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Found 7 results

  1. This week while waiting of other craft bits to turn up in the post, i decided to have a go at making pony sculptures using polymer clays. First one turned out ok so was asked by a mate to make a Doctor Whooves. So here he is.
  2. Hello! so I do 3D modelling as a hobby and I just finished my latest creation... or, well I finished the model for it and that's why I am here. Below is a screenshot of the creature; I am wondering what might be a good idea for a texture? I was thinking a snake / lizard - like bump map to give it wrinkles that a creature such as this might have. It is meant to be a dangerous creature but not prominantly violent So, what colors? or what kind of texture should the texture have? or a completely different idea, I would love to hear suggestions. Thanks!
  3. Some of you know that I like to sculpt ponies, though, most of you probably don't know that. And thus, this topic was born~! I've been sculpting ponies for a few months now, and I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. But don't take my word for it, why do you use your eyeballs and see for yourself? ^-^ Ain't she pretty? or not... I don't know... TELL MEH YOUR THOUGHTS AND CRITIQUES PWEASE~
  4. So, when I'm not gushing over ponies or beating down other people's fanart on here, I like to throw my money out of the window for tabletop miniatures, specifically Warhammer 40000.One of the factions i own, the Necrons, includes a unit called C'tan, which are essentially space vampires, that can shapeshift into any form. So there was really just one way to go. Unfortunately, using a model significantly smaller than the normal miniature can give one a somewhat unfair atvantage (in terms of hiding behind stuff ect.) So the only logical way was to break out the wire, toothpicks and Greenstuff (higher class putty) and go nuts: Mane and head are pretty much finished, legs, body and tail still need work and smoothing.Also, I made an alicorn, which is gonna be either Luna or Cadence, haven't quite decided yet (vote for your choice). Criticism is most welcome, stay tuned for progress.Update time: Finished painting Luna (it's gonna be a birthday present for my niece and Luna's her favourite, also Season 2 didn't air in Germany yet)Flying Twilight got a tail now and only needs one more thin layer on legs & body.
  5. Hey guys! I made this sculpture of Princess Celestia because I fell like doing something megalomanic, totally over the top and huge. :3 It took me about 3 days to finish, which is ginormous amount of time compared to my regular sculpts that take several hours at most. What do you ponies think? :3
  6. Hey there, fellow bronies and pegasisters! I made this Rarity statue out of polymer clay! :3 I hope you like her! Feel free to comment and tell me what you think! :3 (That tin foil is... because she doesn't stand xD) I managed to make her unbalanced. Easy to do-ponies can't stand until they are baked since the material is too soft. I also got a clay that was hay to work with-very icky and didn't hold shape.
  7. I don't have any clay right now, but when I get some I'll make a Luna example. Luna is best Not-Derpy female not mane 6 pony! But the idea after I finished my fox sculpture in Art, and I thought, "Now how could I use this to benefit the herd? So I was thinking in bed that night, I could make show-accurate small figurine things. I was then realizing I'm broke, jobless, and want to buy cool stuff. So Part 2 came in my head. Could I sell them if they're good enough? I don't have my fox sculpture picture yet, but when I get one I'll post it just to see whether or not you ponies think I'm ready (skill wise), and if I get clay, a Luna is in order. But to the main point, my pricing went like, $7.00 for a filly $10.00 for a Mane 6/Background Pony $12 - $15 for an OC. (Don't worry they would be painted, so I don't think these prices are *too* high.) But this is really a check thing to see how many people would want one, I mean, look at Hasbro. Nothing's show accurate! FREAKING PINK CELESTIA!! Comments?