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Found 18 results

  1. So I've been playing so much BF3 lately and I'm absolutely in love with the game. It's more of a team/squad working together game other than eliminating enemies straight away in some FPS games I played. So I just wanted to ask the community that if you played FPS games before, which one would you consider the best or favorite in your favor/opinion? (Of course my choice is BF3) For those who don't know- FPS- first person shooter (in this case) BF3- Battlefield 3
  2. I've bumped into something - I'll need to place BOSS HP BAR somewhere, but the current HUD gave me a bad time organizing the layout. Sooooo yeah, I've been thonking on the HUD again, because why not. For a reference, this is how it looked like so far: I was trying to put it somewhere to the right, but the screen was getting somewhat clogged up. ...So I've tried to place is somewhere at the bottom - the spells were on my way. Also I was toying with the general design (see the top-left corner). Red for the HP Bar seems to work better, considering that other bars have colors based on the icons attached to them. The green was out of place there. But getting back to the BOSS HP Bar--- I've tried to move the spells to the top, to have everything in one corner... ...and here made some more science as well, to make it all more compact. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, that IN ALL DESIGNS the breath bar disappears once Twi leaves water. You won't see that bar most of the time, hence why it doesn't have to be nicely attached to the rest of elements. Also I was thinking on the spell icons - maybe instead of these little bars representing energy, they could have that in their backgrounds? That seems to be making it easier to tell how much energy do the spells have. ...But it still appears kind of messy, doesn't it? So I took a suggestion I got ages ago into consideration - that Twi's face isn't needed there. I tried simplifying the design... ...and was checking if fancy boss hp bars would be a good idea... Looks cool! -I think, but it's too distracting, so I believe going with minimalist design will work better. As for the rest--- hmm... not sure, maybe trying something different? Let's flip some things! There, It looks really simple, but it doesn't cover that much of space. It's just practical and considering, that there may be many things happening on screen, I think this is what I'll go with, at least for now, hah; Pretty sure I'll be adjusting things again in the future. So yeah, this is what I got lately. What do you think about these funny designs? That's all for now! Thanks for visiting! Also I'm terribly sorry for my grammar and English in general, it's past 7 AM and I'm really, really tired. Going to sleep now.
  3. It's been a while ~ As you may know, I've been working on the pause menu. When it was ready, I was able to configure/update existing features, as well as add new ones to make it all work properly. So now I have bunch of updates! First of all, let's start with that Pause Menu I've been working on for a while I believe everything there is self-explanatory. If you're wondering how many languages will be supported - by 'default' I aim into supporting these two: English and Polish. However! I'm programming the game in a way, where all the text is stored in external .ini files and visuals are adjusted based on the text's real width where necessary, which should make it less painful to translate, so if anybody would be ever interested in translating the game to another language, there always will be that possibility. ------ but that all will come in the right time... or not... I'll see how it goes. The next thing, related to the Pause Menu is Spell Enhancing. In short, you get some-kind-of-magic stars through leveling up. These stars are used to enhance (upgrade) spells. Enhancing may: - increase damage - amount of projectiles - their duration - their speed - their size - "Area of Effect" - add special effects - or even change spell behavior - etc.. Each spell is different, so are their upgrades. For example, I've prepared a some kind of a tier table for the basic spell, the magic projectile: And now the recent thing I've been working on... Leveling UP now raises stats and stuff. Previously leveling up wasn't doing anything other than increasing your "Level" value. Now it does have an effect, as seen below: I also did some smaller adjustments in meanwhile, like optimizing the code here and there (including collisions ... again -- and I'm sure I'll still have to adjust these once again in the future..) ~ but that's something you won't find interesting. Oh and I also started working on the Everfree Forest. It's too early to show anything though, but sooooomething is happening there. And that's all I think... Well for some testing I also made Tom ...If Tom could throw a party, it would ROCK! An amazing addition, I'll throw it in the title. So now it's all I think. Thank you for visiting!
