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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 194 results

  1. twilightsparkle3562

    Gallus' Tragedy

    Gallus the Griffon sabotaged the Hearth's Warming tree with a purpose, so that he didn't have to go back to Griffonstone and face the loss of his family. Now, with the help of Twilight and his fellow classmates, he must go to Griffonstone and face the tragic circumstances surrounding that dark day in his life.
  2. Summary: A little time has passed since Princess Luna has returned to Equestria, and Luna still feels down and broken. So, her sister announced a holiday just for her.This is Lunar Appreciation Night, and ponies all over the Equestria are supposed to celebrate this, by writing the letters to newly redeemed Princess of the Night to make her feel better. Though there were a few letters with decent lengths but most of letters were nothing more than simple phrases "We love you Princess Luna" and "Happy Lunar Appreciation Night", which to some extent make her feel even worse, until she read out one letter which made her day (or in her case, night). Dear Princess Luna The most adored Princess of The Night And The Beauty of The Moon, and The Glimmers of The Stars Please accept the humble Greetings from one of your most pitiful subjects. I don't have words enough to explain my joy as I write this letter for you. The words can't comprehend how I feel when I think twice every time before writing every single word in your high regards. My greatest and most humble apologies as I feel lost here. I am clearly not sure how or where can I begin, or can I even begin at all. But I'll try my best anyways, and I will expect to get forgiveness for such disrespect, cause you deserve much more than that. You're more than a Princess to Equestria, you're more than an Alicorn, when I think about this and I see that you're not less than a blessing to the Land of Equestria. The Night you bring is more than just the dimmed shade of sky with Stars, and when I think about this I see this as a symbol of love you hold for your subjects and your kingdom, and you want them to see how much you care about all of them whether they see this or not. Your Night beholds the beauty more beautiful than anything else I ever known. And when I am all alone, sitting under the darkened sky I see that beauty, more over I see your love, and your care for your subjects, hoping that they will see this and may know that you care for them too. I can just go on all my life and still I don't think I'll ever be able to explain how I adore the charming beauty of The Night you bring, but I also want you to read this letter today, so I could make you feel that you're also loved, that you're also cared. But before I finish this letter, and let you know the name of this disrespectful subject of yours, I want to say something more. The Night may beholds the most incomparable beauty, but there is something which I adore even more than the Night, which I adore even more than the Stars, the only beauty who beholds the beauty more beautiful and adorable than the collective beauties of a thousands Starry Nights, and that's you, Princess Luna. This can be you and only you, the most adorable of all things beautiful in Equestria. Your Highness, I hope you except these few humble words of admiration. Happy Lunar Appreciation Night Your humble subject Night Glider ***Princess Luna's Perspective*** As Princess Luna finished the letter there was a genuinely true smile on her face, and tears in her eyes. She felt flattered as she looked towards a certain direction in horizon for some moments, before she she thought to herself "Maybe Tia is right," Luna smiled "Maybe some of my subjects still care for me, and others just needs a little time to understand."
  3. From Your Brother, with Love - Slice of Life 5.5k words - Complete Summary: Thorax never gave up on him, even when everyone else had. With Pharynx now transformed, his cold demeanor has begun to thaw, presenting Thorax with something he's never had, before - an interactive, albeit slightly irritating older brother. Facts & Why You Should Read: There is a lack of Thorax & Pharynx sibling relationship stories in the fandom, so enjoy this one! Fluff, changelings, humor - what else are you possibly looking for in this life?
