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Found 25 results

  1. You don't have to make a Top 10 List like I did, but I'm posting this for the fun of seeing which language versions of this song you prefer the most, besides English, of course and I watched this together and talked about it on Skype ... Now, if you want the clickable time links for the languages, you'll need to open it in a new tab and see the video's description, however, if you're fine with doing it manually, the times are in the spoiler below (copied from the description of the video). --- Here is my Top 10 List, of course disregarding English: Have fun! And don't forget to... SMILE ~ Miles
  2. "Smile" is one of my favorite songs in the whole series, it was a great way to show what Pinkies goal in life was, who SHE is, and on top of that it's catchy. In my opinion it was a great way to start off a great episode and introduce a new race. But why is this song so popular? This song is usually number one on people "Top ten my little pony songs" list that I have seen and it can never really die down. I think it's so popular because, the tune can get stuck in your head and it isn't just repeating the same lyrics over and over again and with the up beat tune and the colors which are usually showed to symbolize happiness can make anyone in a bad mood smile. We know Pinkie and we love to see her trying to make as many people as happy as she can so seeing and or hearing her sing about that specific topic can make us smile. Why do you enjoy this song, and why do you think it's popular? (If this is in the wrong place, please don't hide it. Can you perhaps move it to a better spot if it is?)
  3. When you listen to the lyrics in The Smile Song, do you hear them from Pinkie's point of view of trying to make someone else smile, or from the point of view of someone that Pinkie is trying to make smile. I hear them from Pinkie's point of view. For reference, the song with lyrics on screen:
  4. Hey guys, I recorded a cover of the smile song for Euphonium! My mic isn't very good right now, but I hope to change that for the future!
  5. Hey y'all! It would be an honor if you could check out my analysis. I have been doing drawn analysis for a couple months and just stepped into the realm of video analysis! It's all hand-drawn. For the first one, I decided to take advantage of the audio aspect and do a top 5 songs. But I couldn't resist singing along XD I hope you enjoy the thoughts, the drawings, and the singing!
  6. Hey there every pony, Wow. It has been years since I last was on this forum. My name is Note Wise(formally JediMPG) Over the past two years I've been doing my hoof at music production. Recently i had a college semester project for recording and decided to a Smile Song cover. I do hope you all enjoy it and feel free to leave some feedback! The Smile Song(Guitar Cover)
  7. A new video by MisterDavie was uploaded recently and my opinion to it was, a bit of fear at the first couple of seconds, then once Pinkie started running I thought, "Hey I think that this will be catchy!" Later I was just speechless until RD came and I knew she would do some awesome sonic rainboomness! But I was shocked when she lost... Until Fluttershy came and then my reaction was, "Dang." What was your reaction?
  8. Let me know what you think. Any improvements that could be made? ---------- Samples From: "Smile Song" - Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic; Season 2: Episode 18 - "A Friend In Deed" "A New Way To Walk" - Sesame Street
  9. In the video for "Smile Smile Smile", there is no one holding the rope, and no sign of magic being used on it I have the video starting at the part where you can see it. What is going on here? .-.
  10. I haven't slept for few days, so in my sleep deprived state I decided to mess around with Smile, Smile, Smile. Even though I had no clue about what I was actually doing, I had a lot of fun. So here it is:
  11. I became a brony in fifth grade. Fifth grade was the worst of my life, mind you. My middle school goes from fifth to eighth, so I went strait from being in forth, top of the school, oldest around, to dropping strait down the totem pole. I was now a tiny little kid surrounded by giants, they seemed. My sister was in a completely different house (it was kinda like Griffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw), so I barely ever saw her during school hours. Teachers were mean, kids even meaner. Some of the forth graders from elementary school had the same house as me, and wouldn't let me hear the end of it. See, I had always been lightly teased in elementary, about small things at first, things like my speech impediment and anger issues. I had many friends at that time, though, so I could deal with it. But now it seemed that a new school meant people became more brutal with things like teasing, and to make it worse, most of my friends were now in different houses, and the ones that weren't ditched me to avoid being teased themselves. I was alone. Nobody was nice, it seemed, and the ones that didn't tease me came across as too shy to be good friend material. To make it worse, nobody was crush material either. Every year of my school life I had a different crush, even kindergarten. I guess you could say I was a lover girl. But, with nobody to love, I didn't know how I could continue with my school life. It was always my crush that kept me going, even in the worst of times, but this was too much. No crush, no friends, paired with anger issues and demon spawns for classmates? It was a recipe for disaster. Not to mention I already despised school. I was actually thinking about