  4. Programming Pause Menu in progress... > also implemented 'pause' --- , so that everything stops while the menu is opened. > also added background && shading to Twilight's Profile Pic in the menu --- now it doesn't look that plain. > also configured fonts --- now that was time-consuming, I had to nicely align each character, then load that to the project properly. For example, here's my hand-drawn font for GUI with just few characters: The font used in the commands however, uses small and large cases, numbers and all the potentially needed characters for dialogues and such... It is also hand drawn, for the most part at least. I used an existing font to start with. ...Comic Sans turned out to be pretty good for a pixel font. Well, that's all for now! Thank you for visiting!
  5. Hmm.. so after few days of wondering on how things will work like, I think the pause menu will look like this: Of course the ABCDEF thing will be replaced by proper description of highlighted option/item/spell. What these below spells are? These determine the spell's tier. Basically you'll be able to improve them along with progress, sometimes it will be a slight change, sometimes a major difference in behavior and whatsoever. To give you an idea on how more or less it will work like, here's the table I've prepared for the basic spell: is TIER I is TIER II is TIER VI -and if someone is wondering what "A-F SPD" means, it stands for Auto-Fire Speed. This spell doesn't have auto-fire, hence [ - ]. This is what Element of Laughter specializes in, for example. Anyway, as you can see, not much changes there, as basically it's a 'default' spell. It gains damage, speed and size, but still behaves as a normal straight projectile. Note, that things may be changed in the future, as I suspect I'll keep re-balancing things over and over again along with progress (development-wise). I probably won't be updating this, nor posting more tables, because nu spoilers for you. It is meant to be discovered on your own. Thank you for visiting!
  6. Hello everypony! Finally the HUD has been reprogrammed! ~And length of the HP bar increases along with maximum HP! For some reason I always like that little feature in games, because that makes increasing max HP more interesting --- especially checking if you can go off-screen with this. I thought it all will take few hours, but it ended up taking two days, heh. Why it took so long? I had to replace most of the HUD graphics in game files and reprogram the HUD in general, mostly spell icons, due to their new switching animation. I also have optimized the code, now it's shorter, organized better, thus more efficient & readable. I also have added some script functions that will come in handy when programming features in the future. ...Also I discovered, that previously there were two typos in the code. It wasn't a big deal, as things still worked in the end without crashing the game, nevertheless it's of course better to not have any of this floating in the code. I guess this design will do, at least for now. And as always, thanks for visiting!
  7. Hello everypony! It's been a while, hasn't it? Last year turned out to be kind of busy for me, but hopefully this one won't be like this! I've been wondering on which project I should be working on and to this moment I have no idea. I've decided to poke this one first, but I think I may be switching between this one and MLP: The Game, as I'd really love to get these two done. My priority project will always be the first one I have ever started - MLP: The Game, but it's good to work on different things once in a while to avoid getting bored. I'm also having 999 other ideas for games and I'm trying my best to not distract myself with these. Okay, so let's get to the point. Mooooonths ago in one of the updates, @HereComesTom mentioned moving things in HUD: For a reference, here is how it looked like so far: The 'mana bar' he mentioned is the energy bar with Elements of Harmony seen to the right. For me it looked fine as it was, as I kinda didn't want to throw everything into one corner... until I realized how inconvenient it was in practice. You see, switching spells was confusing when these were on the right side, due to the order of them appearing mirrored. I thought players will eventually get used to that, but I couldn't really get used to it myself. Switching spells wasn't a big issue, but whenever I looked at HUD, it was confusing me. The order of icons wasn't really readable and I imagine it could get worse when more spells would become available. There was one thing I was sure of... That these have to be on the left side. So today I've been working on redesigning the HUD ... the whole day. I was moving things around and finally came up with this: SOME OTHER CHANGES I'VE MADE: - HP bar is now thicker, because I wanted to make it stand out more, to make it more noticeable even without really looking at it. - HP bar's length now grows along with maximum HP. - Spell icons have less details in order to save some space and make the HUD less spammy. - Spell icons have thicker energy bars, because I removed the long energy bar and used numbers only. I wanted to give those little bars more highlight and make these more readable. ...Though I had a feeling, that something was wrong. It seemed so... clogged. One of my fellow devs suggested me this: ---and that made me realize, that it's all messy indeed. Colorful bars and icons, big numbers-- all over the place, yet so close to each other. So I got to this again and decided to get rid of some details, as well as using smaller numbers to make it all look neater: Now only HP has big numbers, as it's the most important part of the HUD. I think it looks fine now, though knowing me, I'll probably end up redesigning it over and over again along with development. I was also thinking of something like this: --- buuut decided to have it all in one place. What are your thoughts? And as always, thank you for visiting!
