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Found 19 results

  1. You should search this on youtube, My Little Pony Meets ??? Like I'm serious here's a picture....atually I don't XD Just check it out though it's nice...
  2. So I don't think it's shocking to call Slenderman a folkloric figure. He's a character that has been created, propagated, and expanded upon not by a single creative will but the unintentional collusion of many storytellers and subsequent recountings of him. He's a monster, the boogeyman for the age of youtube and blogs. Here's my problem though, he doesn't have a counterpart on the side of good. I mean the closest I could think of was Courage Wolf, but there's no stories of him saving the day and inspiring others to heroic action. Folklore is filled with as many heroes as monsters. Where the monsters exist on the outside of civilization and beyond the borders of safety for the stories they exist in, folk heroes are usually the correctors of civilization; those that exist to strike at what's wrong in a society and/or epitomize what's good about it. (Some were or may have been real people who's legends eclipsed the real man.) Examples: -Robin Hood -William Tell -Joe Magarac -Paul Bunyan -Miyamoto Musashi -Ned Kelly So I ask, why is this? Not that the modern age lacks heroes but our heroes have been inherited from ages past. The recent resurgence of comic book movies all modern re-tellings of decades old, possibly older, icons or the general fascination of reboots of older material meant to resurrect ideas from a perceived glorious past or make them fit into a new world and society. The thing is though, all of those are done by individuals or dedicated groups, recreating something that had a similar setup. Their creations, nor modern re-tellings can't really be called "folklore" in the pure sense that Slenderman is so obviously derived of. So again, I ask, why, when pooled in the purest sunconcious of the Vox Populi, do we create a monster rather than a paragon? (If you have examples OF a modern folk hero I've missed, by all means tell me.)
  3. I want to pitch this series bases on a Youtube series called TribeTwelve I am going to need animation staff and voice actors for male characters and others as I am writing the script now. I am planning to add voice lines to characters like the Observer and Firebrand who don't usually talk, but I'm probably going to be the Observer.(If anyone wants to help with that, I would REALLY APPRECIATE THAT PM ME THO!!!!) If interested, please post here or PM me. P. S. I need people who also can do this kind of animation(Turn your sound down at :45 for your own good) P. S. S: The guy featured in most of this video is the Observer ROLES (so far...) Camera Flash: Male, young adult, photographer/filmer. Attending collage at Canterlot University, but goes to Ponyville often to film and take pictures. Main charachter(He's basically Noah) just a normal pony. But I'm looking for people who can make his voice reflect his moods. Trying to find this a name: Male, young adult(he is basically the Milo Asher of this whole thing) Works in Manehattan, but came to visit his cousin, Camera Flash. Again, just a run-of-the-mill kinda guy. But is kinda mysterious, and keeps running away from something that Camera can't find. The Observer: Male, scratchy, pained voice. Stalks Camera and sends strange things to Camera's house. Trying to get camera to diverge a journal his grandfather has to him. TBC
  4. As we move further into the technological age, you don't hear about the old school monsters that would keep kids awake at night, cowering under their covers in order to get some kind of reprieve from some night ghoul just waiting for the right moment to, "get cha!". However, recently there have been multiple contenders arising to the challenge to keep kids wetting their PJ's before filling their heads with nightmares most obscene. Today we put one of the most iconic terrors from yesteryear, The Boogieman. Against the poster monster for today's cast of Internet born behemoths, The Slenderman. The Boogieman stats: The Boogieman, the name alone is enough to send shivers down most adults spines (mine included) he is an entity of pure evil and darkness. His origin is unknown, though the earliest interpretation of this specter of scary can be dated back to 1797, in a painting by an artist named Goya, entitled, 'Here comes the Boogieman' Goya is of Hispanic origin, placing the known starting point of the Boogieman's legend in Spain, Mexico, Guatamala, or even as early as the Aztecs. He is mainly a tale told by parents to scare children into compliant behavior, as such, there is no set look to the Boogieman, nor is there a consistent pattern to his behavior. In some cases, he scratches at the window of children who haven't told their parents something bad that they did, in others, he hides in the closet until the parents go to sleep, he then bursts forth and takes the child into the closet world, never to be seen again. Perhaps the lamest of his appearances is that he simply waits for children to go to sleep, then tickles thier feet from under the bed, not allowing the child to sleep unless they seek shelter in their parents room, though this could also scar a child for life should the child 'walk in' on their parents, 'wrestling'. ----------------- Slenderman The most accepted interpretation of the Slenderman's origin seems to be that he was born from a forum, the focus was to post pictures about a paranormal entity around the Internet to see if it would catch on. In the Slenderman's case, it was like lighting a match in a room full of gasoline. Through pictures and a colorful lore, the Slenderman quickly became the pinnacle of terror, later spawning a series of video games, as well as an Internet movie production in the works. The Slenderman however owes much of his popularity to the YouTube ARG series of videos known as "Entries" from user "MarbleHornets". The web series follows a series of tapes where the character Alex, is plagued by a tall man in a suit while trying to record his movie, 'Marble Hornets'. This series was then paradied by user, "CardGamesFTW", the creator of 'The Yugi-Oh Abriged Series', in this parody, the joke about Slenderman just wanting his '20 dollars' originated. The Slenderman is described as being extremely tall and thin, and incredibly pale, with no face. He is also depicted as wearing a suit, a very fancy monster. His main targets according to his lore appear to be children, though he isn't above going after adults as well. He is noted as being able to stretch his limbs and torso to even greater lengths and contorting them in a sickening manner in order to instill fear into his prey. He is also noted as being able to produce tentacles from his body and position them for a variety of uses, such as movement, or to blend in to heavily wooded areas. It is also stated that he is able to produce a light, which upon looking into it, cause the victim to walk irresistibly towards the Slenderman. He is also able to produce some sort of field of static that cause video cameras to stop working, the only thing most times a camera can make out is but a silhouette of a tall figure. The way Slenderman dispatches his victims vary from telling to telling. Sometimes the victim is just never seen or heard from again, others they are impaled to tree branches, thier organs being removed, stuffed into plastic bags, then reinserted back into the abdomen. His most frightening way to hunt however is to stalk an individual for days, allowing the victim to see him every so often, bringing the individual to near insanity from fear, before finally taking them, kicking and screaming. -------------------------- So that's the run-down! Feel free to vote in the poll, that's why it's there, and leave comments on how you found out about the Boogieman and Slenderman. (This seemed like the appropriate place for this topic, as it didn't seem like General discussion material, and isn't quite a game, but they both come from stories so.. Yeah, sorry if I posted in the wrong place.)
  5. I watched yesterday's episode of MLP and i noticed something. Trenderhoof is Slenderman!!! How? Look at his cutie mark. It looks like the operator symbol from Marble Hornets. And look at his stature. Gangly like Slenderman. What do you think?
