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Found 9 results

  1. Here and other Picture of my personal OC. What do you think?
  2. Well, lately thought abut further has been heavily on my mind. Even so that maby forgot the her and now. But I think it all going sort out in the end. On matter of new's. My art works are making slow steady progress. And i even got bit further in my flash study's, however have nothing show for it. I basically just learn how use some tools in it to paint pretty picture and still don't know half of the program. But am learning, i hope one day that i will be able make something. On side of me making videos. I made one silly dub video this weak. And do enjoy doing them. Is just fun to record and do your own voice overs, and also give one allot of practices on the way of the voice. Here's link haven't seen it already.
  3. Resonantly been thinking allot abut my friends and what they think of me, not only friends i have hear but dos i have at other place's asswell. Gauss am just worrying abut it to much, but some time just want try figure out if they all begin honest with me. This thought wouldn't be so much of trouble i gauss if weren't for fact that i get so warn down by thinking abut it all the time, and just worrying. But gauss that the prize have pay if care abut people. You can't help gating involved i suppose. Oh well, is not like will die because of it. But would lighten loud, if just could late it go, and just straighten things out.
  4. Focus, i never felt i head any kind of focus in my life what so ever. And do wonder how have affected me as a person, has it been for better our the worse? To be honest, i have no clue. But wonder what would become of me if head one mine thing i spent all my energy at as young school student. And wonder where would be if i head a one track mind? Some time could probably use bit of focus. But i do believe wouldn't be same person i am now, if weren't for my chaotic past.
  5. Sony

    i drew this

    When i was drawing Sig Hoovestrong's oc when try the first time it was difficult but last night i was trying it again and it went well but the cutie mark is very difficult to draw so I'm going to continue on that but this is what i got so far so if your reading this Sig i hope you.understand
  6. Well here let's installment of my little youtube series. If want to peace comment and like our dislike the video's.
  7. Sketch Pad ThouLovesRainbowDash Silver Herald Dsanders
  8. There we go, now have have my own jousting armor.
  9. Well thought would make blog where can give up to date of few projects i have done. So here some let's videos, comment and like our dislink. October 18, 2013 October 20, 2013 October 30, 2013