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Found 1 result

  1. A Quill and A Song By Carter J. Sienerth Dedicated to the real life Silent Song, The talented (and lovely) Samantha Jane Patrick A little gift for you, for everything you do for me. Without you, I would never have found the joy I feel everyday, and I may have never even given Ponies a chance. And dedicated to my fans, who have stuck by the drawn out writing process It started with Samantha, I was hooked by Winter Wrap-Up I would not be as happy as I am now without my friends in Ponyville. Prologue: The Train Station “All aboard that’s coming aboard!” The Conductor’s voice boomed through the train station of Fillydelphia, which, even in the wee hours of the morning was bustling with the noise and commotion of a big Equestrian city. Ponies talking amongst their friends, others galloping to and fro, rushing this way and that, all creating a great, clamor of hoofsteps, laughter, and chatter. Suddenly, as if on cue a certain Dashing Quill, a grey Pegasus pony with a cutie mark of a scroll and quill, his dark brown mane streaked with a blaze of blonde, began a mad dash toward the particular train. “No, No! Not today!!” He gasped, pushing his way through the crowded station. He’d slept in, as he always did, but this time, it could make him late for the early morning train to Ponyville, and he couldn’t let that happen. The train began to chug away, and the Pegasus gasped in fright, just as he took to the air he cried out “Hold on Walter!” and at that moment, a furry weasel flew out of his saddlebags as he hurriedly snapped out his wings. Walter clutched to his owners wing as he raced to catch the train. The Pegasus sped through the air, slamming headlong into the conductor, the contents of his saddlebags scattering amongst the passenger car, his furry friend landed in heap across the railcar. With a groan, Quill rolled off of the unfortunate earth pony. “Sorry about that…” He said between heavy gasps for air. “Ticket please!” The agitated earth pony snapped “Oh, r-right!” The stallion stuttered, and began to search for the important document. At that moment, quickly plucking the ticket from his saddle strap with his teeth. The earth pony took it with a “Hrmpf!” and stomped away.” Embarrassed and blushing, Quill and his furry friend gathered his belongings and took a seat in the most scheduled spot he could find. “Sorry about that rough landing, little buddy.” He whispered to the weasel, “But just think, we’ll be in Ponyville soon! Just think, our own bookshop, a new place to explore, and maybe we could even make some friends!” His eyes drifted to the nearest window, the landscape blurring by as he sped away from Fillydelphia. His eyes misted over, and he whispered, more to himself than anypony else, “I hope we can make some friends.” Chapter One Welcome to Ponyville! If there was a polar opposite of Fillydelphia, it was the small Equestrian town of Ponyville. The train pulled into the station in the mid-morning hours of the day. In Fillydelphia, everyone would be awake, filling the sidewalks crossways as carts hustled and bustled this way and that. There was barely a pony to be found, and though a few were walking the streets of the peaceful town, the platform was completely empty, with not a single pony around. With the exception, of course, of Dashing Quill. He stood, rooted to the spot in awe as the train pulled away from the platform. Walter, curious why his friend had paused for so long, clambered out of his place in the saddlebags, and he too was struck dumb by the sight. In the light of the morning sun, Ponyville radiated a golden glow. It seemed to bounce off of every shingle, every window, every drop of dew on the grass. Quill began to walk, just taking in the sights of the glorious sight before him. Every tree was illuminated, the scents of flowers and fresh air blending perfectly with the aroma of baking pastries of all sorts. The tranquil air of Ponyville was intoxicating. In a daze, Quill began to round the corner, anxiously awaiting the sights on the other side. Quill’s trance could not last, however, as it all camp to a shattering stop as he impacted a purple mare that had just materialized from around the same corner. They collided with a collective “Ooof!” and for the second time that day, Walter took flight, landing in a heap behind the mare as both she and Quill landed on their flanks in the street. Quill recovered quickly, leaping to his feet, he began retrieving the mare’s possessions from the ground as she got up and dusted herself off. “I’m so sorry!” he stammered as he collected the mare’s papers from the ground. Quill, being accustomed to the city of Fillydelphia, expecting a snarky “Watch where you’re going!”, or some similar comment. On the contrary, the mare simply chuckled, blushing with embarrassment. “It’s alright, really. It’s my