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Found 34 results

  1. So the crew behind the work "Vemon" and "Jamanji" movie is planning to work on One Punch Man. Rosenberg and Pinkner both did great job on the action sequences and the comedy which is important for this anime. But Western adapting eastern cultural entertainment (anime) never seem to work out. (beside Ghost in shell) So that's the one part I'm worrying about. Another is "Americanized" it to the point it's shit. They also have to keep in mind this is taking place in Japan so majority of these characters are Asian. Genos and maybe King are not (maybe), but the rest are. I don't want to see them turning Saitama to some Caucasian. Or other character to different ethnicity , because dIVerSiTy. And knowing American are obsess with romance, I fear they will might just add some romance. idk, i think right now, I'm not sure this will turn out well at all. I rather have a Japaneses or an Asian who are familiar with eastern culture (anime) to do this movie and have SONY to do the production. Alita battle angel was popular and success but even I can tell it's "Americanized". What do you think?
  2. A short list of what is mentioned; Ryzen CPU, built in VR, 4K/60, $500, possible Spring/Fall 2020 release date, possible PS5 release of games like TLoU2, Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima(sorry, if I didn’t spell it correctly). The source is a user on Reddit who predicted Sony would not be attending e3 in 2019 a day before it was officially announced. What are your thoughts?
  3. Remember how Sony was originally going to make the My Little Pony movie, but Hasbro went with Lionsgate instead due to Sony wanting to make it a live-action movie where the Mane 6 wind up in the real world? Sure, Lionsgate did a lousy job at advertising it, but at least they weren't going to make it live action. Anyone glad Sony never made it?
  4. In the wake of the Gamescom in Hamburg Germany, that was held this very weekend, the Playstation has without Sony making any noise about it, started over here in Germany. the US, UK, Netherlands and Belgium already got a taste from the service and now it was our turn to use it. For anyone who might not know, Playstation Now is a streaming service that was created by Sony. Streaming services these days are nothing new these days, with Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming movies and the WWE Network streaming wrestling, but this service has a big library of games that you can play, without the use of a hard drive. There have been streaming services in the past and i have tested them as well. They where average at best with 2-3 seconds input lag from time to time and some where totally unplayable at worst, so of course, i was a bit skeptic when i heard of Playstation Now, since it sounds good on paper, it something totally different doing this for real. Now, i own this service now since Thursday. You have to pay a 16,99 € (US 19,99 dollars, UK 12,99 pounds) monthly fee to use the service, which is actually a good deal, considering these are games we talk about and not movies. Netflix charges 15 euros in germany and movies don't cost as much as a game does (except if you buy a hardcore fan special edition maybe. ) so in my opinion, the price is good as it is. The first game i did a test run with was Devil May Cry 4, because i am a fan of the series and know this game well from my 360 days. It would be an understatement to say that i was really impressed by the results. No sort of input delay, no stuttering and while i noticed that the graphics where a bit compressed, you barely notice any difference. It's almost like the game is on your hard drive. Of course, you need a good connection and i would recommend to use a Ethernet cable, because i have one on my PS4, which is 80 MB/s download. I am not sure if it's worse slower, but Sony says that atleast 12 MB/s download is recommended. The library has about 400 games big. Most of them are PS3 games, but sony already started to bring in some PS4 games as well. No big heavyhitters, but still. What i could criticize the PS Now for, is that you can get lost easily in the library menu. You have certain categorys for genres, developers and games in alphabetical order, but no search engine? A search engine would make it so much easier to find the game you wanna play. I hope Sony fixes this at some point. The service is getting filled with new games every month and Sony already announced that they plan to bring PS1 and PS2 games into the library, which for a retro gamer like me are great news. I sadly can't list all the games in the library, else we would still be here tomorrow, but here are some of the games that i play right now regulary: Blood Bowl 2 (PS4) Capcom Arcade Cabinet: Complete Edition (PS3) (is a collection of 18 old Capcom arcade games) Devil May Cry HD Collection (PS3) God of War HD (PS3) Mega Man 9 (PS3) Poker Night 2 (PS3) Red Dead Redemption (PS3) Sonic Generations (PS3) Star Wars: The force Unleashed (PS3) Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown (PS3) WWE 2k16 (PS4) XCOM: Enemy Within (PS3) I for myself would recommend this to anyone that owns a good internet connection and is willing to pay the monthly fee. I was never a PS3 guy as i owned a 360, so this is a golden opportunity to play some of their exclusives that i missed.and also to revisit certain multiplat games that i played on my 360. I for one give it a thumbs up.
