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Found 36 results

  1. Quick short story on the first time one of Pixel's friend found out he was part BatPony. Please say if you can think of a better prefix/tag for this. Characters: Pixel Dusk - My OC (more on my profile) Pegasus Friend - I havn't completely designed or decided on who this is but all that is really needed to be known is she has been Pixel's friend for 2-3 years and Pixel trusts her. For the purpose of this story, I'll temporarily name her Crystal Quill (because it's the 1st name that came to my head ). Setting: Pixel's Bedroom durin a sleepover (before anyone asks... they are just friends) "AAAAAHH!" Crystal screamed, backing away to the wall. "AAAAH!" Pixel screamed, flying out of bed, head hitting the ceiling, "Ouch! Whats going on?" "V-v-v-vampire!" stuttered Crystal, edging toward the door. "What!? Where?" Pixel asked, "Aaahh!" Crystal screamed again, trying to open the door with her back hoof. It wouldnt budge. "Wait a second..." Pixel said, "Vampires aren't real! What did you try to scare me for?" "Get away from me!" said Crystal, fear in her eyes. She picked up a nearby hoof-mirror to protect herself. "Ooh... I get it..." said Pixel, seeing his slit eyes in the mirror, "Ok, I can explain." "I wont listen to anything you say! Vampire!" shouted Crystal Confidently. "I'm not a vampire!" yelled Pixel loudly, Crystal stanfing on her back hooves in order to try and get further away. "Right, fine." said Pixel, putting a hoof to his face, "I'll just turn back a sec..." Pixel closed his eyes, "Nrrgh!" nothing happened, "Come one! Nrrgh!" Nothing happened. "Oh, nevermind." said pixel falling to the floor in a slump. "Crystal, just listen to me for a sec... I'm not a vampire, those don't excist. I'm just part BatPony. "Yeah right!" said Crystal, dropping back onto all four hooves, "BatPonies are just a myth!" "So you believe in vampires but not BatPonies?" asked Pixel. Crystal breathed in, putting her hoof up to defend herself. She breaths a sign of defeat, putting her hoof back down and lying on the floor. "Fine." she said, "But how do you explain the door being locked!" "Because it opens inwards?" Pixel said, demonstrating by opening and closing the door. "Yeah? well... How come you were a Pegasus yesterday!" Asked Crystal defendently. "Like I said, I'm PART BatPony. My other part is Pegasus." Crystal looked at him confused. "Alright," Pixel said, "Basicly my grand... my GREAT grandmother was apparently a BatPony, The rest of my family being Pegasi. I... I was hoping to explain under better circumsances, but I guess the cats out of the bag now..." "What do you mean?" asked Crystal, "I, I mean I DO trust you but... ok fine, what I know is mostly speculation and research but as I said, my great grandmother, my Mom's Dad's Mom was a BatPony, My Grandad was mostly pegasus, just with slightly better night vision that most ponies, plus his mom died when he was quite young so he didn't really see much of her. By the time my mom was born, there was basicly no obvious traits suggesting she wasnt pure Pegasus so she was never told about it, but for some reason, I was probably born, like, 50% Pegasus and 50% BatPony or something, because for the last year or so, I've been able to switch forms between the Pagasus you know, and this BatPony form which I... yeah..." "Wow... If your mom didnt know, how did you find out all this?" asked Crystal, "Well," continued Pixel, "When I first transformed, it was a pretty similar situation to this one, though I had never even heard of BatPonies before so... I guess you can guess my reaction" Pixel said with a smirk. Crystal giggled. "Wow, that must have been a fright!" "I knwo right!" said Pixel, "Back then, I thought I was a vampire too!, I was all like, Oooh noOOoo! get awaAAY from me!" laughed Pixel, "My mom may not have known what was going on, but she HAD HEARD of BatPonies so was able to explain that much to me... though she was still a little wary for a while incase I WAS a vampire, but after a little research, I found I had alot more incommon with a BatPony than a vampire, so I started to read up on some old myths and found out my great grandmother was once suspected of being one, as she was hardly seen in public and moslty wore a cloak to hide herself... I guess she wasn't too sure how regular ponies would react to a BatPony." "Yeah..." said Crystal, "I can imagine!" "I was worried too..." confessed Pixel, "But you seem alight with it..." "To be honest," said Crystal, "I'm really not sure where I stand in this, but if you say its fine, and you are the same pony I know, then sure!" "Well... Apart from the obvious bat wings and slit pupils" joked Pixel" "Oh yeah..." said Crystal, "How do you change for anyway?" "I don't really know." said Pixel, "I just kinda try to relax and visual myself in the other form and..." A thin black shadow flowed over Pixel, transforming him back into his Pegasus form. "YES!" whooped Pixel, "I did it!" Pixel looked down at Crystal, looking up at him in awe, "Umm... sorry for getting you caught up in all this... But can you not tell anypony? I'm still kinda nervous about letting the general populous know about my... Heritage..." "Oh, sure!" agreed Crystal "No need to be sorry though! I, for one, think it's kinda cool to be two types of ponies!" "Yeah! I guess it is!"
  2. (Please note the main plot started off as a joke) Ok, so I made an OC called Mary Sue as part of a joke, A few months later I tried to put here in an Anti-magic dystrophy. I let that boil then desided to bring it back a little more, and this is what I got. A group of 4 ponies, known amongst them selves as Avatars, Are the next age and power change in equestrian history. These stories follow them in day to day life as they slowly accept they're Destiny of being the new gods of the new world, while waiting for this one to end. I have a few stories for this kinda mapped out I have listed them below, and am open to ideas(No, I am not going to add ylur OC to try to out edge you) The Avatar and The Artist: While out for coffee, Mary, the Avatar of Harmony, attracts the eye of an earth pony artist, and must hide her secret from them. The Twins and the Dress: Lynnet, The Avatar of Darkness and her brother Sol, the avatar of light, get in an argument about who looks better in a dress. The Tinker and the Demon: Gizmo, The Avatar of Entropy, Trys to ask his childhood friend out for a date, His inner Demons won't let him.
  3. Habits of the Equestrian Phoenix by Novel Idea Sunset's looking forward to a relaxing afternoon in the West Gardens. Philomena has other plans. Historian’s Note: While Habits is part of the Wavelengths Timeline, knowledge of the series isn't needed to enjoy this tale. Set in a timeline where the Sonic Rainboom didn't happen, Habits of the Equestrian Phoenix occurs about two years after the events of Grading on a Bell Curve.
  4. So....hi. This is kinda embarrassing. You see, a friend of mine who is a brony like all of you lovely folks overheard me doing some of my characters' voices for another series I am working on. He dared me to try out....King Sombra of all peo--ponies. Told me to post it on here and he'd give me twenty bucks and a beer. Being one who didn't normally look in the direction of MLP, I took on the challenge. Three hours later you have the video you see here. Wrote it up, voiced it out, edited for some video effects. Wish I had some better direction, and a better pop filter, but this was made on the quick. Love it or hate it or 'meh' it, have a good one. PS: The art is not mine...probably could have made it since I am also an artist but SUCK at MLP flash style...BUT the artist is credited in the video and description! Please don't kill me I needed something that suited my voice I went with.
  5. Now, I'm not sure what would this would fall under, as its hardly a story as that requires a coherent thought process and in terms of even applying to Equestria is dubious as its contents are sort of...periphery. This will be more of a self-exercise in the sort of things that accumulate when you have a character that treats such things as the laws of nature as more of a guideline. As Widdershins is an interdimensional traveler, and a rather irresponsible one at that, the "Holes" that he leaves behind can sporadically reopen and some things may wander in or intentionally follow him through. While the portals take a trained (or infected) eye to see & track down, once through it can be pretty easy to tell where Widdershins has visited. His intermittent flippant disregard for other beings' sanity will tend to leave a trail of grudges behind him. To track him down a being would need to hit every world Widdershins did in the same order and have a sufficient enough determination or sheer blind luck to wind up on the same world as where he resides now in Ponyville. Matters are made all the more complicated as the more magical worlds are a lot easier to punch holes into and Equestria happens to be one of the more magical of the worlds he's been to. Three interdimensional holes surround the small city of Ponyville as it just so happens to be built over the major nexus of magical leylines in the land of Equestria. One medium sized one between two oddly warped trees just past the Two Sisters Castle deep in the Everfree (which likely accounts for how scholars have yet to figure out a way to fully catalogue every beast in the forest, as new ones are constantly appearing & disappearing), one small one in an empty field on the opposite side of Ponyville, and one gigantic hole covering most of the town's skyline. While these portals are greatly unstable, they are usually pretty hard to see by a normal eye unless you know how to, or are just used to seeing things while unfocused. While usually too unstable for regular, dependable use the absolute sheer amount of Holes Widdershins has put up over his unaccountably long lifespan & the fact that they'll even tend to redirect themselves without warning will tend to leave mysterious lifeforms stranded in dimensions they ,or the worlds they visit, are unprepared for. In short, if you've ever heard of tales of cryptic, otherworldly creatures or been in a situation that smelled of a bad crossover fanfiction, you would not be remiss in blaming Widders for it! Think I'll start with the more sentient & intentional of Widdershins' pursuers. Pirate Captain "Bleakbeak" McQuay and his First (and Only) Mate Mangepatch: Captain Bleakbeak hails from an aquatic-centered world that revolves around a green sun. The light of its green sun covers their world in a slightly dim light that causes most of its inhabitants to be a bit moody, primal & aggressive. As the light is a bit brighter & easier to stand near the world's many oceans most of its cities have gravitated to becoming port towns, leaving its interior landlocked countries to become essentially untamed wilds. With so many ornery folk gathering on the waterside, piracy has become not only a way of life, but the major source of "trade." Bleakbeak McQuay was once the mighty griffon Pirate Captain of the huge, Iron-hulled, leading ship The Busted Shin, and had the huge fleet of countless crew & alcoholism that comes with being a renown pirate. That is, until the fateful day he met & befriended Widdershins. One night after having unquestioningly accepted one too many free rounds at a wharf-side bar from Widdershins, he awoke the next afternoon with his "good drinking claw" stolen clean off his body & Widder having skipped dimension on him. After resolutely shoving a peg in the hole where his front right claw used to be, he set sail & swore to track down & blow to bits that "Trait'rus Grae' Grey Worrm!" Unfortunately, at the time Bleakbeak had no idea Widdershins was an interdimensional traveler or his method of travel, and spent years in a maddening search for him, eventually his health deteriorating & his crew dwindling down to nothing as they became well aware their Captain no longer cared for not only pirating anymore or for anything else that didn't relate to his revenge. Eventually being reduced to a crotchety, old man on an abandoned boat in the middle of the ocean, McQuay finally had a good stroke of luck while dumping out his eyepatch over the railing. Though his rheumy, diseased and usually covered bad-eye he could see a massive, shining portal hovering just over the oceans