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Found 18 results

  1. Probably a month ago, me and my religious friend got into a debate whether animals go to heaven or not. I wanted to get ya'll's opinion on whether they do, may you believe or not. She told me that according to the Bible, it said animals didn't go to heaven because humans are superior to them and they don't have a soul. I argued that if they didn't have a soul, how come they can feel jealousy, madness, sadness, happiness, all in all feel pain and distraught. It's like comparing them to a rock, and saying that one living thing isn't worthy enough to go to heaven as well as another living thing. She then came back and told me it's because they don't have a sense of morality. That they don't have morals, or even aware of the presence of God. I then came back at her and said that if that is the case, then we probably didn't have a soul, considering we didn't have a sense of morality at one point in our lives. It's invalid to say that they can't go to heaven or hell because they don't know right from wrong, when we humans ourselves don't know right from wrong either...and just like us, they can learn from their mistakes. I did my own research, and so far all the religious sites i've been to have said yes, because we were made from the same dust as animals, or that the Bible clearly doesn't state whether they do or not, despite the heavy symbolism towards animals throughout the book. I mean, if they didn't have any importance, why did God instruct Noah to carry two of every animal? Was there no point, if they really weren't as signifigant as humans are? PLEASE don't point at me and say i'm crazy for believing in this and that, and act rude about it. I know how people get with these religious topics. This is about what you think. Do you think animals go to heaven? What are your thoughts?
  2. Now to you impotent fools who merely glance at a fixation of the fanatacism, what doth thou contend with as the man is thrown from the back of his his horse, from which he hath contained unto thine hands as henceforth beaten beyond the disarmament of death, when every man realized his place he than became a reclusive and chimerical madness, as such was an insufficiancy to rather conceal it`self forgotten, I simply put you in your place, the rules of pundits will only further mock the innocent, as the mortality is gold upon the eyes of a pupil`s avarice, life is what you decide but only so much can be understood in the shortcomings of your insolent posturing, oh how thine child only really knows itself amen.
  3. When I first became a Brony, I was actually still uneasy on a lot of things. I kept wondering if I was really into any of this. One night, I went to sleep, and had a dream. I was af some sort of school grounds, and there were ponies and the officials all sort of wandering, making the dream the first to actually have ponies. There was one rule, and you just couldn't leave. Not for safety, but forcefully, like as a prison-like rule. There was a dark atmosphere, and I was frightened, so I went through several attempts to escape, with weird sequences going through a routine of leaving and being captured again. Literally, I couldn't take any more of the stress, and so I hung myself. I woke up and kept thinking, "Don't imagine them like that, not like that!" Denying such imagination made me think that I really loved MLP. So, what about you? What was your first true MLP experience?
  4. Next to Me has quickly become one of my all time favorite songs, and Sande one of my favorite modern artists. Of course, this is coming from me, a vintage snob who spits on anything released following the end of the Cold War. I loathe the direction modern music has taken since the 90s, becoming little more than repetitive, pandering noise with almost no thought or effort put into anything but the hook. And often times, they don't even bother with that. Rhythm and Blues, or "R&B" as it's now abbreviated, has born the brunt of this. No other genre has seen such a complete 180 degree turn as this one has, going from the upbeat, jazzy, soulful gospel of the good old days to a plodding bore. Autotune (as always) comes in abundance, but talent does not. Make no mistake, there still are good artists out there. There was no genome-altering virus unleashed in '91 that prevented out offspring from being able to sing. The problem is that the record labels have no interest in them. Why bother looking for talent if you can turn any buff manchild or any busty harlot into a star just by putting their face on an album cover they had no part in creating. Enter Emeli Sande, a modest up-and-comer from Scotland who sets herself apart in two key areas. She can actually write worth a damn... And BOY, can she sing! She is still a way's away from being a superstar, but she has at least made it to the mainstream. Her album, Our Version of Events charted quite well, and her singles don't do too shabbily either. She's been a featured artist on many other tracks, including working with artists such as Professor Green, Kendrick Lamar, and... ugh... David Guetta. We all make mistakes. Her most well known song, however, and the one I'm here to talk about, is Next to Me. What is it about this this song that has captured my heart so tightly where no other R&B track could come close? For starters, it's one of them throwback songs that's been so