  5. Ok, from my general knowledge from working in the gaming industry, just from sales I can see that Sony is biting it pretty hard right now. I'm actually a Sony supporter and am deeply disappointed with how they released the next-gen console with almost NO exclusives to keep the supporters going. I had even set aside enough finances to purchase the console but changed my mind due to the lack of games. Right now, Microsoft's XBOX ONE is rocking it hard, especially with the release of Titanfall. How in the world is Sony going to be able to recover from this catastrophe. It doesn't help that one of their exclusives (Driveclub) had been CANCELLED/severely delayed due to in-game errors. As gamers, we do appreciate when companies take quality into consideration, but when there's HARDLY any games to go on as is.... this is seriously a predicament for the Playstation 4... What is going to happen? D:
  6. Yep. Seems what most of us feared right from the moment Bethesda announced issues with bringing mods to PS4 has come to pass. Bethesda have recently released a statement saying that, as a result of Sony "Not approving user mods the way they should work", that mod support will no longer be coming to either Fallout 4 or Skyrim Remastered for the foreseeable future, at least until they can come to some kind of agreement. At this point though, that doesn't seem likely. If you ask me, Sony have really dropped the ball with this one. I know they're not particularly fond of users installing third party files to their system (just look at the great Linux debacle for the PS3), but could they seriously not find a way to make these simple things work if Microsoft could? Way to hand the momentum over to your competitors. Source link:
  7. <p>It's that time of the year. And its my third year color commentating on the event on here Live (If missed the first two post, Here E3 '15 and '14 ( But, it seem that pre-E3 is the new E3. The Schedule for your timezone. Also I have a Discord Chat set up... I Messed up the tag I fixed this later... I Messed up. Fixed
  8. Which gaming consoles are your faves and least faves? For me I have to say that the 3ds was a huge deal for me, when they had booths touring at different places to test it out I was blown away with the 3d, even though these days people think nothing of it, back then, playing street fighter on it was amazing! The snes is another one for me, as is the gamecube, both of them have games that are some of my faves from my childhood. Mario kart, Wind waker, hell, even weird ones that were probably awful like this weird Tasmanian devil game I had on the snes. As for the worst, and I hate to say this... The N64. It's impossible to use the controller, I still have no idea how Im supposed to hold it despite a friend of mine having no problem at all and ridiculing me for it, I never saw the appeal in most of the games, like golden eye, Banjo Kazooie and Ocarina of time (Still a zelda game I hate) What are yours? Also, it's just opinions guys. Normally I wouldn't add that, but I feel like I have to protect myself a little from not liking the N64
  9. This is some good news for 5/6 generation gamers like me. Now my brother asked me if I would buy a PS4. How about you?
  10. What are your thoughts on this? I won't say anything about this, since most people know my stands on Lauren Faust. But i say that i have a certain sense of deja vu from 2011.
  11. It's that time of the year. E3 conferences is starting tomorrow. Theirs live streams here and here The Schedule for your timezone. Till then What are you looking foreword for?
