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Found 50 results

  1. Like the title says. Did your opinions of who's your favorite ponies change over seasons 1 through 4, or over time in general? I actually liked Rainbow Dash's energy and tomboyish nature (mostly her arrogance and pride) when i first started watching the show, making her my favorite pony. Around the second half of the first season i started liking rarity more because of her clever dialogues and delivery and, of course, her song (that's one of my top favorites). I eventually gravitated to Pinkie in season 2, in which her character was a whole lot more developed (in my opinion anyway). Did something similar happen to you? Doesn't have to be with the mane 6, could also be any background pony / princess you have in mind?
  2. Is the fandom divided? Not something I can answer in a single post, something that needs a lot of discussion I think. I'll get the ball rolling with my overly depressing take on things. The R34, the terrible (yet praised) fan-fic the militant attitudes of some, and the downright creepiness of what I will call 'elite' bronies be it popular musicians/youtubers whatever the people who form a tight nit community within the brony community itself and then set there own rules. Just spend some time on YouTube and elsewhere eventually you'll see what I mean. I can deal with all that. What russles my jimmies however is the increasingly fractured state of the brony community. Forming into sub-groups based on drama and ultimately leading many to become simply more interested in being part of a 'counter-culture' than being a fan of what they are in the fandom for in the first place. Twilicorn, equestria girls. And the one that russled my jimmies was actually the brony documentary. 300,000 dollars to be part of and excuse my language here but there is no other way to express this: a massive circle jerk of the community in a completely biased and sycophant fashion, that has caused me to lose respect for everyone involved in production as well as some of the brony community. I have avoided all fan bases since Pokemon generation one when I was still a nieve kid myself. The utopia of the fandom has either been lost or it was never there in the first place. I sometimes wonder if having found the show in total isolation of the fandom would have been better. Perhaps there is hope. To me the finding of the show itself merely a year ago was a small light in a very dark world. Well now that I've cheered everyone up. I'll end this post
  3. 10/17/18: I just realized this is a large cliche, so please don't read this, read something worthwhile, like Harry Potter, or some of the other forum sections. See ya! I got a new episode idea (sorry if it was already thought of, I just thought about it and thought to post it before I forgot.) So, it's a scenario where a pony (or another person from another race from the show, like Discord [but I think he wouldn't do that]) thought to try to revive a "dead" character from earlier seasons (I think the most likely candidate to be King Sombra) with rare relics. But, for help, they use a spell or potion on one of the mane six (I think Twilight would be the pony for the job) to do their bidding, and help the, you know what, I'll just call the pony or someone else Jimmy. So, to start where I was, Twilight or someone else would help Jimmy find them. (I don't really care what the relics are, I just hope it will make sense) So, the rest of the mane six, maybe having some help from people like Celestia or Luna. I haven't thought of anything else for the episode, but I think it would be a good idea for the show. (I haven't watched Season eight, so I don't know if it already happened). I know this is kind of sloppy, but I just typed it quickly. Sorry for the sloppiness! (thank you for changing the section TheTaZe, I didn't know what place was the correct spot for this) addition #1: after finding them, the Mane "Five" would try to stop Jimmy and Twilight from finding the relics, or if they were already found, to stop them from using them and securing them for safe keeping or to destroy them. I also thought of the relics: 1. The Alicorn Amulet: I thought this would be a good idea because it corrupts Ponies, and that it uses Dark Magic. 2: The Greed Stone: a stone that makes Ponies greedy for power or for wealth. if others can help me on the third relic, that would really help. as I think of other details for the episode, I will add them onto this. addition #2: I just thought of the last relic, but I'm stuck between what it does, It would be a spell book, but whenever somepony would start to read it, it would either start to make the reader insane, or the pony would start to distrust others and start to get weaker and weaker unless if the book is either destroyed or a special kind of flower would be consumed. I already thought of it and it would be called the "Trust Flower" for it's use against the book. But the flower would be very rare and could only be found deep in the Everfree Forest or deep underground. addition #3: Okay, I just thought of what would happen when the relics would be brought together. They would start to shake (ya know, any other time in mlp,) and then they would begin to rise up slowly up to two meters high from the ground, then would make a magical force-field that would go around the relics and the pony that brought them together, (note that something that was important to the person you were trying to revive would have to be in the center of all this) and beams would connect the relics (also note that the beams would be how thin a Double Stuffed Oreo would be, and the colors of the force-field would be dark purple with a small amount of green with it), then pieces of the pony or person you would be trying to revive would come together and create them again, but the down side would be that you would have to sacrifice your cutie mark, and that you would lose that special trait forever, unless the pony or person you revived would be killed off or destroyed. addition #4: So, to tell you guys what the force-field does, here is what it does. It basically blocks almost anything magical, like potions, and spells. But the only thing it isn't able to block is other ponies, meaning others can walk inside, but, whoever's inside the force-field will be able to fire off spells from inside, to offer some combative abilities for the pony who started it. But, the force-field would weaken only if Alicorn magic, or Dark magic, were to be fired at it, and it would only weaken by 2% every second it would be fired at. addition #5: I really don't know what to add to this, since I can't think more for it since school's here right now. I just hope this will get more noticed, and maybe gets turned into a fan comic. But, as we all know, it will never happen since this isn't the right place at the right time to post this. Time to see if there's another site for this!
