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Found 73 results

  1. I used to have an art thread on here but it's been so long that I can't find it anymore haha I also really improved since the last time I posted my art so I'm kinda excited to post my art here again. Critique is always welcome! Here is the first piece that I wanna share
  2. The topic of this thread is all in the title. I searched Saturday Night Live, and was surprised to know, there wasn't an SNL thread. So, I agree that its glory will stay in the 90's. But I still find it a creative and hilarious show ro this day!!! So, post you're thoughts on SNL and if you think its gotten better/worse. Cause' we're live from New York, it's SATURDAY NIGHT LIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!! XD
  3. Hello everyone I made this thread to showcase my art. All oc's belong to their respective creators and the art is done by me.
  4. What's up everypony? I'm creating this topic to post my drawings/sketches of MLP. I hope you guys will enjoy them!
  5. Here are my first pony sketches, hope you'll enjoy it ! And here is my deviantart gallery :
  6. Hello!! I will show you my work! Some are commissions and others are drawings of my Oc: Sunset Rock. I hope you like them and if you have any questions you can send a message.
  7. Hello dear art-lovers, Art is what actually got me into MLP, because there are so many great artists out there who create stunning pieces. Being in love with drawing myself, it was no surprise I had to get into pony-fanarts as well. :') And I LOVE drawing ponies. I don't know why, maybe it's because the anatomy is easier than that of a human or maybe it's because you can choose all these great vibrant colors, but it's just so much fun to me! I thought I might as well share some of my stuff in here, because why not I guess. These are pictures I drew all the way back when I started watching the show in 2012/13: Applejack: My (old) ponysona/OC: Pinkie and Dashie in summertime (I was SOOO proud of this one at the time ) These are some of the more recent pictures of mine : Quickly drawn Twi Chibi: A pixelart of Flutters and Dashie trying to wrap up decorations: (I finished part of this on my laptop in a bus. It was... Interesting XP) A portrait of everyone's favorite princess of the night (also my current avatar ) ... aand a commission for someone on dA (maybe you're on here, too? If so.. Hi! )
  8. i had an idea for an anthro!celestia at one never really went anywhere, but here's the sketch - luna and celestia's struggle and nightmare moon's becoming was one of my favourite parts of the opening episodes of season naturally.... another sketch, another celestia ;A; XD and last but not least for today, there's the DeadFall project. a short story i wrote back in 2013 about a pony who wakens to find themselves in a Limbo-like world of shadows and silhouettes, and once again, the project didn't go much further than the initial concepts and ideas. i've decided that once i've finished my current MLP work and actually created the webcomic i'm designing, i'd like to try to revive DeadFall, but with Twilight Sparkle instead of a random pony. so here's the original cover design - versus the newly designed cover with Twilight that i may (someday) do something more productive with... anyhoo - thanks for joining me here, stay tuned for tomorrows art dump! peace and a very merry christmas to all, -Wandering ps- bah humbug.
  9. Well, I haven't posted art for awhile, and I drew a lot of drawings:) Oh, I forgot one more, this one is a digital sketch:)
  10. I've been trying to come up with different characters for a comic I'm planing to do. I've only come up with 2 characters so far, but it's still a work in progress. The first character is dopey looking dragon named Craft the magic dragon. The second character is a pig lady, still unnamed for the time being. If you guys have any suggestions for the comic please let me know. Anyways here are the characters... Here are the original sketches of the characters
  11. New idea for a character. He still needs a name. Felicity As well as some other OC's Klaxon (mare) As of yet unnamed Spider-Pony (mare) Pink Lemonade (mare) As you can tell, I like monstrous ponies over regular ones. Link to some of your own!
  12. Hello there, I need help getting sketches as I am not very good at making the sketch part of a process and am fairly decent at the line art parts ect. so if anyone has sketches that are unfinished (doesn't matter what) please post them here. Here is an example of what I do with sketches
  13. Greetings, here are some recent sketches I've done and a Flutter-Dragon drawing. Enjoy Fluttershy with a Deerling Rarity and Spike Pinkie Pie :okiedokielokie: RD with AJ's hat Let me know what you think of them
  14. I just got a new sketch book so I did something...
  15. so I bragged in my introduction topic about drawing and I'm here to do it justice... I have some arts gathered on my general tumblr I also occasionally draw for Pun Pony project aaand some more of my deviantart pony arts that have not been posted on tumblr critics are most welcome o3o
  16. Guy I don't know why but I couldn't stop making next gens for one couple and finally sketched them for reference after trying out the pony generator to get their coloring. I may post colored version, I hope I do. I don't even super love their parents but the pairing happened in my head so yeah I made the offspring of Trixie Lulamoon and Prince Blueblood and even some future for them being good in pony society instead of evil conquers or anything. *shrugs* Here's their 1st son: Has light pale blue fur and dark blue hooves, blonde hair with light blue streaks, blue eyes, blind in his left eye after trying to use and advanced spell at a young age backfired into his face. He is logical and very calm, sadly he has a bit of magic fear after the event that blinded him. He watches over his brother and besides his parents is the only one that can handle his high energy and helps him on "adventures". 2nd Son: Same fur and hoof colors as his brother, light blue hair with dark blue streaks and purple eyes. He found his cutie mark very early finding a love for magical explosives and being a small bundle of energy he wants to do magic shows like his mother once did before her retirement from travel and settling down in canterlot and becoming a teacher/husband's writing inspiration. (oops spoilers on my next gen universe for Trixie and Blueblood) He loves going on adventures and his brother being his trusty sidekick as they explore unexplored caves and steal dragon's gold. (not really Comet would never let him do that) So there are the next gen kids I have so far, I actually made story for their parent's meeting and how the ego clashing humbled them, yes both boys and Trixie are royal in title now but the boys don't care and Trixie kinda likes the parties they get to go to until Flair scares a woman with his amber bug collection or Comet fearfully hides from the many magic using unicorns in the gardens and then Trixie and Blueblood have to wrangle in/calm down their kids. They still love them but parenthood is never easy. If you have questions just ask, if you have critiques post those too. P.S. I don't have Trixie and Blueblood as my top pairing this just happened in my brain and I loved it.
  17. These five pictures are some sketches I did a couple of days ago and just now. Currently just cleaning them up before I start coloring in them en' stuff. Watcha guys think? ^^ They're in spoiler tabs due to the size of each one and to separate Princess Celestia from the four other sketches.
  18. Lost

