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Found 37 results

  1. I always wondered how fast is the Sonic Rainboom that Rainbow Dash made?
  2. What do you exactly think the Sonic Rainboom is in the MLP universe? All kinds of headcanon are welcomed. For me, it's the pinnacle of pegasus pony species. It has been done by other great flyers and it's been transmitted as a legend. It has magical powers because all pony races has magical powers (which Tirek can absorb). The effect is the same for both non-magical and magical sides, to inspire others and bring out their potential as the result. (which means even without the magic, it would still be inspirational to a certain degree) My head-canon is that Princesa Celestia can pull off the Sonic Rainboom, but instead of the color of rainbow, it would be pink, mint, blue like the color of her mane. And all pegasus ponies can do their own version of Sonic Rainboom, which includes Fluttershy and Scootaloo. (I think if Scootaloo did the Sonic Rainboom on a scooter and the CMCs got their cutie marks simultaneously like in The Cutie Mark Chronicles, it would have been even more awesome.) I also think it is a similar kind of magic to the rainbow blast from the Elements of Harmony. I don't think it's purpose is to enhance ponies like Compound V, I just think it's more accidental that all the Mane Six got their cutie marks by it. But I still think it has actual magical powers that causes diamond rocks to crack and Twilight to go berserk. So my answer for the title is no.
  3. I know it's just a cartoon and at the end of the day it's just fun speculation, but let's hypothesise that Rarity's wings had not evaporated and RD didn't need to perform the Sonic Rainboom to save her from falling to her death. As a result she fails to do it naturally and her performance was a complete failure. 2 things would immediately be different, the 1st is that instead of now being recognised as a hero across equestria, she is now probably considered a laughing stock and a poor performer, the 2nd is that her confidence (at least in the moment) would be completely gone. With these differences, would it have been possible that RD's life would currently be completely different? that she as a result ultimately gave up on her dream of being a wonderbolt and even if she didn't she may not have been accepted into the academy as easily with a damaged reputation. The other possibility would have been that her friends helped restore her confidence, and she managed to overcome everything and still ultimately achieve her goals, even if it'd taken more time to get there.
  4. Well? What do you think? I couldn't find a thread like this, so... Rarity - Would probably end up failing to create those perfect dresses, and would be miserable with herself but would happy for most likely getting congratulated for the dresses she DID made. Rainbow Dash - Would win the race and go on to become friends with Fluttershy. Fluttershy - Would get teased every now and then and would not have discovered her love of animals so quickly. Twilight Sparkle - Would fail the magic test and go home and study even harder than before and might overwork her body to the extreme and would suffer health issues later on. Pinkie Pie - Would continue working depressingly on the rock farm until death or at least till she moves. Applejack - Would continue living with her aunt and uncle and would continue being miserable and something she's not. What are your interpretations?
  5. Yeah, it's an old legend they said. It can be done in real life by anypony they said. Then Rainbow Dash comes around and finally does one. What if it's not a legend? It could be just a story somepony made, but maybe it actually happened in the past by another pony a long time ago. I mean basically, all you need is a rainbow mane, and know how to fly really, really, REALLY fast to be able to break the sound barrier, and wallah, a rainboom is made! The only reason nopony else can do a Sonic Rainboom is because they don't have rainbow hair. Spitfire looks like she can easily make a Sonic FIREboom! I mean mainly because she has different color hair, but she has the strength and velocity to break the sound barrier. Same with Lightning Dust being able to do a Sonic Lightboom! So what if the Sonic Rainboom actually happened in the past, and Rainbow's not the first one? Perhaps somepony in the past had rainbow hair and knows how to break the sound barrier. Rainbow Dash's ancestor, maybe? What if Rainbow finds another fast pegasus pony with rainbow hair and can be able to do a rainboom like her? I'm just saying... it's possible.
