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Found 26 results

  1. I don't know if we had a thread like this, but hey, it never hurts trying. The Solar Empire is led by Celestia, Lunar Republic led by Luna. Saying your allegiance to one is saying you want that pony to be new leader of Equestria. So, what side are you on? I'm on Lunar Republic, of course. Luna FTW. Edit: Added poll If this is in the wrong section or someone already made a topic for this i'm gonna scream
  2. There's the popular Solar Empire vs. New Lunar Republic, but are there any other factions now after these four seasons? I seen the Crystal Empire, Twilight's Friendship Federation, the Griffins and the Changelings thrown in the mix.
  3. I'm thinking about building a space opera setting for MLP:FiM and/or Equestria Girls. It's a universe where high magic and high technology co-exist, where optimism clash with cynicism, where galactic powers battle each other for their place in the stars. First I need to figure about the factions involved, and I have some ideas to work out from: There are two main warring factions: Solar Imperium - The Empire. It can either be ruled by a mad despot (like in StarCrafts' Terran Dominion), or be founded by a benevolent monarch but now controlled by a corrupt cabal of aristocrats and politicians (an expy for Warhammer 40K's Imperium). New Stellar Republic - The republic founded by rebels. I have a clearer idea for this faction, as while the idea behind the Republic is noble and just, there is the danger of degrading into a paranoid militaristic police state, similar to what happened in the French Revolution under Robespierre. And there's other factions: Crystal Empire (Princess Cadance) - A star nation recovering from a brutal magical dictatorship. I imagine it being based on the Spanish Empire, with an Latin American baroque aesthetic. Another idea is that the Imperium "liberated" the Crystal Empire only to rule over it as a feudal overlord. Bifrost Federation (Twilight's Kingdom) - A magocratic monarchy, recently freed from Imperial rule. Another idea would be a principality under a feudal vassalage to the Imperium. Sky Nation (Buffalos) - A collective of technologically in advanced (compared to the great galactic powers), yet proud and fierce tribes that resist encroachment by the Imperium and the Republic. They may be nomads that hop around planets without using them up. Everfree Territories (The Deers from the new IDW comic) - Like the Sky Nation, the territories resists the expansion of the other powers. But they are famously masters of genetic engineering, constructing great Dyson trees and bio-ships. Kingdom of Griffon (Griffins) - Another potentially militaristic power. I feel this would be like space Prussia. Changeling Hives (Chrysalis) - Swarm of chameleon-like insectoid aliens bent on conquering the universe for it's resources. Or it could be a rogue, cybernetic-hive-mind faction that excels in infiltration and subterfuge. Diamond Dogs - The most infamous of the great pirate bands that plague the known universe, so called for their affinity for gemstones. Discord - A very power mischief maker. He could be called a cosmic anarchist, but he really more like a guy with magic powers in a Guy Faux mask that just screwing with the waring nations of known space. Sol - Colonial empires and megacorporations, all more or less centered on humanity's home system. ... ... ... The story could be that the interstellar empires "cracked-open" the pocket dimension containing Equestria, pulling Ponies and other species into their star-flung conflicts. The ponies would venture out of their universe and colonize the star around the dimensional breach, making new friends while fighting new enemies. Another idea is that Sunset Shimmer and other Canterlot High Students getting "sucked into" this war-torn galaxy where they have to struggle for survival. I can't help but picture Sunset as Kerrigan from StarCraft, embracing her demon-form in her pursuit of vengeance against the tyrants that used and betrayed her and her friends.
  4. hello again.... and yeah, another Luna-Celestia topic ok, so when i first saw all this "Lunar Republic" and "Solar Empire" i was like....... what kind of crap is this? sorry, i usually don't say bad words (yes, i'm not a typical 15 yr old.... sort of....) but, anyway, i was shocked, because it makes no sense AT ALL. was this started by a whole fanfic or something? if it was, then sure that's cool, i understand how this whole thing must have been triggered, but just think about it: 1. Celestia has NEVER oppressed anypony... A-N-Y-P-O-N-Y. She is actually a really good ruler. Her sense of responsibility and her personality as being "motherly" is a good thing in a ruler. In the Canterlot wedding episode, she is also shone as protective of her subjects. 2. She is respected by all Ponies in Equestria. 3. She is fair and Forgiving (Season 1 episode 1+2) 4. Lets take a look at Episode 1+2 of Season 4, during the flash back. Celestia clearly was trying to avoid using the elements against her sister, because she loved Luna so much. Tia was literally crying. before she was forced to fight Luna, Tia tried reasoning with her. 5. Celestia is a better ruler than Luna could be. Luna is more of the behind the scenes ruler.... Technically Luna is a Ruler of Equestria..... the sisters co-rule, just Celestia takes the lead because she has more leadership qualities than Luna. 6. Luna is prone to emotion, which is sort of the cause of her changing into nightmare moon. 7. Luna does care about her subjects, and has more of a one-on-one relationship with the other ponies (sweetie belle (i spelled her name wrong didn't i... slaps face) and alot of the citizens of Ponyville) so, yeah.... i don't really know what the point of those facts were..... i was biased because celestia doesn't get as much credit... so yeah, what was the question again?
