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Found 32 results

  1. I thought I should make a little thread where I can post sketches and finished doodles of my MLP fanart that I wouldn't normally post else where! I'll start this with one of my favourite minor characters, Trouble Shoes! I am open to critique! So feel free to leave some constructive criticism. Other Pieces
  2. So, I've decided to make this thread to post recent artworks made for others or just for fun, so it wouldn't be necessary to keep creating different threads. I'm accepting requests, so if you wish for one, send a PM for me. PS: Large Images Who calls? Bad Girl Gotta Kick Magician Paint it Black
  3. I've been practice my art some more. What do you think? I still don't have the means to color them, but I think I'll go out and get some colored pencils soon.
  4. Hello there, These are some of my sketches practicing MLP:FiM art style, critiques are welcome and encouraged even if kinda hurtful, I am usually my own worst critique. Ponysona Foal: From Facial Practice (Me at school photos): Mum and Child: Zebra OC with no name but musical talent: Again critiques are welcome, and suggestions too. Thank you for checking my art.
  5. I had a lot of artistic development in art lately in manga drawing. But less talk and more show. (However, I forgot to put the cutie mark because I forgot when I took the photo hehe)
  6. Hey dudes, I got a Galaxy 4 mini. And just downloaded Sketch Book Express. I drew a image of Foxist (first OC), Cipha (second), and Lemon Slices (third)
  7. Hello there. This is the first time I can draw a decent "animal", and was Foxy from FNAF, aka Five Nights at Freddy's. I didn't had a reference image of him, so I don't know if this is how he is. If not, I'll draw it again. It's just a sketch, I'll draw it again in Photoshop or SAI.
  8. I'm sorry for the long wait magnificent and almighty Feld0, but now I've completed the second sketch for this memorable day. In my opinion it's better than the first one, even if the muzzle looks queer and his left wing is bigger than his right one, but for the rest it looks pretty good to me; I hope you'll appreciate this gift even if it's not a big present for this fantastic day. In the next sketch I'll start the Cutie Mark Crusaders with Sweetie Belle. Behold the powerful Feld0 in all his splendor! Previous sketch: Feld0 sketch #1: Next sketch: Sweetie Belle.
  9. Oh great and powerful Feld0, I bow in front of your authority and offer this as an offering for this glorious day, I hope you'll accept it despite its flaws. This is the first sketch I made for Feld0 Day, I know that it's not perfect as Feld0, but at least it is recognizable to him,I mean, I did again the mistake of exaggerating with the shading, and also the tail is pretty bad. I hope you guys will like it as well, later I'll post the second one. Previous sketch: (poorly drawn) Princess Twilight Spakle: Next sketch: Feld0 sketch #2.
  10. So here's my first completed OC request. Yesterday on my second Feld0 sketch CrazytheRandomPony asked me to draw his OC and here's what I drew; as you asked I drew him sleeping on a cloud, but I've also added his notepad with the pencil, I know that I didn't get the mane completely right, but it still looks good. I hope you'll like it! Previous sketch: Feld0 sketch #2 Next sketch: Sweetie Belle.
  11. So here's the last sketch of the princesses, Princess Twilight Sparkle (or Twilicorn I think), and here I tried to do some shading. As always now I'll list the most evident mistake: her eyes look queer (they make me think of an alien's eyes and also like when she looked mad in some episodes), her right bent leg is clearly wrong, the dress also was a little hard, her muzzle is odd, the sheet has several folds, but maybe this time the proportions are a bit right (I hope). As I mentioned, this time I tried to do some shading (probably I exaggerated), which I don't know if looks good or bad. Concluding, It has more mistakes than the others, but at least the shading (may) looks good, so I hope you'll like it! Previous sketch: Princess Cadence Next sketch: Feld0.
  12. I'm sorry if yesterday I couldn't submit this, but here it is, rigorously replet of mistakes. Her left eye is probably wrong, just as her cutie mark, and also the proportions are slighty amiss, but you'll notice more mistakes as well. I had to do it in a hurry so it won't be as good as the others, but it's still decent, I guess. Concluding, I hope you'll like it! (at least a bit). Previous sketch: Princess Luna: Next sketch: Princess Twilight Sparkle (or Twilicorn).
  13. So this is my first attempt to draw Princess Luna (which is also my favourite princess), and the second princess that I drew. I think that Celestia went better than this one, probably because of the details, indeed this one doesn't look very good to me, but I decided to post it anyway (despite also the wrong proportions). Also the picture is a bit darker than the others, and the distinction between black and white is pretty bad, and also the stars in the mane and the tails didn't went well, but I hope you'll like it! Previous sketch: Princess Celestia: Next sketch: Princess Cadence.
  14. So today I made a personal record posting my third sketch, Celestia, which has probably some mistakes related to her body proportions, but since I'm trying to look at the bright side, at least she has four legs, a head, and looks like Celestia. I hope you'll like it! Next sketch will be Princess Luna, and if you didn't see the last two sketches, here they are: Twilight Sparkle: Fluffle Puff: I hope that you'll like them!
