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Found 45 results

  1. I have a Twitter account and I use it primarily for breaking sports news, getting insight into an athlete's life that they're willing to share, and following Las Vegas hotels for special room rates and deals . I follow every well-known Detroit sports beat writer and radio personality along with the teams' official Twitter accounts as well for ticket deals or promotional things. I also follow national sports journalists who are among the best at their sport, like Bill Simmons for NBA, Jay Glazer/Adam Schefter/Chris Mortensen for NFL, Bob McKenzie for NHL, etc. I follow athletes from Detroit teams and University of Michigan teams who have an account also to see if they post their thoughts or if they reach out to the fans in some way. So do you have a Twitter account? What's your main purpose for using it? And who do you follow?
  2. So yeah I tend to find myself to lean towards the more hesitant side to starting up conversation with others. One fact being that I am a very shy person to begin with and also I always think that I would be a bother to someone if I tried to talk to them >.> that is probably just me though... So is it easier for you to spark up a conversation or is it something that is a bit harder for you to do?
  3. I use Instagram occasionally, but I am thinking of deleting it and I stopped using Facebook a long time ago because of drama. So do you guys use social media? What is your opinion about FB, Insta, etc?
  4. There is this 3D virtual world called Second Life, it's without objectives so I'm not sure if it would be called a game. Would there be a place to talk about 3D models in the platform like MLP building replicas, avatars, ect? (Also here is a picture of Scootaloo)
  5. The best thing I've ever done was become a fan of the show. After that, I took notes on the certain friendship lessons they learned and tried them out on a new girl. It worked so well, that over time I had a LOT more friends than before. I luv the show and you guys. Thanks so much!
  6. I've read articles about how people are prone to use different language in different social settings (code switching). I try not to swear for the most part because I consider it wrong, but I do if I'm really angry or upset. And I'm a lot "cleaner" in front of my family than my friends, but I guess that's true for a lot of people.
  7. Just curious and in the market to try a new game out myself! does anyone here bother to play any video games online, or any mmorpgs :)?
  8. I honestly don't understand what the hype is about with it. I can see it having great applications in terms of news/media updates, but I don't really see how you can "connect" personally with somepony in under 140 words. I want to give it a try, since I felt similarly like this before I decided to watch a pony episode, but I just don't see the point in doing so. So, what do you ponies think about Twitter? Do you use it personally, or do you dislike it with a burning passion?
  9. My brother and sister tend to fight quite a lot and, unfortunately, that means that I have to try and stop them if my parents aren't home. This leads to some awkward situations because my brother is older than me and my sister is too stubborn to care. It can be really annoying and frustrating to be the only mature person in the room. I'm not trying to get advice here (I don't find it that problematic, I know how to handle it), but am merely curious: How do you react to two person (that you maybe even know very well) having an argument?
  10. Exactly as the title suggest. Do you prefer to be alone by yourself or to be surrounded by people? Are you somewhere in between? To be honest I prefer to be alone by far. I do not by any means like being around people let alone socializing with them. Most people in real life hate me anyway. A bunch of people online I'm sure too... XD Even the people who somehow manage to like me in real life, I tend to avoid too, simply because I don't like socializing. So how about all of you lovely forum members? Tell me what your opinion is and why. I'd LOVE to hear it.
  11. Are you self-conscious about yourself? If so, what makes you so self-conscious? Your looks, intelligence..what? For me, 'yes all of the time', it's because of my looks and I'm afraid people are judging me at every angle. How about you all?
  12. Sooooooo my brain has a weird "long-term/short-term memory" thing that confuses me to this day. I remember past interactions, people, faces, random facts, songs, artist methods and a lot more very vividly. Yet, I COMPLETELY forget math, the definitions of certain words, most of my dreams, and other things a few minutes after comprehending them. It's really weird to me. Because of this, I had VERY hard time in school. Instead of remembering test answers, I would remember interactions between me and other classmates/ teachers more. Sometimes I wonder if my brain values social things over academic things on its own ( sorta against my will). I don't know anymore.To me, its a blessing and curse. What about any of you?