maybe quitting school or escaping to somewhere where I could be alone. Then came my very good friend, @Thundershock. She was definitely the shy type I was talking about. In fact, when I first saw her, she was sitting alone with her back against a tree. By then it was about a month into the school year, and I would do anything for a friend to talk to, even if only at recess. So, I went over to her and asked her if she wanted to play. She shyly nodded, and within a few days, we were friends. But that didn't mean things were suddenly hunky dory, kids still teased me, classes still sucked, and some days I couldn't handle it. I would run into the hallway crying, only to have it be the next thing kids teased me about. It was a living hell. That's when MLP comes into the mix. I had seen these colorful equines around the Internet, and like most bronies, I absolutely despised them at first. All I know is that they were some adaption of that stupid show I watched when I was three, and it completely eluded me as to why grown men liked something so stupid when an eleven year old girl would gladly take a shit in the face of whoever was responsible. That is, until, during a very fortunate game of Truth or Dare, my cousin dared me to watch the entire two-parter. I did so, to avoid being called a chicken, and, well, it captivated me. Somehow I felt as though I had found the thing my life was missing. Some light needed to be shed on me, and it seemed candy-colored ponies were the sun. That is, until my classmates from the black lagoon heard about it. The teasing level was, well, It was nice while it lasted. I should have known the thing that actually made my life bearable just made it worse. I I don't give up watching it, though. The damage had already been done, nothing worse could happen now. What would be the point in giving it up? So, I watched it more, and soon I came across Season 2, Episode 18, A Friend Indeed. It started off to me as a normal Pinkie Pie episode, then came the world famous anti-depressant, Smile Smile Smile. I couldn't resist it. This show had been my light. It had changed my life definatly for the better. I joined this forum after thinking about it for a while. My Little Pony was the one thing that kept me going. And, for that, I can't thank Lauren Faust or all of the brony community enough. Without any of you, my life might have truly been a wreck. Thank you all so much. I'm actually crying as I type this. Thank you. Thank you. ;-;
  12. Hey guys (: I've recorded two covers of my two favorite songs and would love some critique from you guys since you've been really helpful in the past! Discord Smile, Smile, Smile I have privatized the links to these videos so that I can replace them in a few hours with higher quality versions which I am more satisfied with (:
  13. I tried making an upgraded verision of Smile Smile Smile and sorta succeed and I tried playing it backwards and it scared me like buck Upgraded Smiles.wav Pinkie Death Smile Smile.wav
  14. Firstly, thank you foremost to ' for a greatly recorded .mp3 of Marco singing. Now, go thank Marco or either Silver Marcato. I have my own, but my speakers recorded it, but my room is a bit echoey so it didn't come as nice. : ( marco singing.MP3 But I did get the after reactions, if anyone else is interested
  15. So i made this house-y remix to pinkie's smile smile smile and i wanted to see what you guys think This is my second brony song that actually sounded somewhat good in my opinion so i hope you guys like it
  16. I hope you guys enjoy a little easy listening, I just made this in my downtime. If I could get any criticism on how to improve, that would be appreciated. If you would like to download this, the link is either on my YouTube description, or you could download here! Smile.mp3
  17. I just watched the brony documentary last night and I thought I would post a little review on it. The animated segments with John De Lancie explaining things was a very nice touch and in those and his live action appearances were entertaining and informative. The joke about clopping was funny but I am not sure if it is a good idea to mention rule 34 in a movie that is supposed to set the record straight about us, I am not saying I have a problem with cloppers but the misperception that all bronies are cloppers is fairly significant and someone who might not know what it is might look it up out of curiousity and get quite the eye full. Hearing from some of the writers, voice actors and of course Lauren Faust herself was also pretty awesome if I worked on something that well loved I would be pretty flattered. I feel like the community was represented fairly well, it had a lot of different bronies from the teenage boy who wanted to go to Bronycon but didn't want to tell his parents the whole story to the guy who made pony themed youtube video parodies of the famous Dos Equiss commercials about him being the "worlds manliest brony". And it emphasized the creative spark that it has inspired in quite a few people what especially spoke to me was this one guy who says it inspired him to start drawing again for the first time since his father died. And of course there is the charity work, none of that could be accomplished by the pasty faced basement dwellers that exist in the minds of haters everywhere. Overall it was a great movie and a decent way to introduce the fandom to those who know little to nothing about it or just give those of us who are already in the fandom a little inspiration.
  18. Well I finally got to doing it after so long. Here it is everypony! Smile Song! I used a jazz type of style in this one. Not much space for improv though.
