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Found 36 results

  1. Revy ~ Two Hands

    Trouble Sleeping Yay or Nay?

    Do you have trouble sleeping? How much sleep do you get? I've always been a light sleeper, it's gotten particularly bad the last week after losing a family member, I'm going to attempt to sleep properly tonight with Diazepam.
  2. Metallic Strings

    Who hates waking up on Mondays?

    Who hates having to wake up early on a Monday after a relaxing weekend?
  3. Poetic Stone

    Do you ever have lucid dreams?

    I just want to know how many have what is called lucid dreaming, or being able to control your dreams. I have had very few in my life, and it start when you realize you are dreaming, and you take control of said dream. The ones I have had are always very vivid, and sometime I wake in a sweat, but all in all I love lucid dreaming. Its one part of sleep that I hope happens everynight, but sadly they most never do so let me know about yours.
  4. Do you sleep enough or are you in a constant state of sleep deprivation? According to most studies, the recommended amount of sleep required for the average adult to function at the best of its capacities is 8 hours per night. I noticed that I personally don't get enough sleep on weekdays. I usually sleep for 6 to 7 hours during the week and I'm only ever able to get the recommended amount of sleep during the weekends. So how about you? How many hours do you usually sleep per night during the week? (on average)
  5. Mine would be "Oh noooo, just five more minutes," or "I'm old before my time, I should sleep in," or "Hm, maybe I should've gone to sleep earlier last night, because boy do I feel like I got hit by a truck."
  6. starrymiss

    Sleeping Rainbow Dash

    I love drawing ponies!
  7. NomadSpellbrush

    Sleeping Dashie Insert Description here
  8. NomadSpellbrush


    My part of an art Trade with
  9. NomadSpellbrush

    Sleepy Little Sparkle Twilight Sparkle in her star onesie sleeping. This is also a remake of one of my very first pieces; Sleeping Sparkle
  10. Mesme Rize

    Mesme taking a snekpone nap. :3

    After a long day of hunting, swimming and hypnotizing, Mesme likes to take a nap on his favorite tree. :3 This drawing was a commision, made by Aleximusprime.
  11. So I'm just curious how long people sleep for around here. I DEFINITELY do not sleep normally, I sleep way less than I should Around, 4-5 hours I'd say. So I guess if you're interested, just how long did you sleep last night? I am aware this will never go anywhere, I was just sooooo bored. xD
  12. Bakugou Is My Man <3

    What Are Your Sleeping Habits?

    So, what are your sleeping habits? Do you sleep with the TV on? Do you snore? What do you need to fall asleep? What is your sleep position? Personally, I sleep with a floor fan on and the TV on mute. I also have to have at least 8 blankets. I am a soldier sleeper!
  13. Emerald Wave

    Weird and Funny Dreams?

    Hello! It's Alana. I have done a topic similar to this in the past, except my previous dream topic was scariest nightmares. This one is for weird and funny dreams. One weird dream I had always makes my mom laugh. So, when I was 10 years old, I had a dream where we were walking to get my ears pierced. The background wasnt moving and I was with my mother and my grandmother. My grandmother (who walked slowly and limped) was walking in the style of Goofy from Mickey Mouse and had on HUUUUUUGE shoes. She then turns to my mom and says, "Kelly, these shoes feel small to me." That was when I woke up. I dont even know My second dream is one I had more recently. It started off really scary. There was a tornado and there were two ways I could get sucked up. The reason it was so weird is that each resulted in a different hallucination of Pinkie Pie. I woke up confused and thinking to myself, "What the freak kind of dream is that?!" I'd love to hear your dreams!
  14. The title is pretty self explanatory, What would you do if you saw the user above you watch you sleep? Wait...if there's no pony above me am I forever alone?
  15. What's the longest you've slept without being interrupted? 12 hours for myself.
  16. Invincible

    Do you take naps often?

    Sometimes, when you're being lazy or having too much free time and nothing to spend it on - might as well save your strength, right? That's what i figure, anyway. I'm more of a night owl, and i'm at my finest during the night, especially when i do cram sessions for school or work the graveyard shift. So i tend to take afternoon naps once in a while to refresh myself. How about you?
  17. Boyevyye De

    Having Narcolepsy sucks...

    The fact that I wake up after hours of sleep only to be tired a few hours later after doing NOTHING sucks... It affects my job too, where I cant be tired or lazy... I dont know what this thread accomplishes, but I guess it is good to just complain sometimes. yes?
  18. Buck Testa

    Scribblers long day of reading

    Tried a new technique on this one, and I looooove the result.
  19. Buck Testa

    Why did you wake Kim up?

    Well? Why'd ya wake her up? (lol)
  20. Buck Testa

    Fluttercord in the evening

    Lazing in the evening with the lord of chaos, cause why not?
  21. I tried re-drawing it on the 2 programs I have on my iPad (where I draw digitaly), Adobe Photoshop Touch and Adobe Ideas. Both tries failed for different reasons. Anyways, since I give up drawing the same thing again, I decided to post it like how it is I accept constructed criticizing and advice ^-^ This is supposed to be my "husbando/waifu" Thunderlane and Mrbrunoh1's "waifu" Spitfire sleeping together (we are twinnies forever).
  22. Halopony232

    Vinyl Scratch Heart

    Drew this a while back but thought i would share it here. (Not my best work...) Btw I have a deviant art page: (If your interested that is... ) (Edit: I think it broke. I edit the url so it should show up but its huge )
  23. Today is a very important day for me. Today, is my 2 year anniversary of being a member here on the MLP Forums. 2 years of laughter, 2 years of meeting awesome members, 2 years of me being a sad asshole, 2 years that i will never regret and always remember. Now, this might not seem like such a big deal to all you other members who have been here as long or longer then me, but try to understand. My suicidal tendencies and sociopathic behaviors combined with my cynical and pessimistic outlook toward life have made it rather difficult to get to where i am. So 2 years as a member here is a large step for me. A step in the right direction. Anyway, now on to the REAL reason you clicked on this. Here's Applejack sleeping, Enjoy:
  24. This ones for every member here. For all of the fantastic people who have supported and encouraged me to do what i do. For anyone who ever bro-hoofed one of my drawings or left a nice comment. For the members of this great site. I have nothing but the highest respect for all of you. ~Nothin' but love, Evil Nightmares I would appreciate it if no one bro-hoofed this, but seeing as how well that went last time i wont make a big deal about it if you do. But please, out of respect for me, don't bro-hoof this.
  25. DON'T BRO-HOOF!!!!!!!!! I decided to site down and draw this, not for me or any member of the forums. But for the wonderful people who run this site. All of the Moderators, Administrators, and Pony Staff. You guys work hard and i'm broke. So this was the next best thing. Just a little thanks to the great people who run this site: I just wanted to take some time to thank all of the Moderators, Administrators, and Pony Staff members because i don't think enough people do. You guys are awesome and run one of the best Brony sites on the internet, which is saying something. This site runs smooth and it's thanks to all of you. Hell, you guys are the reason i keep coming back. I real appreciate you guys allowing me to post my Semi-Grimdark drawings here, even the ones that should probably just be classified as Grimdark. You guys are fair, accepting, and fun to talk to. Amazing job! Keep doing what you do and thanks for running this great site. DON'T BRO-HOOF!!!!!