fool you) This was a video that i discovered not even an hour ago, eventhough it has been on Youtube for years now. I must say, that i really must congratulate the man who is responsible for this incredibly scary vid, because this is incredibly well made, especially for the time it came out. It's almost like the room is getting pulled to hell by a demon Gotta warn you guys. This vid is not for the faint of heart:
  16. A couple of videos thrown together by me, each one made on a whim.
  17. Ok I want you to show me the most sariest or most confusing moments in the show so far. Just list the season and episode or the just the name of the episode, what happened, and what your reaction to it was.>>>>> <<<<< I will start this off with one moment that I almost threw my phone when I was watching the episode... It was the terrible episode .... "Too Many Pinkie Pies" when one of them says the worst line ever... "Bet ya can't make a face crazier than... THIS?!" and shows her head as if it were generation 1.
  18. Hey every pony, I was just thinking... What is the scariest movie that you've ever seen? And which genre do you find most spine chilling? Don't be afraid. Come, stay and chat a while. I don't know a single soul who doesn't enjoy a good fear flick every now and then... Or is that just me? Do you like stalker killers, masked slashers, monsters of science fiction, supernatural thrillers. Personally, around the Halloween season... I love them all. From the cheesy to the horribly cheesy. I especially like them so bad it's good films. I recently saw Sharknado 3 on Netflix. I thought at one time. "Okay, flying sharks is one thing but a share in space now that's just stupid. Seriously there's a still shot maybe cover photo the hero in a space suit against a huge shark in space. Geez.
  19. Hello everypony I believe I am in the right spot? I am sorry if I am not, but lately I have been wanting to read creepypastas for my channel for everybody to listen to and enjoy so I thought I would ask you guys what creepypasta you think I should read just no Sweet Apple Massacre or anything along those lines its a very sick creepypasta and I will not read it so don't ask other then that please do put down what you would like to hear or what you think others would like to hear have fun. You can suggest a creepypasta that has gore and killing in it just as long as it has no sex its fine.
  20. Click the link below to download (for Windows, Mac and Linux): TWILIGHT ESCAPE A long time ago, before she moved to Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle was reading books about magic one day and tried casting a spell she found in one of them. The spell was a trap, causing her to disappear from her home and reappear inside of a dungeon. Now she must find a way out.
  21. As the title says, what is the scariest video you've ever seen? It can be a ghost video, something creepy and weird in general, you know. I need a horror fix.
  22. Has anyone of you ever dared to visit the 'The Deep Web'? I was playing with the thought of it but considering the stories i heard, i think it will stay rather on the surface web....
  23. So guys, I want you to recommend me a genuinely scary book. I like to read. I don't read as much as I should but I do enjoy it. Growing up I enjoyed the 'Demonata' series by Darren Shan and recently delved into 'Call Of C'thulu and Other Weird Tales' followed by Mary Shelly's Frankenstein. The 'Demonata' series always came with a message on the back of the book saying 'Warning: Seriously Scary', H.P.Lovecraft is considered a forefather of modern horror and is the influence behind classic horror games like 'Eternal Darkness' and 'Amnesia' while Frankenstein is considered a landmark of the genre help along by the Universal film of the same name. The problem is, to me, none of these are actually scary. The Demonata basically describes a lot of gore and the actual scariness of anything described I just got used to while reading. Lovecraft's stories, while weird and well thought out with a rich back story, didn't illicit any actual fear from me. 'A Shadow Over Innsmouth' came close but still didn't do it while a lot of his stuff I found very underwhelming. Frankenstein I'm enjoying but so far it's not a horror story, it's a drama. Now, I'm aware I'm not especially well-read. My personal library is small and my list of finished books as an adult is thin. However, enough novels have had me feel sadness, intrigue, joy, wonder and excitement but yet have any made me feel genuine fear the way games and movies have. You can't jump-scare in a book but then even games like Silent Hill 2, which focus more on psychological aspects, make me feel more sadness than actual horror. So go on then bronies, have at you. Do your worst. Show me the most terrifying book you have ever read. Not spooky, HORRIFYING! Make me wince. Make me cry. No, I've never read any Stephen King. What's his most horrible? What's his scariest? How do I avoid his complete nonsense like 'The Langoliers'?
  24. I don't visit very often around here, but you know I love you guys and I like to show what I'm up to every once in a while. I put in a lot of effort to this video, so check it out and tell me what you think!