  4. Alexshy

    Sad Tuning the melody

    I messed the topic, guess I'm still not arrant in the flow. Apologies. Tis another story about mine OC Dawn, written as the response to the social experiment by Flutterpriest on FimFiction: More than two years passed since Bittersweet story, Dawn passed fire and ice and trumpets. One day she got a strange letter. After reading and prolonged hesitation whether to reply or not, she grasps her nerves and... Hither goeth: --- Hi Melody! Nice to meet a beautiful pony (I think everypony making art is beautiful and I’m not talking about the looks only… and mostly) with a beautiful name. It sings. No need to call me Penny… Heh! My name is Dawn. Quite optimistic, isn’t it? I would like to match that name completely… Anyway, that should lessen the awkwardness, shouldn’t it? Awkwardness… For an IT mare, which spends more time with machines than living ponies, it’s almost the second name. Your letter is pretty normal; believe me – the one who reads the fault notifications (with user suggestions) daily. For one who came through an incident with a stalker, awkwardness tends to become the first name even. The same reason makes me the last pony to judge you, completely open or not. I stopped judging ponies since long ago… So, I’m a mare, as I have already said. As for the looks… I have a few scars from the less happy years with my husband my previous life. Nothing too critical though. Truth be told, I learned to judge ponies by the look not. I wish I learned it earlier the easier way. I live in Ponyville. Currently… Actually, I’ve driven half of Equestria hiding from several years ago. Canterlot. A beautiful city… Well, it depends. I’ve seen both sides of it, Melody. I think, regardless of where you are – big city or some village, troubles can find you, even if you don’t seek for them. Sometimes at the least expected moment. And the shady ponies aren’t the worst of them. When the one you lived happily with for a few years turns shady… or I think it’s simply easier to overcome all those, staying closer to Nature… Have you ever thought of moving to Canterlot outskirts at least? It’s not much of a difference for the delivery and agents. But the look, the air. You are lucky, having a beautiful tree under your window, Melody. I remember, we had a brick wall, when we [blot] Well, about me… I live alone in my house. Never thought I could return to that place after the cli two years ago. But that’s all I have and… it brings happy memories. More than Even if it’s too big for a single mare. Employment in a big IT company has its undoubted advantages: I can work remotely, rarely hitting the road to Canterlot or Manehettan branch office. I prefer driving; can’t make myself enter a train compartment for quite a while. In practice, the remote work means typing, typing and again… typing. All day long. Which, with my hobby – writing (although, I don’t have much time for it, unfortunately), gives even more typing at the end of the day. You can’t imagine Writing to you was such a relief. Pen, paper… I hope my hoofwriting is readable at least. Haha! I signed for that Penpal service, because I feel lonely, more and more each day. Even in the middle of the large herd which I’m not a fan of, even if almost everypony here is friendly, despite… I get along with a few mares here, but I’m still behind the glass, sorta… We were going to be open with each other. Well! Do you want to know what I fear most of all, Melody? Not silence. There is a much scarier sound. The sound of the storm and rain drumming the house, when you are inside [blot] The worst thing in my life happened under that “music” Alas, I can’t avoid it, when I’d like to, most often I curl under my blanket hoofing my ears shut. When it’s warm outside, I ran to the open. The rain is not scary there. Often to the field nearby. You can see everything around It is more bearable that way. I know how you feel, Melody. Maybe not to the letter, but… Interesting fact, the most awful things in my life happened to me inside, in the “tranquil and homely” atmosphere, when those I supposed to trust, were near. If you want, I will tell you someday. I’m still working on my trust issues I need to grasp my nerves for that. Outside… It’s big indeed. Enough space for one to escape expect for some help, if it’s needed. Although, I admit it turns out weird sometimes. Even with lots of nice ponies I think I have too much space in my house as well. But that’s different. Never mind. I love how dedicated and inspire you sound, when it comes to your art, Melody. How responsible. I always valued responsibility high, maybe even to it becoming my weakness some tried to abuse Still, it awesome how involved you are in your artwork. Please, Melody, don’t be too involved all the time. No art is too dark, Melody. Even for Equestria. Maybe it’s your agent, failing to track the target audience, not the art. Threatening is not an option, regardless of the situation. Anyway! I got an idea. I happen to know a few art agents The only useful legacy of my husband I’m still on good terms with two of them. Well, if a few e-mails a year can be called that way. Still, they used the company service and… I’ll write you the names, being a painter you know them well most likely. If you are okay with that idea, I’ll suggest them to have a look at your art. Then, well, it will depend on your agent. Any autumn tree painted with soul and feel involved is unique, even if there are millions of them. Mind that coming from an IT mare. The idea with the night scene is… I don’t know how you make the accents visible in night light, but, well, I’m not an artist. I believe you can do that. Although, I see the scene a little differently. I’ll elaborate later. One more idea… Two unrelated to IT ideas a day! Ohhhh, that makes my coat crawl. So, to the point, right? I’m going to be in Canterlot that weekend. Under the certain tree. Simply being there. You won’t mistake. You can see me then. I can’t promise, my lungs allow you to hear me, nor I assume you want that. Do you? You can use that rope properly then, Melody… Throwing one end out of the window, so I can clip another letter to it. Screw that post service. From hoof to hoof. I’m taking a sketchpad with me, a nice change from the keyboard. I’ll tell you my story what I can I can’t promise to be lighter. And then we’ll see. Maybe you want to paint that autumn tree in the moonlight then. And two mares under that tree. Talking. That, of course, doesn’t mean that you and I shouldn’t write any more letters meanwhile. Right now I need at least one. A single word is enough, if you are okay with that idea – simply yes or no. While I have nerves to go You have a friend now, Melody! I’m not pretending to be the best one or simply a good one, only time will show. Just keep going. I care, Dawn P.S.: Speaking of scratched out parts… It took me some effort to actually dare to send this We could make a contest someday!
