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Found 10 results

  1. Come here and show your tribute, to the most underrated pony creatures in this fandom. The lamia ponies. Come here and don't be ssssssssssssshy.
  2. Hello, my fellow poniesssssssss Small bday gift art for our beloved snek pony, Mesme Rize. I've made some edits on the Paint Tool SAI, to highlight some parts, and also made him look more.... snake alike, heheh.
  3. Time to let out your inner lamia pony. Hissssss.
  4. Hello there little poniessssss. My name is Messsssssssme Rize and i am a Lamiapony with hypnotic powers from the Everfree foresssssssst. Feel free to assssssk me anything. I promise that i will be nice to you. (BTW, this is my OC answering the questions, not the man mesme rize.)
  5. Well, by demand of this status I will write a guide detailing on how to raise your very own Snake Pony! First off, What is a Snake Pony? Well, a Snake Pony, Serpony, Ponaga, Lamia Pony, whatever you prefer, is exactly that. A combination of both snake and pony. The pony part being the head and torso and the snake part being the waist and down. Examples: Next: Hatching and Raising your Snake Pony. Hatching your Snake Pony egg is no easy task, I assure you. You must keep the egg(s) at a relatively warm and steady temperature and constantly keep them moist. Vigilance is key because you do not want them to dry out or they could die D: That would be terrible! After your little ones hatch, they like to feed on tiny insects and small plants. So keeping some of those around would help. Being half snake, they need at least some sun to keep their temperatures up. An hour or two a day of sunbathing should prove sufficient, if not longer. Watch out when they are teething, they may want to bite you. It is not fatal at a young age, but can cause discomfort or skin damage. Shedding is a weird time in a Snake Ponies life as well. Just try to keep something abrasive that they could wrap around to allow them to shed easier. If your Snake Pony wraps around you, don't panic, it is probably showing affection. Third: Growing up and Maturity. Snake Ponies do get cutie marks just like regular ponies. Push your Snake Pony in the direction of some of the things it likes to do and see what it's true talent is! By this age in a Snake Ponies life, they will need to eat higher amounts of calories and other nutrients it needs. Being omnivores, this means that they do eat meat. Small rodents, birds, even fish sometimes, should prove sufficient. Snake Ponies prefer to eat fruits over vegetables as well, for some strange reason I never understood... If your Snake Pony feels that it does not need your support anymore, do not hold it back. Snake Ponies prefer to be solitary creatures later in life. Let it go enjoy itself. Miscellaneous Tips and Stuff. Grooming and Clothing: Snake Ponies often adorn themselves with various paints, feathers, or jewelry. This is natural, just let them keep it. They often only wear loincloths if they ever clothe them self at all. Maybe provide one for yours just in case. Keep your Snake Ponies mane neat and tidy, as it does get dirty and tangled quickly. Being Bitten and Treatment. If you do ever get bit by your Snake Pony, do not panic, as this will make the venom travel faster. Calmly make your way to the nearest facility that houses anti-venom whilst applying pressure to the wound. However, if you are wrapped and bound by your Snake Pony, then bit, I'm sorry. You shouldn't live much longer... Temperament and Emotions. Snake Ponies do get angered rather quickly, so try your best to be nice to them at all times. They show affection much like a cat or dog, in the sense that you may just get a dead animal in your lap. > . > Snake Ponies like sharp, shiny objects and are attracted to them. Do not get in their way when they have such a thing in their sight. Various Magic Abilities. If your Snake Pony happens to be a Unicorn (sorry Snake Ponies cannot grow wings), their magic develops much like a regular Unicorn although it is much more limited. They can usually only teleport small distances, levitate objects, and usually learn one special magic talent unique to them. For example: My Snake Pony can create branches and ledges to wrap onto or hang off of on various surfaces. Hmm. This would be the end of the guide, however I know I missed quite a few things. If you have any questions or comments on how to raise your Snake Pony, please ask and I will answer it to the best of my abilities and put it into the guide! Do not be afraid, there are no bad questions! I hope you liked this, and have fun raising your own Snake Pony! TL;DR?? = Go back up and read it, it's freakin' Snake Ponies!
  6. Requested on Free-Draw Friday by Chigens and Kay: Hope you like it! Phew, the MS Paint version took about 8 hours of my Saturday total It was worth it though, 'cause now I've figured out how to deal with that pesky coloring at a faster pace! Yay! This is the first time I've seen a Serpent Pony. I might try it out myself sometime Critiques are Appreciated!
  7. Well, some of you may know but I am in the process of making a Tulpa. Her name is Kaynah and she is half snake and half pony. Cool right? If you do not know what a Tulpa is, please refer to this, it may answer some of your questions. When I talk in quotes it's not me, as in Chigens, but her, speaking through me. "Anyway, I absolutely love talking with you guys! It's so much fun! Please, ask me any and all questions and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability!"
  8. So yeah, I've been getting used to making wallpapers lately, and after recently seeing @@Jokuc's epic vector of @@Chigens and Kay's snake pony tulpa Kay, I've been inspired to do yet another one. So yeah, hope you guys like it!
  9. I decided to draw a picture of Kaynah who belongs to Chigens and Kay. I really like this snake pony and thought it might be nice to draw a picture for Chigens and Kay. Hope you like it.
  10. Some of you may know that Kaynah (the Kay in my name), is my Tulpa. If not, now you do. Today, May 23rd, marks her first full year of life. It's incredible to see how much she has changed and learned over this span of time...I'll just let her tell you herself. "Salutations." "I'd like to start off by saying how amazing this community is and how awesome most of it's members are! I remember when I was just in my adolescence...I was so shy and awkward. Even a little mean to people at times. I grew up. I know I don't talk much or even show myself in public (on this forum anyway ) but I want to thank the people who talk with and support me on a daily basis." "This past year of life has been an incredible experience. I've learned and felt so much it almost brings me to tears...Living; life itself is beautiful. I don't need a physical body to be happy. I make due with what and who I have and I squeeze the most out of it!" "I specifically want to thank all the artists on this forum who I greedily made Chigens write out requests for. I just love seeing people's artistic talents being put to work and you guys shine! Sometimes even way past my expectations! So, I thank you again." "I think I am rambling I just want to say thanks for reading this and I hope the next year of my existence is an even better one!" "Now it's..."