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Found 43 results

  1. Apple Bloom: Howdy everypony! Since Twilight decided to do questions with my sister and her friends, me and my friends decided to join the fun! Ask away! Sweetie Belle: Hello. Scootaloo: Hiya! Babs Seed: Heya, everypony! I'm visitin' the Apples, so I got plenty of time spare. Diamond Tiara: Greetings! Apple Bloom was gracious enough to invite us, too! Silver Spoon: Yeah! I can't wait to see your questions for us. Rules: No shipping questions. No hate questions against the characters. No inappropriate questions - they're kids for crying out loud! No one-word responses. Please be clear with your questions so our characters can answer them properly. No repetitive questions.
  2. Why wasn't the CMC, Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon not at Camp Everfree? Snips and Snails were there, and they should be the same grade or at least some of the same classes that they are, for what we know from Friendship is Magic. So why didn't they go?
  3. I personally love these two, as is probably obvious. But I am disappointed that for whatever reason they seem to have been cast aside with no intention of using them, it has been three seasons now. Why reform them at all if you have no plan for their future? Every other reformed character (sans Gilda, who did send Gabby in the first place) has been recurring and important. But Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon? All they get anymore is the rare background non-speaking appearance, and lately not even that. You'd think with how important in the CMC's story they were that they would get some interaction and run with them, but they don't. I just don't understand why they were thrown away as if they were one-off antagonists of no importance like the Diamond Dogs when they aren't. And I can't think of any reason that doesn't disappoint me or frustrate me as a fan of the two. Do you have any ideas why they've done nothing? Do you want them to return?
  4. Anyone upset that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon have only appeared in non-speaking cameos so far? I know we still have almost half a season to go, but it's still disappointing the writers haven't done anything with them. Both characters have plenty of possible stories and character development. Judging from the synopsis of the new episodes, it doesn't look like they will have a lot of screentime. Are any of you upset about the lack of the former bullies so far?
  5. Ok, I have another poll for two fillies that don't really get a lot of love. Diamond Tiara or Silver Spoon. Vote above and put reasons below. Like last time, here are some pictures. Do I really need to say who I like better? SPOILER: It's Silver Spoon.
  6. It's coming. The grumpiest, bumpiest, sugar-lump-rumpiest issue of Friends Forever like, ever. Because it totally stars the two most wonderful, amazing, wealthy, stupendous, beautiful ponies in Equestrian history. PREVIEW: So for those of you who love being special, and know how embarrassing it would be to be not special (I don't even want to, like, THINK about it), you should totally get this comic when it comes out on May 13. I can't wait...
  7. Has anyone notice in this scene, Silver Spoon's voice is deeper and lacks her usual valley girl accent? I find this interesting, it's as if she is only acting like a stereotypical valley girl just so Diamond Tiara would be her friend. Maybe I'm looking too deep into this, but I still enjoy these kind of little things. Plus I really like her possibly real voice. What do you think?
  8. We saw them together at the end of Crusaders of the Lost Mark, but are they really still friends? I can imagine Diamond Tiara forgetting about Silver Spoon after she befriends the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and Silver would be upset about it. It could lead to the CMC helping them out with their friendship problems and we get to see what Silver Spoon's talent really is, since we now know what Diamond Tiara's talent is; and if the two have anything in common other then being rich.
  9. Now it's kids lost in the woods during a school trip, seemingly written before Magical Mystery Cure: CMC edition, as the CMCs are arguing with the rich duo, and Scoots clearly lacks her shield butt
  10. Silver Laurel belongs to Krystal. She gave me permission to use her. Silver Spoon belongs to Hasbro. I don't know if Krystal originally considered having Silver Laurel and Silver Spoon related to each other or not. I know OC ponies should not be related to canon ponies, but neither of these are my OC, and I don't have control over what Krystal chooses to do. At least Silver Laurel isn't married to a canon pony. Now, for the drawing. Based off of this:
  11. Good afternoon, everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! Sorry I'm a bit later than usual, but I was just starving and had to get some lunch after the new episode. Well now... that seriously just happened. And, I'm not gonna lie, it was kinda perfect. This was something else, really, even by this show's standards. A day we've all been waiting for for a long, long, LONG time has finally come, and quite frankly, in true DHX fashion, they did it better than really I think any of us could've hoped for. Got a lot to cover with this one, so without further ado, this is "Crusaders of the Lost Mark." So given how much happened in this episode (and trust me, there was A LOT), I'm gonna change things up and review the three acts of this episode, before moving on to more miscellaneous items. I just feel it'll be easiest to organize it that way. Starting things off, we had the CMC resolving yet again, after a brief moment of doubt, to keep working to earn their cutie marks, until good ol' Pipsqueak (still best #1 fan of Princess Luna, I might add) showed up seeking their help for his campaign for student council president against Diamond Tiara. This of course leads into the election itself, which lasts about 5 minutes (most of that being a musical number), and results in Pipsqueak blowing out Diamond in a landslide, because it seems for once that all the other fillies and colts in Ponyville (and even Silver Spoon and Miss Cheerilee, GO CHEERILEE! ) are sick and tired of Diamond Tiara's usual bull crap and attitude and actually calling her out on it. Quite frankly, I can't blame them, as she was in rare form even by her standards in those first few minutes; she was basically a combination of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and every corrupt politician in Chicago (which is all of them), and basically did everything you should never do to win an election (at least in ponies faces, I mean, subtlety thy name is not Diamond Tiara ). Anyways, this was probably the most standard section of the episode, nothing really spectacular happened here aside from nicely setting up the rest, but there were still some nice things about it. There were some nice nods to continuity in their mentioning both Tirek and Discord's attacks in Ponyville, the two opening songs were nice, Pipsqueak is adorable as ever (and I seriously did not remember him being that tiny, HE'S SO CUTE!!! ), Diamond Tiara got a really satisfying comeuppance, but perhaps most importantly of all, this was all that the episode description was about. This impressed me, in hindsight. The episode description made it sound like the entire episode was going to revolve around the election, and going in I kinda assumed that at some point Diamond Tiara would blackmail the CMC or something