  6. Hi everyone: My name is Barbara and I watched My Little Pony growing up in the 80's. I haven't had a chance yet to catch the new series, BUT I am also a doll and action figure collector, and I did buy the new Integrity Toys I <3 MLP figures. If you would like to see my reviews of them, and other toys I have reviewed, you can find them here: Take care! -- Barbara
  7. So, how special do you view the sonic rainboom in universe, and how hard/unique do you generally think of it as being? asking because recently in the wonderbolts handbook book the Sonic rainboom was listed as a common and "normal" wonderbolt maneuver that every member of the wonderbolts is apparently able to do instead of being legendary and was created by a wonderbolt named commander easyglider. Not really here to discuss the book specifically, but do you tend to still hold the Sonic rainboom in more respect and wish it was a one of a kind of thing or have you come to view it as more mundane?
  8. It's MLK day, and you know what that means... ... ... ..........Rainbooms???? ... Nailed it. I don't know about you whippersnappers, but I personally remember the day MLK was shot. It was a warm sunny day in 2001, and the birds were a-chripin' must have been September-ish. Then, all of a sudden, everyone in the nation heard a loud pop. There was live news coverage, 'cause there was smoke coming out of his first tower, but after a while they went and shot his second tower and he dun collapsed like dat..... .....or maybe I was on drugs that day. Yes, I did spank as a two-year-old. Got a prollum wit dat?! .....I don't know what spank is. I've lost control of my narrative. Fuck it. "Sonic Rainboom." It's an episode. Spoilers ahead. Noobs fuck off. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - So, where were we? Ah, yes, "Sonic Rainboom." An iconic episode to cover. But why is it so iconic? I don't know, this fandom's insane. Let's find out, shall we? The episode opens up with Rainbow Dash teaching Fluttershy how to cheer. Oh, THIS is where that annoying " " meme came from!!! OOOOOOOH! I couldn't care less. Anyways, as you might imagine Fluttershy's default volume is -25 dB and is unable to cheer loud enough for Rainbow Dash's pleasure. She then facehoofs. Fluttershy, I oughta fuck you up........................................................come to think of it... After the title sequence rapes me and my innocence, we come back to Rainbow Dash acting like a "badass." Then, she attempts the "Sonic Rainboom!" She succeeds! End of episode! ... Whoops, we have 20 more minutes to fill. Nope, she fails the Rainboom and falls into Twilight's library, where she's talking to the other members of the main cast. For the next five minutes, Pinkie Pie explains to the viewers Twilight all the important plot points for the rest of the episode, such as the nature of the Best Young Flyers competition in which Rainbow Dash is participating in, and the definition of a "Sonic Rainboom." Apparently, the Sonic Rainboom is, like, really hard to pull off. If she can do it, she could win the competition and a day with the Wonderpets Wonderbolts. Problem is, she hasn't done a Rainboom since she was young, and I don't mean to be judgmental, but she's put on a few pounds since then. Rainbow Dash says its Fluttershy's fault because he didn't cheer with more vigor, so she says she wishes the others could come and watch her. However, non-Pegasi can't walk on the clouds of Cloudsdale, which is technically racist...again. Twilight then figures out a complex spell to do this. Oooh my God! Rarity finally got her wings! Looks like all those late nights and lubricant finally paid off! This spell allows Rarity to not only fly, but also visit Cloudsdale. Now, you'd think the others would also have wings, but no. Twilight decides that after giving Rarity wings, it's a good time to find a less strenuous spell, and uses that to allow the others to walk on clouds. Plot convenience at its not-so-best. Rainbow Dash uses this as an opportunity to show her friends around her home town. I don't know about you guys, but when I want to show my friends around my home town, I always take them to an important factory first, just so they can fuck around with everything. Subsequently, Pinkie Pie tries to eat some Rainbows. Notice how she turns every color but purple. Even the animators are racist. Then, three random wankers from the left side of retard show up to make fun of Rainbow Dash and stare at Rarity's upskirt. I guess we won't ever see them again, and they totally won't become central to the plot development of three important episodes. Trouble is, they're just not important to this one. Well......actually, that's