  12. So I'm sure many of you have probably heard about the recent Sony e-mail leak/hack, at least in passing. I didn't really pay it too much mind, but apparently something came up about the upcoming movie. Don't worry, no spoilers here or in the link, though there were some potential spoilers in other leak info not listed here, so be careful where you tread if you don't want accidental exposure to what may or may not end up being in the movie. Potential spoiler warnings aside for those curious enough to do some digging, it turns out a couple of people potentially working on the commercial side of things regarding the upcoming MLP movie exchanged some emails, and had some less than flattering things to say about its adult fanbase. Link here: Normally I'd brush it off, we've heard it all before, and being called "creepy" or "weird" kind of comes with the territory of being a fan. But the fact that it was said behind backs, by people who potentially could be making this movie possible, and who have sway with what does and doesn't make it into the movie, ends up making me kind of queasy. I'm slow to anger, and I don't usually hold grudges, but I find it pretty unnerving to say the least. Enough to speak up about it. Things like this have happened in the past, someone says something that they shouldn't have, company hears about it, works with someone else instead. I want to see the MLP movie so incredibly badly, but I'd rather see it in the hands of people who genuinely care about what they're doing. DHX does a fantastic job, knows their audience (both the majority, and the minority), and cares, you can see it in their work, and feel it when you get the chance to talk to them in person. Sony pictures isn't making the movie, but involvement means control, and control means influence. Sorry, getting off my soapbox now. It's just rare that I feel the need to speak up about stuff like this, but this pinched a nerve that's just tired of getting pinched I guess. Or maybe it's that this felt like something that could be spoken up about, and possibly see reaction because of it on the part of show staff. I don't really know. Anyway, sorry. Please feel free to share any feelings about this if you have any, or heck, share your feelings with Sony, or Hasbro if your feelings are analogous to the ones shared here. Either way, my obnoxious rant is over, my apologies. Edit: This topic may have been better suited to the "Show Discussion" board, but seeing as it isn't directly tied to the show, I felt it may as well go here instead.
  13. Now, 2015 looks like its gearing up to be an incredible year in gaming. All companies this year look like they are giving us something incredible to play. Which is why I ask you this: Which games are you most looking forward to this year? I like all systems, but I have to say that Nintendo is looking especially good this year, what with the new open world Zelda and a Majoras Mask remake, Mario Maker, A new Star Fox game, and Splatoon! But those are just mine that I'm excited for. Please, tell us what you are looking forward to the most.