  8. Master powerful magic, venture through dungeons, and explore the monster-filled forest of Equica! Clover is the unicorn apprentice of Grand Swirllock the Bearded. She needs to learn the 10 basic combat spells every mage must master to survive fights against the monsters of Equica. Traverse deadly dungeons to unlock more spells and extend your life energy! Beat all the dungeon bosses to prove you're tough enough to take on any dangerous quest! - Unlock 10 Different Combat Spells! - 9 Dungeons Crawling With Monsters & Treasure! - Plunder Caves For Gems & Items! - Find Cupcakes, Potions, and Power-Boosting Equipment! - A Vast & Mysterious Forest Awaits… ______________________________________________________ Clover the Cloaked is a young unicorn training under her tutor, the legendary Swirllock the Bearded. He left her a series of intricately designed dungeons to test her combat skills and courage. Clover believes if she can pass this test with flying colors, Swirllock could include her on his next great adventure! The land of Equica is one full of magical creatures around every corner. Gemstones are hoarded as currency and cupcakes are a universal commodity, serving as both food and medicine. Most of Clover's entire life has been secluded to this one tiny unicorn forest in the corner of this vast world. She yearns to see what fantastic sights and adventures Equica has to offer... This here was my first true passion project. Up until this point I was making small games with the Unity engine to learn the basics of game development. Eventually I got sick of making practice games and decided to dive right in! Unicorn Training is a combination of every random idea I've had for an action RPG. You've got bullet-hell combat, a choice of multiple spells that level up Ratchet & Clank style, tons of dungeons to explore and an open world, cute little talking MLP style unicorns, and it's all wrapped up in a Zelda/Paper Mario aesthetic. Really hope people connect with this game because I'd like to try to execute the idea even better in the future as I continue to grow skill as a dev. Screenshots: Watch the Trailer Here!
  9. BETA 1.0 This is a NES-like Platformer Shooter similar to Contra. Two brothers are 'kidnapped' to the Game World by The Virus. It asks them to gather data from various games, which would grant it more power. Once the request will be fulfilled, the brothers will be brought back to real world. But what will happen next? Is the game world in danger? Do Super Coolstory Brothers find another way? > Unique Gameplay! (As for RPG Maker) Engine' scripts are totally reprogrammed > LOCAL MULTIPLAYER! > Bring Back Memories From Your Childhood! > Original Soundtracks! > Original Sound Effects! > Old-school gameplay! (8-bit style) COLOSSAL ANT - A murderous ant. For some reason it damages humans when touched and HOLY BALLS! It takes few bullets to kill and is annoying to hit! Drastically upscaled so you can see. Spuder - Dis Spuder can shoot cobwebs all over the place. It can't aim properly to be honest. Wox - A hybrid of a wolf and a fox. This cute dogie will gladly run through hug you. Rock - It has hard character. It wants to prove, that you don't need life to move and not be grounded. SMALL DATA CHIP - Increases DATA value by 1 BIG DATA CHIP - Increases DATA value by 3 SMALL HEART - Restores HP by one heart BIG HEART - Restores HP by three hearts 1UP - Gives one Extra Life Time - Gives some Extra Time Planned Items: Heart Container - Increases maximum life by one heart Super Coolstory Bros! BETA 1.0 IMPORTANT NOTE Google Drive and related to it sites assume, that this file is dangerous. That's because games made in the 'RPG Maker' series have an uncommon file type (custom compression), which isn't trusted by antiviruses. It even says, that the file is dangerous right after I create it, which is ridiculous. Nevertheless, I don't take any responsibility for potential harm. I'm just letting you know how things look like, but it's worth to be careful anyway.