  4. I harbor a ridiculous amount of admiration towards the show for creating such strong female characters, unmatched even by the likes of Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor in the most serious and well-written of adult fiction, in my opinion. That and the show has the most upbeat, optimistic and hopeful tone I think I've ever come across before
  5. This is a thread for da Wakfu TV Show!
  6. I never knew the parents names. I hadn't seen it from the start. Just only saw a part of it. Interesting they never mentioned anything about them. I wonder why? What do you guys think?
  7. so i have pondered this question for a while. How big do you think the ponies are compaired to humans? I've thought about it for a while, and i want to know what y'all think.
  8. This is a thought that I had while in school today. Mostly because it was so boring that I let my mind wander. So here is the thought. What if little Fluttershy was a single mother? Not suddenly in the middle of the series, what if she was one the first moment we met her. Like she had a little pegasus foal? What do you guys think? Would you like this alteration or keep her the way she is?
  9. I remember that before Equestria was united under a single banner, the Pegasi tribe had a militaristic society (or atleast seemed that way). Made me wonder if they ever made use of their weather manipulation abilities to hurt the other tribes. They were already suspected to be causing blizzards to prevent crops from growing, which would have indirectly hurt the other tribes. What do you guys think?
  10. Last night I was busy catching up on season six, and while reading off to bed I began thinking. Many of my assossiates have told me how they thought season six was the worst of the entire show run. Yet here I was laughing and enjoying myself just like every other season preceding. So here is my proposed question, is it possible to hold unrealistic standards or overanylize a show to the point where you lose enjoyment in it? We all enjoy My Little Pony, that's why we're here. It seems that over time however that some people have forgotten that it's a kids show at heart. That's why Y7 appears in the corner of every episode after all. Yet some fans, with religious fervor, will go beyond reasonable measures to prove that it somehow isn't. This isn't to say adults can't watch MLP of course, what I'm getting at is that some people hold the show up to a high standard it will never reasonable achieve. In this way I feel that this not only alienates others from watching the show but when someone holds that high of a bar the more furious they become when it can't reach that artificial standard. I believe this is where the people crying that, "Season one/two was the best season," come into play. Again this isn't to say that one can't hold that opinion. Only that it may be because of a certain bar they hold over the older episodes that somehow limits their enjoyment of those following. Then there are those people I feel may look too deep into the show for messages that don't exist. An common example I see is the season five episode Do Prinesses Dream of Magical Sheep. In this episode Luna is tormented by the Tantabus in her dreams as penance for the Nightmare Moon incident. The moral of the episode basically can be summed up to 'Don't beat yourself up over past events you can't change and move on to make yourself a better person'. At least that's what I got out of it, but some people find another message hidden there. They'll claim it's an allegory for self harm, and it is this manufactured message that has caused people I know to leave the fandom. I personally do not agree that this is what the message of the episode is at all, and is instead a warped one to fit what that specific person wants to believe. Again I direct you to the Y7 rating. I of course am not saying that children's television can't tackle mature subjects, but do you really think that MLP is trying to honestly teach little kids the ramifications of self harm when at this stage in life they wouldn't have even thought about such things? The message is about letting go of the past for those things that weigh on us, a relatable message as I believe we've all done things we've regretted. So there is my point, are people overanylizing a kids shownto the point of seeing things that aren't there? I'll step off my soap box now. This is just a topic that has been bothering me for a while now. Do any of you agree that some people hold too high of a standard for children's media or not? Let me know, I just wanted to spark a bit of an engaging dialogue. Have a nice day everyone!
  11. What i mean is: What is a lesson from the show which you can connect to that you know should be listening to but continue with your short comings? For example. I have said this multiple times but i don't follow with "Stare Master" The lesson with that episode is "Don't bite more than you can chew." But even still i overwork myself and setting deadlines for a lot of things but BECAUSE i'm doing so many things it's hard to follow those deadlines.