unfair, because they do spark Rainbow Dash's anxiety against performing. They're just overshadowed because Rarity carries the torch the rest of the way with her vanity. Out of character? I don't know, I just assumed this was her blowjob day-job. Rarity, for some reason, thinks she should enter the competition as well. Later, it's the event we've all been waiting for, and Rainbow Dash is feeling a little bettaAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! WHAT THE FUCK! OH MY GOD! HOLY SHIT! WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?! WHAT THE FUUUUUUCK?!?!!!?!!?!?!?! I wouldn't wanna perform either after seeing this travesty of fashion! Why wasn't Hoity Toity around when this shit happened?! Oh my GOD! WHAT THE FUCK?! *ahem* Agh....I'll try not to remember the fact that her face will haunt my nightmares for the next decade. Anyways, Rainbow Dash keeps switchin' up the numbers until she is the last contestant, and Rarity spends earlier minutes preparing for that nightmare fuel above, so they are forced to go out together. Rarity changes the music to more classical tones from Rainbow Dash's rock'n'roll, both generally horrible genres of music, as they attempt to perform together. Rarity does some shit dance in the sky as Rainbow Dash tries to remember her routine. Tries being the key word here. CRASH! Mothafucka! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Then, as you might imagine, Rarity's wings evaporate in the middle of her show. Falling from the sky, the Wonderbolts try to save her, but all four of them are dumbasses as they all fall their doom. It's up to RAINBOW DASH to save the day. And she's gonna save the day with style! She's gonna save the day with finesse! She's gonna rock the show! She's gonna charge the spraycan! She's gonna skate the moonwalk! She's gonna pants the shirt-leg! She's gonna plug the drug cable! She's gonna rape your daughter! I'm just typing filler for this paragraph so I can display the SONIC RAINBOOOOOOOOMMMMMMNM!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI was a preacher last entry..... Rarity learns not to be an idiot (which is short-lived, as well all know, because "Simple Ways" exists), and Rainbow Dash learns that she's awesome and wins the competition. The End. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ......So...what was the moral? Rarity learned that you should keep your "hooves on the ground" and to be there for your friends, and to not let arrogance run away with you? That sounds like that moral was phoned it at the last minute, and it also sounds like a lesson for RAINBOW DASH. Unfortunately, the main character of this episode learns nothing as a result of this. Hooray for the lack of character development. That said, however, this episode isn't horrible. Lack of character development? Irritating. Rarity? Irritating. But outside of that, nothing else to say. This episode is pretty popular for, from what I can tell, no other reason outside of "Rainbow Dash is cool." I'm giving "Sonic Rainboom" a 7/10 for just being pretty straightforward outside of the overhype and structural weakness. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... ... ... ...
  9. Hello friends, Another picture completed- this time featuring Rainbow Dash!
  10. (It should work now, guys!) Sorry about the inverted video, guys. It's About Time was blocked due to a content ID claim, and Quilled Inc suggested that I filp the video horizontally to avoid getting claimed again. I apologize if this seems a bit jarring, but unless I make it an audio-only comm, this is one of the only solutions I have. In any case, here is our commentary over the oh-so controversial Sonic Rainboom! If you enjoyed this commentary, would you please go the extra mile and give it a like? It helps me out in many ways
  11. My first pony pic I've ever drawn. My favorite picture of Pinkie Pie!! Only reason I didn't color in her hair is because I had no idea how many shades of pink Pinkie Pie even was! I ran out of pinks! I sketched it with pencil then redrew with pen and prisma colors. It has a lot of problems with it but, hey it was fun to draw. Hopefully I'll get better!
  12. Personally, I believe that the Sonic Rainboom is a feat that is done through powerful emotions. Allow me to clarify. When Rarity was falling to her death in "Sonic Rainboom", Rainbow Dash couldn't let this happen. Fearing Rarity's death, she flew down as fast as she could and in doing so, she inadvertently pulled it off, because it was her will to save her friend - not the will to perform a sonic rainboom - that ultimately made it happen. Because she cared more about her friend than trying to pull off a spectacular feat. What do you think?