fault, I know better than to read and walk at the same time.” About this time Quill noticed, papers still clenched in his teeth, that the young mare was a unicorn. She quickly collected her belongings, just as Walter came back, giving her a glare and an annoyed chatter as he passed. As the moody weasel scampered his way back into his saddlebag, the purple mare smiled apologetically. “Sorry about that, is he ok?” Quill chuckled lightly. “Who, the drama queen? Yeah, he’s just grumpy because he got woke up early. Isn’t that right, Walter?” His only response was the sound of annoyed chattering from the inside of his saddlebags. The purple mare giggled, and a small smile broke the embarrassed look on her face. “I’m Twilight Sparkle, what’s your name?” “Hi Twilight, my name Dashing Quill.” “Are you new here in Ponyville? I don’t think I’ve seen you around before.” The mare asked quizzically. “Yes, actually,” Quill began, as both ponies began to walking down the street side-by-side, “I just arrived, I’m here to open the new bookshop, near the library.” The Pegasus looked uncertainly around himself, realizing in his daze he had lost his way. “You wouldn’t to know how to get there, would you?” Twilight giggled, and replied: “I should, I live there!” This earned her a stunned silence from the Pegasus, “It’s just this way, follow me.” The colt smiled awkwardly, “No, you don’t have to-“ “Oh, it’s no trouble! Right this way.” Quill blinked in surprise. The kindness that mare had just given him, even after he had knocked her to the dirt. It had been an accident, of course, but where he was from that didn’t matter much. He smiled as he trotted along behind her. “Thank you, Twilight.” She turned to him, and smiled. “It’s no problem, Quill. I don’t mind. Besides, you will be seeing a lot of me when that bookstore opens.” She grinned. “It takes way too long for the books I order to get here from Canterlot!” Quill chuckled. “I also get the new Daring Doo books early.” Twilight squealed in delight, causing the stallion to chuckle again. “Here we are!” Twilight turned to face her new friend. Quill looked at his new home with a glow of satisfaction. Two floors, the store taking up the ground floor and his dwelling above on the second. It was a nice, but humble, Earth pony design, with a small balcony he could use to take off and land on. Suddenly, Quill heard an excited gasp from behind. Turning to investigate the sound, he saw a pink blur fly toward him, and the next thing he knew he was in a pink-coated and pink-haired pony’s embrace. Quill looked quizzically and a madly giggling Twilight over the mare’s shoulder. The pony released him, and began to sing. After a prolonged welcome song, and a party cannon, the bubbly pony bounced away. Didn’t trot, or gallop, she bounced. By this time, Quill looked like he had seen five-digit-fleshy-thing extending from her legs, and Twilight was in tears from laughing so hard from the stallion’s odd expressions. Once the mare had recovered, she explained “That was Pinkie Pie, the town welcome-and-party pony. And a great friend of mind.” “She was… odd, but I enjoyed her company” The dumbfounded stallion said quietly. Twilight chuckled “She’s only the beginning, go get settled, and I’ll show you around town, and you can meet the rest of my friends.” Chapter 2: Ponyville Hospitality, Part 1 After hastily unpacking his saddlebags, Walter taking his usual spot on his owner’s back , Twilight lead Quill, down to a long, winding country road, beautiful apple trees adorning either side, creating an arch of green and brown as their branches stretched overtop the winding path. Spots of red dotted the trees, the delicious-looking apples making Quill's mouth water at the sight of them. As they followed the winding trail, Quill caught glimpses of a bright red barn through the trees, and suddenly, the thin path opened wide to reveal a large, homely looking house sitting atop a hill overlooking the gorgeous rolling fields adjacent to the house. Quill stood for just a moment, stunned at the sheer expanse of the apple orchard. Twilight laughed at the look Quill gave the place, just as an orange mare rounded the large red barn that dominated the impressive farm scene. Smiling, the mare broke into a trot toward the pair, calling out a friendly “Howdy, Twilight!” The cowmare kept her blonde hair back in a long pony-tail with bangs, to keep from being a pain while she was working, Quill assumed. A brown cowpony hat sat on top of her blonde main, complementing her down-home look. Twilight smiled at her friend “Applejack, I'd like you to meet Quill, he's just moved to town and I was showing him around.” “Well, its good to meet 'cha there, Quill!” The orange mare said cheerfully, grinning at the colt. “Its nice to meet you too!” Quill smiled back at her. “I have to say, your farm is beautiful!” The orange mare blushed a tiny bit as she