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Found 14 results

  1. Yeah so, I have three younger siblings: a brother who's two years younger than me, a brother who's 5 years younger than me, and a little sis who's 11 years younger than me, I still live with them duh. I'm just curious how many of you guys have any siblings and if you live with them or not.
  2. Any of you guys here have really annoying, bothersome siblings that won't leave you alone??? Well here's someone to relate too.
  3. You know, I'm going to get my brothers for this. In case you guys didn't know, I'm only able to eat certain foods. So when my little brothers decide to take all of the rest of that certain food, then leave half of that to rot on the table, THEN I have to clean up that (It mocks me as I carry the plates to the sink)... *sigh* Now I have to cut into my sleeping time to make more for tommorow. So any suggestions on how to hide food that needs to be refridgerated? I'm getting sick of this and I don't want to wake up again with nothing to eat for breakfest or lunch. Any ideas? I'm three steps away from taking the food container, putting it in a cooler, filling it with ice, and hiding it in my closet.
  4. This post is a sequel to my post about Spike and Smolder being long-lost siblings: Remember when Smolder said she had a brother that she was glad to get rid of when he went through his molt phase? If Smolder was still around during that, then she has an older brother, and me, along with many others were thinking, what if Garble is Smolder's brother? And since I think Spike is Smolder's long-lost brother, that would extent that Garble would be Spike's brother too! DUN DUN DUN! :O I think this would work fantastic! Know why? Cause Spike and Garble have been arch-nemeses since Dragon Quest, and how would the two of them feel if they were actually siblings this whole time? Smolder would play as the neutral party in this regard to try to get them to get along, but Garble just won't accept a "pony dragon" as a brother! But then some kind of phenomena happens that would persuade Spike and Garble to finally get along! What kind of phenomena would that be? Well that's up to the writers to decide! This could be Garble's way of reforming (if he does)! Now I'm NOT asking you how likely would this be, I'm asking you what would you think about this scenario?
  5. I've two younger brothers, and both of them are good and obeying, well most of times. Sometimes they become super annoying. They fight, they shout, they become annoying in every possible way. Then sometimes I get really angry and try to stop them sometime by words, or sometimes even by force. My mother kept telling me, that I should be more tolerant to them, but you know it's not easy, when one have such a low temper. So I ask you ponies, is being eldest sibling is hard, or it's just me.
  6. Welcome to the Shining Sparkle fan club! A fan club devoted to Twilight Sparkle, and her brother, Shining Armor. Do you ship the two? Do you simply love their cute interactions? Maybe BBBFF is just your favorite MLP song? Well buddy, you've come to the right place! Let's clap our hooves for Shining Sparkle!
  7. It has been announced that Rainbow's parents are Windy Whistles and Bow Hot Hoof. This new information eliminates the question of Rainbow having any living parents. However, it does bring up the question; does Rainbow Dash have any siblings or is she an only child? I'm leaning towards Rainbow being an only child. Why do you ask? - All sibling scenarios with the main six have been explored, apart from the only child point of view. - Rainbow Dash takes on the role of acting as Scootaloo's sister/mentor. Why would she want to do that if she already has a sibling to look after and participate in events with? - Rainbow Dash is very independent and competitive. If she has a sibling, surely she would have boasted about all of her accomplishments to her sibling somewhere in the series by now. - Rainbow Dash doesn't seem like she would be sibling material, with her living style, personality, and awesomeness acting as an example. - If Rainbow had a sibling, I could see her being overly protective, causing her to check up on her sibling very often. Of course, these are just my thoughts and opinions. What do you think? Do you think Rainbow Dash has a sibling/siblings, or is she an only child? Feel free to let me know your thoughts below.