  14. Well, I wasn't originally planning something like this, but I had some thoughts that I wanted to share after watching the 2014 edition of the Video Game Awards. For one thing I am a BIG fan of the overall format of this years awards ceremony. I didn't watch last year's ceremony, but I did catch the one before that and while it was fun in a way, it was also very grating. The musical performances didn't fit, the overall humor felt forced, and the overall feeling of bombast just screamed of "WE'RE NOT THE OSCARS OR EMMYS, WE'RE COOL" too me. Maybe they were just trying WAY too hard at the time, but it didn't work for me. Of course it wasn't all bad as I like that there were reveals of games & all, but the old format I didn't care for. This format, though, was MUCH better. The flow felt much more natural, there was an overall lack of musical performances and what performances were there actually fit, the whole ceremony felt much more subtle, and it seemed there was a general air of respect in the air. And that brings me to my next point. I really loved how there was an emphasis on remembrance to what gaming was so long ago and how far the industry has come. Bringing in Koji Kondo was a master stroke, and that piece on Sierra actually brought a tear to my eye. I liked how the Indie developers were mentioned alongside their triple A counterparts, and that the guests brought into speak and/or to present awards actually felt like they cared. This time, I really felt love and passion for gaming. It doesn't have to be bombastic and in your face; a little bit of respect and subtlety can go a long way. Going back to the musical performances, I am GRATEFUL we had no sign of, and again I'm bringing back this phrase, anything that was loud, bombastic, and in your face. I'm not a fan of Imagine Dragons, but I liked their bit at the end (w. Kondo) and I liked that other group that essentially played remixed versions of classic gaming tunes. This was the first time I didn't mute the broadcast during the music. OH! And I LOVED the segments were pieces of a specific game's music was played; like the dancing violinist with the Dragon Age piece or that wonderfully soothing track from No Man's Sky. THANK YOU for this! As for the awards, there really isn't much that I can say. I kinda wished there was more emphasis on awards that weren't given much attention like Best Fighting Game or those other awards whose names I forgot (see my point?). Also, and this is a bit nitpicky, but I am not a fan of combining the sports and racing genres into one single award. I don't know, I just have issues comparing Mario Kart 8 with FIFA 15. Lastly, I was generally happy with the nominees for the Best Game Award, and on a more subjective note, I was MORE than happy with the eventual winner! Seriously though, I believe all five games (Dark Souls II, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Bayonetta II) have legitimate claims for the award and I was glad to see the over-hypesd games of the year not get picked. Lastly, and this is usually a treat for me, I was EXTREMELY pleased with the game reveals. Of course we had known about many of them in the past like The Order: 1886 and Witcher III: Wild Hunt, but it was a pleasure getting to see some newer footage. I know many people talk about the Zelda footage, but I was more muted on that. The world looked beautiful & all, but there wasn't much to really excite me over. I'm hoping the world gets a little more varied before release. Also, King Quest looked FANTASTIC, and this is coming from someone who never played the older games. Honestly, most of the games shown (Bloodbourne, Witcher III, The Order, King's Quest, among others) I'm still hyped about! So yeah, those are my thought on this years Video Game Awards. Overall, I thought the show was a dramatic improvement over past editions of the ceremony, and while improvements can be made, I can say in all thoughtfulness, I am appreciative of the care and respect shown not only to the industry; but to gamers as a whole! Thank you for your time.
