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Found 6 results

  1. I always thought I was just weird, maybe I still am , but did anypony else used to stare at the DVD screensaver waiting for it to bounce perfectly in the corner? My parents would walk in and ask what I was doing, and I would tell them I can't look away, that it was close. They would then look at each other and close the door slowly.
  2. I was personalizing my computer just before, and tried to find some MPL screen savers, and I found 3 really good ones, a Pinkie Pie one, a Fluttershy one, and a Derpy one (my favourite), Here is a link to the page where I got them from: There is only a preview for the pinkie pie screensaver however, also, the download link takes you to a dropbox folder, where you can find what screensaver you want. They all have both a sound and no sound version. They are all by "The-Paper-Pony", however, I was unable to find him on these forums. Just thought I'd share. Edit: Opps... I spelled MLP wrong, twice! I'll keep it like that for historical/hilarious purposes.
  3. (I guess this is technically "Visual Art...") I've been seeing all the art, music, doodles, fan fictions, and PMV's... And I felt like I needed to contribute something. So I opened up flash and got to work. (Although, I suck at just about everything--including flash,-- so don't be too angry when it isn't even half as cool as the rest of the stuff in this forum) From there, I did tons of Google image searching to find the Highest Quality Vectors of various scenes from the show. Then (with the amazing help from Twilight Sparkle/Feld0) I got the background from this forum. Basically, it shows this background, and the day passing to night (time-lapse style); with random 'Memories' appearing in the sky. I imported the vectors, and created over 40 randomly generated 'memories' any brony (or fan of the show) would remember...and maybe even go "awww, I remember this" at some of them. (P.S: One of them is a hint towards the MLP Forums) It's still a pretty big file, with well over 100 library items. Sadly the compression destroyed some of the quality I aimed to keep...But I didn't want to explode your computers with too much happiness (AKA Virtual Memory FAIL). But the screensaver (even after the brutal compression) still looks amazing on my Monitor. (but then again... I'm not much of a quality snob... So it's really your call ) Oh, and don't freak out about the .zip filesize. That's the size of the screensaver itself, plus the installer that installs the screensaver! (And the .txt document...but that really doesn't count for much) Here's the .zip file containing the installer; and the .scr file itself (for those smarty-pants ponies out there ). I also included a readme with installation and uninstallation instructions. Huge thanks to Twilight Sparkle for letting me use the background and being OK with the whole process; Feld0 is best pony. I'm not to good with flash, and this is my first submission to the community... so please don't be too harsh with your criticism! (there might be updates) Edit: I forgot to mention. The screensaver generates these memories based on "math.random()" and as any starting programmer would know, math.random isn't very random. So you will probably see certain "memories" multiple times before you see them all. You'll even the same "memory" multiple times in a row. But it should be alright. Some memories are worth revisiting.
  4. Hello! Just wanted to ask you all- Do you have anything MLP related on your computer? Screensaver, Theme, Wallpaper, startup screen, etc If so- share it! I have a screensaver of pinkie trying to break my screen and a startup screen of fluttershy. I also have a resume screen where it has fluttershy and has the wording "waking up windows" ^-^
  5. So I'm dropping another screensaver. This one is a Derpy Hooves one, as the title suggest, of this gif. Not exactly, however. The cloud is a normal cloud, not a thunder one. Here is the link. Hope you people like it. ^3^
  6. Awhile back I stumbled upon some My Little Pony screensavers, and I downloaded a few. One of them was a screensaver of this .gif: I decided I might as well share it with you people, since it's to d'awwwww for. terrible joke is terrible. Well I forgot where I had originally downloaded it, so I uploaded it onto my own cloud. Here is the link. Hope you people like it. ^3^