  10. I'm surprised there hasn't been an active thread for this game. This is the newest IP by Nintendo I wasn't expecting much from then bought it on impulse turns out to be really good! There's a single player campaign mode and an online multiplayer mode that has a few options: Ranked, unranked (local) and unranked (online). Unranked online is called Turf Wars, where you get to play for three minutes where if the team has the most pixels marked, they win. Ranked has a few modes and if you keep on winning those, your rank goes up. Lose, and your rank can go down. In Multiplayer, you have a whole array of weapon types you can purchase at the game's weapon shop. There are five primary weapon types, with 25 weapon variants that have their own properties. Clothing gives you innate bonuses that you can level up. The more expensive the clothing, the more slots it has. Clothing is limited to hats, shirts and shoes. There's a lot to do in this game. And remember, stay fresh!
  11. Alright I'm gonna put my game making skills to use and I had a Brilliant idea. The game is called 'Etho goes to bullet hell" and is a reimagining of Dante's inferno. The story is that two cliche teenager go to a cabin in the woods and perform a ritual, thinking it was fake opened a portal into bullet hell. The Bullet Devil then comes and snatches away Ethos GF and he can only get her back if he defeats the Bullet Devil and the seven lesser evils. The game will play like the game genre "bullet hell" where Etho goes up against many demons and bosses inspired by the 7 deadly sins. NOTE: this thread is in the everfree forest because this is mainly gonna talk about the development of the game, and it as nothing to do with MLP. Also while I program my drawing skill is bad, my voice acting is awful, I can't animate, and I suck at making music so any help will greatly make the game last longer. Got any ideas for how thing would fight you or any ideas in general share I'm can't make up everything and there's always a good idea out there and check out the other game I'm working a Fighting is magic mod. Find it throught my profile. I hate posting something just to bump up the thread, it's like self advertising. Some here's the thing Etho had something to do with minecraft. In Minecraft 2.0 the is a block called Ethoslad I asked my brother what etho means and he said it was a type of mining explosive so that's were the name came from not Etho's lad the youtude channel. I just gonna say the music in the game is gonna be metal and some rap similar to laughing at you anarchy riegs. I'm gonna try to self teach myself to do all the things I need help with. Also any ideas on how bullets would work or Bullet demons ideas post them I would love to here them.
  12. Perfect Dark is a first-person shooter video game developed by Rare for the Nintendo 64 video game console. It is considered the spiritual successor to Rare's earlier first-person shooter Goldeneye 007. Almost everybody knows about the famous N64 game, Goldeneye 007. I have sat down and wondered many times if anyone in this new era of video game consoles remember Goldeneye's famous successor, Perfect Dark. Set in the year 2023, this game includes the things that make most players back then interested in a game: Aliens, Powerful Corporations, Government Involvement, and yes..Weapons! The player will be using the Carrington Institute Agent "Joanna Dark" throughout the entire game and if they play with a partner, then the partner would play as Velvet Dark, Joanna's lesser known and less famous sister. The main areas of this game are: - The Lucerne Tower, dataDyne Corporation HQ. - Carrington Villa, Daniel Carrington's (Founder of the Carrington Institute) Private Villa - Chicago, Illinois - Area 51 - Air Force One - Cetan Ship, crash landed Alien Ship - Carrington Institute - Skedar Assault Ship - Battle Shrine, Skedar Homeworld. My question is: Do any of you remember this game?
  13. I know we have a lot of Canadian bronies here, so I thought this would be of interest to them. So, as of right know no official details on the shooter, or his/her motives. Will update as more news comes out. Possible video on scene.