  5. Part 1 JediShy stops on his way to Ponyville. He was tired but had to get his training done before sunset and if he got a room for the night he would never be able to bring himself to go back out. He found a clearing in what appeared to be an abandoned apple orchard. Shrugging out of his cloak he drew his saber and ignited the green blade. With the classical makashi salute he being his drills. Block high pushing the opponents saber up and draw the blade across and slash downward in an unblockable striiiii..... It takes all of his might to stop the blade centimeters from a pink pony that appeared out of nowhere. “ Oh hi, I'm Pinkie Pie and you must be new. That means you need a party! “ Jedishy stares in awe at this ponies apparent lack of awareness of what could have happened. Muttering the code to himself he slowly composes himself before responding. “ You could have seriously been hurt, Miss Pie. Have you not met a Jedi on a visit your planet before? I know you are relatively new to the Republic.” “ But cant you sense everypony in that force thingy? Why wouldn't you know I was coming? “ As the pink pony bounced ahead of him Jedi froze he could not believe it but she was right. He could feel all the life around him except for her. That must be reported to the order. Making a note he broke into a trot to keep up. “ So you never told me your name. I cant introduce you if I don't know your name silly “ “ I am Jedishy and I was actually raised in Ponyville for a bit. I was found as an infant and the search for the ship I was on and my force connection are what drew this planet to be connected to the Republic. Its also where I got my name “ “ Wait whaaaat you're a human raised by ponies?! “ “ Yes, I was raised alongside a filly by the name of Muffins for a bit. My name was a parting gift from the family that took care of me. “ As they closed on ponyville Jedi figured he would be able to get in at least some meditation this evening so that his training was not entirely neglected. He would love to see Muffins again as those where the only memories he had of his youth but he had a duty to visit Princess Twilight first. With a grin, he saw they were headed to Mrs. Cakes shop. Other than fun with Muffin the one thing he remembered from his youth was the treats from the shop. He wondered if Republic credits are good in Equestria... then again his Master might not approve of spending money on a needless treat...
  6. until
    Taking a break from the rose and the serpent for this week, to present you something more simple and cute. :3
  7. To Love as His Own - Slice of Life, Drama 5,000 words - Completed A prequel to The King of Love Bugs, this modest oneshot follows on the coattails of the S6 Finale, giving a story after the story. Summary: Standing on the ruins of Chrysalis's fallen empire, newly-crowned King Thorax has a long overdue meeting with his former peers. Amidst their discussions, the reborn changelings are met by one of Chrysalis's leftover offspring. Scared and confused, the young drone shuts down towards all but Thorax, who consoles the nymph, and demonstrates the power of sharing love between changelings. Facts & Why You Should Read: Potent levels of fluff and cuteness - forum goers with weak hearts have been warned. Continues off the S6 Finale, giving an 'off screen occurrences' theme to the story and its events. Insights on the changelings, their powers, relationships and their way of life. If you were on the fence about trying the much longer-winded King of Love Bugs, this story is a good appetizer.
  8. The King of Love Bugs - Slice of Life, Comedy 70,000+ words - On-Going This story is my magnum opus for this fandom, and has a lot of history to it. Spoiler for exposition. Summary: Following the dethroning of Queen Chrysalis, the princesses of Equestria seek to build a relationship with newly-crowned King Thorax, and forge a never before seen alliance between ponies and changelings. While the changelings continue to discover new things about their bold metamorphosis, Thorax works to embrace his role as the changeling's new patriarch - demonstrating to the swarm a benevolent means of ruling far different from his predecessor. With the help of Equestria's princesses, his brooding older brother, and even a few unexpected friends, Thorax must now introduce the idea of peaceful changelings in Equestria, one escapade at a time. Facts & Why You Should Read: Potent levels of fluff and cuteness - forum goers with weak hearts have been warned. Follows along the events of the show as closely as possible, giving an 'off screen occurrences' theme to the story and its events. Intriguing lore regarding the changelings, their powers, relationships and way of life. 'Flower of the Wastelands' by Huusii. An unintentional but surprisingly similar representation of the first chapter.
  9. With some encouragement, I wrote a little story. @Alexshy has been a tremendous help and provided the kick to my posterior to get it published. Please, feel free to check it out.
