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Found 16 results

  1. 'Scootalove' was a popular fanon concept involving Rainbow Dash taking in Scootaloo as a sister figure during S1 and S2. On this day this beloved concept became canon, when Rainbow Dash not only took Scootaloo in as her surrogate sister, but as her protege, as well.
  2. Originally this song was gonna be acoustic song, but it turned into this soft indie-punk sound that i just had to keep adding onto with airy vocals and a highly distorted electric guitar in the background all topped off with heavy reverb to give the song a bit of a ring Part of my EP Equestrian Serenad3Z on Bandcamp
  3. I really wanted to do a piece that represented my love for Scootalove with Dashie :3 Dash and Scootaloo having a surrogate sisterly relationship that makes me squee, so I made this short one shot about it. Hope you enjoy it~ Link: http://www.fimfictio...Sister,-Loyalty Characters, settings, places, etc are all © to Hasbro Story is © to me
  4. Hi there. We all know our beloved top poster, @Scootalove, a.k.a. the best in the world, is on the horizon of breaking 10,000 posts as a member! So...I was wondering...when do you think the best in the world will do it? I personally will put my money on February 19, 2014 Winner, or whoever gets closest to the date, will get a prize from me (does love count as a prize? )
  5. Wow sorry for uploading so many in one go but heres another of my fav CMC hope you guys like this please give feed back I love Scoots shes so cute Scootaloo .pdf
  6. There has been many speculations and artist renditions of how the CMC probably would look like when they grow up, complete with their Marks in tangem. So far, the most that gets Applebloom is that she could become a Carpenter, as odd of achoice as it seems, and Sweetie Belle a singer, with musical notes prominent in any kind of mark created. Scootaloo is stil la wild card, but some choose that her mark would probably be similar to Rainbow Dash's in one way or another: Seems Bloom may also get a hat of her own in some renditions: And a rare instance that point to their on stage performance when they were younger: Will Scootaloo be able to fly? Since Babs Seed was added to the CMC later on, it makes sens to also show what she may be able to be like when she gets mark and as an grown up. Here is another rendition with Diamond Tiara and Silverspoon as a bonus: So what is anyone else's expectations when they do indeed reach adulthood?
  7. Drew Scoots as my favorite female Street Fighter Cammy, always thought both have a lot in common. Next up is Princess Celestia, inspired by someone else did of Wallpaper profiles, but did my own thing. What I hate is t hat her arm looks so out of place... Finally, Spitfire, my favorite of the Wonderbolts. I wasn't too happy for her voice change but she is still my fave Captain.
  8. Welp, this basically takes off right after Dash and Scootaloo hug near the end of 'Sleepless in Ponyville', and thusly before the following morning when they all reach Winsome Falls. In other words, much like 'Tumultuous Disharmony', this is a one shot made to be a bridging scene, and this should be read knowing that it's not it's own story, but an add-on to the episode at hand. Hope everyone enjoys~ Description: Scootaloo may have gained a big sister in the dark hours of the night, and not without thanks to a certain princess, but that doesn't mean she's having an easy time falling asleep. Rainbow Dash offers some assistance, in the form of a late-night storybook. Bridging scene that takes place after Dash and Scootaloo's nightly embrace, near the end of Sleepless in Ponyville. Link to FIMFiction:
  9. Here's special piece I composed. It's a tribute to the new relationship between Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo. It also has lyrics WARNING: Have a tissue ready, 'cause this piece nearly made my cry when I was composing it. Verse 1 The night is calm Nopony awake All in their dream With Luna’s eye I’ve always had a silent fear But I, am afraid to say it to her Prelude to chorus I have always looked to her From the time I first met her I’m waitin’ for that moment When she will take me… Chorus Under her wing Safe and secure A younger sister Under her wing Verse 2 Out in the darkness, ‘cause of my fear (I can’t take it anymore) I must confess, but I’m too scared It’s all because of one thing: I might lose a special friend My role model Second Prelude to Chorus My fear took me too far Risking my own life Almost drowning then you Came and rescued me and I was Chorus Under your wing Safe and secure My life was saved Under your wing Bridge ‘Cause I will never leave you Nor forsake you Kid it’s what I do I am loyalty Tell me what drove you To do such a feat Tell me why Oh tell me why Verse 3 You said you never had a sister before well, Neither did I In fact Those scary stories that you heard back there, I was scared of them once But now I’m not Prelude So you’re lookin’ for an older sister Someone to lead you, someone to be there for you I can do that It’s a deal; you’re now Chorus(Reprise x2) Under my wing Safe and secure I will always love you Under my wing (x3, slow on last repeat)