  14. There is pretty awesome looking game on Steam called 'Contagion' made by the same people who made 'Zombie Panic Source'. If anyone is interested in getting the game and playing on a brony server, then let add me on Steam my details are below, maybe we can get a game going. My Steam (personal): Steam (group)
  15. Anyone here play Contagion? I'd like to try it with a team of other bronies, because I've heard it's only good if you have a squad and I don't like to game with people outside the MLP community. Let me know. My Steam profile is here if you want to add me: My Steam (group):
  16. Recently I've been playing the hell out of a game called Hotline Miami. In short, it's a top-down action game about strategic manslaughter. It combines elements from crime, platformer, and stealth games to create an utterly exhilarating and satisfying experience. Every move you make must be carefully planned, but at the same time you need to be able to react to new situations that arise in the blink of an eye. You also wear funny masks. In addition to the actual gameplay, there's a superbly understated story that's slowly exposed between missions. It reflects the protagonist's imperfect mental state, and even subtly introduces sub-plots, often without saying a word. In my opinion, this is destined to become a new indie landmark, just like World of Goo, Braid, and Super Meat Boy before it. It deserves way more exposure than it's been getting so far. So there's all I have to say about that. Has anyone else played this incredible game? Or is there another recent indie game you think needs to be known about? I'd love to hear about it!
  17. If you've played my game and are familiar with the concept, you can skip this paragraph. Basically, it's a shmup that aims to be unique. The mains ways in which I plan to achieve this are 1) multiple player ships that all have totally different playstyles, so the game can be quite different depending on your choice of ship and 2) the speed of the game increases (i.e. get's harder) while you're doing well, so you have to balance being awesome and not being awesome so the game doesn't get out of hand and overwhelm you. Other than that, it's a fairly fast paced top-view shmup. It's one of my favorite genres, my big influences being Raiden, Ikaruga, Touhou, and some of ABA games' work. So, fairly large-ish update from last time. Added a new player ship, several new enemies and another boss (for a grand total of... two ). Also added the option to go straight to wave 2 (which is still really short) in case you want to see the new enemies/boss without getting through the first wave/boss. I'd like to add that because keyboard controls are being bitchy and weren't really intended in the first place, and the vast majority of testing I do is with mouse controls, I've neglected the keyboard for the time being. Everything should still work if you play with keyboard, but the fact that the movement speed isn't free like with mouse control, things will be harder. Anyway, the new ship breaks the "things get faster when you're doing better" mold by giving the player direct control over the speed of the game. Instead of speed changes being a by product of doing well, you can change the speed to what you want it to be, although your score increase (or decrease) reflects it (i.e. if you slow it down, you lose points and vice versa). It also has a Gravity Well ability that pulls all shots towards it and then releases a swarm of your own after it runs out. The next ship I add will either be one that uses various types of shields to do things, or one that combines some of the gravity ideas used in other ships to make a ship that plays by manipulating the enemy shots (and maybe even enemy ships). Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Leave any comments here, I'm open to criticism of all kinds Old post in spoiler: Download here: To my eternal shame, I must double post in my own thread to bump it, since I don't want to make a new one. Please try my game. It will make me happy
  18. When I was younger, I remember the days when a few friends and I would kick back in a few chairs, boot up the gamecube/ps2/xbox and game away for a while. These were the good old days when you could find quite a few games in the store which boasted about their abilities about local multiplayer. When you bought a game, you usually expected an interesting multiplayer mode that was a lot of fun. Two examples of such games will suffice, Timesplitters 2 and James Bond: Agent Under Fire. Timesplitters 2 was a fantastic arcade-like shooting game which featured a single player story, a co-op mode, and awesome local multiplayer. Every character you encountered in the game was available to be unlocked in multiplayer, there were a huge variety of multiplayer modes, the guns were interesting and fun to use, and it was an immensely enjoyable experience in general. Agent Under Fire, at first, wasn't too great. It followed a lot of the conventions which, at that time, had become a part of the James Bond FPS games. The single player was meh, though it had it's good moments. Regardless, it was the multiplayer which always struck me. The multiplayer mode had all sorts of interesting options like adjusting the strength of gravity and enabling jet packs. This meant that a match could entirely consist of you and your friends boosting across the map and flying past one another while frantically trying to shoot each other. It made for quite a few enjoyable games! Both of these games have some elements which make them fun to play with other people. Sure, there are still a handful of games which have local multiplayer, but even among those games there tends not to be too much creativity. What do you think? Is local multiplayer in decline?