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Found 252 results

  1. Bronyette

    Homework Help

    Hello and welcome to the Forum Homework Help Thread. Here you can ask someone to PM you one-on-one to get the help you need. MLP Forums does not guarantee the accuracy or quality of the help you receive. If you are a student in need of help or just want to learn something new please post the topic or specific issue/subject/question you need help on, and someone will be able to help you, either in PM or in the thread. NOTE: When giving assistance it is HIGHLY suggested that if you supply an answer, you give a thorough explanation of how you derived your solution. Without that information it is difficult for someone to actually learn and improve, which is really the most important aspect of education. -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Helpful Sites: Good for beginner-intermediate coding Good for Science, Math, Economics and Humanities. Free online college courses. (No credit) Great for aspiring students wanting to learn something new. Has a wide variety of subjects.
  2. Hey everypony! Hope y'all are well. Alright, so here's an interesting topic: Embarrassing stories from school. What is the most embarrassing thing to happen to y'all during school? I'll go first, if you like. I've always been a MASSIVE nerd. Especially at primary school. Because I had no problem showing off whatsoever. I decided to teach the class about making games using this terrible 3D sandbox game, it was a bit like minecraft but not with blocks. I stood at the front of the class, all ready to show the bored students of Yr5's something unneccesary. I was also extremely nervous, so much that I was shaking. I fumbled with a pen for a while, trying to write on the board. My handwriting looked awful and pretty much everyone was already laughing. They hadnt seen anything yet! Things pretty much went wrong most for most of the so called lesson, until disaster struck. I felt very strange, and uncomfortable. I started fidgeting loads and I had no idea what was going on, until this kid called Brandon decided to shout and point at the top of his voice: "Look everyone! Jack's peed his pants!" Ahh. That would be it. The entire classroom fell silent for a moment, and every eye was on me. For someone with social anxiety, I would have had a heart attack. Luckily I had no such thing back in the day, so I didn't die. Instead my face looked like a burning tomato and my eyes slowly began to feel like they would literally explode. After the brief, painful moment of silence, the room exploded with laughter. Okay, that's enough. Now that I actually do have Social Anxiety, this is bringing back too many memories. I'm still in high school, so it really wasn't that long ago. Ramble away everypony! Lets celebrate the most memorable catastrophes of school life!
  3. I've just been wondering. I know that the brony population is huge, but I don't know how huge. I hear stories about how someone "came out" as a brony and all of a sudden others did too, but I feel that's not really likely. Anyways, I'm 16, which apparently accounts for almost the highest percentage of bronies. I just want to know the odds of there actually being some others at my school. My high school has around 1000 people, so I figure there might be. So have any of you just found or figured out that someone else is a brony? Whether you know them or they're just an acquaintance, doesn't matter. And if so, how did you do it? I feel like maybe just gauging someone's reaction to an obscure reference might be the way to go, such as "Yeah, that one's pretty sweet. Probably 20% cooler than that one." Just looking for some advice or some stories, thanks!
  4. Which class(es) did/do you struggle with the most in school? Whether it be middle school, high school, college, etc.
  5. You know, how many of you think that sometimes in life you're doing something wrong. Like me, for example. I can't seem to make any more friends at school anymore. I've only got one friend at school, but I can't seem to be friends with any of the other girls in my school. Then I start getting the feeling that maybe I'm not trying hard enough, or I shouldn't say what I say or do what I do...or anything like that. Have you guys ever done anything like that?
  6. I was just curious how open other bronies are about their brony-ness. Do you walk around proudly displaying it or is it on a strictly need-to-know basis? Personally I'm completely open about it. I'm wearing a Princess Luna shirt from WeLoveFine right now (it was a gift from my little sister. She's so sweet. ). I don't randomly bring it up or try to shove the show down other people's throats or anything, but I'm not afraid to say I like it if it comes up or someone asks. How about you all?
  7. Celestial Panzerhund

    What do YOU Think of School?