  6. file:///C:/Users/Noel/Downloads/Night%20Swirl%20finds%20SlenderMane.wmv Night Swirl finds SlenderMane.wmv
  7. The first thing I can't get over is this image, a screenshot taken from the episode "Pinkie Apple Pie." Second... Oh, I am super excited for the upcoming episode "Pinkie Pride." I really can't wait! >3< In case you haven't yet heard of this episode, click on the spoiler below:
  8. It has often been said that the games based off the urban legend the Slenderman have either died out, or turned into god-awful games with little to no work put into it. While I agree with this, there is that Slender game that will get my attention once in a while. One of these was the game Slender: Rising. It was one of the quality Slender games I've played, but, sadly, it too died out, as the objective was always the same. After about a year, the developers of this game have sprung back into action with their new horror title: Slender: Rising 2, and I must say, they hit this one right out of the park. First off, this game has a story. The story goes like this: After escaping a forest in which he was stalked, a man tries to clear his head of a ghastly figure he saw in the forest. He had escaped this figure, but not his fear, and until he could do that, the thing would follow him, and wait until it was ready to pounce. Now, the tall, thin man has returned. Will the man escape his fear? Pretty sweet, huh? I was so psyched when I saw this had a story. However, there is another story. I'll get to it later. Now into the gameplay. this game has four different maps, never before seen in a Slender game. These maps are: Ghost Town- an 1800's style abandoned town, complete with gallows and taverns Mansion of the Damned- A 3 story haunted mansion. With hidden corridors and twists at every turn. Ice Castle- A forgotten castle grounds, not used since the 1500's. Forgotten District- A modern abandoned town, with the spirits of the dead around every turn. In addition to this, there are 5 environment settings. Daytime- self explanatory Nighttime- self explanatory Storm- it is the middle of the night, and it's pouring. Hard. And with each flash of lightning, a figure is seen... Blizzard- exclusive to the Ice Castle map, this puts you in the middle of a large-scale blizzard. Next, there are two gameplay styles: Signs Of The End- Collect all 7 signs, and escape the map. The Lost Souls- an exclusive new style with its own story. See below. In this gameplay style, 7 spirits of the dead wander the map, seeking to be found. You must take pictures of all 7 to free them from their wandering on earth. But, someone doesn't want them to be freed. Someone tall, pale, and slender... Next, there is the shotgun. Yes, this game gave you a way to defend yourself. It can only be found on the Signs Of The End gameplay style. Here's how it works. The shotgun spawns at a random point on the map, where you can find it. Once you discover it, you can wield it. However, it only has one shot. To use it. When you see the Slenderman, pull out the gun, and fire it when he stares at you. It will make the Slenderman despair for 3 minutes, so you can feel safe for that amount of time. When you have the shotgun, you can either keep it holstered, or armed. Both have drawbacks and advantages. When it's holstered, you have more stamina and run faster, however, if the slander,an stares at you with the gun holstered, you cannot grab it. If you have it armed, you are ready to shoot the Skenderman. However, your speed and stamina are decreased, and the Slenderman can make you point the gun at yourself, from which you have to escape. Lastly, there are 3 different endings, one for each difficulty. All are satisfying and tie up the story, but the last two reveal more about the story. So, in short, Slender: Rising 2 restored my faith in makers of Slender horror games. With so many original concepts, it just works. Game grade: A 9.5/10 Here are some pictures of the game. NOTE: these may cause nightmares. This is the Slenderman up close: This is the Mansion Of The Damned Map: This is a Lost Soul on the Blizzard setting: This is the Slenderman from afar: This is a Lost Soul up close: Sweet dreams, everyone, and I'll see you in the next post.
  9. I've finished the Silence Pony! I brought a couple with me to Fiesta Equestria and several people asked if I could paint them like Slenderman/Slendermane so I did. Coming up soon should be even more Dr. Who pony sculpts! :
  10. These are both done based off of a couple of far more superior pieces on deviantart and are both basically boredom sketches. The first is a basic pencil sketch of the wonderful Loki and the other is a basic pen drawing of Slenderman. For the pen sketch, I do a quick pencil sketch and then outline over in pen and fill in the rest of the details. They're a bit amateur-ish, but tell me what you think please. Thank you so much!
  11. Okay Guys... I heard that the beta for this game is already available... now, have you guys seen the trailer for this? if no.. try finding it.... okay questions on this kind of stuff are: -Does the game takes a whole new stage, compared to the first slender? follow up question: How so? -When slenderman appeared in the first game what are your reactions? follow up question: In "The Arrival" what is your reaction now? -In both of the game... which is scarier? Follow up question: if the 2 are not scary enough for ya, which other slender game is scarier? -If the game became so popular that the people who made this might make a sequel, what's your opinion? follow up question: will they make a plot or story line? If not why? -Rate the scare factor of this game and explain why it is rated that way. So yeah guys answer them honestly and I might come up with addition question..... AFTER I finish the beta.... If i ever finish it..... also it's only the beta not the real deal... Bro hoof guys /)
  12. I am so glad I finally figured out the whole line system effect on MMD. I hope you like this vid. I had to make it 2 times due to glitches. ENJOY!