surface, and taking his chance, sailed his ship though it and on through the dimensions to continue his mad quest for revenge! Mangepatch was the only remaining crew member to stay onboard with Bleakbeak McQuay's plot for revenge, though not really though any dint of loyalty. He's just exceptionally lazy and having to actually get up and find a new "Boss" is just far too much work where he's considered. In Mangepatch's home dimension the diamond dogs evolved instead to be more active hunters instead of digging down and harboring their greed for jewels, they grew lankier, taller & and developed their trademark tactic of chasing down their prey & hounding them until they got too tired to fight back. Because of their habit of "wearing down" their prey, Widdershins only refers to his species as "Wear-woofs." Mangepatch is considered large even by the standards of his already muscular & large species; towering in at close to ten feet tall he cuts an incredibly imposing figure. He was quickly kicked out of his pack in his teenage years not because he used his size to bully, but because he refused to help with the hunting & quite literally threw his weight around and leaned on his packmates until they gave up with a sigh and just tossed him their food. Mangepatch first met up and joined Bleakbeak's crew as a flagrant & impudent stowaway. He had fallen asleep in broad daylight on one of the rum barrels McQuay made a habit of keeping a steady stock of in his ships. As no one could wake him or hoist his immense carcass off and McQuay would rather die then leave good booze behind, he ordered they just shove the whole mess onto the boat and just make him part of the crew when he woke up. And its a good thing he did too, now days as his ship tends to land on land or other material not conducive to sailing, a good vigorous couple minutes of pecking from McQuay can get Mangepatch's lazy tail up to crawl off the ship and hoist the boat around with his monstrous strength like it was another piece of luggage. Though not for too long, as Mangepatch tends to not go for more then ten to fifteen minutes at a time without falling down for a nap, regardless of whether he's carrying an entire ship at the time or not. Maybe I'll get more into a detailed description of them later when I throw them up on the rp character lists. Sir Gacious Fume of the Interstatial Law Firm of Fume, Crush & Dampen: When you disregard such things as societal norms, proper etiquette & physics as often as Widdershins does you tend to collect enemies & large legal reparations. Dimension hopping takes alot of getting used to, the rules always change, you pick the wrong side to work for, you pick something off the ground for a snack and wind up dooming an entire hivemind race, it stands to reason that after long enough a lot of voices start crying out for you to pay for what you've done one way or another. And with those accusations thrown, it summons a universal evil. Lawyers. That's just what the Interstatial Law Firm specializes in. Tracking down those who think they can ditch their subpoenas, court costs & legal responsibilities and hide in another dimension just because the "rules" are different there. As each of the three partners are made entirely out of simple chemical bonds that represent the states of matter, they use this to better flip though the dimensions & yet remain stable, but unstable enough to pass unheeded though most matter in whatever dimension they hunt their "clients" down to & coerce them into an agreed upon interdimensional court before they have time to flee. Gacious (Gah-SHE-uhz) is made entirely out of what he calls the most noblest of gasses, Helium. While a good strong gale can scatter him, he easily reforms from any blow & can leech his way though any wall or obstacle between him & hunting his mark down to get them in court, and subsequently, his lawyer fees. As an accidental, side power Gacious does tend to get inhaled by passing organic creatures and for a few hours before he is fully exhaled out he can "legally commandeer native resources for intent to apprehend via peaceful negotiations of assimilated second-hand culture acquisition." This also happens to be a trait he shares with his colleague, Mr.Moist B. Dampen but to a much more awkward & messy result. Sir Gacious Fume considers himself a protector of the downtrodden & put-upon and a champion of your right to the money you have so clearly earned from your hardships. Though judging by his aggressive self-marketing he wants as many vict- clients that he can defend. All three partners in the law firm are in constant argument as to what order their names should appear on their promotional material & signs, usually between Sir Fume and Prosecutor RumbleCrush and as he's rather spineless Mr.Moist's name usually winds up last. There does happen to be a fourth partner in their law firm, but he's rarely met and generally considered to be unstable. Heather Trunter, Treasure Hunter: Heather hails from a a dimension not unlike Equestria. One major difference is its dim, brown sun. Their world is awash in varying shades of sepia tones that tends to weigh heavily on one's mental state enough for crime to be easily considered as an outlet in this world. Though as the sun is just bright enough to color the shadows as well, a life of subterfuge takes on an air of theatrical suspense. Heather Trunter is a freelance archaeologist that is often hired out to procure artifacts & other ancient items for her clientele, usually without too many questions asked. While she typically doesn't care to what ends you use the things she's ordered to fetch, she has had to frequently "repossess" them as hostile planet-wide takeovers & apocalypses would seriously crimp her business. On one mission she came across an ancient civilization that worshiped Widdershins as a god (as tends to happen when your a giant serpent-like creature with vague, inexplicable powers) and discovered a magical amulet & an unusually stable portal that Widdershins had used to escape when the natives started getting a bit too ritualistic. The knowledge of both of these items she kept a secret, using the portal to easily obtain mundane items from alternate dimensions & bring them back home to sell to scholars who enjoy stumping themselves with things they can't comprehend. The amulet she found was likely meant to emulate the long, boneless form of their "god" by allowing its wearer to stretch beyond their physical limitations. While she uses it to escape last ditch dire situations, its power is unstable due to its age & having been made by jungle dwellers. If used more then once a month it can begin to take a dangerous toll on her bone density and so Heather can often be found chugging milk, spinach or iron pills in an attempt to counter its side effects. Though aside from this, Heather has always been an athletic & flexible mare of a rather gymnastic build. With a light tan coat, and a long, blond mane usually done in a ponytail to match her equally tied actual pony tail. As is most ponies from her dimension, she's rather tall & leggy as well. "That belongs in the hooves of a paying customer!" "Archaeology isn't entirely about the adventure, there's still bills to pay after all." Just a few odds and ends I felt didn't count enough to put over in the rp lists. Since they weren't entirely characters in their own right. Will likely come back to this after a while with another chapter on the more beastly & unnameable horrors that have fallen on Ponyville due to Widdy's negligence.
  6. Tactics of Snowbound Unicorns Twilight’s got her nose stuck in a book. Sunset wants to go see the rest of their friends. As winter descends upon Canterlot, Sunset gets an idea. Things snowball from there. Historian’s Note: Set in the Wavelengths Timeline where the Sonic Rainboom never happened, Tactics of Snowbound Unicorns is a stand-alone tale that occurs about six weeks after the events in the Applications Trilogy. Cast: Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia, Moon Dancer, Minuette, Cheerilee, Coco Pommel & Coloratura Co-Starring: Raven & Philomena Stories set in the Wavelengths Timeline in chronological order: Origins Arc The Alchemy of Chemistry Bards of the Badlands (Coming Early Janury 2017) Grading on a Bell Curve How Not To Use Your Royal Prerogative (Coming Late January 2017) Applications Arc The Application of Unified Harmony Magics Princess Celestia: A Brief History The Cloudsdale Report Infatuations and Other Lies Arc Tactics of Snowbound Unicorns
  7. After a long night and a reminder of not working another Friday night my plan was just to relax and sleep soon as I got home. Unlocking the door I turned the light on "ow ow ow!" I herd waking me up slightly as I came in. Looking around I see my oc batpony Cresent rubbing his eyes, "gah a little heads up bro no?" the bat pony said tiredly. The 3 ft tall bat pony sprawled out in the living room floor had the 360 up playing on a familiar mission that was hard for me as well. "sorry cres, long night" I said "that's the thing with you humans too many of you arnt nocturnal" he wined again. "look I know halo is good but you've been playing that sense last night think you should switch games?" I asked concerned for the pony "a break is probably best" the bat pony said rubbing his eyes again then blinking. Having your OC come to life was an odd way to have a roommate but not the worst roommate to have considering things. I pull out a soda from the fridge and spot the pasta on the kitchen stove "its still good maybe need to heat it up. I tried an new recipe with the tomato's" the bat pony paused his game and trotted over to the kitchen then fluttered on the counter. "so good work?" he asked I gave him a look then realized he still didn't know much about this world or half the things humans eat or related to horse's and cows, and half the food at The Eats fast food chain is nothing but processed bits of farm animals cut this way and that to be eaten, a day I don't want to happen to this little guy. "in a sense lots of money was made, just had to deal with stupid people all day, seriously who orders 15 small fri with no salt?" I ranted "sompony who docent know what a diet is?" the bat pony asked innocently "at 1150 at night?" I respond Cresent opened his mouth...then closed it...then opened his mouth again..."I got nothing" he shrugged then blinked "fry's are those yellow sticks you all like to eat so much right?" "yes, and if you get really specific its a potato" "how in luna do you get that out of a potato?" asked the pony "black magic" "you humans don't have magic" it was my turn to open and close my mouth a couple of times, "you discovered the internet didn't you?" "maybe" he looked to the left innocently as I scooped up the pasta he made taking a few bites from it....which was really good. I looked at the pasta wondering how a bat pony can stir all this together without....until I saw the sink. "remind me to show you what a mixing spoon is, but good job on the pasta" "i do know what its is!" he said sour like I spotted a tomato covered short cutting board with everything but the handle covered in it. "had an argument with the tomato's then?" Cresent looked at the cutting board then sighed, "fine I couldn't find my blade so kinda....sorta...improvised?....." he said with a not quite shameful smile but still innocent enough to get a laugh out of me "well it worked so don't kick yourself...just ask me next time and" "but you were at work" I paused...."ok ask cory next" "he was asleep the entire time and samy is at some wedding or something" I blinked "the tablet?" I asked "ran out of batter and couldn't find the charger....." he looked down cast "sorry" I laughed much to the confusion of the batpony looking up with a raised eyebrow "what's so funny?" "honestly with how good this taste I wouldn't have thought of using a cutting board as a stirring spoon till now working" I said then gave him a hug He seemed surprised by that "your...not mad?" "good pasta after a long night at work? come on man I get cranky but not like a dick cranky" I said patting his back I felt his arms tighter around me after that, poor guy still learning the world around him its easy to forget. "thanks cwhip" "now then" I said putting him back down "about the ghost that keeps running you over" I said going to the living room, glad tonight ended on a good note after a chaotic day.