replied; “Well, thank ya! I'm glad ta hear ya say so!” She smiled. “Say, seein' as how I'm done with my apple-buckin' today, ya'll reckon I could tag along with this little tour?” “Done?!” Quill gaped, “The day's barely started!” Applejack chuckled, “I was actually running a bit late, to be honesty with ya!” Twilight chuckled before saying, “I don't see why not,” Twilight paused, “is that alright with you, Quill?” “Sounds good to me! The more I see of this wonderful town, the better.” He grinned. After a quick tour of the Apple Family Farm, the duo turned trio began to trot back down the winding path that returned to the town square. As they walked, Applejack inquired; “So, Quill, where are ya comin' from? Quill looked at the orange earth pony as he replied, “Fillydelphia, downtown Fillydelphia.” “Oooh!” The mare chuckled “So you're a city pony, ay?” It was Quill's turn to laugh, “Not by heart, no. My heart lies in a place like this.” Applejack smiled as he said that, and nodded her head toward Walter, who had been silent the whole trip, and asked; “Are ya gonna introduce me to yer cute little critter there?” Applejack chuckled. Quill laughed, and shook his wings slightly to make the lazy weasel stir. “This lazy ball of fur is Walter. He's my little scribe.” Applejack gave Quill a quizzical look, “Scribe? What'cha mean by that?” Twilight spoke up, “What do you mean by that, Quill?” Quill blushed alittle, “I... I like to write, when I can, but I'm.. clumsy. So, I think of the stories and speak them out loud, and Walter writes them down for me, I taught him how when I was just a foal.” “Well, shoot.” Applejack slapped Quill on the back, and patted the furball on the head, “I ain't never seen nothin like that before, maybe you could show us one day!” Quill laughed nervously at that, but was luckily saved from replying by Twilight calling out, “We're here!” Quill looked at the building before him, designed with a certain grace and elegance to it. The intricately painted sign read “Carousel Boutique” in bold purple. As he and his two newest friends strode in, Quill couldn't help but be impressed by the dresses lining room, each hand-made, hand-stitched, each with an unbelievable amount of detail. “Rarity?” Twilight called “Rarity, are you here?” “Twilight? Darling, is that you?” A voice called down from the stairs, a voice that Quill could only describe as refined and dignified. “Come in, come in, what are you waiting for?” “Rarity, get down 'ere! We got somepony for ya' to meet!” “Oh, company?” The voice replied, “Splendid, I'll be down in just a minute!” A moment passed, when suddenly a pony white as snow, her long, flowing main a shade of purple that would match the sky at the onset of night. “I'm terribly sorry for keeping you waiting,” The mare apologized to the trio rushingly, as she looked around the room absent-mindedly. Quill had the feeling that he had not yet been noticed by the white mare. “I am just so swamped with this order from Manehattan, and I am just so-” Rarity's eyes fell on the grey pegasus, and she stopped dead. “Oh-! Company, yes, I- ah, Hello!” The mare seemed to be flustered, and she blushed a light shade of red. “Hi, I'm Dashing Quill, and you're Rarity, I presume?” “Dashing is quite right...” The mare whispered under her breath Quill cocked his head to the side and asked “I'm sorry? I didn't quite-” She seemed to snap out of a stupor for a moment as Applejack shot Rarity a knowing smirk. “Ye- Yes! My name is Rarity. I'm terribly sorry for keeping you waiting, Dashing, is it?” Quill grinned lopsidedly, “My friends call me Quill, and this is Walter,” Quill said, nudging his furry friend. “Besides, I didn't mind waiting, I was just examining your work, I must say, I've never seen anything quite like them.” He said with a grin. The mare blushed deeper, and stuttered out a “Th-thank you!” She glanced at the clock and stamped her hoof. “I'm sorry, I wish I had more time to speak but I must get the rest of these done by tomorrow, but I would feel terribly rude to run you off-” “Don't worry about it” Quill said with a grin, “I'm sure we'll see more of eachother.” Rarity blushed deeper and squeaked out a “I'd like that.” As Twilight and Quill walked toward the door. “I see right through ya, girl.” The earth pony said with a smirk. “Can you blame me, Applejack? He's just so... Dashing!” “He's just another Stallion, Rarity!” Applejack scoffed at her friend for acing like such a school filly. As Applejack cast a look over her shoulder, she noticed a fluttering in her chest when the pegasus enter her vision. She turned back to her friend to see a familiar-looking knowing smirk. The orange earth pony pushed her hat down further on her head. “I've been wrong before, haven't I?” She said as she rejoined her friends. “Where are we off to now?” Quill asked with a smile. “Quill, do you like to fly fast?” Twilight asked with a smirk.