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Found 20 results

  1. Are there things that people do everyday, small, simple stuff that are very common occurrences that should not annoy you, but it does anyway. I hate being asked how I'm doing. I don't think about it very often. It's not high on my priorities, thinking about how I'm doing. Most of the time, I feel indifferent or apathetic. But most people don't want to hear that. But I don't want to lie to them either and say I'm good when I'm not. But is it really any of their business to know how I'm doing? Why should they care? What do they get out of it? Am I a bad person for getting asked "How are you doing today?" and saying "None of your business"? How about you? Any little things things people do everyday that irritate you?
  2. Yesterday I asked for some advice on if i should remix some of the older music from earlier in the fandom and i've gotten positive feedback from that which had reminded me why i became a Brony in the first place so i went ahead and reopened/revived my YouTube Channel which has both of my Artist names on it Southern Brony and keyOfG and it has only one song on it which was a very basic remix of WoodenToaster's "Pinkie's Lie" on it I made just over a year ago. so here is the link to my very simple remix of WoodenToaster/Glaze's gem "Pinkie's Lie" Please enjoy, I hope i posted this in the right area and any and all feedback/critque is welcome -Southern Brony/KeyOfG
  3. I made a simple drawing of Pinkie Pie yesterday. Here it is. Diviantart: Speedpaint:
  4. The user above you will have named one of the following colors: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple. The next user will post someone or something that color evokes. For example: First color: YELLOW
  5. So a wallpaper I did with more in the minimalist like I have just I spread it out more and hit up Rarity for this wallpaper. Taking in more of a simple layout if anything in the frame and keeping in uses tones of purple around Rare in just something in playful in the feeling of making. I took to the mane and tail and had to brighten it up a bit and give Rare also more white in her body and also did her cutie mark in just using the outlines . This was mostly done in and gimp for the programs:
  6. So I thought for the season to make some MLP themed Holiday cards that you are all free to use to send Holiday greetings and wishes to family and friends! My Goal is to least give you folks five to use in this being one of five! Happy Holidays All!
  7. Just did one last Nightmare Night wallpaper with Flutterbat once more looking for her meal on the well known Apple Farm! Kept it simple and stuff and could have done more but oh well! Enjoy!
  8. So I thought to try to make a few MLP wallpapers/backgrounds and here is the secend one I'm working on and such. I thought to keep just to keep it simple and such in the idea and lay and not over killed on effects or objects and all. I looked over a few others and got hit with a idea and such so any feed back is a welcome! This is one my first times so be gentle.. The tail is a bit rough in which i can and will change a bit!
  9. Well been a while sense I have done a MLP wallpaper and working on two of them of Princess Cadence and this is first of two. Planned on just making this one a simple kinda feeling with a few effects and layout of the Castle of the Empire in a soft glow and just mountains in the background and cloud. Mostly done in GIMP and a few touch ups in Paint.Net:
  10. So er, I decided to try 'draw' my OC using not too long ago, and this is how it came out - I know, not the most impressive pieces of art compared to most of the stuff posted here, but I figured I'd share this with you guys! Because well, why not? This was my first attempt at a pony and well, yeah...
  11. I haven't drawn in a month or so so I decided to give it another shot by drawing Rainbow Dash
  12. So I've been wanting to make wallpapers in this style for a bit and took a hoof at trying it! Spent two weeks mostly in lay outs and seeing how each looked and effects but I kept things simple as I could and feel happy about things! Used gimp 2.8 but made the Luna graphic myself a bit in showing the outline and such! Some how the stars in white also felt right in a playful feeling of the layout!
  13. So I took to making a Rarity Wallpaper and for the first time trying to work with some textures a bit! Some how a crystal one seems to fit Rare and I used Paint Tool Sai for some effects on the vectors to make them blend a bit more. I had a thought to use her cutie mark but I see that used a lot so I did her Necklace of Harmony, used some shadow and glow effects on the textures and a bit of a blend tool. Lay out is simple but it seems to work. Tell me what you ponies think or something I could add and all! This is a rough draft!
  14. This was mainly for practice and learning but it didn't turn out too bad in my opinion. If anyone's got any tips or experience doing this sort of thing, I'd be totally grateful for any help. Dunno if this is the right place to put this.
  15. We all know that. A (monday) morning and school, the job, college, university or whatever calls us is potentially ruining our day just because we have to get up early. Tierdness and that feeling you just won't totally wake up at all... Well, something tells me he knows this, too... Criticism is welcome!
  16. Well, after some ponies convinced me to post it, here it is. A little sketch of my OC's head. I practiced a few heads lately. Damn pony heads. Heads... Ah, I digress. Here, one drawing: Criticism is welcome!
  17. I drew simplistic unicorn Twilight in less than ten minutes. The only reason I've been continuing these is because I know at least one user is expecting all of them put together at one point.
  18. Ok, before you read this, I would like to point out that I don't like the idea of linear time. Here it is; I was sitting in class today, and I was wondering about time. Now we all know time slows down when you get near larger things, so time is relative. There are people that live in the past right now, there are people who live in the future. This might be as little as a millisecond or a whole minute... How is this possible you may ask? Well I give you my idea... We are all living on a plane of existence that passes through different time periods like an elevator that just keeps going up as the tower is built. The elevator can stop and go as needed, but it always needs to remain going up. Picture a person in that said elevator. Then picture a person about to be born. This person is basically hoping into the plane of existence (the elevator). When someone dies they exit the plane of existence (Or gets off the elevator) (If you haven't noticed the elevator is a metaphor)... Ok so we have this plane that is moving through time quickly. Again time is relative so we are all basically living in different periods of time. (Not time zones), we are all living life like we are talking to someone, but basically that persons conscious mind is already walked away, and what we're talking to is a projection of the plane of existence... Yeah this probably sounds a little crazy, but whatever...
  19. I was goofing around, and decided to make some very, very, very simple pictures that attempt to display seom sort of emotion. here they are ... betrayal is my least favorite -_-