  8. ((This is an exercise in writing, as I am not a writer by any means, but I wanted to start trying to produce something today, so I am taking the next 30 minutes to just start writing and see what I come up, looking for critique. This was inspired by the song "Servant Of The Queen - Crysalis Another Story" and I will be listening to this song for tone. Feedback is valued.)) =========================================================== For The Queen So Dear ------------------------------- Beaten, Routed, and Scattered a long ways away, the only thought going through Razorback's mind was the same as he could only assume was the same going through the minds of his brothers and sisters. How did this happen? Those ponies of Canterlot, that majestic city of spires and high walls was in their grasp. Changelings, those who's form were malleable, who had held it for but a few moments, were now being thrown through the air after some kind of magical barrier ejected them from their rightful place. It was then he saw Her. His Queen, even after being cast aside like the rest of them, still filled him with pride that would never falter. His eyes only caught her for a moment before the branches of hardwood trees greeted his shell, and a sudden kiss of harder earth stopped his decent with a heavy crashing. Vision going dark, the world still seemed to spin around him as he tried to move. Stabbing pain greeted him as turned to his side, the membrane of his wing torn, and a yell that Razorback couldn't believe was his own soared through the trees to be greeted by silence. Still he had to stand, had to get moving. Lying on his back was painful enough, but even more so was his pride in her was far more grievously wounded. Stumbling to his feet, and pulling the branches out of the holes that adorned his legs with his fanged teeth, his eyes tried to look about for some familiar face. The taste of tree sap clung to the roof of his mouth, and it was enough to make him gag. Weakly, he pushed on. His wing hurt so much, torn and useless. Now he had to walk along the ground like some pony. They were probably celebrating a grand victory right now, while Razorback and his brood were left to wallow in the mud. He couldn't give them the satisfaction of a defeated self, even as he stumbled over himself trying to push forward. Forward to where? Where could he go? That loneliness started to creep in. Part of being a brood means you are never alone, but even among his heart there was that confusion he shared with the rest of them all. Then he thought of his beloved Queen. Mother. He imagined her fall could not have been much softer, Where did she land? Was she safe? Inside, he could feel it like every changeling could. Concern, Panic, but above all else; Duty. He pushed through the woods, among tall trees and cast long shadows and day came to night. Searching, it was quite some time before he could even tell he wasn't alone in the forest. Shadows moved all around him, ducking behind trees and brush, hiding among the darker parts of his vision. Pain shot in his side with every step, reminding him there is no escape. He couldn't leave even if he wanted to, but there was no part of him that wanted that either. Find Queen Chrysalis, make sure Mother was safe. That figure who had been there since he hatched and as he grew, caring for the whole of her brood, so much so that She would attack the seat of power in all of Equestria just to be sure that they could all feed. Self pity was cut off by the growls as the sun set, leaving the sky a darkening blue, and the stars came one by one out of hiding, a reminder of the power that those greedy ponies would keep all for themselves. Wooden claws started to emerge from the darkness, creatures constructed of twigs and sticks and anger pulled themselves from the blackened shadows of wilderness. Razorback started to gallop as fast as his legs would carry, daring not to look back. There was no reason, and he felt his breath burning his lungs, his legs began to ach, the wounds from the fall taking their tole as the beasts, Timber Wolves, kept chasing for their meal. For the briefest of moments, he considered changing his form into one of them, it may be safer. Unfortunately, that would probably only get him delivered as a free dinner for the broken-stick maws behind him, able to sniff him out. Being wounded, it was clear why they thought about attacking him. Feeling the breath of his pursuers upon his neck, he pushed hard to keep just that one second ahead. The forest became lit with a sickly green, and the way ahead of him was blindingly light, giving Razorback only the smallest window to throw himself back into the dirt, back to tasting the earth in his maw as he hit the forest floor, turning only in time to see one of the beasts behind him. The light crashed into the timber wolf, throwing it back into the treeline. It's pack had stopped their chase, and started to spread out, starting to encircle him. "Where are the others, Razorback?" That voice! Mother was here! Bringing himself to his feet, he looked upon her. Queen Chrysalis, Mother of Changelings, stood with that cold conviction he had admired her so much for. Bringing himself to his hoofs, he turned to the predators who lurked in shadow. Razor's voice was shaking and clearly winded from his run. "I have not seen anyone else, My Queen." Queen Chrysalis looked down upon Razorback, seeing the torn wing that hung just outside of it's protective shell. "Do you expect me to carry you?" Razorback smiled at the taunting. If She had shown concern, then he would be worried. It was unbecoming of a Queen to show such concern in the face of danger. Never let them take your face. "No, My Queen!" he said with as much false bravado as he could muster. Mother served as such a good example. There were three more of the wooden monsters, charging out from around them. From the horn upon his head, he gathered what little energy he could, throwing it forward into a green bolt of energy at the first creature that would threaten his Queen. Splinters came off the creature's side as it fell back, and Razorback felt his knees give out, collapsing. He was so weak, so hungry, wounded. His Queen however did not seemed near as worse off as he had feared, and it was clear she still carried much of the power from their attempted conquest of Canterlot. The first was dispatched with haste, being blown to kindling as she shown Razorback what real changeling magic was. It was the third Timber Wolf though that found it's way close to Mother. As Queen Chrysalis defended herself against one attacker, the other took upon the opportunity. Lunging faster than he could believe, She could only turn to see it upon her. A loud crash followed, and the beast was thrown away, but She only stood with her jaw agape. The sound was comforting. The buzzing of wings and the feeling of their beating brushing cool wind upon his shell. Razorback looked up high, and he saw a handful of Her brood. Sisters and Brothers together, revealed to have found their Majesty. The remaining Timber Wolves ran off, scurrying into the underbrush, rustling leaves and making their exit. Razorback started to close his eyes, when Her voice came to his ear again. "You're not going to lie their all night are you?" A soft smirk came across his face, looking up at Her and the rest of the brood. Slowly, he tried to raise himself back up once again. He was spent, muscles not willing to move, pain sharply reminding him that he was still there. There was something else though. A fading of hunger, a filling of his heart and a strength of a mother's love. Rickety legs started to push him upward as he stood. She looked at him, almost amused that he had literally and figuratively risen to her challenge. Never let them take your face.
  9. This is a one-page story that I wrote the other day. I had put a challenge to myself to see if I could write a story in under 300 words. I would like to see what other people think of it. Feedback is appreciated. Caracal.doc
  10. All right, what if mlp started having episodes be 11 minutes long, so there would be 2 episodes in one week. The good thing about it is that there would be more episodes of pony per week but the bad thing is that they might be even more rushed. So what do you thing?
  11. (I kinda came up with this when I read The Rainbow Factory. I might put a bunch of my stories on this little thread thingie. Just tell me what you think.) Hello… I want to know something before we start. Are your lights off? Is it dark outside? I ask because I want to set the mood. It’s required for the moment. Don’t worry, you can turn the light’s on when I’m done. But you have to wait till then. Do you remember that story on the news? The one from three weeks ago. No? Well, let me remind you. Three people went missing three weeks ago. All males, all 36, and all had nothing but age and gender in common. One of them showed up today. I know because I found him. He was hanging from a branch, with a noose around his neck. Two knives were stuck into him, with a note taped to his forehead. The note says this. ‘I found him, can you find me?’. You might want to know how I know, well, like I said, I found him. And I found you. Go on, you know I’m here. I see you. You’re at your little computer, typing away on that little My Little Pony Forums thing. I don’t know what it’s about. But I don’t really care. I found someone to take his place, and I want you. Go ahead, try to look outside your windows, close your blinds and lock your doors, they won’t help. I just have to ask you something else. One more thing, then it’s all be over. I want you to go over to your door. Any door, it doesn’t matter. Put your ear to it, and listen. You can hear me breathing, can’t you? You can hear me scraping the blood off of your present can’t you? I know you can, And I know you can smell the blood. I know you, you know. I know where you live, obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. I know you think that other’s will see me, or that they’ll know you’re gone. But you know what, I don’t think that matters. So come on, back away from the door, I’m about to break it down. You don’t have to worry though, your death will be quick. Maybe you can come to my party. Ton’s of people will be there. But so far, only he other two people are there. My axe is raised, are you ready? I’m coming in. (So tell me what you think. I don't expect to scare anyone to be honest. It's just something I wipped up. But seriously, tell me what you think!)
  12. Hello Everypony, I'm gonna divide this post into sections due to it being very complex. [Hiring Staff] : Q : You may say Hiring Staff Shouldn't this be under comissions? A : No, Most of the stuff under this section is just volunteers willing to help, that's exactly what i'm looking for, BUT because I Intend this "trilogy" to be a big deal, It may generate profit, If it does generate profit I'll evenly divide the total sum of profit between all volunteers and helper's Via Gift Voucher on here, or Paypal. (This is to be discusses at a later point, do not comment regarding it.) However if it does not generate profit, then we did it for good fun, and you'll all be well known by the viewers (#InItForTheFame) I will be making a Setup directly linked to my paypal, to track all profits so that you know whats going on. [Advertising] : Q : How will this make any profit at all? A : I actually have a couple youtuber friends well known enough that have agreed to announce this trilogy to all their followers / subscribers... So a LOT of people will be watching this, and I'll be uploading the trilogy to MULTIPLE video platforms and money earning platforms (Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo...Etc) As well as creating a kickstarter campaign after the trilogy for a short film of this, now Minus the costs of making the film for kickstarter I will divide those profits between all volunteers as well. (IF we even succeed in this.) [success Rate] : Q : How much of a chance does this even have to be a big deal? A : Well considering I have 3 relatively Influential friend willing to promote this, along with the fact that I'll be advertising it everywhere, and you volunteers can tell your friends / family... I'd say this has huge potential. [Difference] : Q : What Makes this any different from other my little pony fan creations? A : Each episode of the trilogy is going to be 30 minutes long and have huge production value making it almost as good as 3 episodes of the real show... With a twist... [DETAILS & RECRUITMENT] : I currently Have 2 Voice Actors, Myself [Producer / Editor] , 1 minor animator , and a Writer for the script. What we need - Animators : We Have [1/4] - Voice Actors : We Have [2/6] - Sound Design (SFX / Scene Music) : We Have [0/2] - Advertising Campaign (People to promote the video across the big wide Interwebs) We have [3/5] [subsection] : Recruitment : How to Apply : Leave This Application form in the comments : (I'm online Everyday so you won't have to wait more then a day for your response / tasks) : Skillset : (Animator,Voice,SFX,Ads...) (Applicable only to Voice Actors) Gender : Experience In Your Skillset : (How many Years of practice / Education) What Makes You the right candidate for this ? (In your own words and opinion) I look forward to your replies, and have a wonderful day everypony! *BroHoof* /)
  13. 'Ello! I'm a first time poster, aspiring author, and border brony who was introduced to MLP by the album The Pony Way by All Levels at Once. "Muffs" came from binging on the track Fluttershy's Lament, and I love it too much to just let it sit on my computer, but the core ideas of my some of my other projects are more promising, so I'm putting it to pasture here. Also, I'm a recent high school grad and a Mormon, which means I'll be serving a 2 year mission. I start May 28th, working in Northwest Utah. I'll be putting the internet on hold for that time, and will likely have little opportunity for writing. Which just makes me more anxious to get this in the hands of those who might enjoy it. So put on your headphones, crank up the techno, and (hopefully) enjoy Muffs-Fluttershy's Lament.pdf. Edit 1: Shortened the topic title. Edit 2: "Muffs" is set in modern Earth, albeit with a splash of fantasy.