  13. The first time that i watched MLP: FIM I couldn't help but notice the similarities of Rainbow Dash & Sonic the Hedgehog. Throughout watching the episodes I have been wanting to see some crossovers... I know that there are fanfics that are really good. But I thought that it would be EPIC if like one or two episodes if the crossed over something like that. Anyways if they were to do something like that what kind of crossovers would you like? Also who would you think would win in a race? Sonic or Rainbow Dash
  14. This may be a little more unusual than the standard artwork around here, but hopefully it still counts. To compete in an event called Power Racing Series, you need a custom go-kart built out of a childrens toy like a Power Wheels car, and it has to fit all of their rules to be allowed in. If you're interested in more details the link is in my signature. Half the points are from speed and half from crowd votes. I thought, what's fast and could draw a bunch of crowd votes? --- Not my art. This thread is to track the process of the Sonic Rainboom kart from Team 20% Cooler (link in signature as well). Feel free to ask questions, or if you see me making any newbie mistakes I welcome you pointing them out. There may be a Fluttershy car as well... if there's enough Brony support. This is the pedal car body I chose to start out with. It's pretty small for an adult to ride, so I'm going to do some chopping and stretching. Here's the current progress on the design. The front half will be skinned with velcroed-on blue fur, the back half with rainbow fur, because of course I'm taking this seriously. There's already been some anti-Brony sentiment, to the point where they discussed not letting me compete because I'd possibly have an unfair advantage with the crowd vote side of it. In the end, the organizer allowed the design but offered a 300 point bonus to anyone who makes a car from a cartoon he chooses... When it comes time to race this early next year I'll need some Bronies in the crowd pushing the button that is 20% cooler than the rest. Here's a video of the event this year for some idea of what Rainboom will be competing against.
  15. Hey Guys i decided to post my first fanfic here Go Easy ok and i like critcsism it helps me find out what i need to do better Chap 3 will up later today have fun reading
  16. So I was thinking about Noah and his ark and Rainbow Dash at the same time and well this is what happened.
  17. Right. I Think that Dumb-Bell is one of the most hypocritical characters in MLP:FIM. He says there is no such thing as a Sonic Rainboom. Yet he witnessed it as a child. Again, his name is DUMB-bell. What do you think?
  18. According to Rainbow Dash, it's another one of those things that's supposed to have been an old mare's tale, making it SEEM like any pegasus could do it, with proper speed and powerful wings. But that just doesn't seem likely to me, given that RD is the only one seen with a rainbow mane. Take this here. You can see that it seems like her MANE is what is causing the SR. Maybe it's not even an ACTUAL rainbow, but simply her speed making something like an afterimage effect from anime's like Dragonball Z. We don't know the exact mechanics of it, since it's something like a legend, so it could be a fake rainbow. So. exhibit B Even without a Sonic Rainboom, you can see that when she goes pretty fast, there appears to be a rainbow trailing behind her. And Lightning Dust, who is more or less equal to Rainbow Dash in terms of speed and ability, clearly does NOT have the same aftereffect trailing behind her, but something reminiscent of her name and mane, like lightning. So if Lightning Dust actually managed to get enough speed to pull of a sonic boom, would it still be a rainbow trailing behind her, or would it still be something similar to lightning? A Sonic Lightningboom? It seems likely that for the few pegasi capable of extreme speed, that something similar to their manes would come out if they pulled off a sonic boom. But that's just my opinion. What do you guys think?
  19. I have yet again made an awesome song for all of you guys to enjoy! If you like it please share it with your friends. Here is the link.
