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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 4 results

  1. Pretty much what the title says. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, what would be your plan to survive? In my backyard, I'm gonna build an underground bunker over the years. The bunker will have a radio, canned food, weapons and some comic books and board games in case of boredom. It will have a self destruct system activated only by my voice in case zombies manage to break in. I'll make sure to record my voice too in case I'm killed beforehand. There'll be an escape tunnel so me and my team won't blow up with it. Once we escape, we'll get in a car with whatever weapons and food we have and get outta dodge. I haven't planned after that, but hey, it's pretty good enough. What's yours friends?
  2. Fantasma Phantasm

    The game of scenarios

    Okay, the game is to post a scenario and the poster below has to answer the most creative way possible. ex. You stumble upon a rare stone and it seems to glow with some mysterous power, What do you do? Be creative with your scenarios and answers. Try to be clean (Some are funny, yes, but please try.) And have fun! Thats the most important part! Stay Fantasmic! (Don't forget to answer the example! and make sure to make a scenario after you answer the scenario that was given to you!)
  3. Dsanders

    Decision Paradox?

    Here's an interesting social paradox that I found: A person can make decisions based not on what they actually want to do, but on what they think that other people want to do, with the result that everybody decides to do something that nobody really wants to do, but only what they thought that everybody else wanted to do. So basically you end up agreeing on taking a course of action you wouldn't really take, but because someone else(a close friend or anyone important to you for example) want's to take it, you agree in hopes that would make him/her happy. So here are some simple questions I like to ask you folks. 1. Do you agree or disagree with the paradox? Why or why not? 2. Also, name a moment or experience in your life where this has happened to you. I just thought this was super interesting and I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts on this!
  4. ZomBrony

    Record Your Scenarios

    I often come up with random scenarios and play through them when I'm on my own and I always wondered what people would think of them and wanted to record them. That's the main reason I was doing this originally, but just today after one of my scenarios, I thought "Maybe other people do this too" so feel free to add your own if you have any. I will add one each time I come up with one I like. Today's was I saw some random guy in a truck inside Steckle Woods which is a small wooded area that I cut through when walking home, I thought he looked kind of suspicious and when I couldn't see the person's face in another car that was there (I was in a small parking area) I started my scenario: The guy in the truck killed the other person in the car that I couldn't see, he has another guy in the back of the truck (which was actually a van now that I'm remembering more) and they were discussing what to do with me, the guy in the front seat wanted to kill me but the guy in the back was reasoning with him, what did I do? I don't know for sure they killed the guy in the car, they don't even know if I suspected that. And that's where that scenario ended because I started thinking of other things.