    Lost Art

    So, i figured as the majority of my topics created are here on the Fan Art section, i may as-well create this one, rather than continuing to create new topics each time i do a sketch or a signature i figured i should just put them all in here and post in here every time i make something new. I'm gonna try and do my best to organize all of this. Latest Picture: Favorite Picture: Digital Art Sketches
  19. I can't stop rewatching The Walk SFM video. Its just got such pretty background music going on. plus the 3d ponies are so cute even though they look kinda odd in 3d Also doodled this ninja turtle. Raph is the best
  20. While I do enjoy writing, I love drawing (even if I suck sometimes) So I'll post random doodles, etc. about my ponysona. And stuff... I guess. Anyway, this one took ~40 mins (about), and it depicts my reaction/ experience while reading the Luna Fan Club thread. (Yeah, kind of niche, I guess, haha.)
  21. Alright. So I like to draw. Some of you might know that already, but I lost my old thread among the slew of others and figured I'd post something new up. Here's some stuff I did just today. Windhover Marcelle. Something I did for a good friend. Maybe I'll do 'em over is PS sometime. If I remember to I'll update this every now and then with some new content.
  22. Hello there, These are some of my sketches practicing MLP:FiM art style, critiques are welcome and encouraged even if kinda hurtful, I am usually my own worst critique. Ponysona Foal: From Facial Practice (Me at school photos): Mum and Child: Zebra OC with no name but musical talent: Again critiques are welcome, and suggestions too. Thank you for checking my art.
  23. Hi! I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this, but if it isn't ill move this post ^^ I'm going to be doing free sketches, 1 per person. All you have to do is post a picture of your oc, and I'll draw them in a random pose
  24. Chapel slid to a stop, breath coming out in loud huffs as she tried to get her heartbeat back under control. Beside her Forge was still tense. His legs quivering from the run and his breath coming out in a puff from his snout. The air was starting to chill, she thought suddenly, though it didn't seem really important at the moment. After a couple deep breaths she found her voice again. "What in the world was that thing? I have never seen anything like it." Forge shook his head, thick mane flopping over his face as he did. "I don't even have a guess. But whatever it was, it is old and strong." His gaze traveled back up to the rocky hills that had just crossed, ears swiveling. "And I doubt it meant to bring us along in the first place." Chapel gave a quick nod, the blinding light and sudden jerk of reality that brought them to the crest had been sudden and unpleasant. The creature, half hidden in shadow and furious, had been even more unpleasant. "Common, we should get out of here before it comes looking. We need to find out about that crest and the pass. I have a feeling this monster isn't going to be leaving anytime soon." She headed off into the trees at a brisk trot, Forge following at her side. No one had been beyond the crest in centuries, maybe there was a very good reason why. -------------------------------------- I have no clue why I keep writing little story blurbs XD I never write these things down anywhere so I probably just confuse people. Anyway, Forge is my lad and Chapel belongs to a friend. Both of them are from a village of what I call, Wild Ponies, just a sub race of Earth Ponies I guess you could say. They tend to live further out in the wilds and often have thicker hair and fetlocks are the norm due to harsh winters and rocky lands.