  20. After months of hard work, FInding Equestria is finally out! Thanks to those who helped me along, even though sometimes i've wanted to quit. Without further adue, I present Finding Equestria Chapter One! Chapter one: A strange beginning. Today was the day! Today all the training I went through would pay off. Three days ago I had received my letter of acceptation to the A.E.C more formally known as the Air Elite Core. Without another thought, I was well dressed with my uniform in top condition. If I was going to the elite core, I was going to be the jewel of the flight. Luckily I had left my keys in my pocket, and I was in the car in no time. The car wasn’t the best, but she and I had been through hell and back. The engine reluctantly started and I stomped pedal to the floor! Within minutes I’d be at the air force base, and there’d be an AC-130 waiting to pick me up. Soon after I had passed the gate into the air base, I saw the plane glittering like a divine wing sent straight from heaven. Driving my car across the tarmac, I soon realized that all of the personnel were lined up for me, all saluting. The Major stood at the off-load ramp of the plane and smiled. I got out of the car ready to shake his hand and was met with a hug. “You did well kid, the skies are waiting!” With that he led me onto the plane and strapped me in. All I could do was beam and probably look fairly stupid doing it. The Major left without another word, and waved as the off ramp closed. I could feel the life roar into the engines as the pilots willed the plane to move. The props buzzed at a steady rhythm while we taxied out onto the runway. Out my window I could barely catch a glimpse of the other personnel still saluting. All of a sudden the steady buzz of the engines bellowed in power and suffocated the sound around me. The only thing I heard for the next hour was the rhythm of the huge engines, but I didn’t care. I loved it. The ride felt amazing. Although the plane was a large and empty cold and metallic chamber I felt something only a pilot would feel. The window allowed me to see the gorgeous puffy clouds that shined bright pink and purple with the light of the rising sun. With this peace I found myself drifting off to sleep with the steady drone of the engines. After what seemed like a quick doze I landed. About twelve minutes later, the door across from me opened. And a bright face popped in. “Hi there newbie!” he said. “Hi there” I replied. “So if it isn’t Mr. Goody Two Shoes, the straight A student?” he said. “that’s me” I replied again, careful not to step out of line. “Well if you don’t want to go back to the base, you might as well step off the plane.” I quickly unbuckled the seatbelt and followed the man outside the plane and was immediately met with a huge tarmac of helicopters, planes, jets, and even rockets. “Welcome to AEC base 2. Home of the meanest war fighters America has got to offer.” “Of course you aren’t any exception, you are the guy I want covering my ass when I get blown out of the sky, you are incredible newbie!” he said. “It’s Travis” I steadily replied “Yeah sure thing Jack” he said quickly. We were walking toward a hanger larger than any structure I had ever seen before. The guy introduced me to a couple of planes and then showed me which one I was going to fly. “Wait…now?” I said. “ Yes now!” “ A war fighter needs to be ready at the drop of a hat bucko, lets see what you got!” He introduced me to the plane and pulled out a secret compartment from the side of the command controls. In his hand he held a small piece of a cut stone. It glowed an eerie purple and almost acted like a magnet with small pieces of it orbiting the larger rock. “This is the key to all war fighters.” “This precious piece of rock always gives us the supplies we need.” He explained. “Watch”. He took the stone and closed his eyes. Next thing I knew, a small amount of stuffed teddy bears littered the ground around us. I looked at him in suspicion. “Hey what’s wrong with toys?” he smirked as he tossed me the rock. I waited a few moments and thought as hard as I could about a glass of ice cold Coke (considering I was on duty, I couldn’t have had a lot more fun with it.) and sure enough, a small coke bottle, wet with condensation was right at my feet. “Well enough of that, lets get you into the plane!” “Wait, I never caught your name.” I said. “Call me Mike!” “okay mike, what do I need to do?” “Just run a test flight and get used to the controls!” “simple enough” I responded while I hopped into the plane. The cockpit was very comfortable. The controls were almost like they had been custom made for me, and the best part was that all the strange new gadgets that were on this plane came easy to me. I started up the engines and I could tell this plane had power. Looking closer at the controls this plane had ALOT of power! Taxiing to the runway took forever, probably because I had never been so excited to get back in the air. Finally I reached the runway, and I could see all ten-thousand feet of asphalt ahead of me. I gunned the engines and the plane shot forward. In no time I was up in the air soaring faster than I ever imagined. A garbled voice came through my headset, “how’s the plane goin’ for ya?” Mike said. “MMffmf” I tried replying but with the G-forces and the head wear I had on, it was pretty impossible to talk. “Alright, have fun, I’ll tell you when its time to come down.” Mike chimed