popular recently, but not in the way that most of its contemporaries are. It's not a soulless "me too" like Get Lucky. It's not a trope magnet like Treasure. And it's certainly not a vapid, heartless spit take to the genre's face like Meghan Trainor's entire career seems to be based on. This is a creator-driven production born out of a genuine love for 1960s R&B. Back when it sounded more like this: But perhaps most peculiarly for a modern throwback, it was created not as an homage the old style, but to stand amongst it. Ever wonder what R&B would sound like today, with postmodern sensibilities and 21st century technology, had it never turned into shite? Next to Me is your answer. Sande's booming, impassioned vocals sit side by side with a lively piano backing and powerful drums, sprinkled amongst various other additions such as wind instruments, a tambourine, a subtle echo effect that actually adds to the melody, and even backup vocalists. It goes the extra mile and then some to bring back the soul of the 60s, but through masterful mixing and conservative use of modern technology, it plants itself firmly in the 2010s. And that's the best kind of throwback there is. If I wanted a song that really felt like the 60s, most of the time I'd just listen to a song that's actually from the 60s. I assure you, they are in no short supply. Sande doesn't simply point to the decade and unsubtly say "Those were the days, eh" like many others would. She instead learns the important lessons of the era and looks at what made the music so good, and then puts a sober, heartwarming spin on it to make it her own. Next to Me is the best kind of gospel. It raises you up onto your feet and makes you feel glad to be alive. It not only celebrates life, it screams it. It makes you cry tears of joy at the very same time you're dancing like a raving fool. But of course, the effect would not be complete without good lyrics, would it now? Writing is tremendously important in a throwback song, because if the theme is wrong, then you have failed critically in understanding the genre. At the same time, you don't want to dumb it down too much, or you're left with little more than a parody that lacks all necessary self-awareness. This is a trap that far too many throwbacks fall into face-first, but which Sande deftly and skillfully averts. The lyrics in Next to Me relate the story of a woman caught in an ever-worsening situation, going from doubt to depression, to bankruptcy, to abandonment, to the very apocalypse itself, but kept on her feet the whole way by the man she loves and trusts. But what man, specifically? Her boyfriend? Husband? It never specifies. It could actually be her brother, for all we know, because this love song stresses not his good looks or his quality as a lover, but his moral fortitude. The man in this song is a paragon and a gentleman who, no matter how bad things get, will always remember the ones he loves. At the end of every day, when she needs him the most, he can always be found next to her. Because of this, many have speculated that "Him" actually refers to God, and his own ability to get people through seemingly impossible crises. That's a novel interpretation, but I like to think that it refers to faith in the ones you love in general. Be it your S.O., your siblings, your family, anybody you can count on to help you out when things look their blackest. It's a fucking astonishing message, and an unexpected one in today's angsty, egotistical society. And it fits the uplifting Gospel/R&B style to a T. In closing, Next to Me is not only a masterpiece of a song in its own right, it's significant for what it represents. As technology improves, art is supposed to improve alongside it. But ever since the 90s, that hasn't been the case. Music plateaued and then eventually turned sharply downhill, even as our recording and editing technology only got more and more advanced. We, as a generation, have been squandering our gift, and the promise of what changing times are supposed to mean. Next to Me is a fulfillment of that promise. A modern song which is not only good, not only profound, and not only nuanced, but which stands among the best examples of its chosen genre. It is a graceful marriage of technology and artistry. It is currently my pick for the best song of the decade.
  5. Since no ones put up a Bleach Discussion thread, I figured why not, it's a good series with a lot of strong background details regardings the series Characters, both from Ichigo's world and Soul Society. If you haven't seen the series, to sum it up, it's basically about this 15 year old boy who has always had this sixth sense...he can sense those in the spirit world parallel to his own. Along comes a Soul Slayer...a hunter who frees souls that are left on our plain of existence...those souls who remain on this earth, are either wanderers or become Soul Eaters. A Soul slayer hunts these eaters, destroying them once the souls that remain on this earth become tainted. Ichigo learns of this after his family is attacked and Rukia introduces herself while trying to save him. She senses his ability and passes on her powers to aid him, and the rest is history. Here is the main character (Ichigo) ponified:
  6. have you ever listened to a song or instrumental and it sounds so...beautiful. So beautiful that you feel it touch your soul and you shed a tear? what music tracks make you feel this way?
