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Found 12 results

  1. What do you think would happen if the sirens discovered the portal to Equestria and used it? We’ve seen what they look like in non human form, and they’re definitely not ponies, yet they turned in to exactly the same things that Twi and Sunset did when they used the portal. Yet Spike, also a non pony creature (and may I please point out the fact that the sirens actually look a lot like dragons!) turned in to a dog. So how does the portal work, and could the sirens just go back through it? If they did, would they turn back in to the dragony things minus dark powers, or would their lack of magic make them turn in to normal ponies or something?
  2. Thoughts on what this means? personally, I'm thinking the sirens won't feature in the finale, but they're going to give their magical amulets origins as being creations of the villain from the finale and were given to them by him (and that they used to be his minions)
  3. After all, their powers create small-d discord. Do you think there's a connection?
  4. We've seen Adagio, Aria and Sonata as ponies everywhere. Their Equestria form is siren! What in the hay is going on here?
  5. I have been circulating this video I edited around for some time, with very little response. I'd love to know what ya'll think! Please be sure to LIKE, COMMENT, & SUBSCRIBE!
  6. Oh man. Ohhhh, man! *squee!* ok, while I was rewatching Rainbow Rocks, it's always bugged me that the Sirens weren't really focused on getting out of the human world, if they hated it so much there. But the season 4 FiM finale, with Tirek teaming up with Discord, the future season 5 finale, with Starlight Glimmer going back into ghe past, to prevent the mane 6 from ever getting their cutie marks, through the Sonic Rainboom, and RR's ending, with the sirens just running off without really being reformed, gave me an idea. What if, since Starlight really isn't evil to be rainbow blasted by friendship and turned good, what if she made a reapearance in FiM season 6, but with a new plan, after having been whooped however by Twi and friends. What if Starlight wanted revenge badly enough to hit Twi where it hurt? Say, like, infiltrating canterlot Castle, maybe robbing Sunbutt and Luna of their cutie marks by a sneak attack, teleporting into the past, when the guards come after her, maybe finding Starswirl, and learning of his casting the sirens into another world. Then convincing past Starwswirl to travel to the future (present) with a lie that The royal sisters in her time had their cutie marks stolen, and his magic could help. She brings him to the present, claims the culprit went into the mirror to the human world, the Sirens waiting on the other side, wantin revenge for Starswirl's banishment in the past, posess him, Starlight works with them to get posessed Starswirl to go horn to horn on Twilight. Or something to that effect. Thoughts?
  7. that we've seen almost all three of these villains in action...I've just thought of something today. Most bronies noticed that when the CMC started arguing right close to Discord's statue, that negativity fed off into the statue, thus over time, allowing Discord to free himself. The same thing can be applied to the Sirens. By getting everyone in Canterlot High to turn against each other, they were able to gain power. The Shadowbolts could be planning a similar plot in the upcoming Friendship Games. So basically, this leads to a conclusion: almost all villains in FIM feed off of negative traits, well except Chrysalis who feeds off of love and Sombra who feeds off of...Crystals. you think that in the upcoming EQG movie the writers will utilize this trait? Why or why not?
  8. Sonata! Didn`t I say to you not to swim in city park in a siren form?! Deviantart Also, can somebody tell me, may I post comics here?
  9. Hi. It's my first time posting. So, I hope I'm doing this right. Got a siren's origin & post-Battle of the Bands fic called 'We Are What We Are' , and really I'm just trying to get more readers, more comments, more opinions. It's still in progress, really long, and novelesque which you can tell just by glancing at it, but the plus side of this is that there is a ton of world building, a ton of characters, many OCs who are very much fleshed out and detailed because I get bored with flat OCs too, and a ton of description of...well... everything. I try to make it really meaty. Generally, I've gotten good feedback, so hopefully I'm doing okay in that department? Dunno. In addition to this, I compose, and mix music, so the original songs that are written for the sirens in the fic also have an accompanying (mostly) instrumental soundtrack. Themes range from slice of life to dark (I don't think VERY dark, but perhaps I'm wrong), but I figure that since the sirens are who they are, it's par for the course. I hope you all get a chance to check it out. Here's the cover art I made for it:
  10. With the coming of the third Wednesday of April comes issue #3 of FIENDship is Magic. This issue we're covering the Sirens; also known as the Dazzlings from Rainbow Rocks. I'm actually highly anticipating this one as I expect it to be a welcome change of mood to the darkness of Sombra and Tirek. This one should be somewhat light-hearted; I think.
  11. Original image! So, don't get me wrong, the majority of people I've talked to and seen have very much enjoyed the Dazzlings (myself included. I'm mostly gay, and goddamn am I straight for the Sirens). If not their personalities (which weren't the most original thing in the world), their music is a no-brainer. The writers and voice actors did an ace job making these characters entrance people with their music, on and off screen. Still, I have seen a lot of people in reaction videos or forums who 'didn't like' the design of their original, Equestrian forms. While that's perfectly fine, I'd like to point something out from how I understand it, so that those who don't enjoy it, can do so for the correct reasons x) The Sirens were two (three or more in later myths) beautiful creatures who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. Their apperance has changed throughout mythology, from bird women to mermaids to even full-bodied human females or other varients, but one thing has never changed; they're identified as creatures of, or around the ocean. The Siren's depicted forms are based off the Hippocampi, massive aquitic seahorses made of water that pulled Posidon's chariot in Greek Mythology. By choosing this as the Siren's original forms, DHX did two things simultaneously: * Made the Sirens pony-like, as to keep with the show's theme, and to mimic their similar apperance (aka, they look like ponies in the Equestrian world, just as they look like/are humans along with everyone else in the human world). * Made a callback to the original myth of the Sirens, by choosing a creature that originates from the sea. So yeah, there's some brief mythology for those who haden't been aware x) I'm pretty sure this is why the Sirens were depicted as they are. I'm a fan of it, simply because of the tie-ins it acomplishes, along with being releveant to the show's lore.