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Found 15 results

  1. Ok ponies, so I went and saw Deadpool (so far best movie 2016 ), but now as I'm talking to people about, with the exception of those who have seen the movie, I've discovered a rather troubling problem... NO ONE UNDERSTANDS THE 4TH WALL!!!!!! :okiedokielokie: No I'm serous, out of about roughly 10 people I've talked to, 8 had no clue what the 4th wall was. And I'm not talking about people with lacking education or anything like that, no educated ADULTS, I mean for buck sake even a teacher, A GODDESS DAMN TEACH, had no clue what the 4th wall is! So my question you all of you, how many know the term "4th wall"? I'm going to guess most on here do, simply because of Pinkiepie , if so how many others around you know what this is?
  2. oooBrony is so great, one of the best members, so happy and smiley, his happiness makes me happy, gg
  3. I never really considered there to be a 'seriousness level' to watching My Little Pony. But people always seem to need to attach an arbitrary system to base how much you like something. In varies places where I have placed a well thought out topic, some people would always put: "You take MLP to seriously", or "I don't take it seriously enough to care". So screw it, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Would you say you take mlp seriously? Do you analyze episodes for continuity? Do you notice plot holes the moment they are presented and try to tack an explanation onto them? Does the lore interest you, if the source is official of course? Or maybe you take it at face value, as just a Saturday morning cartoon, a good show that you enjoy watching. You don't really care about inconsistencies and just chalk it up as 'cartoon logic'. You never get deep into analysis and brush it off if you cant explain it quick enough. Your enjoyment isn't bogged down by Plot Holes or shaky reasoning. *cough* Celestia *cough* Or possibly something in between?
  4. I'm always impressed by how ponies can draw and write with their faces. You know: While holding a writing implement in their mouths. So I had this not at all stupid idea to try doing it myself. xD I clenched a Sharpie pen between my teeth and attempted the following Rainbow Dash drawing: Came out better than I expected. x ) Can't say I recommend it, though.
  5. Okay, so I figure that the "brohoof" is meant to function much like a, well... "Like" on other sites. A show of approval, kinship, or what have you. Even a sort-of "upvote" for which there does not exist an opposite within the bounds of this site. But what if there WAS a selectable opposite? Not something overtly negative or disapproving, per se... Just something along the lines of, Idunno... A "sarcastic brohoof?" Because I'm almost certain I've gotten those - under the guise of the ordinary "brohoof." If sarcastic brohoof is too much, perhaps just an "unenthusiastic" or "half-hearted" brohoof. Because it's not always easy to tell where others stand when you've got a whopping one way of responding to their post (short of replying which not everyone does). And I've personally made the conscious decision to NOT brohoof I post I partly liked or agreed with because I disagreed with the rest of it. A half-hearted brohoof would've been perfect for that - and convenient. It's possible that someone else might have a better name for the OTHER brohoof / not-quite-downvote equivalent. Thank you for your time.
  6. It's funny that there was just a thread about Frozen posted and I find this Wow really and it's probably just because of the ending which I will not spoil but if you've seen it, you'd know how stupid this whole thing is. So discuss away!
  7. The answer i got in reponse to this was, "Alicorn twilight will be over powered and that's why fans aren't thrilled with her." Isn't twilight Sparkle already the most powerful of the main cast to begin with? Now I'm going to jump the gun on this one, and correct me if i'm wrong, but in the shows history, an Alicorn has been in battle once. I forget did she win? I mean vs a changeling, a race that's tactics are based in stealth and sneaking around. Princess Celestial straight up got her butt kicked vs the Rogue class. I mean it wasn't even an ambush. She saw the attack coming. So unless i miss my guess a alicorn is just a unicorn with wings (Derp) BUt i'm going to go one step further. Lets suppose Princess Celestial has Awesome godlike powers (raises the sun LOL i know hard to beleive right). Despite likely being the most powerful pony on the show in sheer raw power, I dont' think she's over powered. Why? How often does your average Alicorn princess use her powers to be combat ready? I'm not suggesting she couldn't molly whop 10 dozen earth ponies, I think a unicorn with 20 years hard trianing, tricked out with combat magic, mini maxed up the flank would run a train on a alicorn princess in a magical duel. Twilight i beleive is powerful has less to do with her transition to her new form, but to her invauable time and experience. that and have you seen the beating twilight sparkle has taken? I bet she could take 6 times the beating Princess Celestial could. Why? Cause she has.
  8. I can't wait to see all the comments saying that this is unnecessary. Oh well, I found another thing that will make you cringe you pants off. IMO, this is worse than before. So many technical errors, it's like the people there had no idea what the fuck they were doing. And the kids, WHY WERE THERE KIDS? This is not something kids should be attending. Oh, but the music. The music was the best part! All there singing sounded like total shit, especially the blond guy that just went "OOOOoooOOO" for most of the song.
  9. Seriously guys, I hope you aren't like this.
  10. Friendship is Magic, as the type of show it is, teaches lessons. Childrens shows are wont to do this sort of teaching, after all, so as the show continues to progress, I expect we'll see the show attack some of the more dramatic issues that other shows have a tendency to address. Serious issues such as death, poverty, war, drug addiction--including alcoholism, or at least a form of it--as well as other possible issues might all be seen in the future, given the way the writers are so talented at integrating issues and making them both relevant to the show's themes as well as make them friendly to the target demographic. For example, an episode idea I had in regards to how drug addiction might be handled involves a possible return of Gilda or Trixie, as either one of them could fit into this role. For Trixie, having been rendered homeless and careerless through actions that were not her fault, she might have ended up on the streets, unable to really fend for herself or find some other sort of way of making a living. As a result, she might've turned to the "substance" (as whatever the drug is on the show, it won't be a real world drug) to try and cope with her life. For Gilda, who might still have a home to go to but not much to live for in Equestria itself, particularly without one of her only friends(as far as we know). This could tie into my earlier speculation on Gryphon culture being French, where Gilda is now essentially lost in a foreign country without any other friend to depend upon. Like Trixie she might have turned to the "substance" to cope. Either way, whether Trixie or Gilda, the character, while under the influence of the "substance," is discovered by the Mane Six. Given the nature of the "substance" the Mane Six try to do what they can to help Gilda or Trixie recover, turn their life around, and seek redemption through recovering. Now, because of the way the show works, said rehab is likely to be much simpler than any real world rehab, but the ultimate intent is that it allows Gilda or Trixie to learn more about friendship and to become a better person in the eyes of both the Mane Six and the viewers, turning into protagonists, or at least removing their antagonistic status. The overall lesson is about how even those you once feared or hated can become your friends if you just give them a chance and lend them a helping hand--or hoof, or claw. Let us discuss how else serious issues might be tackled in episodes. Post your ideas, whether it's on drug addiction, war, poverty, death in general, bullying, psychological disorders, or other issues that you consider to be serious.
  11. If you are in or were in the livestream after ponies we watched LPS. (LITTLEST PET SHOP) I guess I'm one. What do you think about this? OH GOD NO!
  12. Other than getting my finger cut off partially, today was a pretty good day. To show you, here are A BAJILLION FRIKIN PICTURES!!!!!!!
  13. I am Scatcoal! says so, so it must be true.
  14. Hello faithful subjects. Ask your most beloved Buffalo Queen any question you may have about my iron dictatorship peaceful democracy :3