into helping her. So imagine my surprise when that was all done 5 minutes in. A vote for Pip is a vote for adorableness Um, why exactly is super strength that everypony knows about something to be self conscious about, again? GIRL, YOUR TALENT IS TO BE A SUPERHERO, THAT'S BUCKING AWESOME!!! Best... campaign poster... EVER!!! Well done Dinky, you're making your mom proud This leads us to the second act of this episode, where it quickly started becoming apparent that this was no ordinary episode. No, it seemed that the CMC finally mustered up the courage and resolve to try and help out their longtime archnemesis, Diamond Tiara. Turns out, well, her life kinda sucks (material wealth not withstanding). We'd met her father before, but aside from being a neglectful parent, he didn't really explain her behavior; Filthy Rich, from what we've seen, while again being a neglectful parent and a bit too preoccupied with his business affairs, is all around a cool guy. He's a local whose family has been in Ponyville for a long time, he seems to get along just fine with all his neighbors, and an important fixture in Ponyville's community overall. No, no, apparently, as this episode taught us, Diamond Tiara's special brand of awful comes from her mother, Spoiled Rich. Oh goodness, Spoiled Rich, where do I even begin? This is one of the nastier minor antagonists this show has ever had. We've seen some snobbish Canterlot nobility in the past, but nothing quite like this. She was literally talking the whole episode about looking down on their "social inferiors," and when she wasn't doing that, she was blatantly emotionally abusing Diamond Tiara. It was taken so far, in fact, that I can't help but have some minor issues with it. The biggest reason I don't necessarily buy her behavior is because frankly I don't know how Filthy would've gotten with her in the first place, unless it was an arranged marriage. He just doesn't seem like the kinda guy, from what we've seen, who'd put up with someone like that, especially if she treated their daughter that way too. Minor quibble, though, for the most part I bought her, even if she was just a tad over-the-top in her awfulness. The message still hit home that oftentimes kids are bad or mean and nasty because of the environment they grow up in and what their parents are like, and it definitely helped paint Diamond Tiara in a whole new light quickly. You felt for her just like the CMC did (though quite frankly I'm a bit surprised that in a town as small as Ponyville, they'd never seen her mom before this episode), and they quickly decided to try to aid her in any way they could after it turned out that she really doesn't know what she's really good at, and is very self-conscious about it. This is a HUGE point in the episode, vastly important. You see, at the start they were happy to help Pipsqueak, but they also thought it'd be a good chance to get their cutie marks too. Obviously that didn't work out. However, when they decided to help Diamond Tiara, their mortal nemesis, more or less, they didn't mention their cutie marks at all. They just wanted to try to be good fillies and maybe friends with her, reach out to her when no one else, including Silver Spoon, would. It was a selfless act, and one without any intent to get their cutie marks. It also illustrated nicely how much all three have grown since they first befriended each other; they still cared about getting their cutie marks, but this season especially they've cared more so about helping others for its own sake, especially those who, like them, didn't understand their special talents. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, friendship!!! That moment they introduce a character worse than DT. Yeahhhhhhh, this b*tch was just the worst. How bad? She made me feel sorry for Diamond Tiara in 10 seconds flat after being introduced, I think that says everything you need to know. Bon Bon, honey, I know you apparently must have some money given how much we see you in Canterlot (and hey, I'm sure being a spy has all sorts of nice employment benefits), but you SERIOUSLY need to reconsider who you're hanging around with in your off time besides Lyra! Anyways, their attempts to befriend Diamond Tiara make some headway, ever so slowly, but things are almost all put to ruin when it turns out that Pipsqueak can't get the money to refurbish the elementary school's playground, and Diamond Tiara sees an opportunity to take back the student council presidency and go back to her old ways. Thankfully, however, the CMC talk her out of it through song (in a very impressively choreographed sequence, if I do say so myself, the music and the running chase scene went very nicely together and complemented each other well), and she chooses to try a different path. She chastises her mother and discovers that her special talent turns out to be getting ponies to do what she wants (which can manifest in a very nasty way, obviously), but in this case, when she was acting more positive, it turned into positive leadership. She was able to get the funds and labor to make their new playground a reality, and I thought that was a very cool spin on her talent and showing how talents can both be good and bad things depending on how we use them, because technically she still utilized it before, just in very, very nasty ways. In the process, she reconciled with Silver Spoon and her classmates, and ended up making some new friends and taking her first steps in the right direction. This is another minor point of complaint of mine, but her turn at the end was a bit abrupt for me. Not her doing the right thing, no, just how well she did it. It was like she was just a complete polar opposite self, and given the fast pace at times of the episode, that was just a tad bit jarring. However, for the most part it worked I thought, and like I said, I only have a minor, minor, minor complaint about it in that one scene. I won't lie, I didn't cry, but I wanted to SO BADLY!!! This, of course, leads us into the last act. Oh my, the last act. That was... wow, that was just wow. They got 'em. What else can I really say, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, after 5 seasons of trying their hardest to get their cutie marks, finally got them. It was kinda perfect, like I said earlier. They weren't trying to go them, they weren't doing the most ludicrous thing they could think of, they were just being great friends and doing what they've truly become good at, helping another figure out what their special talent is. That is really kinda perfect for their special talent, and it was set up quite nicely this season especially (but also in seasons past in episodes like "One Bad Apple"). On top of that, it really was perfect too that they got their cutie marks all at once. I think there was a window in earlier seasons where it would've made sense if they got them one at a time, but at this point, when they have grown so close to each other, they really needed to get them all together at the same time. It just makes perfect sense and was really the best way to handle it. And finally, the payoff itself was perfect. The whole town celebrated alongside those three. First their classmates, including new friends Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, along with their beloved teacher Miss Cheerilee, then the townsfolk (including my beloved Derpy, who I might add was one of the first ponies in town to happily spot their cutie marks ), and finally the Mane 6, including their sisters/sister figures. Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Applejack all had lovely moments with the CMC, my personal favorite being Applejack's simply because she actually mentioned their dead parents and confirmed very explicitly that they're no long with them. Yes it'd been confirmed by the writers before, but never did I imagine they'd be so explicit about it, and it was done very tastefully and had a very emotional impact, if I do say so myself. Applejack's not just a sister or sister figure for Apple Bloom like Rarity and Rainbow Dash are, she's also a mother figure for Apple Bloom, so it was just too lovely getting to see her celebrate Apple Bloom's achievement. The moment was perfect, the closing scene was perfect, the music was perfect, the celebration was perfect, the call backs to previous episodes with them were perfect, the whole closing act of this episode was just perfect and exactly what Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo deserved after getting their cutie marks. A whole new road is now open for them, and they can focus from now on on cultivating their special talents and helping other ponies who are struggling like they did for such a long time figure out what their special talents are. Well... that's basically all I got. A few minor notes before we close this review. I've only watched it once so far, so don't have any of the song titles memorized or anything, but I was very impressed by all the music here. It was lovely, nicely spaced, fit the younger characters starring in this episode very, very well, and probably the most music we've had in a single episode since "Magical Mystery Cure" back in Season 3. The whole pace of the episode for the most part worked well too, with again just a couple of minor nitpicks from me in certain spots. The animation as always was lovely, and I very much adore the Cutie Mark Crusaders' cutie marks, the color schemes and patterns just work perfectly and it's too lovely that they all resemble each other, just simply perfect for them. There wasn't a lot of humor by the show's normal standards, but that's very understandable here given how much was going on and how serious the issues at hand here were. All in all, this is probably... yeah, I'm gonna say it, this is the Cutie Mark Crusaders' best episode to date, and it was simply the perfect way for them to get their cutie marks and mark the actual 5th anniversary of the show (not to mention it was very nice that they let Amy Keating Rogers, who left the show after they'd wrapped up production this season, write this episode). It's weird to say you're proud of fictional characters, but quite frankly I can't help it, I'm proud of all three of them, and I tip my hat to DHX on a smashing job well done. Congratulations Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, you finally did it. You... did... it, and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for all three of you! Until next time, everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit*
  12. Just as much as, maybe even more than Diamond Tiara, the character development of Silver Spoon is one of the most requested things of this show. Diamond Tiara was obviously the brains of the group, but as of "Flight to the Finish", one interpretation of Silver Spoon's character interactions in that episode is that she was possibly beginning to feel bored or tired of Diamond Tiara's shallow ritual. When we get to "Crusaders of the Lost Mark", Silver Spoon becomes the first character to stand up to Diamond Tiara, who consequentially stands up to her mother and reforms despite being in denial of her self-identity conflict. However, while Diamond Tiara got a background and some future possibilities as a friend to the Crusaders, it's not known where Silver Spoon goes from here. Silver Spoon has no backstory, and we see little of her towards the end of the episode. One can infer that with her cutie mark being what it is (symbolically similar to Diamond Tiara's), Silver Spoon might have to go through a similar conflict. What do you think is next for Silver Spoon? Her own episode? Possibly going through the same conflict as Diamond Tiara? Will the Crusaders help her next? What exactly do you see being her future path?
  13. I had a funny idea for an OC, it's a secret sister of the character Silver Spoon. Silver is element 47, for the OC, I just used element 48, cadmium, here is Cadmiumspoon! That's my first OC ever, I think it took me about one or two hours, the cutie mark is a spoon made out of cadmium (I know, very creative). I mostly used metallic tones, but the eyes and the ribbon are orange, because cadmium is used to make orange pigments. I only made the design, but not a personality or background story, should I make her the hidden, nice sister, or a bully like Silver spoon. By the way, cadmium is very toxic and was used in cheap jewelry for children, maybe she could be like, that others don't want to touch her because she is poisonous, and because of that, she is very lonly.
  14. Hey guys, I've noticed that each season before season 5 has followed a set formula for character episodes/ Season 2 and 4 all basically have: 1) 4 two part episodes 2) 2 episodes for each of the mane six 3) Two CMC episodes 4) Two Spike episodes 5) Two mane six full cast episodes It appears they are trying to break this mold now in season 5, but there are still many SECONDARY characters that deserve their own episodes. I repeat, this is not for your own dime a dozen "Background characters and LUNA need more episodes", but actual characters that deserve more time. Here are some ideas of mine... 1) Big Mac DESPERATELY needs an episode, as so far we have seen little from him as a character. 2) Shining Armor/Cadence needs more time focusing on their relationship, or they could go another route and show Shining Armor's history with Twilight, and their deeper relationship. 3) Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon need focus on their relationship, and I for one would live for Silver Spoon to at least be redeemed. 4) Princess Celestia also NEEDS an episode. All we have seen so far is the blank, perfect princess and the occasionally bit of fun. We need deeper insight to her character. Give her an episode on her day off, or her struggling to cope with her duties. Just SOMETHING. 5) I would love to see an episode clearing up what exactly happened 1000 years ago. I would love to see something of the REAL Starswirl, in addition to clearing up Sombra some more. He seriously needs fleshing out. 6) Whilst this is already being touched upon slowly, I want to see more PARENTS. We have only had small glimpses at the parents of Rarity, Twilight and Pinkie, but I want to see an actual parental relationship episode, preferably with Rainbow Dash, Twilight or Fluttershy, or just clearing up what happened to Applejack's parents. Do you guys have any ideas? Which characters would you like to see? We could get an awesome thread going here, and I would love to hear your ideas on both what you want to see, and what you don't...
  15. Best pony has finally arrived! I'm sure you have a lot of questions, so feel free ask me anything! I'll try to keep on my best behavior. (Silverspoon will check in occasionally to make sure.)
  16. For those of you that read DT/SS fanfictions, or just happen to know a lot about them, what are the most common cliches and tropes that you see about the pair? Thus far, I think the major ones are dead/missing/absentee mother for DT, and SS secretly being kind and loving when she's not around Diamond Tiara. Any others?