  15. What are your thoughts on having to pay for PS plus? (I just recently found out LOL) If there's already an active thread about this, please link me to it.
  16. Another spin-off movie? Now Sony's trying to take on more Spider-Man movies than they can finish. They already have Sinister Six, ASM3, Venom and ASM4 planned. I just can't see them finishing this.
  17. I decided to make this in response to finding out that Gamestop is phasing out the PSP by September 1st, and to me it's pretty saddening. I always found the PSP to be the handheld version of the Sega Dreamcast or the Nintendo Gamecube, a great platform with a solid library that didn't do well as it deserved. For all it's shortcomings I had very fond memories of the handheld to the point where I consider it my favorite platform, with lots of games I loved to play where ever I went. Valkyria Chronicles 2/3 Even if it was disappointing to see the series transitioning from console to handheld, the next two Valkyria Chronicles games were still excellent follow-ups to the first game, though it was still disappointing that the 3rd game never got a localized release Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops/Peace Walker MGS had a pretty strong presence on the platform, whether it be the AC!D games or the PS1 rerelease of the first game and VR Missions, but these two games were the MVPs, with them greatly expanding Big Boss's story Final Fantasy The PSP saw tons of love from the Final Fantasy series, recieving a lot of remasters from many of the older games such as the first two, the Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection(including the new "Interlude"), a PSP enhanced port of FFIII, and an updated version of Final Fantasy Tactics(complete with added story, new characters, new weapons, and online features; though the slowdown unfortunately brought it down a bit) Crisis Core/Type-0 The series also saw some new games as well, one being a prequel to Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core, which follows events surrounding Cloud's friend Zack Fair(who I found to be much more fun and likeable). The other was Type-0, a game that was part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series(which somewhat made it connected to FFXIII in some way) and shared similaritie to Crisis Core's gameplay. The game on the PSP was never released in the US unfortunately despite strong praise. Thankfully remasterd releases will come to the PS4/Xbone, which includes a localized release Dissidia The PSP also saw a spin-off fighting game called Dissidia, and a fighting game with a surprising amount of depth. The games mainly featured the main protagonist and antagonist of the first ten FF games(while the sequel Duodecim included the leads from XI, XII, and XIII, as well as a few support characters). The best way for me to describe it was that it was DBZ with FF characters, with tons of over-the-top and fun fights and a pretty hectic story Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep BBS is another solid prequel and my personal favorite in the Kingdom Hearts series, which follows 3 new protagonists whom all have ties to several characters in the other series. Anyone who loves Kingdom Hearts should not skip out on this gem Megaman Powered Up/Maverick Hunter The Megaman series also got some love(something that unfortunately doesn't happem anymore). Maverick Hunter X and Powered Up are some of the best remakes I've played, with them both adding a ton of things to make them feel fresh while sticking true to the original game. It's a shame that they didn't do better, as it would have led to their series getting the same treatment as these two. I can only imaging how great it would've been to see a Powered Up 2, or a Maverick Hunter X4 Tons of Capcom Classics Along with Megaman, Capcom gave the PSP a ton of strong support bring out some of the most strong titles such as Darkstalkers, Ghost and Goblins, Street Fighter Alpha 3(my fav. SF game) as well as the popular Dreamcast fighter Powerstone Monster Hunter Even though the PSP wasn't such a big seller in the US, it was a force to be dealt with in Japan, an it wouldn't have been possible without the Monster Hunter series, one of the most popular franchises in Japan with a cult, but vocal following in the West Persona With the success of Persona 3 and 4 on the PS2, Atlus wanted to give fans a chance to relive the original games, releasing remasters of the original game on the PS1 as well as the never released in Japan Persona 2: Innocent Sin. The PSP also saw another version of Persona 3, which included the ability to play as a female protagonist and included new dialogue and interactions with the other characters God of War Sony released two games of their insanely popular God of War series, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta. Both were excellent games that managed to successfully transition from console to handheld while keeping everything people love about God of War intact. Chains of Olympus also gets bonus points for getting me to actually like Kratos Syphon Filter After a fairly mediocre PS2 game, Sony decided to bring the Syphon Filter series to the PSP, deliver possibly 2 of the best games in the series(well, after 2 of course). These two games were great follow ups of the PS1 games and successfully brought modern controls to the series despite them being on a limited platform It's also worth noting that the PSP was a goldmine for other JRPG titles, and the handheld was also easy to hack which made it popular for a few people, as hacking it would allow them to play emulators and PS1 games that weren't availible on the PSN. PSN also worked well on it as it gave people the ability to play several download only titles as well as the ability to watch movies(also availible on UMD movies), tv shows and listen to music, making it a great portable multimedia device What did you think of the system? Did you have any fond memories? Any games you loved that I forgot to mention?(I know I missed a ton of great games on it)
  18. Apparently there is a rumour that Sony want to buy Hello Games. The studio that made No Man's Sky. Which unfortunately for me will be a PS4 Exclusive(Apparently timed unless Sony buy out the studio) Someone was saying that Sony have enough money to buy the studio. Because they are an 8 man indie team(That unfortunately suffered a flood). Many people are disagreeing on this though. This is the reason I want a PS4 so badly. I have an XB1.
  19. E3 conferences is starting tomorrow. theirs live streams here and here . The Schedule for your timezone. Till then What are you looking foreword for? , Thank you @@takai, for the list of games.
  20. All right, since the conferences of the big three have passed, I must ask, who do you think won E3? Personally, I'd say either Microsoft or Nintendo. Microsoft introduced many new games, and Nintendo put on a nice show. I didn't see Sony's, so I can't say anything about it, but I haven't heard good things about it. I'll go with Nintendo due to personal bias. So, discuss/debate away!