  10. I figured I might as well plug another one of my fanfics here. This one is my first attempt at a slice of life story, and is the first one not written with any shipping in mind. I'm curious as to what you all think about it. The story can be found at FimFiction here: At FF net here: At Archive Of Our Own here:
  11. Comet Tail and Honey Leaf stood over their young colt with frowns that often creased their muzzles. Yet another winter had come and yet another disaster at the hooves of their son. They loved the colt but he just always managed to over do it when it came to winter. But this year took the cake. He had caused a four-hour backup on 5th Avenue in Manehatten. He had put his headphones in and was bouncing cloud to cloud to his music in too small an area. This caused a blizzard like pile up when the weather leaders orders were only for a light dusting. Half of their colleges in the upper crust of Manehatten had been calling on them on and off all day to express their condolences at the expense this would cause them. If not in bits than to their reputation. They were two of the most respected botanist and astronomers in their fields. They had worked hard to gain this reputation and an unruly colt was unraveling it all with his inability to control his enthusiasm for winter. “ But Mom...Dad, I just lost track of where I was supposed to be. I didn't hear the call to move on.... I didn't mean for this to hap...” “ You didn't mean to... Yes, that is what you always say, son.” Comet Tail looked down at the colt sternly his voice only slightly elevated but his disappointment and disapproval fell from every word like this winter's snow. “ You didn't mean to cause three of the weather patrol to crash into you with your “practice” your first winter of training. You didn't mean for your antics to cause an ice storm instead of a light snow last winter either did you? Now, this. Son, we love you but you will not be allowed to go out with the weather patrol for the rest of this winter. You will aid in the cleanup and start your training again next spring. Is that clear?” Honey Leaf took no joy in denying the colt something he loved dearly but they could not keep allowing such disasters to impact their reputations. Winter Bolt ran for his room slamming the door with a crack... Sitting up right with a gasp under his wool blanket a much older looking Winter Bolt was breathing heavily. He hated that dream. He hated remembering that night. His relationship with his family had never been the same since that winter. It was the year he got his cutie mark and in his mind lost much of his family. He had started to wander farther from home to practice that year. After he was of age he started wandering farther and coming home less often under the guise of trying to find work that called to him. He had at this point not been home in over a year and a half. He sent cards and letters but that was about it. Worse was the fact that his parents never made a big deal out of it. It was like they were glad to have him gone. The last time he had been home it was to mourn the passing of his elderly uncle Spring Step that had given him his treasured sapphire necklace the day he got his cutie mark. Funny it had only been a few days after he was grounded from weather patrol training that he got his mark making it snow for some foals that wanted a snowball fight. It was that day that he realized he wanted to bring the joys of winter to everypony. His uncle had been the only one to understand.... so now what was the point of returning? Sighing he got to his hooves and shook out his blanket. Repacking everything into his two well-worn saddle bags. He covers his fire-pit with water and earth before grabbing his bags and taking flight. The cool dawn air washed his troubles away as it so often did when he fled the stuffy atmosphere of his parent's house. He had roamed from Manehatten to Canterlot and almost every town in between. Everywhere he went he searched for a home that he never found as a colt. But every time he managed to mess something up. He just always over did things trying to be helpful especially if it was with anything winter related. So he fled. Time and again he would take wing and be gone before they could tell him to leave. Or at least that is what he thought. If he had stayed reality would have told a very different tale of what other ponies thought about him. He was always so eager to please that he was generally well received by everypony he met. Yet before they could tell him that things were ok, that they understand that it was just a mistake he would be gone. Like a snowflake on hot cobblestone, he would vanish a silently as he blew into town. Most often leaving ponies missing him in the wake of his departure. Across half of Equestria, there were ponies that would speak Winter Bolt's name with an aura of sadness missing the bright young pony that had tried so hard to make friends but couldn't see that he had succeeded. So worried that people would view him as he felt his parents did he wandered from town to town and city to city afraid to give other ponies the chance he so desperately wanted from them. The consistent travel and taking random work whenever he was low on bits had given Winter Bolt a lot of stamina and a wide set of skills. He had bucked apples in Appleloosa, trained with the weather patrol in Manehatten, and even helped as a package courier for a short time in Canterlot. But he never stayed. If he had gained half the wisdom he should from his travels he would have seen how popular all his lending a hoof had made him. But blinded by his own fears he just flew on. The skies of Equestria were more a home to him than any city or town ever felt. They did not judge. They did not yell, well unless you count thunder created by other Pegisi. They just let him be and he respected that. On and on he flew missing breakfast and lunch. He flew trying to escape the dream and all that it reminded him of. He honestly never felt this desperate before. But then he realized what it was. He had always had his uncle to write to before. He had always been able to head home and stay with him if he ever really needed to feel safe. But he was gone. Worse this was the first winter that he would not be able to celebrate the first snowfall with him. The shock of this realization almost knocked the Pegasus out of the air. He tumbled and twisted trying to regain his balance but it seemed impossible. His physical spiral matched the mental turmoil he now felt and he couldn't shake it. Tears stinging his face he managed to turn the spiral into a semi controlled dive. He tried hard to ensure that he landed in a somewhat dignified manner but that was just not in the cards. He saw a field of apple trees ahead and it looked as good a place as any to try to land before he hurt himself. Landing with a thump and crashing snoot first into one of the many apple trees he added insult to this injury by scattering his left Poneyville ....saddle bags contents all around him. Grumbling he started to pick up his belongings and pulled out his map. Funny in all his travels he had never stopped here.
