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Found 56 results

  1. Pinkazoidd

    Mega Thread Ship the member above you

    Well, the tittle pretty much says it... Ship the member above you with another member on the forums :3 PINKAZOID GONNA BE MAD IF SHE'S NOT SHIPPED WITH JOKUC ready ...set, GO
  2. I personally think it's weird and wrong too. I mean no one has a right to decide who a person should or should be with.
  3. I feel like there was something between them. Rarity called him charming at one point and Capper called her "such a dazzling beauty" in his song. I really love these two together. What do you think of this ship?
  4. Couldn't find another thread like this on here, so I'll try this out, if that's okay... The point of the game is for each user to say 'yay' or 'nay' to the shipping above (even if you don't know the characters well, you can still judge by first impressions), and then provide a shipping of their own (but not necessarily one they support themselves). It can be MLP related or not, and if you wish to include any relevant image, feel free. I guess I'll start... Luigi/Rosalina
  5. Have you ever had 2 characters from any kind of fiction that you ship together and were hoping they would become a couple someday but didn't end up happening or ended sinking for some reason? (SPOILER ALERT IF YOU NEVER SEEN THE ENDING TO "BLEACH"!!!) I was so disappointed that Ichigo Kurosaki never got with Rukia Kuchiki, and instead Ichigo with Orihime Inoue, and Rukia got with Renji Abarai. That made me very upset, since I was a Ichigo and Rukia shipper.
  6. What do you think of this possible ship? I think it could be quite sweet and it gave me the idea to headcanon Twilight as bisexual, as well as having a celebrity crush on Songbird since she was a teen. In an AU I thought up, after the defeat of the Storm King and everything dies down, Songbird had grown to admire Twilight for being the big hero. She comes to visit Twilight to ask her to hang out. Their relationship grows from there. By the way, can someone explain to me why Twilight and Songbird looked at each other twice like they were speaking without words? When I watched some clips to get screenshots, I think in the last screenshot above, Songbird did a downward motion like she was winking and Twilight nodded in response. I don't get it.
  7. It was at this moment Skystar knew, she had fallen for her. (Opinions on this couple?)
  8. catnet

    Lyra & Bon Bon Fan Club

    ~WELCOME TO THE LYRA & BON BON FAN CLUB!~ Feel free to share anything to do with these two cute little ponies, whether you ship them (if you dislike shippings and art/love for them, feel free to turn back now ^^) or see them as closest friends! Forum rules and commonsense apply, and please try not to just post about only one of them; there's a fanclub for both Lyra and Bon Bon individually if that's what you're looking for~ ~FANWORKS~ ~Have fun!~
  9. Woohoo

    Alaska Trip Pics

    For all of last week, I was on a cruise with my family to Alaska. Here are some pics from my trip. Enjoying the view with a cold drink View from the top deck looking north Imperial Bar in Juneau where I had some delicious fish n' chips Looking over Skagway Downtown Skagway White Pass & Yukon Railway Selfie with the Majorie Glacier in Glacier Bay My sister and mom posing in Ketchikan My ship, the Ruby Princess Poutine from the Pink Bicycle in Victoria, BC Victoria Parliament Building
  10. Wonderbolt Slipstream

    The Worst Ship

    I want to know what is the worst ship you can think of. And it can be any 2 creatures, no explanation required. For me, Big Mac x Boulder.
  11. I'm ready for the hate comments that come with this, so no worries! Sparity has become a ship before shipping became a thing in this show! It was pretty much the very first ship, and it was created by Lauren herself! This ship was pretty cute at first! A child dragon who has feelings for an older pony, it's happened before! Their relationship grew pretty much till Secret of my Excess, when he let out his feelings, and they've become closer then! It was super adorable, and it kept being adorable from the beginning all the way to Inspiration Manifestation! Unfortunately, when season 5 emerged, during Castle Sweet Castle, the ship stopped being cute. I mean the plushie was cute and all, but it was at that moment when I realized... ok this thing is still going on without progression? It's been the exactly the same all the way through, Spike has a crush on Rarity, and Rarity friendzones him, which is fine, except for when she uses the crush to get him to do the stuff she wants, which made me furious. So, what's going to happen with the ship in the future? Are they finally going to get together? Is he going to get tired of her and move on? Is the crush just going to get dropped and never be brought up again? Or is it just going to stay exactly the same how it is without any change whatsoever, yunno the boring way? It can go any way. Spike knows he's being friendzoned, but he stays by her side like the loyal and awesome friend he is. It can go either way, I mean anything is better than how it is now. I'm still waiting for Spike's relationship with Fluttershy to be explored a bit, cause other than Twilight, Fluttershy was Spike's first friend in the Mane Six, and yet their relationship hasn't been explored much yet; and yet we've been having too much Spike and Rarity interaction. What do you think? Do we expect any kind of change to happen to the Sparity ship in the future?
  12. I don't know what it is about them, but with how much screen time they had together and those times they bump muzzles (I think they did, or maybe it was with someone else) makes me think that there was something more between them. And they are just so cute and smol together.
  13. ^ my blog! welp heres some drawings i did over a few weeks uvu~~ enjoy
  14. St. Pinkie

