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Found 23 results

  1. I have a friend who is in a desperate situation and I am trying to help with his GoFundMe campaign but I did not know what the site rules were for posting that kind of link or where it would be appropriate to post.
  2. So, I was just thinking about maybe creating a topic to put all of the artwork I've got from requesting it from others. I have it all in a folder, but I have considered maybe making a thread to showcase it. I'm not entirely decided if it would even be a good idea, but I wanted to ask before I really even consider if it would be in line with the rules? I would obviously credit the name of the creators(Atleast including the name from whatever their site name was at the time.) But would It still be ok as far as the rules go? Considering none of it would be my creations(Unless I want to showcase some of my mediocre art ;p.) Would I be required to get direct permission from each creator? Because some of these people have left the site considering much of it is quite old. Again, i'm just curious if it would be ok as far as the rules go, I'm not really sure if it would be a good idea or not, so I may not make it regardless, but I'm just asking if it is in violation of the rules in any way. Thanks.
  3. So I've been experiencing this for the past few hours. Ever since a connection reset error, the site has been taking longer to go from page to page. Any way to fix this?
  4. the banner ever going to change? Because ep 9 was good but i tought by now ep 10 banner or ep 11 banner would be up. And I sent in a banner to be used as well. Banner I made: Thanks
  5. For the last several years, I've been slowly building a fangame from scratch in Java called Weather Factory Meltdown---it's got an editor that lets you build your own levels, NPCs, and playable characters, and I've been slowly adding features to it for the last few years. For most of that time, I had it hosted on, but that site has been shut down in the last few months---I can't upload my latest version there! Does anyone know of another place where I could host a game that's been built in Java? I'm putting it together as a Runnable JAR File, and it's about 130 MB in size at this point.
  6. So, for the past few days, whenever I pull up the site on my phone, it's on the full version and reverts to mobile as usual. However, whenever I try to go back to full, it just brings me back to the top of the page. I look on the URL and there's a "#" at the end of the link. So it goes from to which doesn't do anything. Is this a coding issue or an issue with the platform overall? It's a real nuisance because before this, I could go to the full site just by pressing the button once.
  7. So sometimes today when I was browsing the forums. I kept on landing on the "Something went Wrong" page. This has been happening when I return to the homepage and/or move from anywhere on the site. I don't know if this may be a small bug...or behind-the-scenes server maintenance by Lavo, but it's a little bit of a nosebleed...
  8. How do I go about deleting a blog? Specifically, deleting this:
  9. So, I came back on the site, and now I can't mention or quote a single person on the site, is this something others are having issues with?
  10. I'm just wondering if there are any construction workers on here just for the heck of it. As for me, I am currently working with my dad in the Drywall Finishing and Plaster Trade (basically, a Drywaller). My dad needs my help this summer and I still get good pay from it (only on the days he needs me though). I've had 7+ months of Drywall working experience so far. Now I'd like to know which trades do the rest of you work for? I'll have a poll up, but I'd also like to see your posts explaining what and why you are working in that particular trade. Post away!
  11. How do I donate to the site using an MLPforums gift voucher?
  12. is this site getting enough money to continue? its not going to end anytime soon right?
  13. I've noticed that a lot of users have been telling me stories about famous members disappearing, never to be seen again, as well statuses implying that there have been a disproportionate number of bans. I thought that with 2-10 banned friends of my own, it would be interesting to create a short survey. Simply do the following to participate: Brohoof, if you believe that bans and ban reasons should be dated and publicly listed Answer these in the comments: Do you have or have had friends that were banned? If so, how many? Do you know why they were banned? If so, did you agree with the decision? If you are a mod, do you believe that bans should be publicly listed? (I plan on posting this as a recommendation.)
  14. Everytime I end up on this site, it's like Trixie is trying to seduce me or something.
  15. Where do you watch My Little Pony? On what channel? On what site? For me, I don't have the show on the cable we have. I'm not complaining, but what seems to be the only channel in the country that has the show is in another cable network. Since I am outside the USA and since I am not really fond of iTunes, this leaves me with sites like YouTube and Dailymotion - but I believe it is not wholly legal and I have to make a stand on that. That leaves me to having a want to watch the show but couldn't due to both external and internal factors. So, where do you watch it?