  12. I have often held MLP in to a high regard like I've never done to a TV show before. But I always feel threatened by the others' words saying it is imperfect, whereas I expect it to be, in a hyperbolic way, godlike. As my question implies, does MLP deserve to be erased from human memory because we are all angry with it being not flawless, or at least, because it's not like the "superior" shows that I probably have or have not heard of?
  13. It's my first time being here but I needed someplace to vent out. I've been trying to watch Season 6 but everywhere I look on EQD and here, all I see is nothing but hate for the season. I get reasons like Twi is acting OOC in NSP, ND was the worst conclusion for RD and all that. Honestly I get cardiac pains from reading, NO JOKE. It goes against my perception of the show and even though everyone's words are not directed at me, it's convinced me that my view of the show is wrong. Am I wrong in liking Season 6?
  14. This is the first fandom I've ever been in. I've always enjoyed any show in complete isolation, away from the world. I personally feel like my analysis skills when it comes to any show are not really like a professional critic, and I feel like because of that fact, my statements and perceptions of the show are wrong. Here's my own reasoning. "I like MLP (the general show and the episodes) for this and that but I have not-good-but-not-bad or poor reasoning skills to say why, therefore I am wrong. "I am able to deduce the flaws in the episodes, therefore my deductive reasoning is superior to everyone's and that I'm right. Conclusively, MLP is a factually horrible show and should be cancelled. At the very least it should be improved but the chances of that happening are absolute 0 because the writers don't care about what is good writing and they are in the wrong." I can't help if my analyzing skills are not good but I feel like everyone just shoots down my opinion even after hearing them. I don't feel welcome at all. Should I have unequaled analyzing skills so I can see the show for what it really is, even though I may not be capable of improving? Should I stop treating it lightly and treat it seriously because treating it seriously is the "proper" way to approach it and that I should never look at it with a lighthearted view?
  15. I know we're probably going to have a lot of, "No Alicorn Twilight!" and "No Equestria Girls!". So with those two aside, what would you change about Generation 4? Would you change the character goals? Personalities? Villain styles? Story-lines? What do you think you could contribute to the show? I think one of my longest running ideas for the show take the side of the SFM short, "Remembrance", but that's just me. What about you?
  16. I want to express my anger about this. I have been a fan ever since the beginning of S2 and have loved this show like I've never loved any TV show before. When I heard about the fans I firmly believed that I found individuals who have the desire to use this show's morals to improve themselves as well as the rest of the world. But now with all the recent criticisms made by the fandom towards every last episode in S6, I am really starting to believe otherwise. I have a lot of questions about this. Is the wish to enjoy the show and take its optimism to heart a lost cause? A dream that is only conceived by naïve fools? Have I wasted approximately 4-5 years watching an imperfect show? Was my decision to watch the show a squandering of my life? Are the VAs and staff whom I so admire wasting their talents on this? Is the fandom really right about the show going down the drain? Is My Little Pony one of the worst, no, the absolute worst thing to ever exist? Most importantly, should it all just disappear so there is one less imperfection in the world, TV quality shall soon be completely destroyed leading to its sad demise and the world should just go back to tearing itself apart? I already missed Flutter Brutter and Spice Up Your Life and I am already too frightened by even watching a second of them because all that I will see afterwards is nothing but slander about them and that of all the future material of the show. If you want to shoot me for being a coward or whatever reason go ahead. I don't care anymore what happens to me because I feel so worthless enjoying S6 as well as all the other seasons when everyone else has nothing good to say anymore. I am on the brink of abandoning the thing that I so dearly loved and I don't know what to do. Not that anyone here has anything supportive or encouraging to say.
  17. On Wikipedia, it said that the major antagonists of MLP: FiM were Nightmare Moon, Discord, Queen Chrysalis, Tirek, andy my opinion of the best and baddest villain, King Sombra. Who do you think of these major antagonists has done the most evil thing in Equestrian history? Here are some pointers: Nightmare Moon: tried to destroy the Elements Discord: Turned Ponyville into an upside=down world Chrysalis: Invaded Canterlot with her Changeling army Tirek: stole everpony's magic King Sombra: enslaved the Crystal Empire, and also made it disappear for 1000 years.