  17. Hi! I'm Silver Spoon and I'm - like - totally adorable! Of course, I'm nowhere near as cute or as popular as my BFF Diamond Tiara, but what pony is? I asked Di if she wanted to be a part of this thread, but Diamond Tiara said she didn't want to waste her valuable time talking to a bunch of dorky humans who are obsessed with ponies. Plus, she said they'll understand a pony like me because I'm - like - one of you or something. Puh-leeze! Who does she think I am: Twist-a-loo? I'm a cool filly! How could I not be with a friend like Diamond Tiara? So, what are you waiting for? Ask me some questions!
  18. I was reading the Silver Spoon Fan Club last night, and I was inspired.
  19. Hello everypony I have theory / idea I'd like to present to you today! As you know we were recently introduced to Starlight Glimmer, who doesn't believe in cutie marks . Well I believe that an encounter with her could lead to Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon not bullying the cmc anymore. Why? Because while there have been other subjects that have come up [in their bullying], the main reason has always been the CMC’s lack of a cutie mark . If DT and SS are captured by a psycho communist unicorn, that sounds like more then enough to teach those two that it's not the cutie mark that matters - it's the pony who has it that matters . The CMC could learn something too.. Something about the value of cutie marks and turning rivals into friends. I'd honestly love to see an episode like this because I don't hate DT and SS. They just need some character development. What do guys think? Could this premise bring an end to the constant arguing or at least bringing it down to friendly teasing? What are your thoughts?
  20. Here's a theory I've been contemplating . Eventually the mane 6 we've come to get old or die ( it's a sad natural part of life ). I believe the 6 main fillies ( Applebllom , Sweetie Belle , Scootaloo , Babs Seed , Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon ). Will become the next mane 6. Here are the the elements I think they would be . Sweetie Belle = new Twilight Applebloom = new Applejack Scootaloo = new Dash l Babs = new Pinkie Pie Diamond Tiara = new rarity Silver Spoon = new Fluttershy . What do you think ?
  21. Well here it is guys going down to ponyville,part 1. Going down to ponyville part 1 The insanity empire daytime. It had been weeks since the battle with King Sombra. The arguing nations of the Lunar republic and the insanity had uneasy diplomatic relations through Pinkie pie. They came to an agreement that ponyville and they parts of the empire that wre farther from the everfreee forest back to the lunar republic this meant the inhabitants of chaosville had to go deeper into the forest. Discord was not exactly “ happy “ with this arrangement it wasn't the worst thing in the world. He and the elements of disharmony were actually enjoying creating the new chaosville. But Discord let his chaotic magic get out of hand. It created a huge portal he tri d to close it but another equally strong force on the other side was preventing him from doing it. The human world South Park Colorado Worlds away in a small town on earth . Five certain boys Stan Marsh , Kyle Brovlofski , Eric Cartman , Kenny McCormick and Butters Stotch were walking down the street. Their teacher Mr Garrison had told the class that they were to do an advanced science project and could work in groups . The boys got into their normal group . Kyle and Stan wanted to study honestly . Cartman and Kenny thought it would be easer to cheat and ask dr Methesto for help . “ I still don't think this is a good idea Cartman. You know this cheating and you remember all the times we asked Methesto for help things went wrong !” Cartman glared at his fiend “ shut it Jew ! I'm not gonna waste my time working on a boring science project!” Kyle muttered about how Cartman never did anything valuable with his time. Kenny who had his hood down chimed in.” Personally Kyle I get what your saying but Cartman’s right why would we waste our time when the solution is right in front of us?” Stan groaned he wasn't in the mood for their arguments.” Let's just get this over with..” Butters said nothing he didn't want to get yelled at. Soon the boys reached the large creepy house/ lab of Dr Methesto. They told him that they needed a cool invention . He and his assistant started to show them cloning ideas . Cartman soon got board and wondered off . He noticed a strange glowing machine and pressed a large red button on the top of it .” Hey what's this thing do ?” He asks . The dr and the other boys quickly run over.” That's my new dimensional transporter ! Don't touch it !” Unfortunately the pull had already consumed Cartman and the other boys who had since then run to close.. They screamed as they were pulled into the portal . Then everything went black. After what seemed like hours or days they came to. Stan lifted his head in pain. “ dude what happened ? Where are we ?” Kyle looked around. He saw a dark forest around them .” I don't know but I feel different.” Cartman got up “ yeah I don't know where the hell we are but I feel different too .” Kenny nodded . Butters who apparently had gotten up before any of them called to them from over by a puddle ,”fellers come look !” They ran over to where Butters told them to . They noticed walking felt a bit different then before . When they looked at their reflections in the puddle and realized they were no longer human. Kenny couldn't be believe it.” Dudes we’re ponies!” Stan was now a grey earth pony , Kyle was now a green unicorn with the same red curly hair in his mane . Cartman was now a Pegasus his hair and eyes were the same color . He was a bit less chubby . His skin was now red and his wings were small . Kenny was also a Pegasus he had a a blonde mane and orange feathers as well as the same blue eyes . Butters was a earth pony . He had a blonde mane and his body was a mix of blue and yellow . Cartman stated ranting .” Really of all the animals we had to get turned into fucking ponies ?!” He would've kept on ranting but Stan slapped him .” Dude calm down at least we're alive it could be worse .” Cartman sighed “ ugh fine I guess ..” He looked at his reflection again “ well me and Kenny can fly unlike you dweebs haha!” Kyle snorted “ are you kidding me your probably to fat to fly especially with those tiny wings!” This earned a laugh out of everypony but Cartman .” Ay screw you!????”