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Found 2 results

  1. Hey peeps. I wants to know if there is anything you can't stand the smell of. I can't stand the smell of: -Onions -Dirty diapers (I have to smell that a lot.) -Stinky shoes -And skunk spray (Gross!) So what can you not STAND to smell? Let me know!
  2. So, as promised, I said on a recent topic I made just before I went camping that I would write a short blog entry when I got back about my experiences. Firstly lets set the scene; I was camping with my Christian Union at a Christian conference camp that had roughly 1000 campers. The weather was very sunny on the first 3 days of the 5 day camping with overcast/light drizzle on the last few days. Now I just want to say, overall It was loads of fun ! As people on the forums had promised, when you are with friends you can have a great time without really having things planned! Al thought we did have most of the day filled up with football and worship/seminars, we still had a good 4-5 hours of spare time and most of this we just sat around enjoying each others company ! So here are some of the funny moments: One of my friends was trying to cook his pasta on a small single burner (the type where you pierce the gas canister) and decided to not hold the pan and look away from 10 seconds. Before we knew it his pasta was all over the floor and he had burned a massive hole in his tea towel from the flame! Luckily he had some spare pasta, but it was still really funny! One night we also had a "sing off" with the Scottish and Welsh campers to see who could sing there national anthem the loudest! It was 11pm and not everyone appreciated it to say the least, not to mention the singing was awful ><! Worst parts: Feeling dirty and smelly most of the time is not fun for me. We had 2 shower block's that where rammed unless you skipped out activities (which I ended up doing every day so I could get a shower a day). Admittedly this is really only an issue when you wake up/after playing sport. The lack of light at night can also be annoying when your playing cards by torchlight and can't read the cards ><! The amount of wasps was unreal. We ignored them the first day, but by the second we had 20 flying around us at all times while eating and something had to be done. We declared war on them making a variety of traps and using everything from water bottles to forks to kill them, casualties where taken (I got stung twice when I was just standing around not caring about them ) but eventually but the last 2 days we had thinned them out enough to eat food without being harassed to badly ! Best Bits: Being with 40 people in almost a family like atmosphere where we shared everything had had great banter. Had 4 people in my 5 man tent, and we had some great conversations and times together! We also had a real Chinese chippy just down the road, so one day I got chips which where AWESOME! Also learning loads about Christianity and God, and worshipping with 1000 other people (like a mini festival) was great! Lots of good memories where made, and bonding was done with others a barely knew before the camp ! Verdict?: I wouldn't say I enjoy the camping part of camping, but I would most likely do it again to be with friends and have a great time! If you prepare pre cooked food and make sure you have simple things to cook and are well prepared, it can make it easy and even at time enjoyable! Having a stand up tent is a must for me though, and I would look to get some odourless deodorant (both wasps stings happened just after I put it on :/) and taking the memory foam mattress was a great Idea ! Thanks for reading, I hope you found it enjoyable!