  13. I made his vid after reading and watching videos on the Slender Man. Sadly I found out that others had the same idea and did they're own versions. When I compare though, I think mine is the best. ENJOY!
  14. So rewind to about a year ago and try to think of the horror genre of video games. Now tell me what were some of the popular "horror" games. You could say things like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Dead Space, Dead Island, F.E.A.R., etc. These were the most popular mainstream horror games of the past few years. Then comes along a daring indie title you may know as Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Amnesia was known to be one of the scariest video games ever made, so scary that it became popular just to watch people shit their pants playing it. I too LOVED Amnesia! It showed the REAL way to inflict horror on a player. Games like Resident Evil, or Dead Space never truly scared me. The most they could ever get out of me was maybe a cheap jump scare. Any particular moment where I was supposed to feel terrified of whatever creature was lurking in the dark was instantly ruined when I could just grab my gun and blast through all the terrors like scissors through paper. (Paper isn't scary, despite the cuts) What a game like Amnesia does differently is that they opt for less oversized monsters and put in more of a creepy helpless feeling. The monsters themselves aren't really the scary parts of Amnesia. Its always the monster I didn't see that scared me, and I feared seeing them because I didn't have a shotgun security blanket to help me. ... Now let's look at today. Amnesia has really left its mark on the Horror genre of video games. It brought to life new indie darlings that will scare you pantless that would have never seen the light of day before hand. Now people are swarming for a good scare, and I have to say, initially I really liked that. But alas the old moral proves itself all too true, "Be careful what you wish for." Seeing this new love for indie survivor horror sounds like a dream for me, but I can't help but feel like I regret what I wished for. It seems that everyone now is swarming to do what I call "the Pewdiepie thing" where they play a scary game and just react to it on YouTube. I guess that in itself isn't a bad thing, but it gets real annoying watching the 500th person upload a Let's Play of Slender just to get scared and scream their lungs out. Its just a trend that I feel has overstayed its welcome. And then that brings up another topic of this trend is these "true horror" games seem to be losing exactly what made me wish for them, subtlety. A new horror craze in video games is a new indie hit named "Slender". Slender is quickly gaining a rather huge fanbase that's even comparable to that of Amnesia's. I mean people LOVE this spookfest. I don't think I've gone a study hall this year without someone bringing up something about it. I'll admit I liked it too, but I didn't find it very scary. In a game like Amnesia they use subtle elements to get you freaked out at the upcoming monster. But in a game like Slender, there's little subtlety This is mostly because we fear what we don't understand, but I understand the monster Slenderman so why should I fear his appearance. I've seen him plastered all over the internet where he has reached a Meme like level. And memes aren't scary. Slenderman is followed so much on the internet that he ceases to be a frightening image. It might as well be a troll face chasing you in a forest. Its that whole "fearing the monster you don't see" mentality that made games like Amnesia good. I can see where they tried to implement such an element in the game Slender, but its not as effective. ... I guess this is mostly just me whining again about something that I've been disappointed in. I was very happy to see real survivor horror trump the action gore games and take horror back, but if we turn it all into Pewdiepie Play Slender-athon then I guess you can count me out of this new horror trend.
