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Found 3 results

  1. There was already a post about who is the richest among the Mane Six, right? It's right here: Now how about who's the richest among the side characters? Obviously, Diamond Tiara is, so let's not count her, Silver Spoon, Filthy or Spoiled Riches, or Fancy Pants for that matter. Oh yeah, and not the princesses either. Just the side characters that seem average. Like let's go with: Spike, each CMC, Zecora, Cheerilee, the Cakes, each of the Apple family how they split the profits, Starlight, Snips, Snails, Coco Pommel, Cheese Sandwich, yunno all those characters. Of course Discord can make his own money with his face on them!
  2. I personally would like to see Big Macintosh a little more. I also would like for him to say stuff besides "eeyup" and "nope". But, he did speak a real sentence that one time, when he told the CMC to go away.
  3. Simple. Pick a Mane Six character, a secondary character, etc. and look at who you believe their idols are and why. I'll only do the three most obvious ones, in my mind. Twilight Sparkle --> Princess Celestia This is really quite a 'YA DON'T SAY?' moment. Twilight adores the Princess, and as her student, she strives to please her. She respects Celestia to the highest of levels, treating her opinion as one of the single most important things to take into consideration. She quickly falls into panic when the princess is around, and something goes wrong, as shown in the Philomena episode. In general, Twilight views the Princess as one of if not the most important pony around. Rainbow Dash --> Spitfire Now, Dash respects and looks up to the Wonderbolts as a whole, not just Spitfire specifically. However, I personally feel like Dash identifies with Spitfire as a focal point in her admiration for, and fandom of, the Wonderbolts, because Spitfire is a lot like Dash. She's an (apparent) tomboy like Dash, she's very athletic like Dash, and by the hints of it, a speed demon like Dash who loves to fly for the sake of flying. Not to mention she is the Captain, not just some regular member. Scootaloo --> Rainbow Dash She's cool, she's awesome, she's independent and she's the greatest pony ever, in Scootaloo's mind. Scootaloo is similar to Dash in many ways, again in the tomboy department. She imagines an older version of herself in Dash, an ideal older self, as well as a role-model to look up to, and, in my mind, a sort of surrogate older sister.