  18. Now I want to vent out something else. I don't need to explain any further but the sites I mentioned in the title? There are nothing now but hateful comments regarding season 6. Look at this. This is isn't exactly the first time that I've seen it happen on Season 6. In fact I suggest looking at the different announcements regarding the other seasons. I will never understand and accept why people just go spit on the episode before we see it with our own eyes. I used to frequent these sites, but now there are these kinds of comments everywhere I go. Here are just some examples. Fire all the writers NOW Kill every last one of the characters because they're all out of character Cringe, cringe and more cringe. The use of this word makes me want to kill someone. NO JEST. Morals are all screwed up aka Newbie Dash The show is degrading and the movie will be the final nail in the coffin, period. I could probably name a few other types if I can remember them now. Bottom line is: the entire fandom is starting to really want all of these things to happen. WHY? I DON'T KNOW! Why cannot we just enjoy this show again like we did in the past?
  19. Rainbow Dash holds the Element of Loyalty. She is fast, adventurous, and VERY loyal to her friends. One of her best friends (and colt-friend), Soarin, have spent some time together. (and some people have written SoarinDash fanfics, too). That said, what do you you think Soarin's Element of Harmony would be? Some possible options: Allegiance Faith Devotion Honor Soarin approves of this post. Do you, too? Start putting in some options!
  20. So if any of you have seen the episode Power Ponies, you know that Rainbow Dash became Zapp, who could control the forces of nature. But what if she battled Thor, the god of thunder? Would Zapp/Rainbow Dash win, or would she lose?
  21. seriously I feel like to be a brony you have to have this whole culture around you of buying the toys, ponifying everything, and that you can't just be oh I dunno.. just someone who watches the show. I am pretty much just someone who watches the show. I used to be a flash animator so the graphics fascinate me, as well as the in depth storylines.. sometimes the community makes me cringe a bit I will admit. Then again I'm the guy who thinks that people like tirek and iron will should be love interests so who am I to call out others lol.. anyways what about you guys? Anyone here "just" watch the show?
  22. Okay, so. I've watched every episode of this show, and I was captivated with the first and second season. Third season, I felt a little rush. And the most recent two. Even more so. I feel like there is a lack luster, to the show, It used to be so new, and original. I felt as though I could use the lessons learned by the characters and apply them to my own real life problems. But lately, I feel like the characters are making the same mistakes, just different situation, same problems, the elements of harmony are just getting into the same situations that they have to rediscover the lessons. Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel like the show is losing it's edge. The edge of originality. Don't get me wrong though, the show is still good, I just feel it's lost that spark it had that got me to love it. I felt like if Faust came back, things would be different, and apparently she's been working on the new episodes? I don't feel like anything's changed. I feel like it's still getting dull. There are of course great episodes, like slice of life. But I feel over all the tone of the show's changed. I'd love to hear what you all think, and how you feel about it. I'm going to say this right now. I'm not trying to start a fight, I'm not trying to upset anyone. I'm only putting my feelings about it down, do not hesitate to disagree, and put in how you feel about the show. Thanks
  23. I'm a bit behind on the show at the moment, I haven't been keeping up since season 3 and I'm just now getting around to finishing season 4. This got me wondering though whether or not I was a minority in being a less dedicated viewer around these parts. Not to say that I don't enjoy the show, my interest in it has simply waned since season 3. Anyway, I'm curious. How many of you have finished the show? When have you guys started watching? Which seasons have you completed and which ones have you not completed?
  24. Now that the newest episode has aired and the second half of season 5 is going on a hiatus, what do you think of season 5 so far? To me so far I think it has been pretty amazing and it keeps getting better with each episode. There were so many references to past seasons, lots of background characters being in the spotlight and so much more. Out of all the 13 episodes that have been out, only 2 were not pretty good in my honest opinion. What are you thought's about season 5? Any favorite moment, episode, or character's that were shown throughout the first half? Also what are you thoughts or expectations of the second half of the season when it comes back from hiatus?
  25. I never really considered there to be a 'seriousness level' to watching My Little Pony. But people always seem to need to attach an arbitrary system to base how much you like something. In varies places where I have placed a well thought out topic, some people would always put: "You take MLP to seriously", or "I don't take it seriously enough to care". So screw it, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Would you say you take mlp seriously? Do you analyze episodes for continuity? Do you notice plot holes the moment they are presented and try to tack an explanation onto them? Does the lore interest you, if the source is official of course? Or maybe you take it at face value, as just a Saturday morning cartoon, a good show that you enjoy watching. You don't really care about inconsistencies and just chalk it up as 'cartoon logic'. You never get deep into analysis and brush it off if you cant explain it quick enough. Your enjoyment isn't bogged down by Plot Holes or shaky reasoning. *cough* Celestia *cough* Or possibly something in between?