  12. like Applejack in a farm i'm Raised on the hills near a small town it has cold winters celestia be praised for i loved snow as i've grown my hobbies start with nice long reads i'm a bit like twilight sparkle just before her friends she seeks a bit closed,not quick to chuckle which brings me to my other trait like fluttershy i'm very shy my similarities end there,not great for its plain i cannot fly like Rarity my greatest passion is in Art,i like to draw though i'm not well versed in fashion and i always look quite raw so if you are like Pinkie pie always looking for new friends don't hold back,just come say Hi lets form a bond that never ends p.s. as for you Rainbow Dash,i'm sorry you're too awesome to compare i couldn't fit you in my story but i wrote this verse,so there
  13. Simply put, are these two changelings actually the same character?
  14. The party was ending for Pinkie Pie's Birthday, and Pinkie Pie she opened the presents that her friends gave her at Sweet Apple Acres that sunny spring day while the birds they sang outside. "Everypony! Thanks for the party, and especially Applejack for being host here at Sweet Apple Acres!" Pinkie Pie said to her friends. "Thanks Pinkie Pie! We used a whole week to get this party up!" Applejack told as she was close to tears. "There now Applejack! I know how much strenght it has costed to give me that surprise!" Pinkie Pie said. Records played, as everypony cleaned up after the party. "You and your friends must keep all the balloons to play with, as I know you love both apples and balloons!" Pinkie Pie said to Applejack. Later on was everypony leaving the barn, as Pinkie Pie and a tired Applejack was by themselves. "I have a secret, and I show you it for you!" Pinkie Pie told Applejack. Pinkie Pie used her new teleport spell, as Applejack was surprised. "Whoa Nelly!" I did not know you could teleport!" Applejack said to Pinkie Pie. "Keep it as a secret! You just saw my new party teleeport!" Pinkie Pie said to Applejack. So nopony knew yet that Pinkie Pie could do that magic, as she would show it to her friends later on. "I guess you could need some sleep, as the Grand Galopping Gala is around the corner!" Pinkie Pie said to Applejack. "Sure! See you tomorrow!" Applejack said to Pinkie Pie. Then Applejack went to bed. Pinkie Pie she visited Sugarcube Corner on the way, and there was she meeting with Spike that ate donuts. "Can' t sleep? You really look forward to the Gala?" Pinkie Pie asked Spike. "Yeah! How is Applejack doing after all this that happened today" Spike asked Pinkie Pie. "Glad and tired, but I hope she gets some sleep after what happened with the stampede!" Pinkie Pie told Spike. Then was Spike and Pinkie Pie talking about the coming Gala, as Rarity did her final job with the Gala dresses. That night after Pinkie Pie's party, was Applejack having a nightmare about Pinkie Pie after she went insane that day. The next night was Applejack sleeping better, as she was dreaming about her first meeting with Pinkie Pie as a filly. Filly Applejack loved the parties that Pinkie Pie threw in at her Birthday parties at school, while Applejack got to learn her "Pinkie Sense". Applejack and Pinkie Pie was in the yearly autumn marathon, and even Applejack could not win over Pinkie Pie. Applejack she thought of Pinkie Pie, as they met first at school. "Hey! Nice to see you! So you are Pinkie Pie?" Applejack said. "Right! I see you come from a farm too!" Pinkie Pie said. "You from a farm?" Applejack asked. "Yes, I was raised on a rock farm before I moved to Ponyville!" Pinkie Pie said. After the class, was Applejack showing Pinkie Pie around in Sweet Apple Acres. While the two ponies walked around the farm, was Pinkie Pie telling how good she was at throwing in parties. It was just another perfect and long summer like autumn day in Ponyville, as the sun it was shining over Sweet Apple Acres. "Mind to come by at my Birthday party this weekend?" Pinkie Pie asked Applejack. "Yes! I love to party just as much as you!" Applejack told Pinkie Pie. Applejack and her friends had a blast at her parties, but they also knew at first how insane Pinkie Pie could get if nopony showed up that was just enough to scare Applejack away. So the next day after the dreams about Pinkie Pie, was Applejack waking up and prepared herself for what Princess Celestia told to be The Best Night Ever in Canterlot. Applejack was not the best friends with the upperclass ponies in Canterlot, but Princess Celestia was one of her best friends since she was filly. Tonight Applejack would dream about sell apples at the gala, have enough bits and build up a new barn. "Hey Applejack! Excited about the gala?" Rarity asked Applejack as she came by a vist at the farm. "Sure! I might get enough bits, so I can get a new barn up!" Applejack said to Rarity. "I told the others about it, and now I tell you that I will move to Canterlot soon but only for a while this autumn!" Rarity said to Applejack. "You know how I feel about ponies from Canterlot, but I am always looking forward to visit you anyway!" Applejack said to Rarity. Then The Mane Six prepared for the gala, as a big crowd of ponies arrived at Canterlot.