. The chubby Pegasus growled . After the laughter died down . Kenny looked ahead .” The about a mile away there's a town !” They started for their destination . After trying to get used to walking on four legs they walked about a mile were they stood at the boarder between the forest and the new chaosville . They saw weird things like floating trees and houses , multicolored hills and ponies a d other strange creatures everywhere . “ this whole place looks like it's on acid I should know I've been on it .” Kenny muttered . Suddenly as they were about to go in a blinding flash of white lite Peter . Then standing in front of them stood Discord . He let loose a furious roar . The colts screamed in fear . Discord began to laugh .” You guys should see the looks on your faces faces ha ha !” Cartman reacted angrily . “ who the hell are you ?!” Discord chuckled .” I am Discord the God of chaos and the ruler of the insanity empire . You 5 are Stan , Kyle , Eric , Kenny and Butters I presume ?” Kyle molded still still shaking a but .” That- that's. Us sir but how do you know us ?” Discord laughed again “ oh trust me I know more about you then most people do …” Discord explains to them that there was a war going on between the forces of chaos and order . He also explained to them that he was trying to rebuild his empire when his magic went out of control and he accidentally transported them here and turned them into ponies . Apparently even though he'd been in stone during the time he used mind based powers to watch the boys grow up and knew every experience they'd had . Butters thought for a minute.” so if we’re stuck here I just have to know are there any rules .?” Discord smiled .” Of coarse not the insanity empire is ruled by chaos meaning that you you can do whatever you want !” Cartman , Kenny and Butters smiled .” Sweet “ Cartman laughed Stan and Kyle however were unsure what to think . Discord led them to a treehouse “ since you boys ate of the younger generation you'll be staying with the special forces operations team . The repo se was a synchronized “ cool “. They climbed up the ladder in hopes of meeting a bunch of cool colts but were disdained to find five girls in the club house . The girls were first to introduce themselves . Sweetie Belle trotted over to Stan “ hey I'm Swetie Belle who are you ?” Stan smiled and said “ I'm Stan Marsh nice to meet you .” Scootaloo walked over to Cartman “ hey I'm Scootalok cool to meet yo .” At first Cartman couldn't believe what he was doing . But he could tell by the look in filly’s eyes that she was someone he'd find cool . He shook her hoof .” It's cool to meet you to Scootaloo I’m Eric Cartman but you can just call me Cartman .” Applebloom award talking to Kenny and Butters about apples when Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon approached Butters .” Just ignore them .” Applebloom whispered to Kenny . Silver a Spoon spoke First . “ Hello I'm SilverSpoon pleased to meet you .” She says with dignity . Butters cautiously and politely shakes her hoof .” I'm Leopold Butters Stotch but just call me butters .” He said smiling sweetly . Silver smiles back . Diamond Tiara was about to introduce herself but then looked the flanks of all the colts . Then she whispered something to Silver Spoon causing her friend to glare at her .” I don't care Diamond ! After we teamed up with Sweetie Belle , Scootaloo and Applebloom we promised we wouldn't bully anypony anymore ! So I don't care if their blank flanks !” Butters looked at her strangely “ what's a blank flank ?” He asked ? Silver Spoon trend to look at him.” A blank flank is a pony who doesn’t have their cutie mark yet .” She explains . Kenny decides to interject .” What's a cutie mark ?” Kenny asks .” Y’all aren't from around here are ha ?” Applebloom questions flatly . The colts shake their heads . They all sit on the floor of the treehouse while Sweetie Belle explains what a cutie mark is to the colts .” A cutie mark is a mark that you get on your flank that tells you what your special talent is . Applebloom , Scootaloo and I got ours kinda recently . Before that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon used to bully us because we didn't have our .” Cartman grow,Ed “ they shouldn’t have bullied you guys just because you didn't have some stupid mark on your flank !” He exclaimed pissed off at the two rich fillies . “ says the biggest racist I know .” Kyle muttered . Cartman whipped around “ shit it Jew !” Kyle glared back “ I've told you a thousand times fatass don't make fun of my religion !” What's a religion Sweetie belle asks .” It's like a belief that a person has . Being Jewish or a “ jew “ as Cartman calls it is one of them .” The girls nodded somewhat understanding . Cartman leaned over and whispers something anti Semitic in Scootaloo’s ear causing the orange Pegasus to snicker .” You know Kyle from what I hear your religion sounds pretty dumb !”???? age laughs rather meanly .” Shut up chicken !” A New York accented voice calls from the door . Babs Seed see trotted over “ don't rip on the guy for believing in that you don't believe in !” She glared at Scootaloo and Cartman then glared at Butters , Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara who were snickering .” She sat down ext to Kyke . Applebloom smiled at her cousin .” Hey Babs it's great to see ya could make it !” Babs Seed smiles back “ hey Bloom nice to see ha again . Security in Manehatten was tough Rainbkw Dash and Lightening Dust almost got caught trying to get me out of there .” Apllebloom nodded . Babs was a bout to turn around but was tapped on the shoulder .” Hey thanks for covering me against those assholes .” Kyle said with a sincere smile .”” No problem I know what it's like to be both the bully and the victim so I felt I had to stick up for you when that dumb Chicken and her new fat friend were picking on you .” Babs responded with an equally sincere smile .” I'm Kyle by the way .” The green colt said holding out his hoof to shake hers .”Babs Seed accepted his hoof shake “ I'm Babs Seed nice to meet meet yo .” Kyle’s smile turned into a large grin “ Well Babs I think this is the start of a great friendship .” Everypony else agreed . The files asked their new friends what they liked to do . The colts responded with answers like Tv , video games and football Cartman was horrified to learn that equestria didn't have any of those things . But Scootaloo reassured him that that there were many just as good things to do in chaosville . She and the other girls decked to give the boys a tour of the town . Scootaloo was right the boys had a huge amount of fun . They bounced on the hills like bouncy houses , swung from the from the disfigured trees and skydived from the floating houses ,. Bad rating the chocolate rain that constantly poured down . They sent monster hunting and the boys caught themselves pets . Stan caught a manticore , Kyle