  8. Do you watch MLP with any of your family members, like parents, siblings, cousins, or maybe even your friends, or relationship partners? What do they think of the show, and what are their points of view on it? I watch MLP with my mom, and even though she's not in the fandom cause she doesn't follow anything, she doesn't read fanfics, she doesn't listen to music, or look at the art. She just watches the show, and enjoys it! She doesn't make a big deal over it, but she gets pissed when I watch an episode without her! XD She has some opinions of the show that are common with mine, and some that are different! Fluttershy is her favorite! She also really likes Rainbow and AJ! She doesn't like Pinkie cause she's too hyper. She has mixed feelings with Twilight, and she's okay with Starlight. She doesn't like Discord. She likes all the CMCs, and she likes Scootaloo best mainly cause she pities her and thinks she's an orphan cause her parents never showed up on the show. She likes Spike as well! She doesn't like Rarity though cause she's a drama-queen, and she doesn't like how she treats Spike, much like my opinion of Rarity. I DO like Rarity! I think she's a good character, and her drama queen moments are funny! But I agree that I don't like how Rarity uses Spike's crush on her to get him to do stuff she wants, which is pretty much why I want the crush to end. My mom does although like Flurry Heart, and the entire Apple family, and all of the princesses! She likes Celestia best because she's colorful! How about anybody you know? What are their opinions of the show?
  9. It's a different dimension. Lauren and her succeeding minions have chosen to give a sibling to one of the other Mane 6 that isn't Twilight Sparkle. Ignoring the obvious changes and complications it would have for everyone's favorite wedding episodes, if one of the other Mane 6 were to have a sibling suddenly be introduced, much like how Shining Armor was with Twilight, which pony would it be, and what would the sibling be like? For me personally, the thought of Rainbow Dash having an older brother appeals to me, as a head-canon concept. She's a loose cannon most of the time; she's competitive, brash and can have an inflated ego. Ergo, I can imagine her having an older, more mature, cool cucumber of a brother who tries to keep her in check, attempting to keep her on as short a leash as possible best he can when he's around, to various levels of success. All for her best interests of course, to make sure she doesn't overdo anything, or accidentally hurt herself. I can also completely see her getting flustered and embarrassed at any and all affection or talking to's he attempts, as she thinks she's 'far too cool' to be seen being hugged or scolded in public Eh, just seems like it'd be an interesting relationship. How bout ya'll? Can be any of the mane 6, even those who already have a younger or older sibling. Just brainstorming and discussing, here ^^ Being a hypothetical version of the show, each of the mane 6 don't 'have' to still have the siblings they have in the real show.
  10. I've mentioned this a couple of times before. But after seeing "Brotherhooves Social" I've been thinking about this for sometime and I think that they should change the name from the "Sisterhooves Social" to the "Siblinghooves" Social. That way Stallions and Colts can participate in the event and they won't have to dress in drag to participate. I can also imagine having ways to adjust the event so it can accommodate for Larger Stallions such as Big Macintosh such as test of strength or something like that. They can also accommodate for ponies with 2 or more siblings such as the Apples and Pies Also that way ALL the Mane 6 can participate: -Twilight Sparkle teaming up with Shining Armor -Fluttershy teaming up with Zephyr Breeze -Pinkie Pie teaming up with Maud, Limestone, and Marble -Applejack teaming up with Apple Bloom and Big Macintosh (not "Orchard Blossom" but as himself) -Rainbow Dash teaming up with Scootaloo -Rarity teaming up with Sweetie Belle -For laughs they can probably have Derpy teaming up with Dr. Hooves. Each of the ponies would still be competing in teams of 2 however those with more than 2 siblings can "Tag out" before certain events so that all the siblings can have equal participation. It would also make for personal interaction between 2 specific siblings such as Applejack and Apple Bloom, Applejack and Big Mac, Big Mac and Apple Bloom, Pinkie and Limestone, Pinkie and Marble, Maud and Marble, Maud and Limestone, or Limestone and Marble. However, ALL siblings will partake in the hurdle race towards the end. Hopefully for the event, Big Mac will train to actually jump hurdles. As for who wins it's fair game. Do you think they should change the name of the "Sisterhooves" to "Siblinghooves?