  13. I, uhm, didn't really know where this would go, but I really wanted to know, and if I have to deal anymore with this I'll probably die from embarrassment but uh, here goes.... Is the whole "nomming" of the ear supposed to be sexual? The whole nibbling of the ear? B-because it seems to be an open thing, especially in fan art of MLP, yet I've also heard of it talked as if it were some sort of special thing for certain people. If, uhm, you know what I mean. I-its not like I'm some sort of thirteen-year-old or anything. I've just never had much in the way of these sorts of experiences of open shows of affection. And, uh, as a m-more important, but similar question...I-i-is...uh, Is a t-tummy rub considered sexual too? S-so I know not to talk of it, if it is? B-because it sure as hell is for me...
  14. I would like to present the ponies of MLP forums a virtual world platform called Second Life. It's where anybody can pick up editing skills to modify the world around them or how they look however they please. There are Pony communities already there, with plenty of welcoming faces ready to greet anybody that visits, and a marketplace system for Avatars and More. I will help anybody that messages me here in the forum personally over discord, through game or ect. I'd like to do anything to help the Pony Community live their dreams.
  15. I would like to present the ponies of MLP forums a virtual world platform called Second Life. It's where anybody can pick up editing skills to modify the world around them or how they look however they please. There are Pony communities already there, with plenty of welcoming faces ready to greet anybody that visits, and a marketplace system for Avatars and More. I will help anybody that messages me here in the forum personally over discord, through game or ect. I'd like to do anything to help the Pony Community live their dreams.
  16. I don't understand social pressure completely. Why we have such thing as social pressure? Why you just can't say "no", when 20 other people say "yes"? I know it's a instinct, but in today times it's not as useful, as it used to be. Especially in cases of inteligent units, which are rejected from the group, because of that unit being smarter than the rest. I'll give an example: You start an important topic about finding valuable and worthful sources of information, but nobody is interested in the subject and everything is finding information on social platforms such as Facebook. I had a victim of a similar thing, but in school, when I wanted to show a long video about value of reliable sources of information. My teacher played it in class and after just a few minutes most of the class wasn't interested in it. I just don't understand. I feel like I blamed myself. So the purpose of this subject is: How to prevent from being a victim of such social pressure and which examples from your lives you can show up there? I'll try to answer, if possible (becasue I'm going to countryside in a few days for a weekend).
  17. I want to build up a super strong community of people who want to help each other in the game by sending hearts and leaving presents and other good stuff. Please please please, add me, and post your own friend code, so others can add you as well. My code is 7e6b23 I look forward to helping you out!
  18. I was just curious about what motivates different people to cosplay. I am an introverted, somewhat anti-social person and cosplay helps me twofold. It forces me to have to deal with people asking about the costume, wanting pictures, and generally giving me attention, but it also gives me something to talk about and break the ice. Do you find it empowering or comforting? Or do you just like to make things? Is it an artistic expression? Please share your thought and insights.
  19. About two and a half years ago now, I was not in a good place. I'd been hurt in a relationship, not for the first time. In fact, I was sure it was the last time. My broken heart and I ate ourself into a depression, and I felt like life had lost all meaning. I wasn't suicidal or anything, but I wasn't alive anymore. I was living dead. Going through the motions, and bracing, waiting for things to get worse. I hated my ex, I hated all the ex's before her who broke my heart... I hated the world, and spread all my dark feelings into it, wanting everyone to suffer the way I was suffering. Then, around March/April (I believe. I have a tricky memory problem...), I was in a very unhealthy relationship with someone, a relationship with no emotional attachment or support, because I felt none of these things in my zombified state. We never grew close, but there was something she wanted from me beyond what we had. She nagged, begged, pleaded... and eventually I agreed, to watch a show about ponies. I have a simply rule for shows. Three episodes, or ninety minutes. If it doesn't wow me, I wash my hands of it. For whatever reason, I absolutely fell in love with this ridiculous little show about ponies. At first, it was some sort of guilty pleasure. I thought for sure all MLPFiM fans were little girls, or the [creepers] that wanted them. That's when I happened upon a documentary on Netflix, Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony. By dumb luck or serendipity, only the fates know. It helped me get over my initial feelings about the fandom, and look into a community where I might be alright with talking about my adoration of the show. That led me here, to MLP forums, in late August, 2014. I spent two or three days, poking around the forums, and the reason I ended up signing up was a string deep, thought provoking posts. There were several members, but among the lights in the sky, ooBrony shone the brightest, and eventually swayed me, albeit unintentionally, into joining. I thoroughly enjoyed my time among the members, and quickly felt the desire to protect this place, so I submitted a moderation application, and it was total trash. Both Matron and Jeric wanted to defer it, and give me a