caught a cocktrice , Cartman caught a Tiberwolf , Kenny caught a hydra and Butters caught a parasprite . Cartman and Scootallo started laughing because they thought the bug Butters and Silver Spoon had captured .” Ha Butters your pet looks totally gay !” Cartman laughed .” Yeah that has got to be the most not scary pet ever .” Scootalok agreed . The parasprite did not react well, . It ate all the food the two pegasai were carrying in one gulp . Everypony but those two laughed . They started yelling at their friends . The colts asked Discord to poof them up a football so they could show the girls his to play . They expected it to a easy win but their female friends showed themselves to have surprising Speed and agility in the end Scootaloo one the game by tackling Stan taking the.ball and doing a touchdown . When the babe need Cartman ran over .” Wow Scoots great jib tack along the hippie ! You’re a really good football player .” Scootaloo grinned smugly “ thanks chubs your not bad yourself .” She chuckled as they continued to trot towards their tree house home . Cartman was cough tiff guard by the new nickname if anybody else called him that he'd probably would've screamed at then but for some reason he didn't mind when Scootaloo said it . Now that they were all titled the boys asked Discord to give them a tv and video game system so that their friends could experience it . As they headed back with the tv Kenny called to Cartman and Scottaloo “ hey are you guys coming we’re gonna set this thing up and then watch a movie !” Cartman called back .” Yeah we’ll be thee soon ken keep our seats warm and don't let the Jew or the New Yorker eat any of our snacks !” Kenny nodded and laughed mat his fat friend’s joke . Then Cartman Turned to Scootaloo .” Hey scoots do like pranks ?” He asked curiously .” You know it ! What did us have in mind ?” She asked a smirk forming on her face . Cartman whispered something in her ear that made the female pegusus smirk grow what seemed like ten miles wide . Later that night The two youngsters snickered evilly as they put a piece of Timberwolf crap in a bag and lit the bag on fire . Then they placed it on the steps of Trixie’s trailer . Trixie who was practicing spells noticed the flaming bag and stepped on it to put it out then she realized she had stepped in Timberwolf poo . Cartman and Scootaloo howled with laughter from the bushes . Then they ran off as Trixie screwed with rage . Rainbow Dash who's friendly relationship with the unicorn had Turned into dating flew outside “ hey what happened ?” She asked scurried .” Those troublemaking foals Scootaloo and Eric Cartman made me step in Timberwolf dung !” Dash started to laugh “ aw yeah I met him today he's really cool and that prank is totally priceless !” She howled as she keeled over with laughter .” It reassures Trixie so much that you laugh at your mare friend . While she's hoof deep in shit ..!” Trixie growled sarcastically . Cartman and Scootaloo continued to do this prank to many of the empire’s residence . Things didn't go so well when they did it at the palace of Spike and Queen Chrysalis . Who had Garble chase them for a long time . After running for their lives and almost reaching the treehouse the duo stopped to catch their breath.. “ this was fun huh ?” Scootaloo said with a smile Cart,an nodded .” Yep tonight was really fun you know scoots sometimes I feel like nobody understands me I think you might be the first person er pony to really get me .” Scootaloo nodded and couldn't help but blush .” I honestly feel that way too . “I'd never thought I'd say this to anybody But Kenny but your best friend Scoots .” They stated heading home but before they did Scootaloo kissed Cartman’s cheek causing him to get his first ever wingboner . When they returned to the treehouse dumb and dumber was on .” Aw sweet I love this ml ie !” He laughed as sat down next to Kenny and Applebloom . But then noticed that Kyle and Babs Seed had food .” Kenny I thought I told you not to let them have our food !” Applebloom decided to pipe up “ sorry Eric but they said that if we didn't give them some candy that they would punch you guys and us in the faces . Ah really didn't wanna get punched so Kenny gave the snacks to the. .” Cartman sighed and went back to watching the movie . After the movie that they all found hilarious it was time to sleep . Butters was helping Silver Spoon take her glasses off . He blushed as he did .” What's the matter ?” She asked curiously .” It's just you look even prettier with these off .” He complemented her . Silver spoon giggled and lightly kissed him on the cheek . This caused the blonde cot to blush dark red .” Ew guys stop it !” Cartman whined .” Says the colt who got kissed tonight .” Scootaloo laughed “ sh- shut Scootaloo !” He growled . Kenny was about to continue the conversation but Stan stopped him “ alright ! We get it good night everybody er pony !” Stan was already curled up with Sweetie Belle so the other five got into their respective Paris and began sleeping . Diamond needed a place to sleep so she was allowed to sleep with Cartman and Scootaloo . The boys all agreed chaosville and equestria in general may not be exactly like South Park but it was just as crazy and with their new best friends by their sides they were going to love their new home . Remember guys vote and comment ( random viewer ) but don't wanna vore ! Me vote or die ! ( anyone get the reference ?) anyway vote comment and enjoy !
  22. Not really a comparison or a poll, just looking for insight. Obviously, there's not a lot of people that like these two. There are people that do, though, and out of them, i've noticed there seems to be a major split between the two characters. Pretty much everywhere, people either seem to like Diamond Tiara, or they like Silver Spoon, but not both. Most often, this comes in the two categories: 1) People who like Diamond Tiara, but don't really seem to care about or notice Silver Spoon 2) People who like Silver Spoon, but think Diamond Tiara is irredeemable At least, this is the format i've seen; out of the dozen or so of fanfics i've read concerning them both, youtube videos like this: forum topics like this: and so on. So, what's with the split in opinions? Discuss any part of this topic you wish. Some sample questions if you're not sure where to start: If you're in one of these categories, what side do you fall on? Are you somewhere else entirely? Have you noticed something different?
  23. Hi guys! I'm usually not the most outgoing pony, but I guess you have to start somewhere, and it might as well be here. So go ahead, talk to me. Or just ask me questions, and i'll try to answer as honestly as I can.