  10. As some might be aware, I've made an official calendar event for Scootalove's canonization, which can be found here. Though I've debated on making this topic or not after making a brief meme topic off in the outskirts of Cloudsdale solely for the purpose of picking on Scootabuse now effectively being 'dead', I've decided I might as well follow through with a true topic. -- The legacy that the pony show's athletic tomboy and her hyper-active #1 fan have gone through is a brief one in screen-time, but a detailed one in the fanbase. Ever since Scootaloo's primary appearance episodes in season one (namely The Show Stoppers and The Cutie Mark Chronicles), Scootaloo has been painted as a Rainbow Dash fangirl, and that's more or less what she is. Scoots would live, breathe and sleep Rainbow Dash if she could. Further episodes in season two like The Mysterious Mare Do Well, in which Scootaloo is shown to not only be in possession of a Dashie hair wig, but also to be the leader of the Rainbow Dash Fan Club, solidified this image. Starting from the early months of 2011, whilst the aforementioned episodes from season one were released, Scootalove started to become a popular art and fanfic focus in the fanbase. The only cutie mark crusader without a sister, who also idolizes Rainbow Dash? Clearly this was a recipe for diabeetus. The concept of Scootalove was further made fanon by subtle episode observations. At the same time, prominently gaining a little traction after Rainbow Dash told Scootaloo to 'take out the trash' after tossing her apple to her in 'Owl's Well That Ends Well', and also being created just to counteract Scootalove, Scootabuse began to emerge within the fandom as well. Both Scootalove and Scootabuse fueled art for themselves, some to spite the opposite side, much more simply to appreciate the concept itself. Needless to say that the war was a 'average user' vs 'troll' concept to begin with; Scootalove gained thirty artworks for every one artwork Scootabuse obtained. *Click to Enlarge* 'Fight the Scootabuse', by autumnalone. One of the very first and most well-known pro-Scootalove pieces submitted in April of 2011, a day after 'Owl's Well That Ends Well' aired. Scootalove never once dipped in popularity, even beating out Scootabuse all but completely before the former even became canon. In today's time, the concept that's been ablaze within the fanbase for a year and a half has finally become canon, thanks to Sleepless in Ponyville. Dash has willingly taken Scoots 'under her wing' as both her surrogate big sister, and as a mentor, as well. The amount of praise that Sleepless in Ponyville has obtained simply due to the fact that Scootaloo finally obtained an episode in which she and Dash were able to bond is truly incredible. Hug by KP-ShadowSquirrel The famous 'wing hug' scene from 'Sleepless in Ponyville', which has consumed DeviantART ever since the episode's release. My questions to all of you now, are the following: What are your thoughts on 'Scootalove', and Dash and Scootaloo's relationship? Did 'Sleepless in Ponyville' change your overall views on Scootaloo? If yes, how so? Did 'Sleepless in Ponyville' change your overall views on Rainbow Dash? If yes, how so? The chances of Dash and Scootaloo's relationship not being continued at all in future seasons is highly unlikely. If and when we're to see Scootalove again, how would you like it to be handled? Would you like it to be an entire episode centered around a theme, or just a few short scenes showing continuation of their relationship? Do you have any specific ideas or wants? To me, Scootalove has been a primary front of mine ever since I first joined this fanbase. The very reason it's dominated both Discord and Dash on their own in my avatar and signature for a while now is due to how much I adore this concept. Both Dash and Scootaloo have grown in character development from this experience, and I hope we get at least one more episode focused around developing the two of them in this new found relationship, in season four.
  11. Of course, with all the wonderful adorableness that comes from Scootalove becoming canon, there's also the side fringe benefit of ostracization of certain unlikeable fanon concepts... Luna sure seemed to be a great factor in Scootaloo becoming sisters with Rainbow Dash, didn't she? has to wonder.