  5. This is about the war between the Solar Empire and the New Lunar Republic, led by Celestia and Luna, respectively. Optional factions include: the Changeling Horde, the Griffin Kingdom, and the Twilight/Friendship Federation. This fanfiction idea has been criticized for: not following the "friendship and cooperation" values of the show, dividing the Mane 6 as enemies against each other, and depicting Princess Celestia as a tyrant (contrary to her own nature). What do you think of the conflict? If you were there, whose side are you on?
  6. There's this annoying "Solar Empire vs. New Lunar Republic" debate, where Princess Celestia is (wrongfully, sic) described as a "tyrant". And when it comes to army life, there are too many NLR-affliated fanfics. Now I'm looking for fanfics involving "life in the army", but this time involving the Solar Empire's side. Example for "life in the army-fic" : (Where should I post fanfic requests?)
  7. I wanna how everypony here feels about this, what side they would take, and also how and what they would do to resolve this conflict for their side, or for no side at all. Just for peace.
  8. ok here the deal. pick who would be on whose side and why. determine strategies for all sides. and who would win here my picks solar empire members: me, rainbow dash, applejack, twi, scootaloo, white coated royal guard members, cadance, shining armor, wonderbolts, big mac, granny smith new lunar republic members: rarity, sweetie belle, bat ponies, dark coated royal guard, trixie, gilda, shadowbolts, djpon3/vinyl scratch, octavia. peace core members: fluttershy, pinkie pie,applebloom, derpy, doctor whooves, berry punch , lyra, carrot top, winner: solar empire
  9. Welp, I still plan on doing those bio posters for the Mane Six now that I'm done the three villains and the royals, but being the lazy, distractable person I am, I ended up making this little quick project out of vectors and some similar wallpapers for each respective character. So here it goes. I'll give all the individual icons, and then the poster of all four. Just cuz'. The Solar Empire Seekers of peace, harmony and stability for all ponies in social form, the followers of Princess Celestia are graced with a wise, benevolent and experienced leader. The New Lunar Republic Those who seek fun as well as a caring and protective leader follow the rule of young and soft-spoken Princess Luna, the younger sister of Celestia, and the keeper of the moon. The Legion of Anarchy Unnatural order, no restricting laws, and the desire for a lack of social responsibility and sense follow the oldest and most ancient ruler of Equestria, Discord. The Faith of the Fausticorn The very roots of Equestria's ancient past speak of a kind goddess who created the land with a single hoof, and it is this ancient being, whom the seekers of justice and equality follow and worship. 'Choose Your Monarch' Poster
  10. ... and you are a Shetland pony from Earth. Celestia and Luna are now sending armies to fight each other to be Queen of Equestria, and you are neutral. However, you must go to a portal, where you can return back to Earth. On the way, agents and soldiers and troops from both sides (including the Mane Six, who are split by allegiance) are lurking, waiting to catch and forcibly recruit you, wherever you go, because you can tip the battle in their favor. What do?
