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Found 13 results

  1. Sup guys? I was thinking...I was actually planning to buy myself a shoe...But not any normal type of shoes...But a RUNNING shoe and I needed Bronies and Pegasisters to help me...To suggest or recommend on which is the Best Running Shoe Brand...Share and please post your recommendation down below -The Blue Dasher
  2. Do you wear shoes in the house or do you take them off at the door? or if your feet get cold do you put them on? I sometimes take my shoes off, if it's wet or muddy outside. If I wear my western boots then I usually don't because they're smooth on the bottom with no grips except on the heel.
  3. What pair of shoes do you currently wear? If you own more than one pair, feel free to share your collection. You can also talk about how the shoes are, and if you would recommend them. It can be running shoes, skate shoes, hiking boots, whatever. For me, I'm currently wearing the Nike SB Dunk Low Pro model in black and white. Skate shoes are great when it comes to comfort, and are also great for hanging out in. I like to get colored shoes from time to time, but I usually get black and white since it matches with everything. I'd definitely recommend trying these shoes out they have a simple yet clean look and are very comfortable.
  4. Figured y'all would get a kick outta these kicks. Bought 'em a week ago, just arrived in the mail yesterday. Pretty damn comfy if I do say so myself...
  5. Everyone! Post a picture of shoes! Here are mine:
  6. "Be sweet, be good, and honest always." - Emma Bunton
  7. Well I'm sure I'm not the only guy who likes fine footwear on these forums... So... Sneaker Thread! I'll be the first... I, a man of class, prefer le "Air Jordans". Right now, I have a pair of the Jordan 2011 A Flight's.
  8. Hello, my name is mcminer2011. I'm here to show you how to make a pair of shoes about 200% more fun by adding Grind plates. First, You're gonna need a pair of shoes you don't mind tearing up. Preferably an old pair of athletic shoes with a thick sole. Second. You'll need some relatively thick plastic. I found that for solid plates: An old playstation 2 case works well. Remember, it needs to be somewhat thick(like a PS2 game case) AND flexible too. Third, you'll need some poster board. This'll help you draw out the shape of your plates. Step 1: Take your shoe and place it on the poster board. Next, trace the inside and outside of the thinnest parts of your shoe. These lines must measure about 4 inches in straight length for the best plates. Step 2: Use an exact knife or other sharp object to cut the shape out of the board. Then trace that shape twice onto your plastic surface. The plastic should be large enough to cut two plates out of. Step 3: Cut your plates using a saw or other serrated item. So long as it saws, you're good. Next, you're gonna want to cut about 1/4 to 1/3 inches into your shoes. I hope you have ones with thick soles. Step 4: Slice off a layer of your shoes' soles. Based on how deep you cut into the sole and how thick the sole is, you may end up either cutting into the actual shoe or just cutting too shallow and not being able to fit the plate in without it slapping against the ground when you walk. Don't forget to test out the deepness with a plate you cut beforehand. It should fit just into the sole without hitting the ground while you walk. Step 5: Glue your plates into the shoe and test them out. This is actually an easy part. Just don't use superglue or shoegoo(doesn't work on plastic, superglue is too stiff to use) I'd recommend either barge glue or Hot glue if you can't gain Barge glue. Also, the plates are gonna be sluggish if you're gonna grind in them so just cut some holes if you think their too slow post trial. Or cut some sweet grooves in them and show off. Step 6: Enjoy! Whether you're just showing off your new grind shoes to look 20% cooler; or having 200% more fun just grinding, I van tell you this much, friends and strangers alike will most likely stop to check out your shoes. Just be sure to show off the grinding ability and they'll want a pair for sure! Disclaimer: I claim no responsibility to the ruining of any shoes used to install plates. I take no credit for the original guide this one is based off of, or any trouble you may get into whilst grinding. Please take the necessary precautions before using any pair of grind shoes. A helmet and pads are recommended for a safe grinding experience. All rights previously mentioned go to their respective owners. Shoe modification goes to the original company it was inspired by, Soap. It is recommended to read Soap's disclaimer as well before attempting to use or purchase any actual Soap shoes. Thank you for reading, and happy grinding! Image notes: Left, Soap Sylon w/ BBK plate. Right: Nike crafted grind shoe, violet "zip" plate
  9. I have seen my share of Rainbow Dash shoe attempts before, but none really include wings, which I think would be necessary in this situation. Before going to the sleep and what not, I decided to poorly draw this idea out on some notebook paper. This is basically what I got so far. I'm pretty certain that this design idea will rely on some colors as well. This thing is quite simple I'm actually quite surprised someone has not done it already, I'm quite positive someone hasn't either, I thoroughly checked Google images. Anyways, here's my design. Remember, it's simple but I find it generally attractive for a shoe. I understand it needs some colors, but for now this is what I got. I'm sure after some coloring and gradient effects this thing will look all sorts of fancy.