  14. This is a story I wrote a few years ago that I haven't shown anyone just because I didn't know many people; I decided putting it on the internet would gather more readers. It isn't based on any fandom; it's completely original, and I'm posting it here just because I want as many people as possible to see it. Potential Grimdark Warning: While when I was writing it I wasn't meaning for it to be particularly dark, looking back over it I realize not everyone sees things the same way as I do. For those of you of an emotionally sensitive bent, there's some screwed-up stuff in this. Again, I was actually in a pretty good mood while I wrote most of this, but even while I wasn't specifically trying to create unpleasant emotions, some readers may react in that manner. Anyway, with that out of the way, please also ignore every characters' name in this; I had a very embarrassing idea of what cool meant back then. All feedback is welcome and much desired! Thanks for your time! Ok, I fixed the link now so it actually works. *facehoof* I think my internet prowess has actually been getting worse.
  15. I have officially finished writing my new, original short story. I put a lot of work and editing into writing this. I know that there are tons of ways that I could have made this better, but it is what it is. One thing that I must admit though, Rarrian (one of the characters in the story) is heavily inspired from Rarity's personality, so this is, I guess, somewhat MLP related, but completely original. Enjoy. The Rarr Event of a Life Time I sat down on the large, red couch in the school lounge with Rarrian. Her eyelids were covering half of her beautiful, cyan eyes. I could empathize with her; I got six hours of sleep the previous night due to an overload of homework from my science class. But she seemed like she got no more than four hours. Obviously in much worse condition than I am. “Tired?” I asked, trying to start a conversation. “Just a little bit,” she rolled her eyes at me. She laid her head on the back of the couch, and closed her eyes, probably trying to get a little more sleep before class started. “Why do classes start so early?” I checked my Timex watch; it was 6:30. Class started in fourty-five minutes. We were only there because they take attendance one hour early. “I know it sucks, but complaining about it won’t make it any better.” “Easy for you to say. Some of us have a little more to do in their lives. I haven’t gotten a decent sleep for two months! I have to wake up at 5:00 just to brush my hair.” I held back a laugh, but the temptation subsided when I took a look at her head. I didn’t even notice how messy her hair was before, but now that she pointed it out, there were blond strands curling upward. But other than that, it really wasn’t that bad. But to her, every strand counts. I dared not try to convince her, though, in the fear that she would go on a rant on how wrong I was. I respect her opinion, but I think she’s beautiful no matter what condition she’s in. “But that seems to be the least of your issues at the moment. You look like you haven’t gotten a minute more than four hours of sleep. What’s going on?” “Oh, nothing,” she began as she opened her eyes. “It’s just… oh, you don’t need to know. It’s a lady’s problem. “What is it, tell me?” I kind of just said it instinctively. For a moment, I got the feeling I was going down a dark road, and every wrong action from this point on could lead to terrible consequences. “Belachrome, please, this doesn’t concern you.” Despite Rarrian’s reluctance to tell me, I felt that this actually did concern me. But I knew that it wouldn’t be easy. “Okay, well, what else has been going on with you?” Rarrian turned towards me. “I spent my time yesterday hanging out with friends after school.” “Did you hang out with Clenauria again?” “Clen? No, she’s been hanging out with Squiphler again. I don’t understand why she would enjoy hanging out with such a fool after school hours.” I grew a subtle look of insult on my face. Squiphler is a nice guy… despite his silly ways. “What about Syneria?” “With Drakenor yesterday. That boy needs to get his life out of his head and be social.” I was so confused. These were Rarrian’s friends that she was complaining about. Has she been having boy issues lately? “Rarrian, I couldn’t help but notice that you are complaining about other guys at the moment. Is something bothering you?” “Belachrome, I told you, I don’t wish to talk about this.” “Why don’t you… wait a minute, is this what you didn’t want to tell me?” Rarrian jumped a little bit. “Belachrome, I’m done talking.” “Come on, Rarrian. I’m your friend.” Rarrian gave me an intimidating look. I was a little scared. “Can you not trust me?” I said weakly. “I can’t trust boys at all these days.” I think I hit the gold mine. I began my questioning in a calm voice. “Rarrian, why can’t you trust other guys?” “Belachrome, give a girl some personal privacy!” Her voice was cold, and it seemed unwise to press further. I feel bad getting Rarrian this mad just to get some information out of her, but as a friend, I feel like it’s my duty to take the initiative. “Please, Rarrian. Tell me.” She gave me a menacing frown. “Belachrome, stay out of my business!” she raised her voice at me. I was starting to feel like this wasn’t such a great idea, but for the sake of helping my friend, I wasn’t going to give up. “Rarrian, why don’t you want to tell me?” “Why?! Isn’t the answer obvious?” “Actually, no Rarrian. I haven’t a clue why you don’t want to tell me. “You know the reason!” she started breathing harshly in my direction. Her teeth were clenched with a strong grip. “No, Rarrian, I don’t know, and it clearly isn’t as obvious as you think. How about you tell me?” I couldn’t help myself. I was starting to speak in a harsher tone. I know it’s not helping my case, but my patience was wearing thin. Rarrian’s breathing calmed down minimally, but enough to start speaking. “Well, obviously, it’s because… because…” She started to grow a nervous look on her face. I was starting to feel that she was just talking without thinking, so I just had to wait this out. “Yes, Rarrian? You have my undivided attention.” “Because… I… I can’t… I don’t… I just can’t trust other guys! A-and…” “…Is there another reason?” “Y-yes! It’s… i-it’s… uh…” “Are you sure there’s another reason?” I wasn’t even talking with a sharp tone anymore, I knew I was breaking through, and all I had to do at this point was remain calm and collective. “…No, I-I just… can’t trust other guys! Not even you! She went back to shouting at me. “Why can’t you trust me?” Her anger went down again. But instead, she seemed like she was on the verge of tears. “Because… because I… you… I can’t…” I lowered the volume of my voice; “Why can’t you trust me?” It seemed to be helping. Hers lowered as well. “Because I… I… just can’t!” Now tears were officially sparkling in her eyes. Now was the moment to act. “Yes you can.” “No, I can’t trust you!” Rarrian said in a slightly quieter voice. The first tear escaped her left eye. “Yes you can.” I lowered my voice to almost a whisper. “No, Belachrome, I can’t trust… I just can’t.” “Yes you can,” my voice was nothing more than a whisper. “Belachrome, you don’t…” She sniffled, as a couple more tears escaped from her eyes. “You don’t understand! Please stop!” She wiped the tears from her face, probably hoping I somehow still haven’t noticed her crying. “You can trust me.” “Belachrome, please, I…” she closed her eyes as a last, desperate attempt to prevent her tears. “Trust me, I’m your friend.” I still spoke in a whisper. “B-Belachrome…” “I’m your friend.” “But…” Rarrian’s eyes started flowing freely with tears. Her voice had no power left for anger. “I can’t trust you.” She was speaking no louder than an average conversational voice. “Yes, you can. Yes you can. You can trust me,” I stated without ever leaving a whisper. “I…” Rarrian lost all courage to keep herself contained, and started openly crying. She buried her face into her hands, and cried without preventing any aspect. That was the final straw. I couldn’t stand seeing her so upset for any longer; I moved towards her, and wrapped my arms around her. My embrace firmly encased her body, and I could feel every bodily shake that came from her crying. I started patting her backside, and she continued to let out her tears. “It’s okay. I’ve got you, don’t worry.” Rarrian continued to cry for the next minute, and I kept my embrace around her. “Everything’s going to be alright, Rarrian,” I stated in just over a whisper. “Do you think you can uncover your eyes?” Rarrian breathed in through her nose with a big sniffle, and weakly shook her head. “Come on, Rarr, we’re friends, I don’t think of you any differently just because you’re in tears. Just show me your beautiful eyes.” Rarrian started to uncover her eyes. It was a painful sight; they were red, and very puffy. It was such a mess, and yet, so beautiful at the same time. She looked shy to uncover them any further than half way, probably feeling ashamed to look into my purely natural eyes, but I didn’t think any differently of her. She covered them up again, and the bittersweet sight of her eyes was gone. “I’ve got you.” I patted her back softly. “I know you’re a strong, young lady, Rarrian. Just please uncover your eyes for me.” Rarrian didn’t move. She almost started shaking up, and would probably start shedding tears again. “Come on, Rarr. I know you can look me in the eyes.” I took my right hand, and placed it on her left wrist. “I gave the minimalist force of a tug that could be managed. She pulled back, but I didn’t increase the force of my pull. It was only an incentive. In the end, she will have to be the one to reveal her face. “Rarrian, I can’t do this for you. Take all the time you need, but this isn’t the Rarrian I know. The Rarrian I know is very outspoken, and is never afraid to share her thoughts. But please at least uncover your beautiful eyes. I’m not going to pull any harder than this, so no pressure.” Her body started shaking less heavily and her silent tears and sniffles cleared up for a moment. She seemed to be in a moment of thought, possibly debating on exposing her face. Her arm was shaking in my hand, and she seemed ready to start crying again, but when I expected the return of her tears, she sighed, and slowly started uncovering her eyes. I could start to see the white, or in this case, red of her eyes. Eventually, her face was completely exposed. Her eyes were puffed up, her face soaked, and her blond hair was, I’ll admit, a complete and utter mess. But she was somehow so beautiful. The redness was starting to clear. But I could tell that she was very unstable at the moment, and could start crying again at any moment. I looked directly into her eyes. “What’s up, Rarrian? How’s your day going?” Rarrian grew the weakest smile that one could manage. Of course, I wasn’t expecting a laugh from her, but that one smile was enough for me at the moment. She couldn’t hold the smile for long, which was completely understandable. I just couldn’t bear to see her wallow in pain for another second, but just as she looked like she was going to burst into a flood of tears again, she swiftly returned the embrace that I had around her for the past ten minutes. She made no attempt to prevent her tears, and instead buried her face into my chest. I tightened my grip on her body, and made sure that she was as secure as a mother bird protecting her young. “I’ve got you.” I patted her backside once again. I let her cry into my shirt for however long she needed. My priorities were without a doubt on comforting her, but to be frank, I just can’t express how great it felt to be in her arms mutually with her head nestled on my chest. I used to help Rarrian in the past, but never