  11. If I am writing fanfics about the Equestrian Civil War (an amusing topic it seems), I would need your help in describing daily life in an average base affiliated with: * The Solar Empire (under Princess/Queen Celestia) or * The New Lunar Republic (under Princess/Queen Luna/Selena/Nightmare Moon). Here's an example: Example Excerpt from the Solar Empire: "The average base of the Solar Empire is, contrary to popular gossip, not so much of a wretched hive of oppression. All the ponies there are recruited either by their own will, or bullied into joining by glory-crazy kin and friends (seriously, no mind-control involved here, sorry!). Every morning, the average soldier wakes up when the Sun rises. He or she cleans him/herself up, and assembles at the field with his/her comrades. They do physical exercise for around an hour (more for the more advanced ranks, e.g. Royal Guard, Assault Vanguard/Elite Champion), and then they have their breakfast in the Mess Hall, which is a wide selection of foods: grass, broth, tarts, sandwiches, fried eggs, bacon (from pigs), bread, etc. in a simple way (1 meal per soldier). His/her average "work" usually involves military training, and strategists learn their craft. After that is the lunch break, and then work/training for the afternoon/evening/night (depending on your station/work) Lunch and dinner meals get a bit more bigger, with each respective meal before the day ends. For example, a soldier has grass-and-rose-petals for b'fast, pork broth for lunch, and veggies w. eggs for the din. His/her work day ends at 5 pm, depending on his/her station. For those with this timing, they can relax. On the evening meal, some troops can come out as bards, jesters, and troubadours, singing deeds of valour and lore. Others, after their meal, may have their kind of recreation, which involves ball games, swimming, and mock fighting (for example). There is a curfew at Deep Night (11pm), when all the ponies need to wash up, say their prayers (if any), and "hit the hay". As for the bases, they are usually rectangular, walled by palisades, and rowed with differing arrangements of wooden cabins, huts, and tents. Some bases have a swimming pool here and there, some have basketball courts, some even have beauty salons for female recruits, etc. Towers are here and there on the walls, manned by guards. There's usually a square for meetings and warm-ups. Finally, some bases may be round or oval-shaped, or even irregular, if the terrain suits it. That's a Solar Imperial Base for you. Would 'ya like to join?" Now, for SE/NLR members, please do create your own descriptions on average military life and conditions. Equestria needs your help!
  12. In my fanfic, my preferred ending (you can choose one of four timelines) is when Discord and Screwball (his daughter) escort Shelby to a spot where he is supposed to be taken home to Earth. Yet, in this Equestria, it's mired in a civil war, and some Aliens were the ones who mind-controlled most of all the sapient beings who live there. Oh, and the Aliens had technology powerful enough to limit Discord's powers to whatever circumstances only they wish. Every time anyone dissents against the aliens, even the Princesses as well, they will be briefly electrocuted. Considering Discord's manipulative, and wicked, personality (in the fanfics, he is reformed), how will Discord treat the Shetland pony along the way, amid the base trespassings, encounters with the psychotic Solar Empire/New Lunar Republic ponies (all waiting to catch him and exploit him for their axe-crazy ends), and the one barely-escape from Krastos the Glue-Maker? Tl;dr: If Equestria were to be split into civil war between the Two Princesses and Queen Chrysalis, and all the ponies (minus Screwball and Lauren Faust, the latter imprisoned in a space fortress) are axe-crazy psychos, and the aliens order Discord to escort Shelby to the Canterlot Maze (where a portal to Earth is supposedly located there): How will he treat Shelby, the Shetland Pony?
  13. A father-son project over at indiegogo is currently in need of funding. Their goal is to be able to manufacture and sell afforable, high quality MLP: FiM pins and jewelry, which quite frankly, is some of the best looking I've seen in a long time. They need a minimum of 5'500 dollars, a goal which they've almost reached, but with a bit of extra funding they would be able to make higher quality pieces to a more affordable price with better equipment. I just want to put it out there for anypony who were unaware and might be interested in supporting them. Link to their campaign: Here's a few images from the website:
  14. me and a freind are working on songs for the Solar Empire, and the New Lunar Republic, so im wondering what programs would be useful, if any, and also any tips of things that are instant dive bombs for songs? im doing the solar empire song, my friend will be doing the lunar republic one, and the will be entwined together
  15. Here it is! my favourite alicorn (and oc)! of my dear and great great amazing and umbelivable Lighting Bliss!, i know i know.. she is supposed to be cute and thing.. but that's how i roll sorry!!! (tired of making those gifs.. if you want the steps just ask, also, thisis the 4th OC in my 7 ocs list, next will be Skilar!) added the gif with some steps
  16. Queen Chrysalis is looking to not just defeat Rainbow Dash, but to make a statement at her expense? Will the high-flying pegasus be able to pull out a win, or will she end up grounded? If you like these videos, please remember to hare them with your friends and slap them with a like or comment! Let me know what you would like to see as well!
  17. The heavy hitter from Cloudsdale takes on one of Appleoosa's finest! WWE and MLP collide here in SECW!! Stay tuned for more CCW, Canterlot Championship Wrestling! Remember to like/fave/subscribe, comment to let us know how you feel and share it with your friends!