  15. It was cold. To you, it felt like it was Frozen North levels of cold. Maybe it was the cool crystals the place was made of, but for a castle, you’d expected a little more...heat. But you wanted that to change. You wanted heat. Warmth, maybe...and a good book. You were out in the hall now, looking for someone to snuggle with. You felt a little embarrassed having to ask anyone...usually you could keep yourself warm, but tonight it was oddly difficult to.You knew of one pony who was the best at keeping you warm (not that it’s been done just assumed), and that was none other than Princess Twilight Sparkle. Now, you stood before her bedroom door, feeling nervous. I’s not the fact she was royalty you were embarrassed to ask this. It was merely the fact it was seemingly a test of friendship. Giving a heavy sigh, you knocked on the door, awaiting your response. “Come in!” Came a friendly voice. Uneasily, you opened the door, warm bedroom light flooding through the crack, widening as you opened it more. “Oh, hey! Didn’t expect to see you up so late. I was just busy catching up on some old dusty books,” She answers before you say anything. “But if you needed somepony to talk to, I’m all ears.” Princess Twilight Sparkle was laying in her bed, underneath a thick fleece blanket, with comfy pillows surrounding the head of it, with a warm lamp illuminating her and her pile of books. You entered and closed the door behind you, approaching the bed. As you approach, she adds, “It was, uhh...also kind of lonely. If you really want to, you can lay next to me. And I assume you’re in here mostly because of how cold it is?”“Y-Yeah..” You answer, wondering how she guessed it. “I’m not surprised, the report did call for freezing temperatures tonight.” She lifts up a corner of the bed with her magic and pats the newly revealed spot, implying to get in bed with her. You feel yourself blushing slightly. This was….rather generous of her. You didn’t even have to speak a word.“Trust me, I know you’re shocked. But when you know a friend well, you know what they want at times. That and I’ve been out in the hall myself, so I can imagine you’d be cold, considering you have no fur.”You got into the bed with Twilight as she lay the blanket onto you. Almost instantly, she scoots you closer to her, sort of bumping her. You two had indeed been bonding quite a bit since Starlight was taking care of Royal business in Canterlot. You and her were close, but...when she was away, you preferred her mentor as company, too. But now it was close to a point when Twilight really liked you. As a friend, of course. You felt immensely warm, but in a good kind of way. “This book I’m reading is about ocean life. I’m almost surprised hippogriffs aren’t in it. Maybe it’s because they were originally land creatures. Do you want to read it?”“Well….I was hoping maybe you could….read it to me?”“Huh….I’d never read TO anyone before...well, not in a moment like this, of course. But sure! Reading helps me relax, so I wonder what it’ll do reading TO someone. But first..I’m sure the comforting atmosphere of the room is making you sleepy. Trust me, it is for me, too. So, uhh….not sure how to word this, but if you want you could lean on me. Even ponies are aware of how soft they are.”You move a bit closer and lean onto the Princess’ shoulder. Almost instantly, her left wing curls around you, almost like a robe. The fur on her shoulder and sides adds to the comfort of your position. “Comfortable?” She asks, and you simply nod.“Alright then. This one’s a good chapter – it’s about porpoises and dolphins, the majestic creatures of the ocean. I mean, heh, that...second part isn’t really in the book. They just fascinate me.”Her voice sifts to a soothing tone as she begins to read. “Dolphins are commonly known for their adorableness and general friendliness to many. They use echolocation to find objects in the dark, and are commonly used in rescue teams. The fins on their backs are often mistaken for that of a shark. However, they…..and like to…….often eat…...”You’re surprised at how quickly you begin to fall asleep. The warmth of the blanket and the room, the softness and comforting feeling of her fur and wings, and her soothing reading voice all combine into a pleasant feeling you get just from listening to her read. You doze off here and there, but slightly wake up from a gentle nudge. “Are you falling asleep already? Or is my reading that actually boring to you?” She jokes. “I’m kidding, hehehe, I know how reading can be. Shall I keep going?”You give a sleepy nod, focusing on nothing now. She continues to read, and you feel yourself falling back asleep. “Whales have sizes that vary…..large stomachs….mostly consist of krill...prey is mostly squid….”You feel yourself falling back asleep. When you momentarily wake up, Twilight has her books stacked back up, a hoof around your shoulder or arm, and you find yourself laying on….her chest? You’re surprised at how understanding she is at snuggling you. You thought this would turn out...much differently, maybe even a questioning look. But it seems like all those hours you spent with her in total resulted in her really trusting you. Now it seemed like SHE wanted to snuggle you. In any case, you felt safe, warm, and happy this turned out well. You closed your eyes again, falling back asleep to face the day that awaited you tomorrow.