did we come anywhere close to this magnitude of emotion. It felt good to know that I was helping her. It felt good to give her comfort. It felt good to be a friend for her to go to for her problems. It felt good to know that she now trusts me despite a problem in her life. But, I’m not going to lie, it felt good for her to be embraced with me while letting her tears out into my chest. I was somehow able to count the tears that dampened my shirt. I guess when you are focused on an individual, every bit of the situation matters to you, and you remember things that you normally can’t remember, or just don’t pay attention to. After about five minutes of letting out her tears, at a grand total of 257 tears released into my shirt, (no doubt completely soaked from her crying) she lifted her head to look into my eyes. She smiled for a moment and said her first words after fifteen minutes of not talking; “T-thank you Belachrome.” Those three words touched a very soft part of me. As I said, it felt good to know that I was helping, but I had no confirmation from her, verbally. But I didn’t show it in my expression, because not only would it be overwhelming for her, but I needed to focus on her at the moment. “No problem, Rarrian. It was nothing, really.” She inhaled through her nose again. “Nothing? How could you possibly say such a thing? You put up with me, and my anger, and my stubbornness, and showed nothing more than compassion!” After the completion of her statement, she tightened her grip around me. I was quite surprised by this statement; Rarrian has never admitted her arrogance in the past, but at the same time, I wasn’t completely surprised. Either she was growing as a person, or this was just the right moment for her to reflect on her actions. “Alright, I’m glad you think so, but if that’s the case, I ask for a favour in return. What’s going on in your life right now?” Now was the time to get to the bottom of her problem. Rarrian’s smile faded. “Oh… right. I guess it’s only right that I tell you…” “Yes… go on.” She was very hesitant to say a word about it, clearly thinking about every detail and every possibility of what I would think of her and the issue, and probably even some girl things that I don’t even know about. But eventually, she sighed and began. “…For the past month, a group of guys in the school next door were inviting me to hangouts during lunch time and after school. They gave me lots of beautiful jewelry, and treated me like a true lady… or so I thought… they would also demand things from me, such as getting me to do things I didn’t want to do… I don’t want to talk about what I did…” “What did you do, Rarrian?” Everything I’ve said up to this point was calm and as friendly as humanly possible, but this question came out a little sharply. “Tell me what you did.” She grew a desperate look on her face, and almost looked like she wanted to cry again. “Please, Belachrome. Don’t make me. It’s completely unlike me.” “That’s why I want to know.” Rarrian started tearing up again, and that’s when I realized I was being a little bit harsh. I took a deep breath before making my next statement. “Listen, Rarrian, I’m not trying to force information from you that you don’t feel comfortable telling me about, but I need to know this if I want to help you. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to tell anyone. I swear to you that I will not say a word about this to anyone else.” Rarrian seemed to heed my words, and also seemed to gain the courage to tell me her shameful acts. “Alright, they asked me to be an accomplice in horrible schemes against younger kids, and stealing food from the cafeteria. I never directly got involved in the main scheme, of course, but they asked me to pick the locks of gates with my hairpins so they can get inside the playground and steal the little kids’ toys, or pick the locks of the cafeteria so they can take the food. They promised me rewards, but they never did. Their excuse was that the jewelry was the reward, and that it was enough of a reward for all schemes.” She closed her eyes with a sigh. “But it wasn’t at all. I figured out the hard way that it was stolen from one of the kids at their school. I happened to pass by the girl whom it belonged to. She saw my bracelet, and screamed at me that it was hers. I told her that a group of boys had given it to me as a gift, and that I could prove it. But when she asked them, they said that I stole it from her. They made up so many details about how I snuck into her locker. I wanted to argue with them, but I was just too shocked to say anything. The little girl ripped it off my wrist violently, not caring how much it hurt, and threatened that if she ever saw me again she would kill me. I didn’t mind since it was a little girl, but I was madder at the group of boys. I screamed at them and demanded answers as to why the hell they had done such a thing, but they just laughed at me, and commented that I sounded just like the little girl. They admitted proudly that they were never my friends, and that I was so dumb to have actually fallen for their feeble trick. They laughed, pushed me into the grass, and walked away.” “I felt so horrible afterwards. Despite my hatred for those guys… they had a point. It’s very difficult for me to admit such a thing, but… they did have a point. I was foolish to listen to them. And ever since then, I’ve been extremely cautious around other guys.” My mouth started gaping near the end of the story. Not only was I starting to understand what Rarrian has been going through, but I’ve also started to realize just how Rarrian was feeling when I asked her profusely what was going on in her life; insecure; her dark secret was getting chipped away at, attacked, slowly escaping the secure barrier of her mind. If I were in her position, I wouldn’t have dreamed of telling this to anyone, ever. I am absolutely amazed at how much information she volunteered, and with no struggle in between. Now I feel like an invader. I feel terrible. But I have to convince myself that this is the right thing… but it’s hard. But now it all makes sense. It’s no wonder she holds a grudge against guys. But now I’m ready to talk; “M-my God, Rarrian, I never knew… now it’s my turn to admit my faults; I can’t believe you co-operated with me at all in telling me all these things after pestering you about such a serious issue. I was only trying to help. I’d understand if you never wanted to speak to me again, but…” Rarrian looked up at me with utter shock and bewilderment. “Never want to speak to you again? Never want to speak to you again?!! Are you kidding? You’ve done nothing but try to help me, you’ve focused solely on me, my feelings, stayed calm, stayed friendly, no matter what crap I’ve given you, you hugged me through all of my nonstop tears, you let me use your chest to cry into, you said nothing but comforting words, you helped me find my courage, sworn to keep everything confidential… HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY THINK I WOULD NEVER WANT TO TALK TO YOU AGAIN???!!!” “You’re so silly, Belichrome!” she said as she lightly wacked me on the head. I was so disoriented. My mind was racing with hundreds of thoughts. All of them were revolving around the inside of my head, all shouting at once. There were so many things that were happening at the moment that just… couldn’t be happening. I’ve never had such a headache in my life. But despite the overload of thoughts, everything Rarrian had just said was jammed right in the center of them, never fading vividly, or emotionally. Rarrian kept repeating it in my head at perfect intervals between words, over the loud thoughts attempting to drown it out. It kept getting louder and louder, and I felt like I was going to pass out. But all of a sudden, my mind went completely blank of all of the thoughts twisting and turning. The first new thought entered my head with a realization; did Rarrian just make a joke about me? I felt inside that I was completely in the wrong throughout this entire half an hour, but that joke that she made… when she wacked me on the head… somehow gave me a feeling of authenticity… a lack of ability to argue with her. Well, if she thinks it’s okay… then she’s right! “Well I think you’re wrong!” Rarrian looked up at me. Wait, did that just come out of me right? “Yes, you heard me right, I think you’re wrong. I’m not silly at all; in fact, I think I’m an arrogant person who doesn’t listen when one’s trying to help them.” I thought she was going to get really mad when… I said that. But to my surprise, she took it in very good humor. “Oh, are you talking about me? At least I’m not one who tries to invade someone’s personal privacy!” We giggled over the jokes together. “Thank you so much Belachrome for taking this moment to help me get through this problem. You have no idea how much this means to me,” she said as she wrapped her arms around me again. “Oh, lay off of me, you little shit, you’ve gotten enough hugs from me today. I even gave you my own stomach as a tear pillow!” “It’s your fault I needed a tear pillow, you invading bastard! Learn to stay out of a girl’s life!” We glared into each other’s eyes intently, and profusely, until we finally shouted out in unison, “Fuck you!” We fell on the floor laughing… Rarrian and I continued to jokingly insult each other for the next ten minutes, and we were having so much fun! But to be honest… I wasn’t really coming up with the insults; in fact it almost felt like an instinct; my mind just selected different insults to say, and I just said it without thinking. If I were thinking in my real head, I wouldn’t have even thought to take this kind of approach towards Rarrian. I never had an insult relationship with her. In fact, whenever I did this kind of behavior with her, she would get offended… horribly. I tried to gain control of myself a few times, but I was just having so much fun, that my will power was failing me. I have never had so much fun with Rarrian in my life. But unfortunately, it didn’t last. As soon as the last minute had gone by, my Timex started beeping, and I knew exactly what that meant… “Uh… Rarrian, it’s 7:10. Class starts in five minutes. I think it’s best that we head over to first period right now.” Knowing Rarrian as well as I did, I thought she would be reluctant to leave, but like she had the entire rest of the morning, she surprised me yet again; “You’re right, let’s go.” I lifted myself up to my legs, and then helped Rarrian get up. There were no signs of tears in her eyes now, or on her face. In fact, she seemed happier than I felt at the moment. I usually try to get to class as fast as I can, despite the “no running in the halls” rule, but I didn’t do that today, because this time, I had a friend with me. We walked to class together, holding each other’s hand, I, standing to her left, and she, to my right. In the most emotional moment of my life so far, I have reached an entirely new level of connection with one of my friends. I was very unsure of myself as to whether I was being helpful or detrimental throughout those fourty-five minutes, but now, I’ve never been surer of anything. I helped someone get through a very hard time in their life, and I helped her regain her trust of the opposite sex, after losing it in a horrible incident. It feels good to be that kind of person. I said that nothing that Rarrian did would change any of my thoughts about her, but at an ultimate irony… I will never think of Rarrian, even minimally, the same way again…
  16. (Edit: Information removed, book is no longer for sale)
  17. So I made one of those mlp montage videos with the random puns and all- It hasn't been getting very many views (I'm really new to this whole digital editing thing) and I just wanted to know- Did I do this right?
