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Found 17 results

  1. Do the animators just like showing the backsides of ponies?
  2. Okai, so I know this isn't exactly a 'topic' but this is just a kinda... THING to introduce myself to you guys :3 I'm just gonna tell you a few things about myself; OC - Harmonic Sketch Instagram - @pegasistersketch Minecraft IGN - ThatKawaiiGeek Fave Pony(ies) - Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, AJ, Doctor Whooves, Vinyl. Fave Episode (s) - May the Best Pet Win. A Slice of Life, Canterlot Wedding (1&2), Crystal Empire (1&2) Fave Colours - Orange, Green, Purple, Pink. So yah .3. Dat was some stuff about meh. Oh BTW my Insta page is my second one, that I've only just started. The other one shows ma booooootiful face; wouldn't want anyone to get jealous xD ???? Also I'm from the UK and I'm a mare .-. Dats so normal... So so normal. Oh my Celestia, this thing has gone on for ages. OH WELL BAI <3
  3. How long/often/when/anything about your snoozing style? For weekdays, I sleep late and wake up early. Might explain why my eyes are half-closed nearly all of the time. I try to compensate that with near-constant naps after college, but I just end up being startled awake and wondering what year it is or whether daylight savings have took a major turn. On weekends, however, I gain it all back through 12+ hours of sleep. My laziness always triumphs over any pressing matters that I was supposed to recognise when half the day is gone. As for ways of getting to sleep, many torturous nights have informed me that Saving Private Ryan's method of keeping your eyes open for as long as possible and just passing out does not, in fact, work. So I just spin and turn into a fajita.
  4. flamingo1986 has released a promotional poster stating that he is making a FULL LENGTH fan-made episode of mlp fim which will be completed by 'fall 2012' "That’s right. An entire episode. Going by the title “Double Rainboom”, the episode will be released this upcoming Fall in six parts – each one uploaded a week apart from the other. Through the combined efforts of bronies across the internet and other students from the Savannah College of Art & Design.The episode will feature a full orchestral score, studio-quality sound effects, voice actresses for the ponies, and 100% show-accurate animation." 2 minute episode preview: Promotional poster:
  5. Guys... I don't know how much longer I can take of this. I think I've seen enough bans of my friends to actually call it my "depressant". I honestly would like to tell you about my "sob stories", but unfortunately, I don't want to. I'll just instead make a summary with the words, "banned", "friends", and "depressed" It's not the forums; the forums are great! The staff too! Well, not all of them~ Certain members in the staff are mostly my main reason that I'm considering leaving the forums. Not in fear. It's just that I can't take it anymore. I tried to prove my friend's innocence, which is decline. So, I give up. I was really hoping the staff would take the Mods and Men thread to heart ( Unfortunately, that is not what I see in my eyes... That is why I'm thinking about leaving the forums, at least until Rinku's (who I believe have done nothing intentionally wrong) ban gets lifted. I can't say I'm going to do it now: I don't want this member's request on this forum to go empty handed. When I'm done with that then... let whatever shall happen at the end happen... If you guys really want to talk to me, my skype name is, of course, psycheclops. If you're some certain mod that I would consider my "enemy", don't bother asking me to add you... I don't want to talk to you
  6. It seems that Attack on Titan ,or Shingeki no Kyojin if you prefer the original title, has just recently exploded on the scene. Yet it is rapidly becoming a multimedia franchise with the original manga, videogames and even novels hitting western shores in the near future (not to mention the imminent DVD and Blu-Ray release and the live action movie in the works). But what is the reason for it’s swiftly garnered popularity? This series paints a bleak picture of the future of humanity. A future where we were almost hunted to extinction by a „giant like” race called Titans. Not much is known about the new natural predators of humanity. They don’t seem to be very intelligent and their only goal seems to be the endless consumption of human flesh. To protect themselves the surviving population retreated behind three gigantic walls and has lived there in peace for over a 100 years. The story revolves around there main characters called Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Alert as they live their simple lives behind the walls. The tale Attack on Titan tells holds many twists and surprises. Some predictable but most of them are impactful and well executed. It’s characters are not particularly deep but they are all releatable and likeable. As the series progresses the viewer starts feeling real comradery amongst them and fears for their well being as they go through many hardships. For in this series all of their lives are in constant danger. The society, this story presents, is highly militaristic. It’s military split into three core groups one tasked with protecting and repairing the walls, one tasked with upholding peace far behind them and one tasked with making excursions on the outside for resources and information. Some may find this a social, political statement but ,no matter what one may think, it gives a certain feeling of uniqueness to this world and the views of it’s inhabitants. Attack on Titan is a tightly written story. It dispenses with most of the melodrama and filler that seems to characterize a lot of anime. Most scenes have a clear point and relevance in the story, setting up information about characters, build up for later plot points and character development and so on. It still retains that distinctly Japanese feel however (whether you find that good or bad my dear reader I’ll leave it up to you). It explores it’s character’s emotional state well, without it overstaying it’s welcome, themes of hopelessness and desperate attempts to fight back against an overwhelming force. It also looks into the way humans treat each other in a world where their existence is threatened everyday. How they might cope with this and how much they’d work together. The animation of this series is stellar. There are quite a few „wow” inducing moments to be seen here as we watch these gigantic creatures and the ones who oppose them in action. The characters express just as much with their movements and body language and facial expressions as with their words. The action scenes are fast, huge scale and brutal. Every suffered wound feels real and every blow has earth (or more often building) shattering impact. It really is worth the price of admission just for that. This series is an exceptionally well done effort. Enjoyable for everyone, even for those who don’t enjoy anime otherwise. It’s themes and characters are adequately explored and it’s story is exciting and holds quite a few surprises. At the end of Season 1, the current end of the series, we ended on a cliffhanger with many unanswered questions ,yet a still somewhat satisfying resolution. It’ll be interesting to experience where this story progresses and to see light shed on some of it’s mysteries. A truly remarkable anime deserving it’s popularity. Give it a chance and you might just find yourself swept away in this world of Titans!