  16. So we're allowed to give our own contact methods. That's cool. But there is one issue I see...I've seen lots of people misuse the DeviantART one for example, putting their complete URL instead of just the username, as it receives the .deviantart .com attribute. Steam, too. I've clicked on many of their Steam links but most of them don't work, as they presumably linked their CURRENT usernames while it is meant for the username set in their profile url. It is not a serious issue, but I was thinking if you could add instructions or some sort of clarifications on how to input them.
  17. I wanted to dedicate this thread to YOU. You people are awesome. When I registered at Equestria Forever, I knew it was a fairly big forum and I was working my reputation higher there, but lately I felt the magic was gone so I just left (not without goodbye's though!) and registered here. And I have to say, I absolutely LOVE this site! It is so much more active I can hardly keep up with the action. On that forum it was basically possible to stay with the activity stream but here it is impossible. The people here are nice, too. Of course I'm not saying people were horrible on that site (I gotta give probs for the site for offering me so many nice friends for my loneliness), but at times there was a lot of drama. Even if it happened here, it could be pretty minor as the activity level is high, it would just sink in. I've been friendless for pretty much my whole life, and seeing as I'm unable to get friends easily in real life, internet is my comfort and particularly this forum (and EqF). I've made so many friends I'd gladly share time with... And when I shared my art there, people hardly noticed it, of course, with clearly less people and activity, but here, only here do I understand how much people appreciate my work! I've been here for only a bit longer than a week and I already have plenty of brohoofs! My art thread was also marked "popular" shortly after, which was unexpected for me. And now that I received feedback, some people said they would even PAY for my work, which was even more unexpected, leaving me speechless. How could I, the unknown hobbyist receive so much feedback so easily? All thanks go for this site. Sure, there are a lot better artists out there but this is just the change I needed. During my time in EqF I felt a bit depressed and annoyed at multiple times, to say the least, and now that I left the site, I feel much more lightier and happier, like as if a heavy load was removed from my shoulders. I don't know for sure, but it might be the site itself caused the pain, and now that I left, I'm much more happier. This also makes it easier to be here. Like I noted above, the people here are very kind. This is probably the first forum I actually enjoy my time on (although this site is obviously optimized for down to 13 year olds, forcing a good atmosphere). But still, I have absolutely NO idea what awaits me on this site. Being a casual art hobbyist and a lazy gamer I'm hardly noticed anywhere, or paid attention on. Here, on this very site, all kinds of opinions and feedback arise. I like that. I want to say it one more time, thank you. Thanks for this awesome site and keep it up! Let's make friends, not war!
  18. I've been a member here for quite sometime, and ill be honest, i dont post much.... But that's manely (see what i did there? :3 ) because i've been trying to get work on another site,! well i did get work there and I'd love it if some of my friends here could also join me on ponified! I'm not trying to attack, i really truely just want some people to maybe check out the site at some point and maybe post a little! I'm gonna keep posting on happily, I just wanted to feel important lol. thanks a lot for reading and please drop by here!
  19. Not too huge of a deal, but I feel like it would be nice if there was a way to let you know that your answers in Site Questions and Tech Support was approved. Preferably through an e-mail notification. To my knowledge, this doesn't already exist. Thoughts?
  20. so what i would like to know if it is a good idea to increase the number of notifications to 1000 (20 pages) insted of 500 (10 pages) because i have somany friends and i have not got enoth time to always go on a pc because i have not got one to increas it so i do not miss any important notifications because it always gets filled with staus up dates when i am waiting for a reply on a topic or status i like reading the statuses so if this happens it will make things easyer so what do all you other ponys think about this idea is it doable and is it good leave a comment below
  21. How hard would it be to add the report feature to the mobile site? I don't like having to switch over to the full site on my phone just to report something. If this has been answered before sorry for my negligence.
  22. Hello everypony! I was curious about if somepony knows about a good netshop that sell really cheap shirts? That you have bought from yourself then. Cause i have hard trusting random sites. As my Credit Card information have been stolen multiple times.