  24. The Crusaders have been driven over the edge with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon's constant harassment. Can they figure out a way to stop it? ~~~ "I can't take it any longer!" cried Sweetie Belle, slamming her hoof on the floor of the Cutie Mark Crusaders' clubhouse. "If those meanies throw one more insult at us..." "Calm down, Sweetie Belle," said Scootaloo. "I'm sure we can figure out a way to stop this. Start brainstorming, team!" Sweetie began thinking up ideas. "We could all move somewhere else!" "Nah, too much work," said Scootaloo. "Gals, how about-" began Apple Bloom, but was then promptly cut off. "Well, to another school, then?" suggested Sweetie. "Still too much work," replied Scootaloo. Apple Bloom continued trying to speak. "What if-" "I could teleport them far away?" suggested Sweetie. "Sweetie, you can't even teleport a feather one inch forward. How do you plan to teleport two ponies however far away it is you have in mind?" replied Scootaloo. "Would y'all..." Apple Bloom was disregarded yet again. "Let's have somepony else do it for us." "Good luck with that one." "May ah just..." "Let's give them cupcakes from Sugarcube Corner in exchange for not picking on us ever again!" "They'll probably just scoff them and then keep acting like pains in the flank." "GALS!" The Unicorn and Pegasus turned their heads to look at the Earth Pony. "Why don't we just keep our distance?" suggested Apple Bloom. "This entire time, we've just stood and watched them spew names. How can they call us names if we're not near them?" Her two companions blinked. "That... sounds like it could work," said Scootaloo. So that's exactly what they did. They stayed away from Diamond and Silver and were never bullied ever again. THE BUCKIN' END
  25. Silver Spoon watched her parents pack for their business trip. They already told her that she couldn't go along with them, and held their ground after constant begging. This experience was new to her. She had never been left alone in her entire life. Her parents didn't even have time to prepare food, so she had to learn how to cook or starve.The latter obviously wasn’t acceptable. "I'm going to go to Diamond Tiara's house," she announced before leaving. Her parents didn't say anything as they were too busy, and Diamond Tiara's house was only three houses down the street. Silver Spoon knocked on a fancy looking door three times. On the third knock, Filthy Rich answered the door. "Hello, Silver Spoon," He greeted with a smile. "Hello, Mr. Rich. Is Diamond Tiara here?" She asked. "She is, but I'm afraid you cannot speak to her. She has the Pony Pox." He explained. "I hope she gets well soon!" Silver Spoon responded feeling bad for her friend. She then returned to her house. "Was Diamond Tiara not home?" Her mother, Parfait Spoon, asked. Silver Spoon shook her head. "She was home, but she had the Pony Pox. This week is going to be so boring!" "Don't say that," her mother responded while smiling "I know you can survive a week alone." "I've never been alone in my entire life!" Silver Spoon complained. "I wish you could come with us, but the boss says he doesn't want any children on the trip. I wish it wasn't so sudden so I could at least get you a babysitter, but I know you’re old enough to be home alone." Her mother explained. "Honey! It's time to leave!" Her father, Caviar Spoon called to her mother. Her mother kissed her on the cheek and rushed out the door giving Silver Spoon a small wave of her hoof before mounting the chariot. Silver Spoon looked out a window, watching the chariot drive away, leaving her alone. She sat on her bed, not wanting the face the challenges of being alone. School would start in thirty minutes, but she didn't feel like going to school without Diamond Tiara to walk with her. She was about to go to sleep, but a thought came to her: 'School would be interesting even without Diamond Tiara, there are other ponies I can talk to.' She got up and made sure she looked perfect, before leaving for school. A lot of ponies stared at her, and she wasn't sure if they were admiring her beauty or shocked because she was alone. Silver Spoon had a strong feeling it was the latter. When she reached the school, the doors were still locked, so she took a seat on a bench. The bells rang, and Silver Spoon, along with all of the other school fillies, galloped into the building. A few minutes later, a second bell rang signalling that class was starting. Miss Cheerilee trotted up to the front of the class and began speaking to them. "Good morning, class! Today, we’re going to be talking about colors! Can any of you tell me the colors of the rainbow?" "Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet!" Sweetie Belle shouted without raising her hoof. 'Just my luck...' Silver Spoon thought to herself. She knew that Sweetie Belle's older sister, Rarity, was a fashion designer, so it was no surprise that Sweetie Belle would have good knowledge of colors. "That is correct!" Cheerilee announced at the same time as Silver Spoon was thinking. "Next question. What are the three primary colors?" Again, Sweetie Belle answered, "Red, Yellow, Blue!" "Correct!" Cheerilee announced again, "Now somepony else! What would I get if I mix red with yellow?" "Orange." Silver Spoon muttered quietly. "Silver Spoon, can you repeat that?" Cheerilee asked. "Orange." Silver Spoon repeated louder. "That is correct! Last question. What is white light?" "Light that is white!" Snips exclaimed laughing. "Not quite." Cheerilee said. "Light that contains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum at equal intensity." Silver Spoon answered when no one else would. The bell rang, and the little colts and fillies left the building knowing it was recess. Silver Spoon sat on her bench expecting peace and quiet, but a filly ruined it, Sweetie Belle to be exact. "How do you know so much about color?" "Leave me alone!" Silver Spoon shouted irritated. "My sister is a fashion designer, so she taught me a lot about colors, but how do you know so much?" Sweetie Belle asked. Silver Spoon rolled her eyes. She knew there was no way of getting Sweetie Belle to leave her alone except to answer. She took a deep breath and replied, "When Rarity was making a dress for me, she explained the importance of colors to me. At first, I didn't care, but she made it sound so interesting, so I was paid as much attention as I could to what she told me. She made me love colors so much that I wanted to be a painter. I wanted my cutie mark to be something to do with painting, but my cutie mark is useless. What is my special talent? Nothing! My cutie mark just means I get things hoofed to me. That's no talent!" Sweetie Belle noticed Silver Spoon's irritation, so she replied nicely, "You don't have to let your cutie mark control you. If you want to paint, then you can paint. Rarity's special talent isn't singing, but she sings sometimes." Silver Spoon giggled a bit before switching back to her irritated expression. She wasn’t about to let Sweetie Belle win, there was just no way. She didn't even have her cutie mark! Then she realized