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Found 21 results

  1. Post pictures of your pony merch. It doesn't matter if it's official or fan-made, clothing or toys. Show us what you've got! Here's my current collection.
  2. Has anyone checked out this website? This stuff is seriously amazing, especially the print quality. Stumbled upon it about a month ago and submitted it to Equestria Daily. Thought I'd share it here. Mr. GuGu and Miss Go - My Little Pony Here are some quick previews - hit up the link to see more!
  3. Anyone else who also owns MLP Related clothing? I got some G1 PJ's and shirts from Primark as well as some of my own G4 designs from Teepublic/Redbubble. Will share a pic later when I'm home again. Whats your favorite piece of MLP clothing? Also feel free to share pics.
  4. PROJECT: Simon

    MLP shirts

    So I tried to find some sites that sell mlp shirts.. and I came across Welovefine and redbubble. After a quick research, I found some complaints about printing (Welovefine) and quality (redbubble). Does anyone know which site is better to buy? Or where did you get your shirts?
  5. I have completely mainstream parents. I can't get any pony swag because of them. I would buy it myself, but I have no money to buy it with. I could buy plushies online from plushie makers,but I don't have the things I need to set my Paypal up fully. It does bother me, but I'll live.
  6. Hey all! I love to make minimal art, and I like to put some of those works onto shirts! As such, I've Also gone and entered these designs into the welovefine Season 4 T-Shirt Design contest (Click on images to vote! below, rating's based on a scale of 1-5): Pippy Shirtified Tirek: Get Horny Shirtified: Previous entries: Derpy Fountain Twilight Time Party Ponies Apples to the Core A Small Request Thank you guys so much for checking out my designs, and I hope that with your help, at least ONE of these will win!
  7. I want to order a MLP shirt from WeLoveFine, but I'm not sure about that in which size should I get one. I've heard some people say that you should order 1 size larger than your original size from WLF. Is that true or not? (That's what I've heard). Should I get the same size as my other shirts (most of mine are regular fit, their shirts seem to be in slim fit) or get a size bigger to be sure? Would appreciate if anyone who has shirts from there could help, thanks.
  8. Hey y'all I just ordered my first ever pony related merchandise and I'm ecstatic waiting for it to come in I went with a more subtle shirt to work my way up to more pronounced brony merchandise
  9. Now, most people are going to say I should get one online, but I live with my parents. So, yeah. Where is a good walk in store I can get one? I checked hot topic and all I could find was, PJ's Really?
  10. So.........recently I've been wanting to get an MLP themed t-shirt. So of course I went to WeLoveFine and RedBubble, both amazing sites with amazing shirts. But then I saw the prices, $25? I know it's a decent price since they aren't mass produced by HUGE companies but I'm just not super comfortable paying over $15. So I checked other places such as Amazon and eBay but no luck there either. I recently checked my Hot Topic ( ) and they had some nice XXL sizes only. So with no luck on finding a store with good brony shirts for a bit cheaper I come to you guys to ask if ya'll no of any good online, or real life stores that meat these requirements. Thanks, and Peace
  11. Hello again everypony! ^^ So, I've been dying to get MLP clothes (mainly t-shirts), but I've no idea where to look for. Do you buy MLP clothes on a phisical store? Or online, maybe? I'm mainly looking for phisical stores, and the bad thing is that I'm from Spain, and the market is kinds much smaller here. Sorry if I messed some sentence up, I'm still learning English! Thanks!
  12. Hello everypony! I just joined the forums yesterday and I was told that this would be a good place to introduce myself and the things I am working on. Currently my biggest project is a kickstarter to raise funds to make pony plushies and clothing using silk screen methods. It was featured on the bottom of a nightly round up on EQD, but they cut out the pictures and video so not many people noticed it. First the pmv trailer to my project: And the actual project here: I talked with someone from Hasboro (No not anyone from the show, but a legal person) and they said that it was considered a fanwork and I got the go ahead. So if you have any tips, suggestions, or comments I would love to hear them.
  13. I did a thorough search to see if there were any other duplicate topics, but my results turned up none. I'm mentioning this because I'm surprised it hasn't been done yet. I came across a pretty cool pony shirt today, and I figured hey, why not ask everyone what there's is. So what's your favorite pony shirt that you've seen? (Pics would be appreciated, here is mine. It's not too obvious of a pony merch so people won't be looking at me funny, but it still looks cool.)
  14. Anyone know where I can find any shirts for a pegasister? Most websites shirts are designed for bronies. Help?
  15. Well I haven't bought any pony merchandise at all since I have become a brony but I have looked at some shirts recently. I plan on getting these three very soon Discord Pinkie Pie shirt Andrew WK/Pinkie Pie - Party Hard *Hopefully I can find some more cool pony stuff soon*
  16. Sup ponies, i went to that mall today and picked up a whole load of pony swag! Check it out! (also, new Adventure time hat.)
  17. So I had the great pleasure to order two things from We Love Fine this week. This. And this. (Which is my favorite jacket ever.) But my question is this: Their website says they make everything when you order, so how long does it take to actually get the things you order? I know it says it ships within 7 days after it's made but how long does it take to make? I'm just excited and want to know how long I'll have to wait.
  18. I'm trying to pick 2 of these shirts to buy for my birthday that just passed (on Monday) please help. If you REALLY want to you can suggest other shirts too. Eliminated Choices: Contenders: 1) Drink Cider, Learn Nothing 2) Twilight 3) Feathered Twilight 4) Pony Hearts 5)Choose Your Hero
  19. We Love Fine, everyone's favorite MLP shirt store, has recently created a Facebook poll which begs the question: Who is best pony? The answer is irrevocably, inherently, and incontrovertibly Discord, but I guess they wanted to give some other ponies a chance? This may be incredibly shocking (take a seat if you haven't already), but Discord does NOT occupy the highest spot on this poll! Honestly? What is society coming to where Discord does not occupy the highest spot on this poll? I expected better from this fandom. Ah, but don't fret, my graceful doves. You are all beautiful in your own special way. And you have the opportunity to redeem yourselves. Simply head over to the poll right now and vote for the one true best pony, the Great and Powerful DISCORD. Only then will you understand the true meaning of Christmas. Discord 2012.
  20. Hey guys, if you remember I had a status that I order a pony shirt, well it finally came! So here it is, and also if anypony else wants to show off their shirts or merchandise they can!
  21. So I got three shirts early for Christmas. Lady Rarity Pony challenged me to get pics so here are pics. First one is the one that I had gotten some time ago, the other three are the new ones.