  18. The tale of Clockwork Green is a tragic and grim one. Most fear and loath his very presence, for he was the next best thing to discord. But he hadn't always been this way. Clockwork green was a pony like any other, at least in the beginning. He lived with his father, Tinker Tok, who was a clock and watch maker. He had learned his father's business, building timepieces, and taking extreme care in the minute details. His interest in the inner workings of things went hand in hand with another special talent. His understanding of the nature of harmony and discord between ponies, and the intricacies of these relationships. He was so good with it, in fact, that he began to get ideas, ideas that would eventually end him in ruin. Clockwork began to find that he was able to manipulate situations to his benefit, by convincing others of things, and setting up situations for them to end up in. He could destroy or create relationships between ponies, and get them to do things for him through indirect emotional manipulation. His art soon manifested in his work, when he began to tear apart mechanisms and build his own inventions. Clockwork began disrupting harmony so much throughout his friends, that many of them had chosen to abandon him, having grown tired of being used. Almost all, except for one, his most loyal friend of all, Nova strings. Clockwork kept his friendship with Nova, as it was his only, and because Nova had proven herself useful to his chosen tasks. She would collect things for him, while he worked, and he would pay her in bits and inventions. Their friendship continues until she began to notice one day, that Clockwork had begun to change. He had been building a set of mechanical wings, which did not have a harness, and appeared to be unfinished. Nova looked to her friend, and asked him. "When will you be finished your new wings, Clockwork?" Clock turned around, his pupils mere dots, and a huge grin across his face. "They are finished." Nova was startled. "What do you mean? There's nothing to hold them on. How will you use them?" Clock pointed at her. "I need you to help me with that actually. Bring me my tools, and we can begin." Nova looked around, and located Clockwork's tool kit. She brought it over to him, laying it out, and was met with a sight that made her gasp. "These.. What are these? Clockwork? What are you doing?" The kit was filled with surgical tools. Clockwork glanced down at the tools and back to Nova as he climbed onto a work table. "I need you to implant them, and attach the cables to the right places. I've already taken painkillers, I won't feel a thing... Now get started, they won't last forever, and I don't want to do this myself." Nova gulped, realizing there was something wrong now, but decided to go along with it anyway. She knew he wasn't kidding, he would attempt it himself, and likely bleed out. She picked out the tools Clockwork instructed her to, and did her job with accuracy and care. Blood poured down the side of the table and pooled at her hooves. When she finished, she closed him up, and bandaged the area. Clockwork had blacked out some time ago. Once he had given his last instruction, he went silent, but was still breathing. Nova began cleaning up the blood, and attempted to wake Clockwork. He stirred, and then came to. "How long has it been?" he asked, groaning with the pain he suddenly felt. Nova had tears in her eyes. "It's been almost an hour since you blacked out.. I was so worried." "Nonsense" Clockwork remarked. "I had this all planned out. I knew I'd be out from this, it's all going according to plan." He climbed down from the table, and wandered wearily over to the mirror. "Excellent.. EXCELLENT!" He laughed. "This is exactly how I envisioned them." Clockwork tried to move them, and began flexing his new wings out. Tears of pain rolled down his face. The stitching was still fresh, and blood began to ooze into his bandage. But his grin went wider and wider. Nova went to him, placing a hoof on his wing. "You should let them heal first" Clockwork glanced back, realizing his bandage was drenched. "Yes.. yes I suppose you're right. But they work perfectly. I can't thank you enough." Nova added more bandage to his sides and back, and looked at him, intimidated by the colt he was becoming. She said nothing, though thoughts raced through her mind. This wasn't the Clockwork she remembered from her fillyhood. A week passed by, and Nova hadn't heard anything from Clockwork since they'd last been together. That is until she received a letter from him. It was written messily, reading "Come to my shop, I need you." She swallowed fear of what should wait for her in Clockwork's shop. Reluctantly, she made her way over, and knocked. Clockwork answered on the other side of the door, yelling. "COME IN!" She entered to find him strung up into something, some sort of machine. His wings were locked into it. Nova gasped at the sight. "What's the matter Nova? Something wrong?" His tone was nearly mocking. Nova teared up, and looked up to him. "Who are you?" She asked. Clockwork laughed heartily. "You know me! I'm always looking for attention. Here's my answer to the world. My beginnings in flight technology for Earth Ponies. Isn't it marvelous?" Nova Cried out and ran from his shop. "NOVA!! COME BACK! NOVA!" Clockwork was furious. "How could she do this to me?" He frantically attempted to escape his own machine, not having anticipated this turn in events. He struggled, but became yet more entangled in the cables. "NOVA! COME BACK!! HOW COULD YOU ABANDON ME??" Tears rolled down Clockwork's face. He swallowed down great sadness and anger, and then began to laugh. "Who am I?" He asked himself. "Do I even know?" He thought for a moment, and then looked up at the only thing within reach. The power switch. "Even if everypony has left me behind, I still have my creations. Let them laugh.. I will show them! I'LL SHOW THEM!!" He bellowed and burst out into maniacal laughter. "I'll Show them all." And with that, he hit the switch. Mechanisms began to whir and power up. His body had been fully entangled within the machine, and was unable to move much, but he could still see one thing. The clock on the wall, ticking away, second by second. He began to feel the energy course through his wings. "It's working." He thought to himself. His machine was driving power into his wings. Soon they would be capable of making him airborne, and he would have the last laugh. Everyone who doubted him would be shown, this was no ordinary pony. No, this was Clockwork Green, the inventor of Earth Pony flight! He would be honoured and praised for his achievements. Nova had spent her day hiding in her room, attempting to suffocate the reality of who her friend had become. Hours passed by, the clock, ticking away, each second, ringing in her head, reminding her of who she had left behind. Finally she stood up, and walked out of the room. She returned to Clockwork's shop, and swung the door open. The lights were off, nothing was visible except a couple cables across the floor where the light poured in. From the darkness, a voice came. "Help me.. please.. let me out of here." Nova knew it was him, but there was no way to tell where he was. She flicked the light, but nothing happened. "The lights are dead, my machine blew the breaker. You'll have to use your horn to light the way." Clockwork could see her from his metallic prison. Nova lit the room with her magic, and located him within the mechanism. "How do you get out of there? Her voice shuttered with fear. "The switch on the back, there are four valves you have to open. Let the pressure out, and hit the switch." Clockwork looked up with glazed and bloodshot eyes. Nova turned and went to the back, turned the valves and watched as the pressure gages dropped. She hit the switch, and all at once the room was filled with a deafening hiss. Steam billowed everywhere, she couldn't see anything at all. "Clockwork? Where are you? Are you alright?" Suddenly she felt something hit her, causing her to lose her balance and fall. She gasped as the weight of Clockwork's hooves pressed into her throat. "You should have stayed." He said coldly, and began to press down with all his weight. "N-NO.. WAIT" Nova tried to breath, choked by Clockwork's hooves. She couldn't break free from him. She kicked at him blindly, but kept missing and was losing strength. "Sleep now, just let the tick tock of the clock, lull you away." Clockwork's face was dark, but she could make out his crazed grin through her fading eyes. "Shhh. Quiet now.. Sleep now, and everything will be fine. I have plans for you."
  19. Flight. Some look up in joy, at seeing another doing what they love. Some look up in anger, at the constant reminder of what they cant do. Some. Dont look at all... Within the clouds, I hide. I know the anger, the sorrow i bring. And I am aware of the joy i bring as well. But anger always washes over, like a wave on a beach, slowly eroding the joy till it is but a wisp of sand in an ocean. So i hide. I regret my wings. I loath them. But i wasnt always like this. I used to be the center of attention. I was the one who people looked up to. I was a star. But then, in the dead of the night, all i loved was cut loose. Five knives. Five blankets. Five Shovels. Now, as i hide in the clouds. I look back to realize that it was my fault. If only i had been faster, i might have saved them. I... no. there was no excuse. It was a mistake. But it was my mistake. I remember. seeing the red staining pink. The silver colliding with yellow. The scream echoing around the hollow wood. Then the two running in fear, i could see them, i could almost reach them, i flew as hard as i could. But two flashes of silver washed them out. Now. I hide. Blamed. Scared. And angry. I reach around and find the rope. Finding it, i wrap my wings, pulling so tight that my wings hurt, and bled. then i jumped. Falling. Some look up in joy, at seeing the one they blamed, hated, fall. Some look up in sadness, seeing someone they loved, do something unthinkable. Some. Were always looking. Waiting. I am innocent. I am guilty. I am gone.
  20. The soft patter of rain comes from all around, and with the sound, mixes in the sound of quiet sobs. Alone in the ever free a mare cry over the body of another pony. The dying pony looks into her eyes and with a look of pure horror whispers with his last breath "Run" Looking behind her, the mare saw two red eyes brighter than patches of lava glaring at her. She issued a scream then took off at lightning speed she ran through the forest blind to her surroundings running through thorn bushes, not caring about her pains, she ran, and ran, and ran, till her legs bled and she began to get dizzy from blood loss. she then saw with a a cry of joy, a small hole in the ground she could hide in. She jumped down the hole, and held her breath and out of pure fear, didnt move a single muscle. After many minutes, she heard the soft clop of hoofs, and saw seconds later the dark pony walk past. She began to tremble with fear, and inched her way back into the hole as far as she could. As she inched, she moved over a leaf, and as it crinkled she stopped hoping that it had not heard, but fate was not kind to her... Walking through the Forrest, a guard yelled for his captain, and Shining Armor trotted to him, looking to see that the guard had found a hole. Shining stepped past the guard and looked into the hole and saw parts of a pony strung about the hole, with guts handing like a red spiderweb. Stepping back Shining held in a urge to vomit. and looked to the guard "Run to Celestia Immediately, she must know..." "Nightwing is back"
  21. Alirghty guys than you for the inspiration. Once in a while I take words and make them into short stories. Feel free to rate them and tell me which ones you like I want to develop some writing skills so yeah, let me know what you think my readers I took one word from each person and made it into a story.. hope you like it @ ForeverFrozen Your word- Banana "Mmmmm...", She sat licking her lips. It sat before her, big and juicy. Looking up at him with big blue eyes she asks, "may I?" her voice asked so kind and sweet. He nodded his approval as she took it in her hands. Excitement had overcome her as he just sat and watched. ​Peeling back the layer to reveal the underneath she licked and slurped the tip enjoying every bit. She smile as she watched him he looked rather pleased, as she finished the banana, her most favorite fruit of all. @~StatesTheOblivious~ Okay... "Morgenröte." That's a German expression for the red sky in the morning. She ran through the forest while holding her injured self close, her mind was a blur. A flurry of thoughts raced through her mind taunting her every step she took. 'Running is pointless.' It nagged She began to quicken her pace, 'Oh you are silly aren't you?' Laughter rang throughout her ears and her heart pounded fast. "Thump, thump, thump." 'Is that my heart or is someone..' Her thoughts were cut short by laughter. Growing louder as she ran. The faster she went the louder the laughter became. She sat toying with herself on this journey she had started. It seemed like decades had passed, when in fact that would be untrue. 'You know you are wrong, you know it.' "I am not wrong!" She screamed Lowering her voice she continued, "It was self defense." The voice snarled and sneered,'Oh really it was? It was not for lust, nor greed nor power? No it was for a far more selfish reason.. So that you could go on living while the others..' "Stop!" She cried begging herself "How can you ask for someone to die? how can you vanquish light so easily?" 'It is not I for I am you, I am merely what you think should have done.' Snarling and snapping her thoughts grew harsh, giving up the fight she lay down to rest. It was shortly after that medics had arrived, barely clinging to life she looked up to the sky it's brilliance shone bright that early morn. She lay back and uttered her last spoken words. "I know you were right, and for that I am wrong. The secrets I have you need to know, We don't have to fight we just have to..." She coughed and sputtered and she no longer spoke. One last thought raced through her mind as she went on her way. 'How many had died because I could not say?' The sun cried red that morning as it awoke. It cried in mourning for the ones he had lost, the friends who had been oh so very loyal, the fallen who had leaped to an eternal slumber, and the ones who would fall because no words were spoken. Thank you for your words guys I hope you enjoyed it.. I ended a little sooner than I thought I would, so if you are still reading thanks:) I figured it would be cool to write a story about the consequences of inaction.. I dunno that's all I got for now.... oh yeah, and banana's are delicious. But if you would like a story just submit a word (if it's not English give me a meaning) This was kind of fun and I might do another one in the future. Love you always and thank you so much for the feed back I have been getting tons as of late and it has really brought my spirits up. Thank you guys for everything. XxOoXxoOxXoO ~PP Alrighty so today's story is brought to you by Pinkie_dust thank you for the word the word is Sheep An old grey nun lay dying in her bed. She croaked and hacked, calling out for her grandson. He rushed to her side, "What is the matter?" He asked worried. The old lady smiled a toothy grin. "Close the door dear, I need to talk to you." She instructed. The boy did as he was told and rushed back to her side. He sat in silence as the old lady confessed to him all the sins she had committed over the years. The boys sat and in a state of utter confusion. He idolized his grandmother, she was every thing he wanted to be. He looked to her and asked, "Why would you do all of those cruel things to those people you helped? Why would you torment them after you worked so hard to help?" The old nun smiled and whispered, "I gave them hope, only to have ripped it away again. I let them believe it would be alright. I deceived the many so they would hope and pray and follow my path. Just as I have deceived you." A wicked smile over took her face, one that seemed to not be her own. A glint of red crossed her eyes as she took her last breath. The boy sat at his dead grandmothers side, a smile crossed his face, "A wolf in sheep's skin." Beware of the false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Next story compliments of MLP Moth Your word was Flyingturtlezombierhino Before we embark on this journey some background info on how my mind works should be helpful. I broke the word into two, Flyingturtle and Zombierhino. The inspiration came from Teen aged Mutant Ninja Turtles, and their nemesis Rhino... all I can say is enjoy "It was another day in the big apple, and the Rhino was on a rampage only this time he was a zombie! World dominance is what he aimed for and I Michelangelo was the only one who could possibly save the world. I took my nun chucks and kicked his tail in a grueling karate fight, they should really call me flying turtle. I swear that's what happened Splinter, I didn't mean to be late for practice." The turtle exclaimed trying to reason with his master. Splinter was not looking impressed with a grimace and a snarl he asked, "Then what is this? No more excuses." holding a bag filled with a green herb. The turtle started to panic and fidget, "Aww, Splinter. I am real sorry." He stammered. Splinter smiled a ratty grin. "You should be sorry, all I want is for you to share. It's not even that great." He stated calmly. Michelangelo was taken aback, Splinter had reached into his pocket and pulled something out putting it to his lips he lit it and puffed heavily, "Try this, flying turtle" Splinter said with a chuckle "Kowabunga!"