second chance in the future. But fate said "Nah, screw you guys, this kid is cool," and I filed a support ticket, because my subscription to MLPF stopped charging, even though the subscription was active. I submitted a ticket, and had my first interactions with @Feld0, who offered me a free month for bringing up the issue, to which I basically said "Y U NO TAKE MY BITS?" Because of this turn of events, when they wanted to defer me, the Almighty Feldic0rn said "Neigh. This stallion has integrity like few before him." And with that, I'd earned a second look, and eventually, an interview. I received word of their intentions on November 28th, and an official interview was scheduled on November 30th. I still have those invitations to this day. During my interview, I believe only Jeric spoke to me, though there were about a dozen staffers in the chat to observe me. I was asked about a certain group mentality that rang a bell, but I couldn't quite pinpoint the exact definition with my partially-broken brain... So I told them "It sounds familiar, but no." Then, I impressed the mighty Feld0 once more, by Googling it, and telling the chat "Now I do." (Rumor has it that the mighty Feld0 actually said "Did he just Google that while you were responding? Impressive.") After that, some time passed, and I fought to protect this forum with all my heart, as I am still doing, and will continue to do well into the foreseeable future. I was convinced to go to BABS 2015 by @Simon, and , not knowing that Simon was actually working for BABS at the time. I decided to dive in head first, split a room with my abductors-- I mean, fellow staff members, and was off to meet them in person. All the while, this Love & Tolerance was slowly changing me, restoring my youthful hope and happiness that age, heartbreak, and a negative outlook on the real world had crushed in under 25 years. Meeting up with strangers I barely knew, staff members on a forum I was still like a child on... I was becoming outgoing, mildly extroverted. It was restoring my faith in the nickname my brother had given me in my school days. The Most Extroverted Introvert. Then I was given a difficult choice. Roam the world as a pink summer-child for the rest of my days, or take The Purple, and defend the wall from the trolls and web-walkers. I made the heroic choice, and took The Purple with pride. Throughout all this, I became close with Jeric. He is my confidant, my friend, and my brother, a title few have earned from me. He helped me become a stronger staff member, and had a helping hand in guiding me to where I am today. I simply must offer a special thanks to him, because he has had the most influence on me in my time here, and he will always be my kin. In addition to his influence and help, the rest of the staff, and a multitude of members, helped me become a more outgoing person. I'm going to BABS yet again, and even added my local ComiCon to the roster this year. I've taken the hope and happiness this glorious community has restored in me, and channeled it into meeting an amazing, beautiful, intelligent woman, as well as going out with friends, and getting wild at karaoke. I'm at a peak of happiness I've not stood upon for a long time. This community, these people, YOU people... You are ALL amazing. I want all of you to know, be you staff, subscriber, or member... You are all part of a wonderful home that can help heal the broken people of the world. Every interaction you have will leave an impact on the rest of the world. Every post you make has a chance to make someone else' say. Every interaction could snowball, helping someone else become a better, happier person. Be the best you you can be, to help others become the best them. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you find some inspiration, or at least joy, in my story.
  20. As I transition from undergraduate college to either work, graduate school, or law school, I thought I'd put up this thread to network with those bronies who find their calling in the profession of law, or at least are keenly interested in the legal aspects of life and their social implications. A cursory survey of this site seems to reveal that this is not something that usually inspires passion in bronies. So far, I am the only one I know who has expressed "law" or "jurisprudence" as an interest on this site, and I've met only two bronies elsewhere so far who have expressed such an interest-- one of them the author of the Tumblr "Lawyer Warrior" who has not updated in over two years. There's fairly good reason to believe that law students (prospective and current) and lawyers are at least underrepresented here. Not only do the demands of the training and profession seem to preclude trifles such as posting on a site devoted to a little kid's show (however sophisticated it may be), but the brony and lawyer personalities seem divergent: While both bronies and lawyers are considerably more likely to have the INTJ personality type than the general population, bronies tend to be less neurotic and more agreeable than the general population while for lawyers it is the opposite (this link focuses on "skepticism" rather than "agreeableness", but I find the substitution at least party valid; another study seems to indicate that traits associated with agreeableness are also less common in lawyers). As for me, my interest in law is mostly in intellectual property, although I'm also fairly attracted to constitutional law and planning law. I won't repeat the personal statement I've already sent to several law schools, but I once wrote a paper on the now-discontinued "moral utility doctrine" of patent law where I explored the possible need and necessary reforms for revival. So if you're a lawyer, law school student (prospective or current), or merely interested in the field of law, feel free to share your ambitions, trials (both literal and figurative), and difficulties here. (If you want to discuss specific legal concepts that's probably best left to the Debate Pit.)