  16. Mesme Rize

    Slice of Life adorable colt

    (okay, this is a very short story that i wrote. I might continue this if people want to, but as for now, this is just something cute and sweet. Have fun ) A crescent moon shone overhead light up the Everfree floor a little, everyone was asleep all except for one. A Lamiapony with his yellow mane and bright, big green eyes was sound asleep in his tree. This 28 year old had a 28 foot long dark brown tail with a greyish underbelly. He had eaten only a few hours ago and was quite full, little did he know he'd get a visitor. A 10 year old colt with dark hair and with purple eyes was walking the jungle floor. He had a greyish fur and he had little wings on his back, obviously they weren't fully developed yet. The colt sat under the Lamia's tree oh so wishing to be anywhere BUT there. As the colt sat down the Lamiapony woke up and his eyes widened a bit when he saw the colt shivering from the cold winds. A warm smile formed on his face, as he thought that he might be lost and needed some company. Besides, he needed a bit of fun around him. This one shall be his new friend. The purple eyed colt closed his eyes as he tried to fall asleep before quickly jerking up when he smelled something....sweet...oh so sweet....he sighed in content as he tried to find where that wonderful smell was coming from! As he looked up into the tree he was sitting under a coil slowly wrapped around his waist while pinning his hooves together! Normally someone would've struggled at this point but that sweet scent was making it hard for him to understand what was even going on! The colt stumbled back a little before two strong hooves cupped his face as he was met with a pair of green eyes. "Hello there..." someone spoke, was it from the pony in front of him? Or was it from him? The colt tried to pull away but the coil kept him in place. "Don't leave, I jussssssst want a that ssssssso wrong?" the voice cooed softly as he kissed his forehead making the poor colt's face turn red. The Lamiapony chuckled as the colt's face turned red, oh he was going to have fun with him. "I'm Messsssme Rize, what's your name?" he asked the colt as his tail tip slowly started to coil around him. "R-Rumble.." he stampered before moaning faintly when he felt the coils wrap around him more. " me a favor...look into my eyessssss." Mesme said. Rumble did as he was told. he was suddenly overcome by a sea of reds, blues, greens, and yellows. Mesme has turned on his special hypnosis technique and was sending the little colt into a deep trance with his hypnotic eyes. "Good jussssst're sssssafe with me..." Mesme was using his soothing voice to lull Rumble into submission. Rumble was looking helplessly into Mesmes eyes, his own purple eyes dissapearing and mirroring Mesmes. His mind was getting foggy and heavy, not to mention that he was already tired. It felt so good. He looked so cute Mesme thought. "Be good...sssssssleep now..." Mesme kept his lulling voice, massaging Rumble with his coils. Rumbles eyes started to droop lower and lower, his mouth forming into a cute smile. He felt like never leaving Mesme. His eyes where shut and he started to make cute little snores. His eyes returned back to normal as Mesme smiled at the cute colt he catched. He will have nothing to worry for tonight. He kept him comfy in his coils, as he gave him a kiss on the forehead. "SSSSSSSleep well little colt..."
  17. twilightsparkle3562

    Slice of Life Dresses for a Princess

    In this sequel to Wrath of an Angry Prince, Spike enlists Rarity and Fluttershy to help remake Twilight's dresses that she wore as a unicorn to help remind her of the most important events in her life as part of an effort to help Twilight get over the loss of her library. Meanwhile, Discord also joins in, determined to get on Shining Armor's good side by remaking Twilight's best mare dress. *Special thanks to Pastelights for editing.
  18. twilightsparkle3562

    Slice of Life An Uneasy Reunion

    Following the events of the "Friendship Games," Sunset comes to a hard decision to return to Equestria and face her former mentor after so many years. *Special thanks to SuperPinkBrony12 for collaborating and editing.
  19. twilightsparkle3562

    Slice of Life Window Repairs

    While restoring Canterlot's stained glass windows to their original glory, Discord reveals the reasons behind his betrayal to Celestia. Takes place between "Twilight's Kingdom" and "The Cutie Map."
  20. Following the events of "Wonderbolt Academy," Lightning Dust reveals to Spitfire the real reason behind her recklessness and is given another chance to become a Wonderbolt. However, will Rainbow Dash and the other cadets accept her new outlook?
  21. There comes a time in every life where parents have to watch their children grow up and become something great. For Twilight Velvet and Night Light, this is no exception as their daughter Twilight Sparkle is to become a princess of Equestria. But, they must always remember that Twilight will forever be their daughter, no matter what position she holds.
  22. Following the Changeling Invasion of Canterlot, Twilight's friends, Princess Celestia and Shining Armor lament over how they failed to protect Canterlot from the Changelings as well for their behavior towards Twilight at the Wedding Rehearsal.
