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Found 6 results

  1. Mr Dash


    Hi there everyone! I have a new sketch. A quick one I did while I had some time. Solracane (Solrac as the twicane). Hope you all like. (And for some reason I can't link pictures from my deviantart anymore. How annoying.)
  2. http-~~-// Watch an animation I made about my everyday life as a brony. The main feature in this animation, however, is my own version of Giggle at the Ghostly / Laughter Song! Any fans of Solrac / Yaplap? And to balance the battle between bronies and brony-haters, I sort of ended the animation on a funny note, so everyone can have a laugh (hopefully). Hope you guys enjoy!
  3. This is soooo old! This has been the latest in my dA, however, and it didn't get posted on the MLP Forum group page because that was when Arylett left. ANY-FREAKIN-WAY, FAN ART FOR SOLRAC! Made for the purpose of hopefully appearing in SOLRACUEST II. If you don't know what SOLRACUEST is, I suggest watching it. The video is below the picture... WATCH IT! SOLRACUEST: Check out the dA for the inspiration behind it and a link to Solrac's dA. Link to dA 'cause I have no idea how posting the pic from dA works:
  4. oh look, its good ole solrac, brony dance party, and colorful creations (my mod) and they all have orange hooves.... ohhh boyyyyyyy
  5. The Fan-art Portrait, these ponies inspire me soooo much, it would be a shame not to make them some fan-art. H8 seed, Glaze, Living Tombstone, are all my musical inspiration, I wish to become a very well known musician like them. Solrac and Rina-chan inspire me in acting and comedy, Solrac inspires me a little more everytime I watch a video. And Abluskittle is an awesome graphic designer, I wish I was as amazing as he is in drawing. and last but not least, BronyDanceParty, this guy is an amazing animation artist, I want to make amazing videos like he does one day, hopefully soon. These ponies are amazing and there is no reason for you guys not to love these guys, they’re my heroes. EDIT: FFFFFFFFF NOOOOOOOO!!!! I FORGOT MIC THE MICROPHONE AND ALEX S…. ill make them custom fan art soon to make sure they dont feel left out
  6. Equestria LA is California's premiere My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan convention, located in sunny Los Angeles and close to the studios and talent that over the past two years have fueled the growth of this TV show into the pop-culture sensation it is today. Created by fans, for fans, Equestria LA encourages a family-friendly atmosphere featuring a wide variety of events, such as panels, games, music, art, and much more. Our first (and only so far) confirmed guest is Eurobeat Brony, but I suspect Solrac will be making an appearance since he did the first ad for the con. Equestria LA will take place on November 3, 2012 and will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center. As of June 11th, registration is NOW OPEN! Create an account or log in to register! Our current attendance cap is 500 people, so you'd be wise to act fast.