  22. So here is a collection of short stories they are pretty great if I do say so myself, they are inspired by words others have given me. Feel free to leave comments and opinions @ ForeverFrozen Your word- Banana "Mmmmm...", She sat licking her lips. It sat before her, big and juicy. Looking up at him with big blue eyes she asks, "may I?" her voice asked so kind and sweet. He nodded his approval as she took it in her hands. Excitement had overcome her as he just sat and watched. ​Peeling back the layer to reveal the underneath she licked and slurped the tip enjoying every bit. She smile as she watched him he looked rather pleased, as she finished the banana, her most favorite fruit of all.
  23. [note: takes place in human world] Twilight Sparkle squinted her eyes shut. The sun gleamed thru the window right past her eyelids. Normally she wouldn't be bothered to just wake up, it was already 8 o'clock, but Twilight felt like a bad oc; she wished somepony would just put her out of her misery. She opened her eyes a little bit to see Spike had fallen asleep reading one of his comic books on the floor again. Whys he have a bed anyways if he just keeps falling asleep on the ground? She got up and threw a blanket over him. Was it just her or was it really cold all the sudden? She took the blanket back; what? He didn't seem to need it. With the star pattern blanket wrapped around her, Twilight Sparkle walked downstairs to get some coffee, or ice water, whatever wakes her up. There was a mug underneath the Keurig, filled with the fresh coffee, it was set to make 30 minutes before. She took the cup, and poured in a little extra sugar (you know, the strong stuff) before taking a sip. The coffee was strong, so Twilight was surprised it didn't get her up. She still wanted to cuddle up in some blankets with hot chocolate and watch some Disney movie. Oh no, this could mean only one thing, she's sick. Twilight Sparkle went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. Just as she expected; her hair was frizzled, her noes and cheeks where red, and her eyes had dark circles around them. Twilight started to panic. Oh no, is New Year's Eve, Pinkie Pie is going to throw a party, and invite me, and if I say no, who knows what will happen; no one ever turned down Pinkie's invitations. That girl is insane in the membrane! Just as she was about ready to give up, and stay in a hotel where nobody can find her, she saw something in the corner of her eye. "Oh yes! Cold medicine!" She said in a rough voice. Twilight took the bottle into the other room where she read the directions. She skimmed the label until she found the proper amount to take. Twilight poured the medicine onto a spoon and healed it up to her nose. The stuff smelled like sour milk, but she knew she had to take it. She shoved into her mouth, before she could be tempted to dump it down the sink any longer. It tasted worse than. She thought; her lips puckered and her taste buds felt like they where committing suicide, one by one. "Eck!" Twilight Sparkle took the sweetest drink she could find and didn't hesitate to drink it from the carton. Now that that was over, it was time to relax and let the medicine do its thing. The purple haired girl grabbed a book out of her many shelves in the library, "Daring Do and the Amulet of Power" it said on the label. The cover showed a picture of Daring Do being chased by a horde of birds, with an amulet in her hooves. Twilight snuggled into her blankets with the book comfortably placed onto her lap. "Knock, knock! Singing Telegram for Twilight!" Twilight woke up on the floor, with her favorite blanket around her, and Daring Do book on her lap. She wrapped the blanket, and got up. She walked to the front door with her blanket dragged behind her (man talk about over use of the word blanket). She opened the door and saw her friend, Pinkie Pie standing outside. "Happy Happy, Happy New Year! Happy Happy, Happy New Year! Please Please, Please Celebrate With Me! Please Please, Please Come To My Party!" She danced around singing, her hair bouncing like streamers. When she finished singing, she held out a basket of pink colored invitations, one with her name on it above the rest. "Thank you-" she paused realizing her throat still hurt, and the Tylenol didn't "-but, I don't know if I can make it." She said quietly hoping Pinkie Pie wouldn't freak out. "I mean, it isn't like I don't WANT to! I just have a bad cold." "WHAT?" Pinkie Pie gasped, she ran inside pulling a Twilight in behind her by the arm. "Mama always told me laughter was the best medicine! She called it the Pie Theory, and now we need it, if your gonna be fine by tonight!" "I don't think that'll work." "Don't be silly, of coarse it will, I ALWAYS laugh, and I have never gotten a cold! We just have to make you feel better!" Pinkie Pie smiled. She sprang up, and raced around the library. When she came back she had a book labeled "The Best Joke Book By Ponyacci". Pinkie Pie started flipping through the pages rapidly, looking for the best joke. "Knock knock jokes, no; Everyone's herd that; that's more of an inside joke; oh gosh, that's a little bit racist; PERFECT! Why did the chicken cross the road?" Twilight didn't respond. "To get hit by a car, captured by a mad scientist, and turned into a cyborg killing machine!" She said. Twilight didn't get it. "I don't think this is helping, Pinkie." She said. "Oh, so joke books aren't your thing, I see." Pinkie Pie put the book down and took three plastic balls out of her plastic. She tossed them into the air and begain juggling them. She looked at Twilight, who seemed to be enjoying it, but when she looked away,she ended up losing her juggling balls. "Okay I got it, do you have any flower I can barrow?" Pinkie Pie asked. Twilight put her hand hon her face and shook her head. "I don't think this will work out, just go ahead and put on your party without me." She said. Pinkie Pie's smiled turned upside down into a frown. "Okay." She sighed, sadly and turned around to leave. Twilight went back to her room, where Spike was on the floor reading his Power Ponies comic books. Tears built up in Twilight's eyes, and she sat in bed. "Are you okay." Spike asked. "No, Spike. I don't think I am, my friends are all going to a party I ca-" Before she could finish there was a large thump from downstairs. Spike cowered behind Twilight, who went down into the pitch black library. "Hello?" She asked. Moments later the room's lights flicked on. "Surprise!" In the middle of the room all of her friends stood. There was Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie (oh my). "Since you couldn't make the party, we bought it to you!" Pinkie Pie cheered. Twilight was so happy, she couldn't bear to hold it in. She begain to cry tears of joy. "Thank you so much everybody." The six, *cough*imeanseven*cough*, talked and laughed all night, they even stood up to 12 o'clock when they all shouted "Happy New Year" and shared there resolutions and goals with eachother. It was fun, in fact by the end of the night Twilight felt better.
  24. It's been a week since I went outside. I am afraid that if I go out they will attack me. But I have to, I can't stay like this forever. But if I go out, their faces will look at me, one grin more maliciousness than another. I bet they are already thinking of a way to dispose of me, I know they will. They probably already thought about how they are going to kill me. Oh if only my brother would be here, he would save me for sure but now I am all alone. I don't know when he will be back but it's going to be too late. I cannot allow them to eradicate me before he comes back, I need to think of something while they are planning. I need to think quick, there must be a fast way to get rid of them before they get rid of me. I hear someone knocking on the door, I don't even dare to open the door, I shrug, I fear, just leave me alone. Knock. Knock. Knock. It won't stop, I have to do something. The knife, that's my way out, the knive! They won't get me that easily, I will fight them off. As I opened the door I saw his eerie smile, as he came closer, he drove me into a corner, I couldn't hesitate anymore, it had to be now. I pulled out my knife and stabbed the monster, he let out an agonizing cry, it pleased me, it showed me that now I can live peaceful without worrying about dying. Suddenly the dead body let out a sound: "Why did you do that?" as soon as I heard these words I trembled in fear. This voice, it seemed familiar. I turned the body around and I saw my brothers smiling face. He is not a monster. That monster I feared was inside me all along but now... there is nobody who can save me. It is I who has to stop this monster.