  21. This might end up in the Debate Pit depending on the direction that it takes... but here goes. I like to imagine that I... for the lack of a better word, pride myself on having a healthy skepticism and distaste for a lot of the negative inflammatory uses of a lot of the words in the English language. Words that are designed to derail intelligent discussion and are just emotional tools. words that vary from all around the ideological spectrum: homophobia, gay agenda, sodomy anti-feminism, patriarchy, womanizer, socialist, socialized medicine, MRA, (an acronym for Men's Rights Advocacy) SJW (for Social Justice Warrior) and "feminazi" the lumping together and letter arrangement involved in the initialism "LGBT". Here's an explanation for what I don't like.. not about the concepts themselves, but the cheap emotional targeting when using some of these tired-out phrases and buzzwords. I consider myself to.. people would probably think of me as a bit of a right-wing person if they got to know my views well... But I don't like it how a lot of right-wing people constantly use the snide snarky phrase "Social Justice Warrior" or even SJW. SJW sounds like Social Jehovah's Witness, which makes an arbitrary cultural comparison, or it also sounds like Street Journal Wall, which makes them sounds like a jerky fourth estate superiority complex. using the phrase MRA in an antagonistic manner makes is sound like MRA is some type of Mirish terrorist group or some sort of virus that attacks people genetically. The word "homophobia" is so casually thrown around that it immediately turns my brain off when someone just casually uses it when no-one was even thinking of homosexuality. For example "My friends aren't very much into being physically affectionate" and then the person doesn't do anything to mention that their friends are all the same sex, or are the same sex as the person, or that the person is "homo". And then the person says "But it is not like they are homophobes". Yeah, I really doubt that people are going to gravitate toward that by default, that not being a very affectionate person physically has some deeper prejudice behind it, and that they will think that unless indicated otherwise. People should not gravitate toward that by default unless the person has suggested that. I also don't approve of the word "sodomy". Even a cursory knowledge of Biblical scripture should tell you that it is downright unfair to compare what people refer to when they refer to "sodomy", with what was actually being done in Sodom. Also, seriously, people in their twenties finding teens in the throes of puberty as attractive are not "pedophiles". That is not "pedophilia". It is "ephebephilia" for the cusp of adolescence and early adolescence, and "hebephilia" for the full swing of adolescence. Teens are not prepubescent kids. They are still in the process of maturing their bodies and brain development, yes, but any squicky age-difference has to be taken on a case-by-case basis. They are not helpless little kids who don't know what is going on, so I detest wording that suggests as such. Young people who haven't gotten a chance to fully get in the swing of physical development, and brain development... yes, generally older people who have been around for longer could stand to have more mature adult, reciprocal relationships with people a bit closer to their own age. But people should understand the difference between being a pedophile and being sexually attracted towards people who are no longer just kids, but that a person still has a great deal of seniority over that has implications on the type of situation you could realistically involve yourself with them. Also, for some words that don't have serious political implications: I don't like the word "twerking" or "tweet". when used to talk about Twitter. I detest that a lowercase word is being used to describe something that exclusively refers to the uppercase brand that is Twitter. That not everyone uses. unless maybe the word "tweet" ends up referring to any short public status update on any online place, not just Twitter. also, I don't like the word "bromance". It reeks of live-action sitcoms. Well, I hope that this discussion can distinguish between disliking a word or phrase and whether or not one also disliked the goal that is being attempted to be achieved with that wording. Sometimes I detest the agenda behind certain misguided language, but sometimes I can get behind what the core meaning is, but detest what certain connotations come with certain words.
