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Found 435 results

  1. iceestarz

    Pen doodle mane six

    Rip. I messed up on Dash so I scribbled her out, guess Spike is the element of loyalty again. Sorry Dashie T-T just a messy sketch of a part of the My Little Pony Movie. Haven’t drawn in a while so why not eh.
  2. CP3_P0n3

    Apple Bloom in Bikini

    This pose is really hard that it took me an hour and a half to get it right Just a weekend drawing after a busy week in uni, enjoy Apple Bikini if that's your thing.
  3. Heya everypony, so I tried to listen to the critique yall gave me earlier and I came up with this I gotta say I'm a lot more happy with this than the other one!
  4. Preatorian60

    critique wanted So I drew Pinkie Pie

    Hiya! So I drew this little Pinkie Pie and I figured I'd post it
  5. Sketchboard

    Midnight first (draft?) of Sketch

    I got an inspiration after thinking about what I may make my cover of my fan fic so this is just the start. What do you think? I think I mess up with manes, tails, wings, and hooves. P.S I’m doing this at midnight
  6. Sketchboard

    Random bored sketch of Sketch

    Just did a little sketch of Sketch. Man it has been awhile since I’ve drawn a single pony.
  7. Here are a few of my pieces as I have had more practice and everything gets better over time! Ninetales Wile E Coyote My OC Kitsune, first real anthro sketch of her. I do not like the hair. Please just pretend you don't see the hair. My OC Kitsune, a MUCH better sketch with MUCH better hair.
  8. LonnaKitty

    Aloette is confused(sketch)

    Practicing drawing ponies more, I think I might open pony commissions her soon with enough practice (I didnt add her cutie mark cause its hard af to draw)
  9. Hey everypony! I'll just be using this thread to update the progress of Cinnamon Rose's first piece Critique is always appreciated!~ First: sketch numuro un! Wanted to show her cutie mark so I put her body in the profile/side view position, and gave her my favourite classic pose: one hoof slightly raised. Made her turn her head to that nice 3/4 view to best show her mane style.
  10. Had Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle finished a month ago, and Apple Bloom I just finished earlier.
  11. iceestarz

    Winter gear Dashie

    My fiancé bought me a 150 piece set of prisma premiere colored pencils so expect some colored doodles and stuff over the holiday break! In the mean time enjoy this pen doodle of Rainbow Dash in some winter gear on a sticky note xD
  12. ultrairongorilla

    Sunset Shimmer Sketch

    Here's my sketch of Sunset Shimmer. Took me about 2 hours. .
  13. ultrairongorilla

    Visual Art Monster Girl Sketch

    Here's my own cyclops monster girl character I drew.
  14. Peridot and Lapis sketch. This turned out to be more difficult than I initially thought.
  15. ultrairongorilla

    Trixie Sketch

    Here is my sketch of Trixie
  16. About a week ago, I was babysitting my niece when I decided to show her my UV flashlight. This led to us looking for fluorescent markers and crayons and we ended up doodling. Later, I decided to add some glow to one of my old sketches. Here it is in normal lighting: And here it is under blacklight: Thought it was pretty cool and worth sharing.
  17. Drew this a little while ago and thought it would be relevant for the event taking place today; Here it is for the sake of Pinkie Pie Day 2017. Still an intermediate artist, but trying to improve with each passing day.
  18. TheOneGuy0000


    A little thing I did while taking a break from the big project I'm working on.
  19. Greetings everypony; I just had some time to practice my drawing skills (if I have any lol); Please note; I am not saying I am the best artist in the world. All I know is I tried and did my best and it ended up like this; (Hope you like this sketch)
  20. PonyOfDespair

    Opinions on Despair

    I redrew my OC since my style and design has changed and I was wondering if I should attempt color. I only have markers and I'm afraid I might ruin it if I try to add to it. Top is the old design, below is the new redrawn one.
  21. The Derpinator

    sketch of my oc, bubbling brew

    decided to do a sketch of my oc and was wondering what everyone thought, and any advice they could give
  22. finally finished the model hope you guys like it
  23. this is my work just showing you guys some of the process I did hope you guys like it
  24. So. Since I've been brave enough to post a few times I've decided to make a thread n.n All the concept art I've made and with notation I've had others make for me, will be here. Feel free to ask questions I love to explain my project! For information check out Equestrian City on dA and on the main website! We've got a small comic and will eventually have fanfiction in the form of episodes as well as a wiki that's slowly being brought to life!. Stay tuned n.n First up we have Lightning Dust! Given enhanced reflexes and speed (yet not super speed) she also came away with the ability to discharge electrical powers if she can conduct them properly. Hence her metal tongue/ nightsticks. Thoughts?
  25. Kivil

    Pony Fusions

    Yeah I had nothing else to do these past few days so I fused a bunch of horses together. Its not as bad as you think tho. These are in order from oldest to newest March 23 2017-April 11 2017