  15. Its been awhile since I've been on since I ve been busy with school and all but here this is whats been up so far doing animation and stuff and I decided I wanted to share this with you all. So mines the one with the Cutie Mark Crusaders and The Doctor, Derpy, and Slender Pony. So I got the brief idea from a mlp comic i read from the tumblr of Ask the Cutie Mark Crusaders! The idea just came out of my head because this was done at my school because my teacher just told me to draw something. So I came up with this on chalk and took me about 3 hours in the heat!!! I think i will draw this again in my sketch book just to make it nice but over all this turned good I guess. Title uhhh not good with titles naming "The lonely Slender" for now I guess The other is done by another artist. I did not quite get his name or did not get to see who done it but here it is “Respect Twilight” I just notice it looks like an Abra other than Slender. Haha oh well I'll probably make it better on my sketch book
  16. Just a little something I made earlier. I found it thought it was pretty neat, it's from this police recording related to Slenderman here; Here's mah remix: (WIP)
  17. Here, the horrible future of the bronies told by Slenderman. oh hey gir, i didn't know you had a youtube channel kululustophat in reply to gir42399 15 hours ago oh, no, it's just a fan name, I made this account before I was 10, when I was crazy over GIR, now I'm crazy over ponies! /)^3^(\ gir42399 in reply to kululustophat 10 hours ago I am killing your ponies human. Slender Man in reply to gir42399 10 hours ago NO. NO. NO. Kill ME! JUST IF YOU FIND A CROSSED-EYED PONY, KILL ME INSTEAD!!! (just make it as painless as possible *wink*) gir42399 in reply to Slender Man 10 hours ago Nope. Both you bronies and your ponies are going to die. I hate your kind immensly. Slender Man in reply to gir42399 10 hours ago ... Well, i'm screwed. gir42399 in reply to Slender Man 8 minutes ago The question is... WHEN?
  18. -Chapter 1- Dusk's fingers tapped impatiently on the table in front of him. Someone was coming to rent out a part of his relatively small apartment, though he didn't know much of the person. Apparently, the person was a man, who always wore a suit. Suddenly, the door opened, but just a crack. "..Hello?" asked Dusk. "Anyone there?" He sighs. Must've been the wind, I guess. He returns his gaze to his laptop screen. Creeek...The door opened all the way, and a tall, slender man stalked into the room. The way he walked was strange; he didn't walk. He levitated. "O-oh! Hello!" says Dusk. The man dosen't have eyes, but Dusk can certainly feel the coldness from his gaze. "I'm Slenderman." The man whispers. "S-so, you've come to rent a part of my apartment?" Dusk asks. "Yes." "Okay, I'll show you around.." Dusk gets out of his chair, and slyly steps around Slenderman. "No problem, I already saw it," says Slenderman. "Well um, it's late, I'm gonna go to bed." says Dusk. "Goodnight." Dusk steps around Slenderman, who's gaze follows him as he walks to his bedroom. Dusk hops onto his bed. Okay, that guy is horrifying. Remind me why I let him stay, again. As the narrator, I declare ending theme time! ...Just replace Haruhi with Dusk, and everyone else with Slenderman.TO BE CONTINUED!
  19. You might know who this guy is - 8 foot tall, has really long arms, wears a black suit all the time, and his face is expressionless... because he doesn't even have a face! This guy is legitimately creepy. He's rumoured to stalk people in forests (usually late at night), and take their souls for unknown reasons - perhaps for food or just to terrorize us. I'll leave that reckoning up to you. But he's a mythical being that can stretch his long arms at will, teleport (to stalk people) at will, and spread some sort of unknown disease (dubbed Slender sickness) to those who come in contact with him (physically or not). That description alone is enough to scare the living daylights out of a person, let's admit it. Seriously, an 8-foot tall creature relentlessly stalking you wherever you went? Whom can not only appear wherever he wants at will, but also put on an endless chase for you? I have to say, this being is misunderstood. He kills human beings, which is enough to terrify someone, and thus people like to rail on him. They're afraid of him, because they think he'll come about and take their souls away permanently. But he hasn't been mentioned quite a lot... why? Because he's the hero this world deserves, but not the one it truly needs. So people hunt him, and make fun of him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.