  21. Title says it all BEST XBOX ONE GAME: SUNSET OVERDRIVE My favorite game from last year's Microsoft conference takes the victory again this year, I just feel like this game has a lot of what I feel is missing in most shooters nowadays(whether it be TPS or FPS) Honorable Mentions: Halo Master Chief Collection, Crackdown 3, Halo 5, Project Spark, Scalebound BEST PS4 GAME: THE ORDER 1886 This was a hard one, since, in all honesty, I was least impressed with what Sony showed this year, but I have to give it to last year's winner, The Order 1886, as it's been one of the games I've been looking forward to most on the PS4, and I like the horror vibes Honorable mentions: Uncharted 4, No Man's Sky, LittleBigPlanet 3 BEST WII U GAME: LEGEND OF ZELDA WII U/XENOBLADE CHRONICLES X This was also a hard one, though this time it was because there were a lot that impressed me here. I have to give it to Xenoblade Chronicles X(which was my fav. Nintendo game last year) and Zelda(the only game here that didn't win last year!). My reason being is that they do a fantastic job showing that the Wii U is capable of on top of just looking very impressive. Honorable mentions: Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros Wii U, Splatoon, Starfox, Mario Maker BEST 3RD PARTY GAME METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN(PS3/PS4/360/ONE) Because I'm a biased fanboy Honorable Mentions: Batman Arkham Knight, Mortal Kombat X, Destiny, Far Cry 4, Mirror's Edge 2 BEST HANDHELD TITLE: CODE NAME: S.T.E.A.M(3DS) Seriously this shit reminds me of Valkyria Chronicles, which was awesome. Plus considering the developers in charge, I'm really looking forward to it. Honorable Mentions: Persona Q, Pokemon OmegRuby/AlphaSapphire, Monster Hunter 4, Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright, Super Smash Bros 3DS, Tales of Hearts R BEST INDIE GAME: NO MAN'S SKY Holy shit this game looks gorgeous BEST DLC: HOLY SHIT THAT'S A LONG TITLE(DEAD RISING 3) AKA HOLY SHIT CAPCOM ACTUALLY DOES DLC RIGHT. Seriously it's basically a love letter to fans of Capcom, with a just being an over-the-top zombie funfest, and it's great to see Capcom still remembers some of their old franchises(and don't worry Megaman's included too) BEST RERELEASE: HALO: THE MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION 4(or 3 if you didn't enjoy Halo 4) of the best games remastered into one disc. Some developers were going overboard with rereleases, but this one sounds like it's actually worth it. Honorable mentions(or other remasters that are worth it): Phoenix Wright Trilogy(3DS), Bayonetta 1(Wii U, comes packaged with Bayo 2) ODD ONE OUT: I still don't know how I feel about these, but hey if they flop at least they'll make nice collector's items BEST NO SHOW: FINAL FANTASY XV I can understand Kingdom Hearts III, but quit holding back XV, no one wants to deal with the same shit back when it was Versus XIII Honorable mention: Last Guardian MOST NEGLECTED PLATFORM PLAYSTATION VITA It's a real shame because I love the Vita, and I think it's a great piece of tech, but I'm feeling like Sony's given up on the little guy, and the conference made it feel more like a peripheral more than an actual gaming platform. But hey, at least there were games announced for those who are into quirky Japanese titles(as well as Tales of Hearts R, which looks great) WORST OF SHOW: EA This one seriously bored me to tears, a very uneventful show mainly consisting of their sports games that we always expect at the end of the year and a few cockteases like Battlefront, Mass Effect 4 and Mirror's Edge. I'll give them that Battlefield and Dragon Age look great though BEST OF SHOW: NINTENDO When you open your conference with a Robot Chicken sketch, then lead to Reggie and Iwata beating the crap out of each other, then your in for a good time. Seriously the stakes were high for Nintendo this year, but they delivered, with new games, much needed release dates, and some well recieved surprises(Devil's Third becoming a Wii U exclusive). The 3DS is still as strong as ever, and the future of the Wii U looks promising Other mentions: Ninja Gaiden creator Tomonobu Itagaki's Devil's Thrid is a Wii U exlusive, but I already said that Suda 51's Lily Bergamo was axed in favor of Let it Die, which is actually really disappointing since I think the former looks a lot more interesting Scalebound looks awesome Microsoft's conference really makes me want an Xbox One
  22. Looks like the game from the makers of "Ico" and "Shadow of the Colossus" is now officially dead. Excuse me while I express my sadness.
  23. Infamous: Second Son Developer: Sucker Punch Productions Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Platform(s): Playstation 4 Release date: March 21, 2014 Genre: Action-adventure Mode: Single-player After playing this exclusive game, I want to hear any opinions on this new addition to the Infamous series. So what do you think about this game?
  24. Personally I'm a big fan of video game emulation, It's vital to me for my game reviews in order to be able get game footage and manipulate it easily, and I much prefer a software to a hardware solution. Additionally I like the customisability certain emulators give. What do you think of emulators? I have..a fair few of them, I tend to have numerous emulators for each system so I probably have about 30 emulators in total, all configured differently. Let me know if you have any questions re-emulators I have a lot of tips and tricks I've accumulated over the years.