  11. Who is your favorite combination of siblings in MLP? Why so? Or can you not choose only one?Personally, I love Applejack and Applebloom the best. This is more of a recent development over the past week or so, however, I now solidly support them because I feel of all the sibling relationships, they are the closest, and the cutest. Twi and Armor are incredibly close no doubt too, but Twi as well as the shows' audience have seen very little of him, so that's my thoughts on that.Applejack to me is just the ideal big sister. She's wise on sibling relationships, as she showed Rarity how to better her own relationship with Sweetie Bell, she's playful, kind, fair and overall an extremely good role-model. They're just super cute :3--One other thing that you can mention, if you'd like, is any characters you view as siblings who are not by blood. If there are any non-sibling ponies you see as having a sibling-type relationship, then mention them too!Dash and Applejack for myself. They're competitive but also very good friends. To me they represent a sort of a classic 'Sisters who get on each others nerves as much as they get along' situation.
  12. I've been thinking about this for a while now (since a certain event in WoW where my brother was rude) and I'm wondering what it would be like with a younger brother or sister or an older sister. With an older brother I can't complain all that much. Since he's older he's always kinda been a role model for me. I copied his character names in games, his lego creations and even ate food the same way he did. But we wouldn't always agree, so we'd fight a lot. Mostly physically so he'd win a lot because we're 8 years of difference. Now that I'm a bit bigger I stand somewhat of a chance, though we rarely fight physically anymore. I quite often annoy him with my achievements but that's, again, because I want him to be proud of me. We play games together, even though rarely now because he's turning into a adult (x.x). He sometimes lets me go out with him and his friends but he has no interest in my friends. Well that's about all that's notable with an older brother, so why don't you guys describe what it's like to have an older sister or a younger brother or sister? Or if you don't have siblings, what's it like to be an only child?
  13. What do your siblings (brothers, sister, in-laws, stuff like that) think of your brony/pegasister-ness? Are they freaked out? Are they bronies/pegesisters along with you? Do they just think you're crazy? Mine kinda just think it's weird, and are annoyed when I talk ponies. (I only have sisters )
  14. Not online. In person. Even if it's subtle, is there anything about the show that's made you do or think about altering the way you act to certain other individuals in your life? Whether that be friends or family. I got the idea from a very emotional Luna and Celestia video that I shared in the master video thread. I chatted with it on an individual basis with Hayze, of which she had already seen. We briefly talked about it. So what about everyone else? What sort of impact has it made on you? Do you have any siblings that you've thought about thanks to the shows' several pairs of siblings, or maybe the outgoing personalities of some of the character have gotten you to do the same. Anything at all, as long as it has to do with your interactions with others, irl. Lastly, if a topic like this already exists, can the moderator kindly merge the topics, and edit my post to have all the text after this paragraph, instead of just locking this thread? I searched but didn't find anything directly related to this. Here's my little story: To me, the unspoken surrogate sister relationship between Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash best fits mine with my sister, for a multitude of reasons. She's ten and I'm nineteen in a few weeks. Sometimes it's hard to find things we enjoy doing together because of the bizarre kid to young teenage-adult age difference, but there are some things. She's always looked up to me, and is always interested in what I'm doing, and if there are times she can simply hang out. Sometimes she even likes to come in and draw while I lazify myself and play video games. In that admiring sense, she is a lot like Scootaloo. In the past, I on the other hand, often forget that, and end up ignoring or brushing her off. Like Rainbow tends to take Scootaloo for granted. Or at the very least, treating that time she wants to do something as not that important. It doesn't help that we have very different personalities. She's outgoing, I'm not in the least. However, I've been trying a lot more in the last two months to try and acknowledge that time more, and do the offering myself, not just waiting for her to come to me. I feel I could do more, and I want to, so we'll just have to wait and see what else I can come up with.