    The best of the Pony Tumblrs

    Lately I've noticed lots of them Pony tumblrs out there and some of them are dead, but many are well drawn and have awesome content, so why not share them with us if you happen to follow or even better, OWN one of them? My personal favourite: (Surprise is the original concept for Pinkie Pie, and she was a pegasus so yeah. really entertaining stuff!) A couple more that I happen to like: - Found it here. Really fun way of playing 3 ponies at once! - A little dead but pretty damn entertaining! Let's see what you've found or created!
  15. Hey everypony! I was wondering what everyone's favourite ship is in the MLP world? And if anyone has any recommendations for some good shipping fanfics? Incase you dont know, shipping is where you adore the thought of two ponies together (e.g. Rarity and Big Mac) and so you 'ship' them Please comment!
  16. Eloquence

    Pinkieshy/Flutterpie fanclub

    I honestly never shipped these two for the vast majority of my time in the fandom, both because we don't see them spending much time together on the show and because they're so opposite in a lot of ways. However, recent events in my own life have made me realize that maybe they would be good together, balancing each other out in many ways, while deep down sharing the fact that they both are very giving, compassionate, and invested in making others happy. I wouldn't call it an OTP, but for me it's at least kinda cute. Does anyone else ship these two? Hate the thought of them together? Have any other comments?
  17. Hii welcome to the flash + twilight sparkle shipping fan clubb all mlp forums rules apply here:)
  18. I came across this unusual ship on Tumblr, and it's....definitely intriguing. I'm not a fan of anything other than friend ships, unless directly shown in canon (show, comic, EqG, or book) but I do like the thought of these pop singer ponies friends. What about you guys? (Remember, Consult the pairing stone)
  19. Uhhh yeah, this is something I did today. I think I overdid the rainbow colors. Criticism is welcome.
  20. Nightmare Muffin

    TruffTwist- Truffle x Twist ship fanthread

    Welcome, fans! Come on in and post stuff relating to the best foalship of FiM! Enjoy yourselves here, and have fun! Other Fanclubs of Interest: Star Dreams FC- DjPon3 x Derpy FC- Moonlight Raven FC-
  21. So, I just wrote down every single one of the 15 possible combinations for the mane six (took some serious math to figure that out ) Anyway, which two characters do you like seeing in one bed the most? And why do you like the ship you choose the most? You could also write you favourite ship including a side character in the comments, mine for instance is Big Mac Smith, I'am sure I'am not alone with that.
  22. We hit $2500! This is popular for some reason. You all know what I feel about shipping, but the public demands it. One staff member or donor, who is willing, will put themselves up for vote on who will read a shipfic (following all the rules of the forums of course). How about we vote all of next week. Monday Dec. 12th at 10AM to Friday Dec. 16th at 10AM. I’ll open the polls – if you’re want to participate, please PM me or respond below so I can add you to the poll on Monday. Yay Shipping......
  23. We hear a lot about ships people like, but I'm curious on which you hate? What ships in your fandom does everyone seem to like that you just can't stand? It could be from mlp or your favorite game, anime or cartoon, whatever you are a fan of. This could be for lots of reasons. Maybe it's to popular, maybe it makes so little sense you don't understand what others see in it? Whatever your reason tell me about it and why you hate it. Want to point out that this thread needs to be a safe thread. No attacking people becasue they don't support you fave ship nor should people attack those who like the ship. That's not the point here okay? Ok... I'll give my number one most hated ship, but will not go into detail unless enough of you wanna read that several page rant. If so I'll type it up but I will take a while. Anyway it's Sesshomaru and Kagome from Inuyasha. Yes it's popular, don't attack me.
  24. Iggy Loo Loo

    Gaming Favourite Overwatch Ship

    Yo Overwatch is a fun game with cool characters. I ship MeiMercy, JunkratMei, and JunkratRoadhog. Who do you ship?