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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 9 results

  1. Come one come all! Show of your art, skins and future/current projects/builds. -Skins can be either of your own creation or just one you are using. If interested I also take skin requests. Post a message here, by pm on the forums or on discord, with details regarding skin: - detail (how you want it to look). - reference (if possible) - size (standard is 512x512 with the ponymod) Art: Skins by me: Skins by others: projects/builds:
  2. I recently try"ed getting into csgo skins, and thought why not make a thread on it. Here's my first ever made ones. My second. I really made this but I think it looks like a all ready made one.
  3. I want to get into making cs:go skins nut have no money, I have gimp and vtf edit but I need something like photoshops 3d thing or zbrush, to see what i'm doing. Also videos on how to do things with the skins are would be nice, like how control battle scars and shine effects.
  4. Blue The Pikachu

    Only the Gamerist of Bronies...

    Only the Gamerist of Bronies deck they're consoles out with ponies! (Again, not calling you a Non-Brony gamer if you don't have customizations for your systems, but I just have a lot XD My 3DS Skin, my Steam skin, if I had a PlayStation 4, ponies would be in the background.)
  5. ApexHunter

    Pony skins coming to DiRT 3 :)

    Hey everypony One of my friends wanted for me to make him a Fluttershy skin in DiRT 3 and I decided that I'm going to make skins for the mane 6 ponies Here I'll leave a few pics and maybe a video of the Fluttershy car some support would be appreciated although all this is probably for nothing xD well at least I'll have fun making them
  6. ApexHunter

    Mane 6 ponies in GTR EVO

    Hello everypony! Here's a little something I made recently I combined 2 of my favourite things: Cars + Ponies So far I made the mane 6 ponies and I'm planing on making more Also if anypony wants a skin like this, fell free to ask for it and i'll try to make it for you as soon as posible Also a nice comment would be appreciated I'll upload more pics because i can't get them all in one post I uploaded the skins on Link to the skins: That's it for now. I hope I'll get some nice comments or anything because this did take quite some time to make Cheers! ~LUkAa
  7. Mr. Kochi Bracegirdle

    Game 47th Regiment of Foot -The Wolfe's Own

    (Skin for Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars) 47th (Lancashire) Regiment of Foot -The Wolfe's Own 2nd Battalion In 1808 the 47th Regiment deployed to Gibraltar and in 1811 commenced its participation in the Peninsular War, a war which saw the UK, Portugal and Spain fighting the French. The regiment's flank companies took part in the Battle of Barossa and in December took part in the Battle of Tarifa, where they helped repulse a French assault. By 1812, the British were forced to withdraw back into Portugal. Though the following year, British forces moved back into Spain, with the objective to remove the French from the peninsula. The 2nd Battalion then took part in the Battle of Vittoria and the Siege of St. Sebastian, where they took heavy casualties while attempting to breach the walls. Later on, 2nd Battalion crossed the Bidasoa River, finally marching into France itself. The battalion took part in the Battle of Nive and by 1814, was tasked to support the Siege of Bayonne, concluding with their participation in the Peninsular War. After the war, the 2nd battalion was sent to England, and finally disbanded in Portsmouth the same year. ___________________________________________________ After a week of trial and error, plus a patch that basically broke Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars, I finally managed to get the 47th Regiment's skins done. The whole pack includes the King's and Regimental Colours, remade Ranker, Ensign, Officer and Drums, new shako and a small tweak in the code. All bugs were fixed, including the naked man problem... Ranker: Officer/Ensign: Drums: The Colours: If you own Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars, go ahead and download them! DOWNLOAD LINK
  8. Mr. Kochi Bracegirdle

    Startup -Make Ready!

    Well, this is my first time using this blog thing. Therefore, I do believe it's a good moment to explain what's this all about. This blog will be dedicated to my creations in Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic wars. By "creations" I do not only mean things such as, for instance, skins or remodelling, but also things related to my regiment, the 47th Regiment of Foot, academic essays regarding certain topics of the Napoleonic Wars and maybe a bit of extra candy-coated pony stuff, too. _________ Lately I've been working day and night on school stuff, thus not allowing me to work much on Napoleonic Wars. However, I did have two weeks of Winter holidays, and here's what I came up with during those two glorious weeks: Italian Guardia D'Onore -Imperial Guards Boney's Italian personal bodyguards. The Italian Guardia D'onore was a regiment of the French Imperial Guard, composed almost exclusively of Italian pro-French soldiers of the Kingdom of Italy. This army, even though it did not belong to France per se, was attached to Napoleon's Grande Armée, and took part in the Austrian and Russian campaigns. ___________ This skin is dedicated to a good friend of mine, who... well... saved my arse. He literally saved my school semester in History, since he helped me out -quite a lot- writing a 4000 extended essay on Wilhelm Von Steuben, the Prussian captain responsible for the reinvention of the Continental Army in the American War of Independence. The Italian Grenadiers were made for his Napoleonic Wars clan, which, unfortunately, disbanded a few weeks ago. Ranker: Officer: Eagle Bearer: Musicians: Stay tuned for more updates. I'm off. Addio, amici!
  9. Boxxi The Brony

    Minecraft Skin Maker

    I will not be able to fulfill any of the requests sadly, but to make up for it, the people on that post who posted there OC's I will make a minecraft skin of THREE of their OC's and 1 for anyone else who didn't post on that topic, just tell me what your OC looks like or post a link below, and tell me if you want any changes for the minecraft version, here is one skin I made http://www.minecraft...ony-fluttershy/ and here is a skin slightly remade by someone else based off of mine http://www.minecraft...n/211712/brony/ I did however report it stolen so the link may not work (I don't like people spinning off my work, ask for permission first!) anyways long story short, when I made the I'm bored post I was over my head, but when it comes to making minecraft skins, I am always in the zone, pop in and leave a request, who knows, maybe I will give you more than 1-3 OC skins a day And if you are plain out bored read my tags, for some cheap lulz! I will be accepting ANY OC's to make up for procrastination, they shall most likely will be made 1 every 1 hour