  22. The "heart" shape, normally associated with love in Western cultures, shows up a lot in Equestria's (or Ponyville's) traditional art: you could see it atop roofs, on doors, on carts, and on a major railway express. Do you have any headcanon ideas on why the "heart" shape is a common feature in traditional Equestrian art, and a possible history behind the custom?
  23. What did I do wrong ?, I just was born in a different world region and with a different culture? Well these days I really learned a very big lesson, not be Brazilian, (joke), I'll explain how it all happened, I left to travel to the United States in Los Angeles to make a part of my Course Animation and Illustration, was one week ONLY, and if someone already with me here on the forum know that my hobby is to draw what I like (mostly MLP), as was to be expected I had to use company computers (no biggie) not . I was quiet, doing some sketches, Well after a while a guy who should have more or less thirty years less, approached me calling monkey and primate and that I should go back to my country (I already expect that from some Americans) I ignored him, so he began to jeer thinking I did not understand their language (although I do not know how to write 100%, I can speak and understand the language very well American), I saved the file on the USB stick and goes into the bedroom where he had some of my acquaintances, I talked to them and they had already been approached by the same guy. The next day I was supposed to deliver the project for a teacher and friend of mine, and well my pendrive had been exchanged, I had no projects, was reset, when I saw that group laughing and I asked that such individual get up and give me my pendrive (I simplified this part was very tricky what happened there, I hope I never go back there) (right there started calling me again Under-Developed ever would have the ability to do something as well as he did and that my drawings were completely ridiculous) ... Oh you can imagine how was the rest of what was to be an interesting and fun week was a complete shit ... I lost my stick there, had some very good sketches, my teacher came to apologize and did not expect it, but I know it was only one event among a thousand, but all I wanted was to make friends with people from the same area I, but it seems that I have to leave for another occasion. I think it would be interesting to comb it all and think before getting attacking anyone who has a totally different culture from you, is a respect, something that should be taken into account ...
  24. I hope this is the right place to place this, if it is not I apologize to the mods/admins in advance. So last night I arrived to an appointment about half an hour early, found myself a nice bench to sit on and looking around I noticed how miserable everyone was. I was on the city's busiest street, just a block up from one of the busiest intersections and everyone going by looked angry, sad, or some other form of miserable. I started to feel uncomfortable just being around so much negativity so I whipped out my phone and started playing "Love Is In Bloom" (the 15 minute looped version). I played it loud enough so that those walking by my bench would be able to hear it clearly without it being so loud that it would be intrusive in people's conversations, heard across the street or what have you. So with this playing on my little LG I just people watched. Every single person that went by looked at me, and gave me some form of smile even if it was just a corners of the mouth smile. A smile that a lot of them kept after ( more than one person looked back at me and were still smiling) they had passed by. I was there for about half an hour and came across people of every gender, multiple races and a whole spectrum of ages. Though no one seemed to recognize the song, and if they did they didn't say anything. Normally you should have at least a couple of people who scowl at you for making noise, or they just don't want to have some bubble gum pop in their ear but nope. So later on I tried again at a mall, on the subway...same results. Got most of the people on the subway car smiling. So why am I posting about this? What's the point? Well first off the fact that something pony related can bring smiles to so many is pretty fantastic. It wasn't even "Smile, Smile, Smile" which I actual expect to generate negative results from a random cutting of the population; something I plan to test in the next couple of weeks. Secondly, I want to suggest you try something similar, and not at your normal haunts (not work, or school or whatever) in places where people don't know you. Don't have it blasting, don't wave it in people's faces but see what happens. It can be any pony song that you love though "Smile, Smile, Smile" has a big chance to back fire because people hate being told to smile randomly. But do it and see what happens. Why? Because getting someone to smile can change their whole day, and you may be making the world a better place for someone (or not as dark at least) though a small and simple act. Also, a lot of people use sociology and psychology to make you feel bad, tired, to buy stuff, to fear stuff, hate stuff, like stuff...using it for something positive is so rare we should try. Who knows maybe you will make a new friend or acquaintance? Plus making others smile tends to make us feel good so not only would it be good of you, it will be good for you!