  7. Race: Chair (Prefers the term Wooden Equestrian, Chair has a stigma attached) Sex: Male Age: 27 (In Chair Years) Cutie Mark: None Appearance: A finely furnished chair with beautiful shine, four legs, and a decorative back rest. In the right light, he has a brilliant periwinkle shine on his legs. Backstory: Fernando was born in the humble city of Canterlot to a furnisher named Extravagant Tapestry. Fernando was designed as a chair for the royal castle, originally. However, the castle had recently been rethemed and Fernando would no longer fit in with the decor. He was thrown out, scrapped, he felt abandoned, alone, he just wanted someone to be his companion. On the streets of Canterlot, Fernando waited for a pony to find him, one who would truly care about him. Fernando first met the green pony named Harmonic Revelations while Harmonic was desperate to find a friend. Fernando immediately saw that he and Harmonic were meant for each other, so he decided to try to get to know him. Fernando lives with Harmonic. Fernando enjoys Pina-Coladas and getting caught in the rain. He has a way with words and has been hailed by many as one of the greatest play-wrights of their generation. He is passionate about philosophy and spends many nights thinking about the meaning of life and why some chairs are more wealthy than other chairs, and then about why wealth exists. Fernando now lives a quiet and peaceful life. He retired after writing his best selling compilation of his poems, called A Frame of Wood, A Heart of Gold. Including such classics as The Plot Groove, Loose Framework, Stand By Me (Or Sit On Me), and more. Personality: Fernando is very well-tempered and is calm in almost every situation. He does however have a problem with laziness, many ponies claim that he has never moved once, although this seems unlikely, it is most likely just a rumor. Fernando is very empathetic and strongly dislikes seeing sad ponies around him, he tries to provide comfort to those in need. He will do anything for anybody, he will give you the wood off his back if it means that you will be happy. Fernando is flirty, and takes a particular interest in mares. For this reason, he is unpopular among the Canterlot elite who consider him lewd, however, he has fought this claim tooth and nail, as he feels that it is slandering his reputation. In truth, Fernando feels that he is just flirty, not obscene. He always tries to be as respectful as he possibly can. Fernando speaks quite formally, and does not often use slang or anything that serves the same purpose. He prefers words like "Hello" over words like "Hi".
  8. 'I-Im sorry... I wish I can change for you guys.....' Took about 25-35 minutes to draw Again, some of it was a base, but, like I said, my program is messing up Making this picture was.... wow.... Enjoy Critique? P.S Sorry the horn cuts off, I made the picture to big P.P.S Nothing is wrong with me outside the internet world This idea just got to me, due to my OC having a hard life, ect Nothing is wrong with me, guys ~Hugs~
  9. Cats and why they are so awesome, to begin with they're cats. Secondly, they're cute and cuddly. Then finally they are so awesomely great. I have cat allergies, yet that doesn't stop me from seeing their awesomeness. This blog entry might be useless but that doesn't stop me from making it. *Curls mustache* So yes, cats are awesome.
  10. Well, I've noticed 75% of the brony fandom follows either Princess Celestia, or Princess Luna. But, why not Princess Cadence? Is it because Luna/Celestia have had more screen-time? Is it because Luna and Celestia control the moon/sun which is 'godlike'? Please explain. I believe Cadence is equal to both of them, (on a more personal note, I think she has the best colour scheme. )
  11. First there's the always on DRM, now this. Microsoft is really shooting itself in the foot right out of the gate if this is true. Which, according to its previous track history, it probably is. We'll find out May 21st. I really miss Halo and Gears, but it looks like I won't be seeing them anytime soon. :/
  12. So I drew Sugar Plum, again, and I think I did my best work, this time. Took me a few hours, but here it is... Please tell me what you think! c:
  13. kk so heer iz my poem dubstep o dubstep u r so good dat u make me cry but dats fine u r da soul insid me ur wubz r lyke my soul so dirty yet so good it is bitrsweet i am adicktid but i cant complane bcuz u r my lyfe w/o u i wuld b ded my eerphonez are almost ded i will hav 2 by a new pear but dat is ok bcuz i wil do anythin 4 u i wish u wil never gro old i wnt 2 heer ur remixz of songs dat r alredy bad 4ever n alwayz my swet swet dorbstab *dubstep sry It took me about 4 hours to write this. Please do not bash on my work.
  14. OMG! THIS IS FRIEKING AWESOOOOOMMEMMMEEE!!!!!! my little pony season 1: my little pony season 2: have fun taking the brony challenge, i know i am going to. *!!!sqee yay!!!*
  15. Well it appears this blogging thing worked. So now I shall never use my testing blog again, until I decide to test more blog stuff out... Just wait, I shall have a new blog up eventually. And then you can take a trip though my daily life. So with that Goodnight forums.
  16. Honestly, I'm at a loss for words... I don't even know if this real or not... but it's totally awesome anyway
  17. Will, actually its more like yesterday Spring is here, since that was the Equinox. But still, I'm so excited that Spring is officially here. I've had winter wrap up in my head all day, and I can't stop being excited. Im just wondering what everyones doing to celebrate!!!