    Well, I sometimes think they waste time... sometimes. We spend several hours a day there, doing absolutely random topics about things we really don't need to learn. Since we spend hours over at the school, we're all tired from the strange ways of the school, we want to get home... then the teacher says: "HAY! HOMEWORK!" and give us an extra 2-3 hours more of work for home! I can understand that if the person needs help in a certain subject, they can do some work at home. At least 10-30 minutes of it, not hours. We already had enough of school from the morning, to afternoon, we don't need more. When were done with school, that's our time to have the rest of the day to ourselves! What should schools really do? I think that if you know what career you want, the school should let us focus on that, show us how it is, and see if we REALLY want that career. Those who don't know yet should get options. I plan mechanical engineering. I'm about to do precision manufacturing when my summer break is done. I'm excited for it! What I'm not excited for, is the time and pace of school. It's really a drag. Adding in the extra circular activities makes it even worse. Sure once you get into the flow of it, it isn't that bad, but it gets to be a bother since it's always the same thing; everyday, just different tests. What I question is: Why not show us what jobs are out there? Teach us the real things we need to be taught. Not-"Okay, now for your final project, do a research on what ever you want that is history!" I did one on PanzerKampFwagen. Spent three weeks working on it, only to get an F-!!! I researched that because it had to do with engineering and it was about WWII tanks(If you didn't realize, that's the only reason I love WWII tanks). That annoyed me so... For those who had a TL;DR: Why can't school just let us focus on what we want and not on crap that won't do us good in the future? Be shorter, less homework, and let us focus on a career we want and those who can't make a choice have options on what they want as a career. Should schools focus on specifics such as career choices? Teach us that career to see if we'll like it? Research it, study it, get hands-on experience with it, etc.? What do you think?
  8. The lowest I've ever gotten was in seventh grade honors English, I got an 8%. (⌐■_■) Back then I was really lazy, I was really smart (and still am) I just didn't bother turning in work. I think I ended up finishing that class with like a 40%. Nowadays I'm a freshman in high school and I'm doing a lot better, except for in algebra that's the only class I'm failing and I passed it last semester too, with a C. So hbu guys?
  9. RainDash S. Dragon

    Attention Span

    For me, Music and Food extend my attention span, I have no patience when my parents are talking to me. However during school, I fall asleep when the teacher starts to lecture, like within 5 minutes of the talk How about you?
  10. What is your preferred revision method? I prefer to make mnemonics and summarise notes I have made in class.
  11. Just curious, have any of you ever done middle school or high school debate? I debated in middle school but not in high school. I remember I had a REALLY bad partner (she got the 138th speaker award out of 139), but she was generally a nice person. For the third tournament, she had to go to this church thing and so I got a much more fitting partner instead, and we got 4th place team. I also remember that our coach was also my math teacher and he was pretty strict, saying things like, "We're the best team, show them that" and constantly talking about how in the City Finals one of teams barely talked about Topicality and that was the reason the lost. If you DON'T do debate, I won't dig deep in my experiences, because you'd probably be lost. But I had lots of fun doing it and would love to hear about everyone else's experiences!
  12. Who more is praying to the school of friendship BURNS in season 9 and make the show focus more on principal characters again? I guess i'm not the only one who not liked the idea of that school.... AND MORE, people are saying the season 9 will be the last one of the 4 generation, and if that happens, I dont want the last season of my little pony with that foolish students of the school of friendship.
  13. I'm not exactly a "straight A" student , and lately I've been losing my determination in studying , so I've been wondering how you guys handle it. to put my two cents in, My study habits are...well right now...I have none , I wait till the last minute , then panic o_o What are your study habits? and if it applies, what motivates you to study?
  14. ~Natural Beauty~

    Favorite School Subject

    What is your favorite school subject? Mine personal is art and creative writing.
  15. Bakugou Is My Man <3

    What Was/Is Your High School Mascot?

    What was/is your high school mascot? My high school mascot was the Lincoln Way Central knight
  16. After recently earning my bachelor's, I found my way into a nice entry-level position in a firm that i like, and am going to start working quid pro quo, none of the low-wage student position i had to do till now. Real work. As much as i'm happy with my accomplishments, i really did enjoy a good laugh or a nice group of colleagues to chat with as i work. I guess i'm a little nervous moving away to work with a team, which i know no one of. How about you? How do you feel being the new guy / girl?
  17. I started school today, and it makes me curious to find how many bronies on this forum are starting school already. Mine went better than I thought...I have a friend or more in every class. I started catching up with everyone in their summer...and i'm really looking forward to hosting my first ever club this year. How about you? Were you nervous? Did you catch up with friends? Meet awesome teachers?
  18. For me, it was eighth grade. Just... So many things went right that year So anyways, yeah, whether you're still in school or not, anywhere between kindergarten and 12th grade. You can give a reason why, if you want. Heck, maybe you have reason to believe an upcoming school year will be your best? Let the memories start a-flowin'!
  19. The fact that I have to stay 6 hours quietly and still, listening to a teacher spitting information I don't care about gives me chills when I wake up at 6:30 in the morning after sleeping only for 6 hours because of all the homework I had to do. If I do the homework, I will lose 1 or 2 hours of sleep, which means I will be really sleepy in class and the teacher will embarass me saying in front of everyone else how bad it is not to sleep and that I'm not listening, but if I don't do it, the teacher will ask why and embarass me saying in front of the class how doing homework and getting good grades is the way to get a good, stable job. I would agree with that if they taught things like how to get a job, how to work on your talents, how to not waste money... but we all know that isn't the case. Instead, they teach random things that only a few people are going to use, thinking that we all think the same way and should follow the same path to get a mediocre job, work your ass off, get your money and go back home, without living your life to the fullest. When I tell a teacher or my parents that I want to study math all the way up to calculus 3 (or more if there are more advanced levels) and then study other subjects, I always get an answer like "I know you like math, but..." " is not only about math" Like if I never said I wanted to study more subjects after I finish with math. " are only 15. You have to study things you don't like before studying the things you like" Like if that made any sense. Curiosity is something you just have and you need to feed before it's too late. You are only killing it by making me learn things I don't care about. If you made me curious about your subject, I would gladly even search information about it by myself. "..studying by yourself won't give you a title" I know it won't, but I don't really see the need to have a paper saying I can do something, when I can just go ahead and do it, giving more proof that I can do it than a piece of paper. "...You can't get out of the system. You have to adapt to it." Well... a system where the student has to adapt to it, isn't really useful since the point of education should be to adapt to the student and prepare them for the future. "...what you are taught in school is useful for real life" I'm still waiting for a reason why it is useful. Also, if it's so useful, how is it possible that you don't know everything you've been taught in school, but you are still alive? " can't always get the job you want" Yes,I know that, but I would rather be in my death bed thinking of how at least I tried for my whole life but failed every time than wishing I tried to do it instead of doing something I don't like. Their way of teaching things by memorization and then write everything in a test is terrible. It kills creativity and curiosity, two traits geniuses like albert einstein or stephen hawking have. The teachers' way of motivating you to do things is by fear of what happens when you don't do them instead of by the joy of learning something new. I can't believe something so important is so broken. ... ... Sorry, I needed to write my feelings somewhere. Now I need to write an essay about an old book for school and I'm going to try to use the least effort possible just to finish it quickly. So, what do you think about school?
  20. I'd like your opinion on subjects you enjoy or enjoyed in school. College counts and if you are an adult with a career, don't be afraid to tell us! My favorite subjects: History- I believe we need to encourage more history in school, I love American history the best. Wildlife Biology- I am really interested in nature and Earth's long and interesting history. PE- I love PE, my class is individual Ed. Finally, but not least, Multimedia class! movies are fun to make. If there is a thread like this, lock it.
  21. Think about it. Why would parents keep sending foals to Cheerilee's school house when there's a fully stocked and furnished friendship academy with more teachers and subjects across town? So is Twilight's friendship academy taking students from Cheerilee? Is there any need for Ponyville's resident teacher?
  22. Wonderbolt Slipstream

