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Found 11 results

  1. I recently made a collection of 'creature' sounds, and I would like you magnificent pone pones to guess what I used as a source sound effect to make the sound file. It's a dumb idea, but honestly, I'm just curious to see if people can guess where I get the bases for some of my crazy files from. Anyways, audio file is right HERE! Soundcloud link.
  2. Good day ponies! just as you heard! post any thought that comes to your mind and if you wanna post a silly image that will be alright! here's the place where you can say whatever that comes to your minds and dont be judged! you can talk about games, MLP, tv shows movies, ANYTHING you wanna post just remember to keep it clean and not NSFW please, you can also reply other's comment as long is it respectful, ill start im thinking to change my liver for a can of beer
  3. I am going to collect some of the sillyer parts of the fandom(s) & Forum. Then read stuff in silly voices(Click here to hear) I just want stuff to read, or you want to opt out, let me know. otherwise, yeah =D
  4. Yeah, Chuck Norris' Facts still exists, and is since 2005, I guess. Because Internet. First of all, this has nothing to do with the Mary-Sue conspiracy with main characters. This is just to have some fun and share creative ideas. #1) In the episode The Return of Harmony part 1, Twilight's all-fixing magic didn't "work" just because the backstage and the animators begged her not to do. Rules Inspired by Twilight:
  5. This is sort of in response to Bendy's thread How many would support the invasion of Equestria? though I actually came up with my own silly question several days ago. Okay, let's turn the situation slightly on it's head. Say that you have been tasked with re-establishing Equestria here on planet Earth and you have marshalled the brony hordes to conquer a single country in the name of ponykind. Which (unlucky or lucky) country would you select and why? I think I would probably go with my native UK: not too big, not too small, the population are already used to a monarchy, and there's a variety of temperate weathers and plenty of clouds for the pegasi Failing that...probably Switzerland for its picturesque landscape and story-book charm EDIT: Don't worry too much about the already-present civilian populace, assume they will be treated well/as good as ponies/possibly get to become ponies if they stay
  6. First, there are no tacos! See how diabolical I am? Tricking you into looking at this page with an empty promise, that all ready makes me as evil as a candidate running for congress! But moving on... So I initially thought of joining up with these ponies: But they weren't evil enough! So I'm starting my own "Evil Council", which will be called.... If interested please submit you resume below, and include one act of utter evil you have committed recently and one professional reference ( from someone certified as evil by a group of evil peers ).
  7. So my question is this. In the final episode of the final series, in which the mane 6 has to go up against the most powerful and unforgiving villain in the series which is threatening the fate of the entire universe (or something over the top like that), what music would you have playing in the backdrop? This is basically asking for the most epic, mood setting music you can think of, while still sounding like it could belong in Friendship is Magic. This would be mine: The final boss music for Mario and Luigi: Bowser's inside story. I can't really describe why, it just feels right.
  8. Hello everypony! Due to the recent number of Applejack episodes, I figured a discussion about Applejack is order. Not a discussion about whether she is best pony, or if she's getting too much screentime, but rather a discussion regarding her education, or lack thereof. APPLEJACK IS EDUCATED ARGUMENT: Applejack claims to have been "the last in her class" to receive her cutie mark in Call of the Cutie, much like Big Macintosh and Granny Smith. However, in Family Appreciation Day, Granny Smith tells the story of how the Apple family helped found Ponyville. In this flashback, Granny Smith is shown to already have her cutie mark, despite living with her family away from civilization. So, naturally this means one of these facts cannot be true. Applejack is also able to read and write; skills typically taught in school. Applejack also has a good understanding of business skills (thanks PonyEcho, I forgot about that!) APPLEJACK IS NOT EDUCATED ARGUMENT: Applejack has also found relatively simple mathematics to be confusing (Applebuck Season). Applejack is never shown attending school, and has never mentioned it other than in Call of the Cutie (It is also unclear if what Applejack says is factual, as Family Appreciation Day causes a continuity error). Despite living in Ponyville all their lives (and going to school together according to Applejack), Applejack and Rarity do not seem to know each other in the pilot episode. (Friendship is Magic, Part 1 & 2) So, here is my question to everypony here: What do YOU think? Do you think Applejack is educated? Do you think she is not educated? Why? Remember: No flaming, no insults, no trolling. Also this is a silly discussion. No need to get too serious!
  9. Hey all! I know from my last fanfic "A Fun Day" that I have at least one fan on this site, so I thought I'd post my new story, Pinkie Gets Wet. No, it's not what you're all. It is a nonsensical story of tomfoolery, quantum improbabilities, Rap battles, and mortal combat. Please read and critique! Pinkie Gets Wet Hope you enjoy, DWK
  10. A disgruntled human teen somehow ends up in Equestria. But it didn't nd up as he read in the HiE fanfics! As Twilight Sparkle and Lyra Heartstrings discover him, will they discover each other, too? Comments will be appreciated ;3 Thanks
  11. I had a rediculous idea earlier today. Feel free to ignore this topic or just delete it, but I thought I might share my idea. We all know that the Mayan calender ends on December 21, 2012. Mayans believed that the Earth had gone through several ages (4 I think), and another age will end on the winter solstace of 2012. Some believe this means a cataclism will happen, yet others believe it will be some great paradigm shift. Some believe it will be when we make first contact with alien life, and others think it will be when the rapture will happen. Now here is my rediculous idea. What if we, the brony community, are the paradigm shift. I don't mean that the entire world will become bronies of course, but what if our ideas of friendship, love, and tolerance begins to spread? Maybe one reason we are so willing to like the show is because we long for a better world? Maybe modern people are ready to change society, and give love and tolerance a chance? The way I see it, us bronies start doing good in the community. Charities, random acts of kindness, and just general goodwill towards humanity. People start to take notice, and start helping others too. It becomes a snowball of pay-it-forwards and kindness. Humanity takes a step towards peace. I know it is a rediculous idea, and hopelessly optomistic. I know that people will never lose their dark sides, and that kindness towards others can only go so far. But what if enough people are willing to be better? Now please tear apart my idea as much as you can. I am not used to being optomistic.