  23. Do you like My Little Pony Friendship is Magic or Equestria Girls better I like Pinkie Pie Better as a pony a lot better as a pony to tell you thee truth I think My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is more popular anyway I really enjoy My Little Pony even more but Equestria Girls is good too I still watch that I just with we could see Sunset Shimmer as a pony more often
  24. Quick short story on the first time one of Pixel's friend found out he was part BatPony. Please say if you can think of a better prefix/tag for this. Characters: Pixel Dusk - My OC (more on my profile) Pegasus Friend - I havn't completely designed or decided on who this is but all that is really needed to be known is she has been Pixel's friend for 2-3 years and Pixel trusts her. For the purpose of this story, I'll temporarily name her Crystal Quill (because it's the 1st name that came to my head ). Setting: Pixel's Bedroom durin a sleepover (before anyone asks... they are just friends) "AAAAAHH!" Crystal screamed, backing away to the wall. "AAAAH!" Pixel screamed, flying out of bed, head hitting the ceiling, "Ouch! Whats going on?" "V-v-v-vampire!" stuttered Crystal, edging toward the door. "What!? Where?" Pixel asked, "Aaahh!" Crystal screamed again, trying to open the door with her back hoof. It wouldnt budge. "Wait a second..." Pixel said, "Vampires aren't real! What did you try to scare me for?" "Get away from me!" said Crystal, fear in her eyes. She picked up a nearby hoof-mirror to protect herself. "Ooh... I get it..." said Pixel, seeing his slit eyes in the mirror, "Ok, I can explain." "I wont listen to anything you say! Vampire!" shouted Crystal Confidently. "I'm not a vampire!" yelled Pixel loudly, Crystal stanfing on her back hooves in order to try and get further away. "Right, fine." said Pixel, putting a hoof to his face, "I'll just turn back a sec..." Pixel closed his eyes, "Nrrgh!" nothing happened, "Come one! Nrrgh!" Nothing happened. "Oh, nevermind." said pixel falling to the floor in a slump. "Crystal, just listen to me for a sec... I'm not a vampire, those don't excist. I'm just part BatPony. "Yeah right!" said Crystal, dropping back onto all four hooves, "BatPonies are just a myth!" "So you believe in vampires but not BatPonies?" asked Pixel. Crystal breathed in, putting her hoof up to defend herself. She breaths a sign of defeat, putting her hoof back down and lying on the floor. "Fine." she said, "But how do you explain the door being locked!" "Because it opens inwards?" Pixel said, demonstrating by opening and closing the door. "Yeah? well... How come you were a Pegasus yesterday!" Asked Crystal defendently. "Like I said, I'm PART BatPony. My other part is Pegasus." Crystal looked at him confused. "Alright," Pixel said, "Basicly my grand... my GREAT grandmother was apparently a BatPony, The rest of my family being Pegasi. I... I was hoping to explain under better circumsances, but I guess the cats out of the bag now..." "What do you mean?" asked Crystal, "I, I mean I DO trust you but... ok fine, what I know is mostly speculation and research but as I said, my great grandmother, my Mom's Dad's Mom was a BatPony, My Grandad was mostly pegasus, just with slightly better night vision that most ponies, plus his mom died when he was quite young so he didn't really see much of her. By the time my mom was born, there was basicly no obvious traits suggesting she wasnt pure Pegasus so she was never told about it, but for some reason, I was probably born, like, 50% Pegasus and 50% BatPony or something, because for the last year or so, I've been able to switch forms between the Pagasus you know, and this BatPony form which I... yeah..." "Wow... If your mom didnt know, how did you find out all this?" asked Crystal, "Well," continued Pixel, "When I first transformed, it was a pretty similar situation to this one, though I had never even heard of BatPonies before so... I guess you can guess my reaction" Pixel said with a smirk. Crystal giggled. "Wow, that must have been a fright!" "I knwo right!" said Pixel, "Back then, I thought I was a vampire too!, I was all like, Oooh noOOoo! get awaAAY from me!" laughed Pixel, "My mom may not have known what was going on, but she HAD HEARD of BatPonies so was able to explain that much to me... though she was still a little wary for a while incase I WAS a vampire, but after a little research, I found I had alot more incommon with a BatPony than a vampire, so I started to read up on some old myths and found out my great grandmother was once suspected of being one, as she was hardly seen in public and moslty wore a cloak to hide herself... I guess she wasn't too sure how regular ponies would react to a BatPony." "Yeah..." said Crystal, "I can imagine!" "I was worried too..." confessed Pixel, "But you seem alight with it..." "To be honest," said Crystal, "I'm really not sure where I stand in this, but if you say its fine, and you are the same pony I know, then sure!" "Well... Apart from the obvious bat wings and slit pupils" joked Pixel" "Oh yeah..." said Crystal, "How do you change for anyway?" "I don't really know." said Pixel, "I just kinda try to relax and visual myself in the other form and..." A thin black shadow flowed over Pixel, transforming him back into his Pegasus form. "YES!" whooped Pixel, "I did it!" Pixel looked down at Crystal, looking up at him in awe, "Umm... sorry for getting you caught up in all this... But can you not tell anypony? I'm still kinda nervous about letting the general populous know about my... Heritage..." "Oh, sure!" agreed Crystal "No need to be sorry though! I, for one, think it's kinda cool to be two types of ponies!" "Yeah! I guess it is!"
  25. This was my entry for the NaPoWriMo: The Gift of Hearth's Warming. Unfortunately, it didn't win. but, if at first, you don't succeed try, try again. Now that I have somewhat of a better understanding I might give it another go the next time. until then, please check out the story and leave your thoughts down in the comments. I hope you enjoy.