something. She didn't have to be mean to her, it wasn't like Diamond Tiara was around. She looked at the Crusader's flank and had an idea, "What if your special talent was being invisible, and you didn’t notice it because your cutie mark is invisible?" Sweetie Belle was confused, "Do you mean my special talent is being unnoticed?" Silver Spoon shook her head, "No, I mean the ability to become invisible. Just like Invisible Mare!" "You read comics?" Sweetie Belle asked surprised. "Um... promise you won't tell anypony!" Silver Spoon begged. Sweetie Belle nodded and said, "Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye." While doing the hoof gestures. Then she said, "Do you want to come over to the Boutique? Rarity is the Element of Generosity. I think I can get her to make you a new dress for free." "Element of Generosity?" Silver Spoon asked confused, she never heard of that. She knew Rarity had a reputation of being generous, just like Apple Bloom's older sister, Applejack, had a reputation of being honest. She had no idea there was an element for being generous though. School ended, and Silver Spoon followed Sweetie Belle to the Carousel Boutique. Rarity, who was wearing her red glasses, was drawing in a sketch pad and talking to a mare who appeared to be a high standing Canterlot Pony. Sweetie Belle led Silver Spoon into the kitchen, "There is plenty of food here, feel free to eat anything." "I want a cheese sandwich." Silver Spoon requested. "Then make it yourself!" Sweetie Belle said giggling. Silver Spoon looked down embarrassed, "I don't know how." Sweetie Belle laughed then said, "Really? You don't know how? It's easy! Take two slices of bread and put cheese in the middle!" Silver Spoon grabbed the bread and tried to open it to no avail, "How do you untie the bag?" "You just pull it." Sweetie Belle explained laughing. Silver Spoon pulled it and was surprised how the knot disappeared. She then went to the fridge to get some cheese. "How many of slices of cheese do you use?" Silver Spoon asked. "Two" Sweetie Belle answered. Silver Spoon opened the fridge and grabbed two slices of cheese, before placing them on the top slice of bread. She knew what a sandwich looked like enough to know that the cheese is supposed to be in the middle. She swapped the slices of bread, making the cheese in the middle. Then she took a bite. "How is it?" Sweetie Belle asked. "This is really good!" Silver Spoon exclaimed after she swallowed. "That's because you made it all by yourself!" Sweetie Belle said. "I did!" Silver Spoon realized. She had never made anything by herself, and she just made a cheese sandwich. Sure, she had trouble, but she knew with a little bit of practice, that she would be able to do things on her own. She looked at her flank and thought, 'If I can do things on my own, then my cutie mark would be useless, no! I can still have things given to me, but not all the time. I can do things on my own, but if somepony wants to give something to me, I will be grateful!' Sweetie Belle, who couldn’t read Silver Spoon's mind, sat in silence. She got up and told Silver Spoon, "I'm going to see if Rarity is finished with her customer." Rarity was sitting down disappointed. Sweetie Belle knew that Rarity had lost a customer, and she wasn't sure if it was the best time to request a dress. Luckily, she didn’t have to ask. Rarity saw her and said, "Silver Spoon wants a dress, doesn't she?" as if reading her mind. "Can you read minds?" Sweetie Belle asked. Then she remembered that her older sister asked a question, "Yeah, she wants a dress." "No. It wasn't too hard to figure out, she was looking at all of my dress designs. I know when somepony is planning to buy or when somepony is lurking." Rarity explained. "Can you please get her?" Sweetie Belle galloped quickly into the kitchen where Silver Spoon sat. Silver Spoon took the cue and trotted to the main room with Sweetie Belle. Rarity told Silver Spoon to stand on a platform before she measured her sizes. "Definitely not a warm color." Rarity muttered to herself while designing Silver Spoon's dress, "A lavender would go perfect." Rarity then asked Silver Spoon, "I am thinking light lavender. What do you think?" Rarity then levitated the dress design in front of her. "I love it!" Silver Spoon exclaimed happily. "Why don't you get the lavender fabric that you want for me?" Rarity requested, before explaining, "I wouldn’t recommend the ones in the back, I put the fabrics that are out of season there. The weather is getting warm, besides, the design is best with a thinner fabric, but not see through." Silver Spoon trotted to the fabrics and found the lavender ones. She felt each fabric until she found the one that was perfect. She then picked up the bolt and carried it to Rarity who cut out shapes in the fabric, and sewed them together with her magic. Silver Spoon watched in awe while Rarity made dresses as if it was nothing. "I would not recommend a warm color because it doesn't go well with anything. A dark color would also ruin your appearance. Grey would not accent you at all, but lavender will accent your eyes quite wonderfully," Rarity explained to her. Silver Spoon listened to the dress maker while watching her work. At last, the dress was complete. “Go ahead, try it on!” Rarity told Silver Spoon. She did as she was told and looked in a mirror, she looked absolutely stunning! Sweetie Belle planned on it being free, but she wasn't going to leave without paying for the dress. It was far too beautiful to be given freely. Silver Spoon grabbed a lot of bits out of her saddlebag and hoofed it to Rarity who was confused. "Sweetie Belle probably wanted you to make it for free, but it's far too beautiful." She explained. "Thank you, dear!" Rarity exclaimed smiling. She happily took the money and told her, “Have a nice day. Silver Spoon smiled kindly, "I will, I learned something today." Sweetie Belle heard that and told Silver Spoon, "Rarity keeps a diary where she writes down things she learned about friendship! Maybe you should do that, too!" Silver Spoon loved the idea. Rarity told her to wait and galloped to the back. A few minutes later, she returned with an empty book, "You can use this for your diary." She explained. Silver Spoon gladly accept and wrote in it. Dear Diary, This morning, I thought today would be terrible. My parents were gone, and Diamond Tiara was sick. However, today was one of the greatest days of my life. I learned that I should not expect things to be given to me. Things are much better when you do them yourself. I learned that by making a sandwich, it was the best cheese sandwich I had ever tasted! I also learned to be grateful when things are given to you, and you should never take anything for granted. Sweetie Belle has taught me more in one day than Diamond Tiara has taught me in an entire year. Until today, I never knew that it was better to work for something than to have it given to you. Silver Spoon. Author's Note:Disclaimer: I do not own the My Little Pony franchise. This fan fic is not canon and should not be taken as such. Edited by: Radical Prescott