  18. Starting up the new format. I will now be uploading a match a day during the week, with a different show each week. The only time I will put matches up on the weekends is when the show is a 7-match Pay Per View rather than a normal 5-match show. Enjoy! Please remember to like, fave, share, or comment! Also, you can now follow us on Tumblr at: or on Facebook at: or on Twitter at Sorry for the change, but I need to get my view counts up and the views here weren't being counted for some reason. I'm so sorry...
  19. Card subject to change without notice! Shining Armor vs. Twilight Sparkle Tag Team: Anapony P & Scale Gazer vs. Score & Crafty Crate Tag Team: Rarity & Rainbow Dash vs. Flim & Flam Fluttershy vs. Pinkie Pie Big Macintosh vs. Soarin' Also, you can now follow us on Tumblr at: or on Facebook at:
  20. Card subject to change without notice! Octavia vs. Time Turner Anapony P vs. Rarity Triple Threat: Rainbow Dash vs. Canterlot Champion Scale Gazer vs. Braeburn NLRCW Champion Ditzy-Doo vs. Presto Sweetie Belle vs. Fluttershy Remember to like/fave/subscribe, and share with your friends! Also, you can now follow us on Tumblr at:
  21. Card subject to change without notice! Noteworthy vs. Anapony U Soarin' vs. Fancypants Extreme Rules: Fluttershy vs. Prince Blueblood Last Man Standing: Big Macintosh vs. Crafty Crate SECW Champion Applejack vs. Twilight Sparkle Remember to like/fave/subscribe, and share with your friends! Also, you can now follow us on Tumblr at:
  22. Card subject to change without notice! Tag Team: Rainbow Dash & Rarity vs. Shining Armor and Princess Cadence Soarin' vs. Fancypants Fluttershy vs. Blueblood Crafty Crate vs. Big Macintosh Main Event: SECW Championship #1 Contender's Match Twilight Sparkle vs. Babs Seed Remember to like/fave/subscribe, and share with your friends! Also, you can now follow us on Tumblr at:
  23. Been doing a little preliminary work on a mod(referred to as plug-ins by the game makers) for the old PC/Mac game Escape Velocity Nova(the mod itself will be made for the windows) Thus far I've managed to make a few graphics for the various news stations and start working on the creating the various governments involved. I will be doing my best to post updates as they come, it will be slow in coming as I have never taken on a project like this before. Any advice given by those with Planned: –Custom sounds for weapons/worlds –at least 3 modified ships for each faction –at least 1 custom made ship for NLR/SE –at least 4 new worlds –at least 1 new weapon for each faction(moon beam, sun beam, party cannon, etc.) –at least 1 device specific to each pony type(pegasus flight, strength of the earth pony, etc) –custom made outfitter/shipyard/description images for each ship/weapon/device –a little backstory for why the various places are in/on different worlds/systems Hoping(but unlikely): –a short set of story missions for each major faction –conversion to/support for the Mac version. Seeking: –Any advice from someone more experienced than myself –Art/vectors that can be implemented into the game.(With credit to/permission from the respectives artists; specifics to come later) –Bananas for banana sun goddess?* * *UPDATES BELOW* As of 3/11/2013: –Modified a test ship for use(data and graphics) –implemented NLR government data; added stand-in data for SE, Changling Swarm, P.A.R.T.Y., Violet Dominion, and Crystal Empire. –Added stand-in data for NLR main solar system –Created ship-based weapon mimicking a unicorn's telekinesis(name: Unicorn's Influence)
  24. Card subject to change without notice! Braeburn vs. Rainbow Dash Submission Match: Canterlot Champion Scale Gazer vs. Soarin' in this non-title confrontation! Triple Threat: Prince Blueblood vs. Fluttershy vs. Pinkie Pie Big Macintosh vs. Crafty Crate Main Event: Triple Threat Match: Babs Seed vs. Twilight Sparkle vs. SECW Champion Applejack This is a non-title match Remember to like/fave/subscribe, and share with your friends! Also, you can now follow us on Tumblr at:
  25. Card subject to change without notice! Vinyl Scratch vs. Jinjo Bytes Tag Team: Broken Dreams & Briar Rose vs. Quilltastic & Flim Tag Team: Rainbow Dash & Canterlot Champion Scale Gazer vs. Score & Prince Blueblood NLRCW Champion Ditzy-Doo vs. Presto Main Event: Flam vs. Cloudsdale Champion Apple Cider in a non-title confrontation Remember to like/fave/subscribe, and share with your friends! Also, you can now follow us on Tumblr at: Also, for anyone who read this far down: I feel like I'm cluttering up this board.. Should I start containing these to a single post? Am I in danger of being a spammer?