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Found 7 results

  1. 5 being average. I came across these graphs, and it made me think a bit, and if I were to simplify myself to fit in this graph, where would I fit; Obviously we all know personalities are way more in-depth than this, but hey it's just for fun hmm if I were to simplify these 3 traits on how others would probably perceive me if they hardly knew me... I think my; attractiveness 8/10 intelligence 5/10 kindness 8/10 So I'd be in the dumb/Idiot spot haha. What about you?
  2. GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO. I got 155, what did you get? (No cheating or lying because you'll feel really bad about how you had to lie about your IQ and you'll feel stupid and immortal, okay?)
  3. What a smart little bird! I live far away from the ocean but seagulls seem so cute.
  4. My answer? A resounding NO. She's shown to know things that Twilight didn't know, even with how long she's had her nose in a book (coughallherlifecough), like the Mirror pool, or the parasprites. Both something Twilight has no idea of, and no answer for. In EQG: Rainbow Rocks, when the rest of the mane 5 (Spike included), seem to be confused about Twilight's explanation of the magical science of the interdimensional mirror Twilight constructed in a mere instant, Pinkie's the only one who knows exactly what Twilight's talking about, and re-conveys it to her friends in simpler terms. There's also the fact that Pinkie is more extraordinary than most earth ponies, or even Celestia for that matter! Where Celestia admits to not knowing much about the mirror world, Pinkie has been shown to know more than Celestia on that level; knowing what events are going on in the other world, and what characters they're happening to, at any given time, to describe them in detail to her friends, with 100% accuracy. And as an Earth pony, being a race who can most easily manipulate the earth, it seems that only Pinkie has the knowledge to manipulate factors and forces that manipulate the earth- such as gravity (seen when she's climbing the walls, in “Filli Vanilli”, and where she's able to slow her descent before hitting the water, in front of Rainbow Dash, in “Too Many Pinkie Pies”). It's also very likely that she knows how to manipulate time, and perform feats of time-travel, to arrive at a destination before a fleeing friend, and predict the future with stunning accuracy; attributing it to her “Pinkie sense” (obviously just an above-average tier of Earth pony magic). Even Cranky, in “A friend in Deed” gives credit where credit is due, stating that Pinkie is smarter than she looks. (and acts) There's a Simpsons theory that explains why the Simpsons are actually, in fact, geniuses, but choose to be seen as 'idiots', and focus on having fun, rather than putting their brains to better use, and I think this can also be seen in MLP. The theory takes Homer and Bart as primary examples, and compares them to more level-headed and smart/ nerdy Lisa. Basically, Homer and Bart's actions center more on happiness over intelligence because it gets them more friends, as opposed to Lisa, whose whole life is studying and being smart, and having no friends at all, and is ostracized because of it, and I can see that as well in Pinkie Pie, who can be be Bart to Twilight's Lisa. This is also seen in the very first episode of MLP, where Twilight's too hung up on studying to attend Moondancer's get together party, and she has no friends because she'd rather be a studious 'egghead'; even going so far as thinking that “the fate of Equestria doesn't rest on her making friends”. (and it actually takes Spike to push her into giving it a try- note how the first pony Twilight is pushed into becoming friends with is Pinkie, of all ponies) Simpsons theory:
  5. So, the time has come for me to answer some questions as myself. Seeing as I've been on this site for about 5 months, nearly half a year, it's something that should be done. So, if any of you have questions about me. What I do, what I'm working on, don't hesitate to ask. I'll answer any question in all honesty! Ask away, my friends!
  6. So, after much pressure, many people have convinced me to review various things. Fine. Sheesh. I have different opinions than most of y'all, but try to respect my opinions. I will do the same for you. Alright, here we go. Super Reviews 1: Spider-Man 3 Yes, I'm referring to the film. The game shall get a separate review. Now, Spider-Man 3 is one of the most underrated super hero movies of our time. The film had great concepts, based many things on the comics, and only took liberties when necessary. And when liberties were taken, they turned out quite well. However, many people didn't like this flick for a few reasons. I'm here to give both sides of the argument and present my opinion, and give the film a grade. So, here is what the side that supports the film thinks. Spider-Man 3 was innovative for the year 2007. Not many things were too popular that year, and Spider-Man 3 was the highlight of it. The film was phenomenal in theatrical release, and many good thing which were not in the comics. One such thing is the behavior of Black Suited Spider-Man. Not Peter, Spider-Man. Black Suited Spider-Man in the comics behaved normally, and just had upgraded abilities and powers. And, the black suit exhausted Peter, eventually making him need to take it off and give it to Reed Richards for examination. The suit escapes, and disguises itself as one of Peter's red suits. After donning what looked like a red suit, it changed, and Peter was shocked to find he was wearing the black suit again, which is where he goes to the bell tower and removes the suit for good. The movie, however, shows us that the suit makes Spider-Man more aggressive, and it shows us that even the most clean of people can have monsters inside, which was a cool idea. The black suit's design in the film is exceptional, and I personally liked it better than the classic black suit. The opening song was awesome, and gave me the shivers, the sub plot with memory impaired Harry incorporates well in the plot, and many moral lessons are learned in the film, such as: things that feel good may not be good for you. However, the film had drawbacks. There were three villains. THREE. DAMN. VILLAINS. This didn't need to happen. At the most, we needed two. Not three. One of them sucked, and didn't make it past one duel. One of them hacks life, and the third, and most anticipated, didn't appear until 20 minutes before the movie's end. The black suit took forever to get incorporated, and that's what I came to the movie to see. I don't want to wait 45 minutes for the movie's main plot. Emo Peter. Yeah, I liked how Black Suited Spider-Man behaved, but not Peter. Peter became a complete jerk who dances like an idiot for half the film. Even one scene before we get rid of him, he almost ruins the bell tower scene because of his dancing and rapid emotion changes. He goes from "LADEEDAA IM A DANCER LOL" to "DARN YOU, IM SPIDER-MAN!" To "IM A MONSTER!" In less than five minutes. That's. Just. Unneeded. Venom, the main villain, that everyone wanted to see, and paid to see the movie for, barely got screen time. That sucked. Give us less emo Peter and more Venom next time, please? Anyways, I liked the film. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks, and the film is just too good of a finale to be put down as bad. Sure, things could be improved, and I hope they do that in the third installment of the newest Spider-Man series. Therefore, my overall grade for this film would be a B. I hope you enjoyed my insight on this film. If you have requests for reviews or want to voice your opinion, do so in the comments below. Before I go, I bear news. Part 1 of the reading of "A Christmas Carol" will be out by the weekend this weekend. Get excited! See you all next time!
  7. Hello, and Cactus to the Cactus exhibit, today we will be cactusing about the cactus in it's natural cactus. To truly Cactus the Cactus, Cactus Cactus Cactus, and observe what truthfully must be the most important Cactus among the Cactuses Cactused in the Cactusporium. Of course, the Catcus Nodes Cactus with the changing Cactus of our ever growing Cactus, so one can Cactus what kind of results we expect cactus that experiment. Cactus we really overcome such a cactus? Who Cactuses? One Cactus if for certain though, Cactus Cactus Cactus. Cactuses are like Cactus, they continually Cactus the surrounding cactus until the water has been absorbed. One Cactus can Cactus any amount of Cactus for a very long amount of Cactus, as seen below in the Cactus. Cactus on, my Cactuses.