  15. So here's a quick sketch I made of Fluffle Puff, one of my favourite ponies, and since it's not full of details, I don't think that there can be a lot of mistakes this time (at least I hope so), concluding, I hope you'll like it! Later I'll draw Celestia, and then Luna tomorrow.
  16. So, since today I hadn't school, I decided to draw Twilight's sketch earlier this morning, and, despite all the mistakes that I see (it looks like Twilight's saying to Spike: ''Dear Princess Celestia, you have to look at this ball! It keeps bouncing and boucing! I guess that's it, your faithful student Twilight Sparkle''), which this time are slightly less compared to other sketches, maybe, I'm quite proud of this one, with a cautious optimism. I didn't draw Twilicorn yet because I want to draw her with the other princesses; Spike and Owlowiscious look a bit queer, but maybe it's just me, concluding, I hope that you'll like it! As I said the next sketch will be Fluffle Puff, which I'm going to post later, then I'll start the princesses with Celestia.
  17. So here's Rarity's sketch, once again mistake are everywhere, this time for example the tail, the left eye is pretty messed up, and Opal (or Opalescence, call her how you like most) is like ''kill me please'', but overall it's pretty decent for a sketch, I guess. Looking at the bright side, I've fixed once and for all the picture uploading problem, finally.
  18. So today I (tried to) drew my first Rainbow Dash, as every sketch that I do, there are mistakes, mistakes everywhere, so let me know what do you think of it. (I didn't mean to offend any RD fan with this sketch since it's ''supposed to look like her, so gomen nasai). Probably in the first minutes you won't see the picture, so you'll have to wait about two minutes (I hope) to see it. Ok, now it's fixed, I hope that you'll like it even if there are mistakes such as the mane which is supposed to be moving since she's flying, and also the tail is not that good.
  19. So today I finally drew my first Pinkie Pie, I also tried to draw her pet to start drawing all the Mane 6 and their pets. I know that there are some mistakes (proportions again) but after all here is 5am so it's pretty acceptable, I guess. I hope that you'll like it!
  20. So today I (tried to) drew my first Applejack, I decided to start the Mane 6 with her because she's an example of energetic and versatile pony, good for exercise withe first sketches I think, so I drew this kind of running/jumping Applejack. I know that it's full of mistakes like proportions, legs, etc., but it's a first try after all, and practice makes perfect, right? (Note: I did not mention to offend any AJ fan, so please forgive me for this badly drawn Applejack).
  21. Hello, hullo, hallo! RayFriedh again, with some more genreponies! This time it's Pop and Metal: Feedback is appreciated~ Pop Pony! CM is a microphone. Metal Pony! I took a risk here, making the metal pony female (I did it so you could ship Rock and Metal more easily). I hope it turned out alright. No CM yet, since a guitar seems to be a very common Cutie Mark amongst OC's. If you can think of any awesome metal icons for the pony to wear on her flank, that'd be great! If you have any suggestions, just comment below! Or PM me here, or on dA, or add me on Skype! Feedback is very much appreciated! Thank's for reading! There's punch and cookies by the door.
  22. Okay, this is just a little exercise for myself to stretch my art muscles and such. I rarely ever draw AJ, so this will be a challenge! I'm also trying to practice gesturing and any sort of emotions or reactions. All sketches will take about 10-30 minutes to draw, and about 5-10 minutes to scan and put it here, so please have patience. Most of the time, the responses will be one to two panels long. Now, without further ado, here's Applejack! "Ah work at an' live in Sweet Apple Acres, in Ponyville. Ah live with Granny Smith, mah brother Big Macintosh, an´mah li'l sis, Applebloom. Ask me anythin', I guess... you sure this is on, Ray?" Time taken: 36 Min.
  23. Hallo, RayFriedh here, back with some more genreponies for @Feld0's website,, which recently went online! Today's post features the Electro and Rock pony. Many thanks to @Modphase and for their suggestions, which helped greatly in these designs! Thank you, Dawn Rider, for the suggestion! If it isn't clear, the school uniform is a reference to AC/DC's Angus Young. Thanks to ModPhase for the suggestion! -------------- Okay, this is the end of the post. If ya want to send any suggestions to me, you can contact me over Skype, DA, or on a PM here! Any and all feedback is appreciated! Anyway, thanks for reading. There's punch and cookies by the door.
  24. ok fillies and colts, i have been drawing alot as of late and i noticed that all my work takes me between 3-4 hours to do so i desided to give myself a time limit and try and pull off a good drawing in 1 and 1/2 hours. i will admit to cheeting by drawing her with her eyes closed but shes just so damn pretty that way . as always,drawn from referance yada yada yada wheres the drawing. referance found here....there no you dont even have to leave the site CLOSE UP sorry for the suck pics but i only have my phone to work with today. its not up to my usual standards but considering i cut my time in half.......I IZ SO HAPPIEZZZ!