through the radio. That was all the motivation I needed. I reached for the after burners until I was so high I could only see black and down below me a bright blue planet peacefully drifted through the nothingness. All of a sudden the plane lurched and the engines hit top speed. “Wait? What’s going on??” I tried saying through my coverings. We were leaving the atmosphere, going faster and faster until I couldn’t move or breath. Soon my vision became blurry and all that I saw were the dimming lights of the cockpit slowly fading away. It felt like I was passed out for about three seconds, but the bright and colorful planet looming in the distance told me otherwise. “OH GOD” I yelped! Desperately trying to reach Mike again, I fumbled with all the radio frequencies. But instead of finding Mike, I got a dead radio. The planet got closer and closer. I looked around the dying GPS, and saw a tiny white dot, that was me. Then I saw an arrow pointing towards earth. I checked the graph and it found the arrow to be over one-trillion miles away. “WELL GREAT, JUST GREAT!” I gunned the throttle and nothing happened. I tried again and again, still nothing happened. Finally I pushed the button for the afterburners….BAD IDEA. I shot toward the planet at over Seven hundred miles per hour. Instead of the planet slowly getting closer, well…I think you’d understand how fast it came at me. I pulled the joystick up as hard as I could, just clearing the planet’s atmosphere. “Why haven’t I burned up yet?” I wondered. Soon I soared across huge forests and large fields that seemed to be…Inhabited? Loosing altitude fast as my plane lost thrust from the last burn, I attempted to make an emergency landing. I came in to hot, and ended up crashing straight into the ground. Again, everything went black. This time It felt like I had slept a century. Groggily I opened my eyes and saw the blurry figure of a bright pink pony with huge curious eyes say “HI THERE!” Chapter 2 COMING SOON!!!
  21. Remember the first time Rainbow Dash did a sonic rainboom as a filly? It caused a rock to crack wherever rarity's horn took her, caused Twilight to have a magical surge in Canterlot, changed Pinkie's Mane with a shockwave. The point is that it seemed to caused impacts in places pretty far away from each other. But now, the BOOM part of the sonic rainboom is no longer present. When RD rescued Rarity and the Wonderbolts, NOTHING. Which is a good thing, considering Celestia asked her to do it a wedding with tons of people close by.
  22. There are at least two for me so far. I just cried a little seeing Rainbow Dash do the sonic rainboom. I watched it a few times on Youtube and it was cool then, but in the actual episode it's so amazing. To see RD really unsure of herself for the first time and then pull off something like that makes me feel like I can do anything, too. Another one is when Twilight meets Fluttershy for the first time. She's so timid and nervous that it makes Twilight uncomfortable, which makes Fluttershy even more uncomfortable, and the conversation comes to a quick and awkward end. That really resonated with me because I've been there so many times...I'm terrible at meeting people, and I'm so shy in person that I come off as antisocial. When I saw that, I knew this was a character I could identify with. And when she went crazy over Spike it got hilarious, and that's when I decided "I must keep watching this show. MUST."
  23. Based on the math and science (which im not going to do, its summer break) do you think that it would be possible to perform a sonic rainboom? We know that jets can perform a sonic boom, but what makes the rainbow effect of the sonic rainboom? Could we actually replicate a sonic rainboom?
  24. We've all seen it. Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom. Most of us have also seen (or at least heard of) the MLP physics presentation video. Specifically the part where he notes Rainbow Dash's speed to be roughly Mach 10. So it would seem like that Mach 10 is her top speed... right? WRONG! Rainbow Dash's speed was calculated while she was flying at a downward angle. That was the second time she preformed the sonic rainboom. But think about this. The third time she preformed it was straight upwards or AGAINST THE FORCE OF GRAVITY. Not only that, but also note that she shows absolutely no signs of strain whatsever maintaining this the third time wheras during her second time, she was struggling quite a bit. Assuming all of her rainbooms are the same speed upon reaching it (mach 10), what would happen if she applied the same amount of effort had she been flying downward the third time? What would happen if she applied MORE effort? Considering her strain (or lack therof), she seems perfectly capable of doing so. I couldn't find a formula or equation that takes the force of gravity in consideration so please! Someone out there! Plug in this new information!
  25. So last week the new micro My Little Pony Comic came out and it was about Rainbow Dash. In the comic there are these gremlins who are making this giant rain cloud and it's up to Rainbow Dash to get rid of them. At the end of it Rainbow Dash get's rid of them by doing a Sonic Double Rainboom. Now I find this odd because this week the fan made episode, Double Rainboom comes out this week and I'm just thinking so much. Do the comic writers look at what broneys are doing more then the writers? What do you all think?