    Twilights Friendship School

    Doesn't it seem odd to anypony else that ponies and other creatures need to go to a school and be taught about a basic concept like friendship? And before the school then how did anypony get along and form bonds with others?
  23. Metallic Strings

    Have you ever fell asleep in class?

    Have you fallen asleep in class. I did in 3rd grade, and my teacher made me stay in for recess and do the assignment throughout recess. It happened again during literature in 7th grade and I heard my teacher say if I was going to follow along? I heard it again, then I heard it again really loud and I realized I was dreaming the first two times. I wake up and I'm all like okokokokok I will.
  24. Berry-Bliss-Sundae

    General Is education free in equestria?

    I have had this question since I first saw '' the school for gifted unicorns '' ... I mean, in the series some schools have been seen (the ponyville school, Wonderbolt Academy, the flight school in cloudsdale) but ... these schools will be paid or free(paid by the government) to use for any pony that wants to attend? Obviously the school of unicorns is not free, just to enter you need to pass an admission test Maybe my question is a bit ignorant, but at least in my country public universities are considered "the best in the country" given their high academic level ... private universities usually you pay when you are not able to pass public universities (basically you pay for having a degree) or have a relatively easy career that, besides liking you this career, this career is not taught by the public university. Thanks to this '' lifestyle '' I do not know the educational system in other countries, but I do know that in countries like the United States and England schools, universities and... basically you pay for everything.
  25. Everyone has a plan, some change their minds in the middle of their life. Some follow their plans all the way through. So as far as education goes, what is the highest level of education, that you plan to finish or have already finished? Or perhaps What KIND of education do you plan on doing or have completed already. Did you plan to go to college for an Associates, Bachelors, Masters degree or a Doctors/PHD? Perhaps Certifications are your style? Did you graduate high school or go for that GED exam? BONUS: Also did you win any awards during your time in school? I am talking about awards that came from high school, college, trade school and so on, so let's hear about it. I will start this thread with myself... 2005 = Graduated high school 2005 - 2009 = Graduated with my Bachelors Degree (Bachelors of Science) 2010 = Trade school (Became COMPTIA A plus, Network plus, and Security plus certified) 2011 - 2013 = Graduated with my Masters degree (MBA) (Masters in Business Administration with the concentration of Information Systems Management.) AWARDS.... Toastmasters Club – Competent Communicator Award (I Joined a public speaking club and became the first student on my campus to complete 10 speeches before graduation, which earned me this reward.) S.T.A.R (Students Taking Active Responsibilities) – Platinum Level Accomplishment (Helped out with volunteer work on the schools campus.) Future Business Leaders of America – Certificate of Appreciation (College Business club, won this award by helping out people who were struggling with on campus issues.) The Future... I plan to go ahead and try to get the following.... CCNA Cert. (Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching certification) ACMT Cert. (Apple Certified Macintosh Technician certification) (Working on this NOW) ?MCSA Cert (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) That's it for me, what about the rest of you bronies and pegasisters?