  10. I've had the idea to paint mlp shoes for some time, but today I finally got around to doing it. (yay~!) I was thinking of opening up an etsy or something to sell them once I get good enough. I just painted my first pair today, they are Luna shoes. I really love how they turned out. The pictures I took really don't do them justice. :c The top is supposed to resemble her hair. I think kinda didn't turn out too well. Any ideas to make these look better? I was wondering if I should paint Lunas necklace on the front. I was wondering if it would look cooler that way or just leave them how they are. Edit: Updated pics
  11. Recently a while back I created a design for a Nike Rainbow Dash tennis shoe. If any of ya'll have seen my artwork before, you may have noticed that I'm not a fan of coloring. I just prefer shading/pencil drawings. Anyways, I don't want someone to do this for me, I would just like suggestions for the color scheme on this shoe design. (Pictures posted below.) The original picture was drawn on paper, then I remade it on MS Paint to screw with the colors. It was not long after that I found out the coloring was going poorly. My goal with this shoe design is to try and not make it tacky. I was aiming for more of something that was not as plastered with rainbows and other things that challenge the shoe design to be subtle and simple. Simplicity is sometimes the key to a great innovative idea. I began to screw with the colors a bit with this color guide I jacked from Google images. I'm not really feelin' much of the color design except for the wing and Nike badge. And here is my plainly drawn shoe just for your viewing pleasure. And this was the original idea. And here's a link to my deviantart just in case you folks are interested in the other weird crap I seem to come up with:
  12. This is all in assumption Slenderman DOES exist, even though he doesn't Does anyone know what slenderman's shoes look like/would look like? I've been wondering this all day... Also, can or can't he grow tentacles out of his back(if he can, how many?), and how come we can't see him unless we're using a camera, and HOW ON EARTH CAN HE FIT THROUGH CLOSED WINDOWS?????
  13. <p>My Little Brony: Friendship is Awesome Episode 1 To the side you see the scene where Pinkie gasps at Twilight in ep. 1. Then the camera begins to zoom into a normal PonyVille house to its door and then fades into the inside, where Diamond Dash and Shadow Star are talking. You can see Blue Jazz sleeping on the couch in the background. Diamond and Shadow are looking at two pairs of shoes with a lightning bolt on the side of them that’s on a table. Diamond Dash: So um, you invented shoes? Shadow Star: Their not normal shoes! If you wear them you can increase your speed ten-fold! Blue Jazz’s eye opens, looking toward the shoes. Diamond Dash: Do they actually work? Shadow Star: Of course they do! At least they should. Blue Jazz is off the couch and begins to make her way to the shoes. Diamond Dash: You haven’t tested them yet have you? Shadow Star: Um… no… Diamond Dash: I’m guessing you want me to test them, right? Shadow Star: I was hoping that... Blue gets to the table. Blue Jazz: Wait! I want to test them. Shadow Star: You want to put effort into something? Are you feeling okay, Blue? Blue turns to Shadow and squints at her then grabs them off the table and puts them on. Blue Jazz: So how do I get them to work? Shadow lifts her hoof and in it was a remote control with a big red button. Shadow Star: Just got to press this button. Blue Jazz: Okay then! Hit it! Diamond Dash: Wait! Blue Jazz are you… Shadow hits the button and Blue blasts off, going through the side of the wall, with a loud scream from her. Diamond Dash: Was it supposed to do that? Shadow Star: Uh, well, at least it did what I said it would, make you faster… Diamond Dash: Can you make her stop? Shadow hits the button, but it falls apart. Blue goes across the screen from outside the hole screaming. Shadow Star: Um, it broke… Diamond Dash: Terrific… …let’s go try to stop her. Diamond rushes out the hole in the wall, with Shadow following behind. So thats the start of the comicNOTE: This was going to be a animated series but due to financial problems I won't be able to buy the flash program I need.