  19. http-~~-// This was a request by my roommate Lobstercraft (FiMFiction page, DeviantArt page), because Pinkie Pie is best pony, and best song by best pony deserves a decent metal cover. This was super fun to make. The song translated really well to metal, and I learned a lot of new things about a VST I rarely ever use. Enjoy, everypony.
  20. I kinda want to start my own charity with my little pony and for a hospital called Miami Children's Hospital, though I need help getting started. Anyone know how to help? Miami Children's is really special to me and I really want to repay them for everything they've done for me. I've had three heart surgeries there and I also want to help other kids with special needs with this charity. So anyone know how to help? I don't want to use bronies for good though, I want to put together my own project because I like to have control over my own team...
  21. Hello everyone how are you all doing today. Well I for one am doing fantastic! So fantastic that I decided to sing the smile smile smile song with a vegeta impression. I hope you all enjoy and remember to smile! listen to it here: If you liked this and would like to see more shenanigans please give a listen to Alicorn Radio! Make sure to follow us on twitter: And if you liked me specifically follow me on twitter:
  22. So...another stop motion animation that I made for my moms birthday. Just thought I'd post it here, I don't really know why, but enjoy I guess.
  23. This is something I kinda brought up in another topic I posted called, Could Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake been in more episode? After reading some of the comments people left and looking back at some of the episodes, I believe during season 2 certain episodes were moved ahead and some were moved back. Now I am not sure if this has been talked about before or if it's true. So I well try and explain it. The flow of the episodes just did not feel right when it came to episodes with Pinkie Pie or the Cakes. Some episode looked like the Cakes were still enjoying the life with no kids. They were in still entering contest and enjoying town events. They weren't acting like parents and by the end of the season it would show that the Twins were waring them down and they were having hard times.. This is how the episodes looked to me. Now episode 13 was the episode "Baby Cakes" where Mr. and Mrs. Cake had 2 new foals, Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake. Now with these 2 charters it would be implied that they would show up most the time with Pinkie Pie, like how the CMC show up with their sisters or role models. But after that episode we see less and less of the twin's and the one thing the show is good at is keeping continuity. Now during the episode "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000" which is two episodes after "Baby Cakes." We can see Mr. and Mrs. Cake, standing in the line and jugging by there position they camped out with Pinkie Pie. Now if they are here, who is watching Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake? The way the line looked, it almost looks like the whole town is there and the camping out thing was a last minute thing Pinkie Pie came up with. So did The Cakes find someone to stay at there house all night and take care of the twins during the day tell they got back? Now it could be that they just used there charters and weren't thinking about it, but as time moved on in the show we can see a few more errors. The next time the Twins would show up would be in the episode, "A Friend in Deed" showing that they would be in episodes with Pinkie Pie, but like other times we would see a lot of Mr. and Mrs. Cakes, but there would be no sign that they have kids yet, that they are still living the life with no babies. The last time they would show up would be in Ponyville Confidential, and it would show that Mr. and Mrs. Cake are still getting use to them, even thou mouths have already past, so you think they would be used to them by this point. This would not be the last Pinkie Pie episode. The last Pinkie Pie episode would be, "MMMystery on the Friendship Express" where yet again Mr. and Mrs. Cake leave there home and don't take the twins. Now of course they are nerves about the cake, but don't you think your babes would be more important to you then some stupid cake. Now Pound and Pumpkin could be taking a nap and other times it could be that way, but I have some ideas. Now why would they do this? One word, leak. As we all know MLP has had many leaks in the past like episode being released to soon, new charters, and there big one was when the song smile smile smile got out on the net. Now they never talk about leaks, so most likely they moved the episodes up and did not mention it. So this is what I think MMMystery should have been episode 13, episode 18 should have been Baby Cakes, and episode 24 should have been A Friend in Deed. Now for all I know I am way off on this or I could be wright. What do you all think?
  24. What's up everypony? Sorry I haven't had the chance to post anything this past week, I've had other responsibilities to attend to. But now I'm back, and making piano covers again! A few people have requested this one, so here it is. Pinkie Pie's Smile Song (Smile, Smile, Smile) from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic S2E18 http-~~-// Played on my CTK-496 MIDI Keyboard, recorded in Cubase LE, and uses CVPiano Modeled VST. I also think I finally figured out why my previous recordings were skipping and cutting out random notes, so this song and all future song should be fine! (Let's hope...) Enjoy, and let me know what you think and what you would like to hear me cover in the future! My other piano covers: ~Derpy Dash
  25. This is a Haiku I wrote when I first heard the leak of Smile, Smile, Smile. Deviantart link ___________________________________________________________________________________ Today I listened Balloons raised my soul up high I Love Pinkie Pie