  12. As the topic title states, how well did Rainbow Dash know Scootaloo before agreeing to take Scootaloo under her wing and be Scootaloo's mentor? As third-party viewers, we already know both characters fairly well, and of course many people wanted to see a deeper relationship develop between the two of them, but how well does Rainbow Dash know Scootaloo in-world? If you think about it, Scootaloo is three steps removed from Rainbow Dash: Scootaloo is the friend...of two of the younger sisters...of two of Rainbow Dash's friends. Can you imagine being good friends with your friend's younger sister's friend? To me, that seems a little too far removed unless I knew that particular person for other reasons. Agreeing to be Scootaloo's mentor seems like a big commitment for Rainbow Dash to make if they didn't already know each other fairly well to begin with. What evidence can you think of in past episodes to show how developed Rainbow Dash's relationship was with Scootaloo? Do you think Rainbow Dash's decision to be Scootaloo's mentor was rash or maybe a little unrealistic if they don't actually know each other very well?
  13. After being satisfied with my first vector (from practicing off of another vector), I decided to start making some of my own; starting with the new episode from today. As requested by ~Chaotic Discord~, my second vector represents one of the biggest and best turns the show has took- the beginning of a sisterly relationship between Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo. I'm proud to present my very own Scootalove vector! :3 EDIT: I worked on that thing for like, 6 hours straight and it was about 2 in the morning when I finished. I was pretty drowsy when I made the final touches, and I found a couple of layering derps. So, I just now revised it a little bit and now I think it is 100% perfect. EDIT 2: I found out how to get a .png file of it, so I fixed it. This and other vectors in the future will be transparent, hi-res images.
  14. Well I saw the the episode today, and I decided, why not do a follow up fic? I typed it out asap and luckily I beat anyone else to the table. So it's a work in progress but it just got uploaded to FimFiction. So if anypony wants to read it, please do
  15. Hey everyone! Here is my Sleepless in Ponyville review, taken from the discussion thread. I'd prefer you share your own opinions there, but you can share them here if you really want to. Here it is: Man, this episode... it was okay. I remember fearing that last week's episode, Magic Duel, was going to be laden with fan service... thank goodness it really wasn't. But this episode... it was all over the place. First off, I'm not really a Scootalove shipper, but I'm not against it. I think this episode might've had too much though, it was just too obvious for me. It wasn't a huge problem though, no, there were other problems- Rarity, while I love her with all my heart, was a total jerk here. I would have prefered some funny sequence where she overdramatacizes being against going, and while I suppose we got that, she decided to go anyway and take a bunch of crap and have Sweetie Belle drag it all for her... to me it was not funny at all, and strangely out of character. And we got teased about Scootaloo flying again! Instead of her flying herself, Dash was just holding her, never have I had such a short moment between squealing in delight and saying 'oh come on!' And then between the lame scary stories(one we've heard before!), Scootaloo's overreaction to them, and the bait and switch for another good Sweetie Belle song and instead whatever the heck she sang, I couldn't find a whole lot to love in this episode. But if there was one thing done right, it was Luna- this certainly explains why we don't usually see her! She's not gaming, she's entering and helping people with their nightmares! Although I can't help but think her appearance might have also been fueled by fan service, it was at least handeled well, and canonizes a rather beautiful thing to me, it's basically a new magical ability! They could potentially have dream-entering episodes now! So awesome. So yeah, all in all, while I did have problems with the episode, it wasn't all bad, and decently enjoyable. It was alright. Source: S03:E06 - Sleepless in Ponyville
  16. This is another Scootalove piece I just finished. It's not a sequel to my previous Scootalove story, 'My Sister, Loyalty', but is it's own stand-alone piece. Taking note, this is a fairly long one-chapter story, up there at 9,500 words, so since I don't feel like spending half an hour re-indenting every paragraph here on the forum anyway, please take the one second it requires to read my story here on FIMFiction, instead ^-^ 'Like Sisters' "The blue tomboy pony never saw herself as a caretaker, nor did she ever foresee herself gaining a little sister. But after having taken in a homeless filly who has admired her from the beginning, Rainbow Dash finds herself in an unfamiliar role, playing the big sister for the only Cutie Mark Crusader who remains without a family. Without a big sister. But although the title of 'sister' she may now possess, Rainbow Dash still has a thing or two to learn about what sisterhood means." Enjoy~