  25. Pt 1: The Electric Knight Grey Cliffs, the mountain at the end of the world. I've lived here all my life. Actually, most people for the past couple of centuries have lived their entire lives around here. 'Cept for the Waste Surfers, but I'll get to that later. Now, Grey Cliffs is at the ass end of nowhere. A mountain that rises far into the sky and squats like a dirty homeless man on an endless side walk. Around that wretch are clustered all of the possessions he has, a population millions strong of the poor and decrepit. All of 'em have holes in the fabric and rust on the metal, their backs permanently bent in servitude. From the neck down, he's an ugly and nauseating being. But from there on up, he gleams. Because in Grey Cliffs, the cloud line is where the neck would be located. The piece of the mountain above the cloud line is called the 'Pinnacle'. That's where the families who had enough sense and money in the distant past erected their homes. Below the clouds are the Slumps. The Slumps is called that for a good reason. Everything slumps, from the buildings to the people. My gran told me it was 'caused by the rain'. I was short and scrawny back then and didn't know what she meant. But even then I knew that it was true. Something had gone wrong in the world a long time ago. Perhaps someone living up in the Pinnacle, 'richers' we call em, know what went down. The rest of us don't know, probably never will. Whatever caused it, the rain and water had turned acidic. Over time it made concrete soft so that you could squish it like putty. Metal has to constantly be painted over so that it doesn't rust to crumbs within a week. 'Cept, most of us in the Slumps can barely afford food, so paints a luxury most don't have. Whats more, the rain even causes the people down here to fold over. Even our skin is thicker and tougher to resist the acid.The richers call us 'cavemen' cause of that. I learned in the government's school that cavemen were supposed to be apes that eventually turned humans. I was only in school for a year before I started working. My family was luckier than most in our housing complex in that regard. See, the government wants all of the Slumps kids to go to school for two years, least so we don't have to count with our fingers. But they also require everyone above the age of seven to work. School only starts when you're six. On top of that, they require absolute attendance. Even if your arm just rotted and fell off, you've got to be there. I didn't know what the point was, still don't. Anyhow, I did well enough in school that they gave me one a job with a 'light' work load, 'so I could pursue my studies'. 'Light' meant that I only had to work four hours a day. School started at six in the morning and ended at four. After that, my job was to make sure all the other kids were working. If they thought I was slacking, they'd whip me and my dad, cause it was gon' be his fault for 'failing as a parent'. I had to use a shock prod to hit any kids I found slacking off. If they hit back, their whole family would be punished. So, that all rolled together with my 'short' work hours to make me one of the most hated kids in the area. I suppose in some ways I was lucky, not getting maimed in the assembly plant or being bullied into joining one of the gangs. Sure, no one in their right mind would be friends with me, but that also meant that you'd have to be -really- insane to be my enemy. When I turned nine and was kicked out of school with 'stellar' grades, using the prod became my full time job. Then I really had no excuses to not use the shocker prod. Back in school, I was occasionally able to let other kids off the hook. They monitored how many times the rod shocked someone. If It wasn't used at least five times, I'd get it used on me and dad ten times. Sometimes I was able to convince the 'Child Workforce Manager', Mr Corc that I'd only found one or two kids in just four hours. I guess he'd been in my position at some point, because he'd let it pass on the few and far between occasions I dared try. The number of uses I had to have was raised to ten when I got my full time job as a Shocker. 'Shocker' was the bland but straight forward name the other kids used for me and the other poor bastards who had to do it. When I became a full fledged Shocker, my manager changed to Ms Filts. Mrs Filts didn't let even a speck of dust get by without noticing. The quota was only ten, but if my numbers dipped below fifteen she would lay into me like I'd called her mother something unspeakable. Sometimes, as hard as I looked, I couldn't find fifteen kids slacking off. I was only supposed to use the prod once on each kid, but more and more I had to use it two or three times. I wasn't aware of it, but Ms Filts had been driving us so hard that the other kids wouldn't dare let their guard down for a second. As a result, the number of kids skimping on work went down to record lows and work efficiency increased to twice previous levels. Once again, I didn't know even a hint of it, but my performance and skill as a Shocker was reaching legendary levels. One rumor I know now was that I had made a deal with the devil so that the walls whispered the locations of rogue children to me. Even then, Ms Filts didn't let up for a moment, she just pressed harder. Fifteen shocks became twenty and then twenty became thirty. I was having to virtually burn the shape of the prod into my peers and then drag them unconcious to their jobs. Then, when the kids couldn't take the brutality any more, they became murderers. People, even Slumps people, want desperately to think that their children are innocent and violence is a foreign concept to them. They tended to ignore the rampant gang fights and battle scars their sons and daughters acquired. However, on this night no one could ignore it even if they built a wall between themselves and the truth. I was twelve on that night, just turned that age a week before. One kid, his name was Kensky I think, had been the bane of my life and a quota filler ever since I became a Shocker. He was thicker than a prison wall and angrier than a drunken arena fighter. I had used the prod on him so much that he had actually started to enjoy the feeling of its touch. By the time I was twelve, he was thirteen a full foot taller than me. I was five feet one inch tall. He had gotten good at evading me, so good it would take hours just to get within eyesight of his fiery red hair. In order to make up lost time, I had started to hold the prod against him until the equivalent amount of electricity was spent. This night in particular the chase took five and a half hours. The only reason I caught up to him then was that I got lucky. He was belting down a back alley, when his foot punched through the ground into a cavity that had been worn out by the rain. When I got there, his foot was twisted towards an unnatural angle. I was stunnned. Kensky, as much as I hated him for wasting my time, had been of a decent sort. We'd developed a sort of rival relationship that allowed us to share a snack while we hitched a ride on whatever vehicle was going in the direction of his job. This was always after I'd caught him of course. During those moments he had been friendly in a grudging respect sort of way. We'd swapped rumors and tall tales and passed crude jokes. So I hadn't the faintest idea of what I should so when I found him like that. I didn't like seeing people in pain. It made me sick every time I used the prod. Even Kensky, with his cocky attitude and constant running wasn't someone I wanted to use it on. Now here he was, wailing in pain worse than any toddler. I didn't hesitate to help him, making sure I got him off the ground and into the nearest shop, a mechanical parts store. The problem I was having was whether I should use the prod on him or not. Common sense and my heart told me 'hell no'! Ms Filts on the other hand, had never let me not use it in all the time I'd known her. The shop owner, gritty as he was, knew I was in a tight spot. He made a call on his shops phone. Phones were so rare that even a minute of their use was worth a full days pay. He called the medical building to send someone over to collect Kensky. When the rickety injury truck showed up, I climbed in back and went with them. During the ride back a couple of miner's who were coughing up blood and an old woman with tumors the size of my fist on her arms got in. All the while, Kensky wasn't able to stop sobbing. Pain killer was so expensive that riot police had to guard the truck that brought shipments to the medical establishments, so using them on Kensky was out of the question. They ceremoniously shoved us off the truck when we got there and told me to carry Kensky to the waiting room. Dragging him inside was what felt like one of the longest walks of my life, still feels like that even now. Inside the waiting room was a veritable hell of the sick and dying. There were things in there that would make a grown man vomit. I was too focused on getting to the reception desk, or I'd have turned around and ran away. The nurse was so old that cave drawings propably showed her as an elderly crone. Her piercing gaze could cut through steel, least it felt like that when she focused on me. I hadn't even noticed that there was a line of people that I'd shoved in front of. The guy right behind me, at the former front of the line, had a jagged length of metal speared up through his armpit and out his shoulder. I'm still not quite sure why, but not a single person in there complained and were hustled into the next room. The waiting room was bad, but the treatment hall was worse. There were no walls, curtains, or anything blocking the view of deathly ill and mortally wounded that were packed like rotting ground beef into a rusty can. Kensky was set on a bench with his leg propped up my something that looked like a tripod. His foot hung in the air, it was turning a nasty color. Only now did he turn quiet. He had finally passed out. Only now did I have enough space in my brain to notice the people and pain around me. I puked so hard that I passed out as well. When I woke up, Kensky and I were in a different room. Some manner of luck or fate had somehow shuffled us into one of the private treatment rooms. I knew vaguely that every minute in here was worth a week's wages. All of that was crammed into a small portion of my brain. The rest was filled with the sight of Ms Filts. I had not a clue how she had found us, when she had gotten here, or even -why- she was hear. Part of me realized that she must have hunted me down when I didn't report in after work hours were over. In her hand was my shock prod, with the custom grip I had scrounged and stolen to pay for, the stickers of my favorite comic character that I could never afford to read, and the myriad of other things that made it mine. Her eyes burned into me in a way that they never had before. I had seen it all, boiling anger, icy bitterness, iron like hatred. But the expression on her face made me think of all of those things but none of them. I can't describe what it looked like, or what the word for it was, but it made me so scared that I started to shake. She hoisted me off the seat I was on with a grip like steel. Actually lifting me through the air, she stood me up and set me down facing Kensky before pressing the shock prod into my hand. Only one word passed her lips: "Thirty". At first I didn't understand and when I did the only thing that made sense was that I was dreaming, or having a nightmare rather. Kensky only had ever gotten three shocks for wasting each hour of my time. The most he'd ever gotten at one time was seventeen. After that time he'd been unconcious for a week. Ten shocks would make a burly miner beg for mercy. Thirty? Twenty five would probably cause permanent and crippling damage to him. He'd likely never walk right as it was. But I knew that I wasn't dreaming. The pain my stomach was giving me made me sure of that. For a long minute I couldn't move in horror. She was taking a breath to repeat herself. The last time she had done that my dad had been shocked ten times as punishment. Spurred by something I couldn't identify, I started. I will never recount to anyone what happened in the next twenty minutes. By the end of that, I was standing numbly in front of an apartment door. It was already late at night. No one was to be seen. Eventually I managed to make my arm rise up and bang on the door like a lead weight. I still had the shock prod in my hand, though it was broken so badly that it would never work again. Ms Filts had broken it and fired me. My last work duty was to go see Kensky's family. When a woman with a vague resemblance to Kensky warily open the door, I said all that I could. "Your son, Kensky, is dead ma'am. The morgue says to pick the body up by tomorrow, or they'll burn it." I then simply turned and walked away, hearing nothing else behind me as I went. Somehow I made it back to my own family's apartment. I guess I found my way inside, because next morning I woke up on the couch. What woke me was a steadily louder banging on the door. Even if you were half dead, ignoring a knock like that would be a bad idea. I limped over, my right leg so sore that I could hardly move it, and opened the door. A solid slab of a man stood in front of me. It took me a second to realize that it was a disciplinary officer. I'd never actually seen one before, only knowing what they looked like from stories. They were only called out when the government had a problem that it couldn't shove under the rug. Once again I was lifted off the ground, but thrown over his shoulder this time. I could hear shouting in the background, but I had a hood put over my eyes so that I couldn't see. After being handcuffed and thrown into a vehicle, I had a moment to think. Surely they weren't here about Kensky? I'd been commanded to do what I had done by Ms Filts. I knew enough about the law that they couldn't punish me for that, or rather that they shouldn't. After a few minutes of driving which threw me around a good bit, the vehicle stopped and I was hauled out of the back seat. They kept the hood on, but I was pretty sure I was near the Discipline Institude, the officer's headquarters. I'd only ever seen that from a distance. Common rumor said that the place smelled like boot polish. This place I was in reeked of it, so that was a pretty fair bet. I was unsure of what would happen, but I knew it couldn't be good.