  7. hey everypony I want to know if anyone likes soul music like the O jays or sam and dave or the temptations. I am a fan of the grooviest music out there lol Yeah I am a fan of the old stuff.
  8. I had this idea for a waterfall coming out of the iris, and it turned into this. And this time I finally remembered to record it. Resolution:1920x1080 Layers: 55 Time: 2hrs 16 Min Here's the link for a timelapse I put together for it:
  9. Spoilered due to violence (Opening to the game Splatterhouse) are dying. Your loved one has been taken and a mysterious demonic voice asks you to put on a mask while at the same time suggesting that it may own your soul in the process... Could you do it?
  10. This song is about one of my friends wanting to commit suicide (he's fine now) but he was trying to find someone to hold onto, to not shrug it off as a plea for attention. He was looking for that someone he'd love to meet, but no one came. This is his search. Download
  11. Here is the glorious character of mine, Pterotaum: Pterotaum (Commonly called "Taummy") Is the ghost of an alien species called Pterotaum. He died from the super nova of his original planet's star, and practically hitch-hiked with my Persona (Now a Ponysona) and a few other OCs of mine when they met him at the nebula left by the solar system. He lives a giant purple gemstone, and he is practically the Pinkie Pie of the Afterlife dimension. He captures souls released from the dead bodies of others, and turns them into something like this: This prossess is called "Taummitization" The term "Taummitize" means to make into a Pterotaum-like being. Since Pterotaum didn't think of his own name, rather just use his species name, this is what a female human might look like when she is turned into a Pterotaum. Or, at least, a Pterotaum's Spirit. Pterotaum (Himself) pays a visit to Diane (See second quote in signiture) when she is in the middle of killing someone. When that person is dead, their soul lifts up to the roof, and just floats there unconscious. That is, until Pterotaum comes along to take that soul, taummitize it, and bring it to his Paranormal Party Room. Once that has been done, the soul has little recollection of its living self, so its memory is filled with an artificial story. That story is written by Satyr (See first quote in signiture), and it takes a while for it to be created. Before it knows about its past (Which is often a positive one), it is introduced to everyone else, more so to the Miraculists. Every other soul that is in Pterotaum's Paranormal Party Room is very nice, but loves to play around with living souls that pass through the Party Room. Every living soul that enters the Party Room leaves either with: An awkward smile, a disturbed frown, tears, or they just don't leave at all, rather they just give their soul to Pterotaum so they can party with all of the other ghosts. A human's Taum-soul represents them in only two ways: Their essence color, eye color, and their hair style. Their essence color is the color of their bodies. For instance, the essence color of the Taum above is a sort of cyan-tealish color. Their hair style relates to the hair style they had while they were alive. Their eye color is just randomly chosen. Other than that, they all are the same. All female Taums have a very thin waist and a more skirt-like drag. The male Taums have pretty much the same body formation as Pterotaum. Pterotaum also has the ability to literally rip the soul out of a living being's body. He does this by going up to a being, grabbing it, and tugging on it, which breaks the connection between the body and its soul. Then, he can taummitize the soul. When he does this, the being itself dies. But, as long as the body still has functional organs, he can put the soul back into the body to revive the being. Just for fun, I made this as well: That is Pinkie Pie when she is taumitized
  12. A short soliloquy I came up with when I had a sudden jolt of realization one night. DeviantART Categories: Literature / Scripts & Screenplays / Monologues & Soliloquies / Drama ==== As the sun rises over the earth, I shall rise as well. I will not cower before the might of space and time, as I press on to fight my fears. With the heavens guiding my courage, I shall hold my sword of benevolence up high. I shall grasp my shield of fortitude as I march towards the rising sun. Heavens protect me. ==== Link to DeviantART page: [ ]
  13. Maxos

    Call My Name

    This is my latest single with my best art I have ever done by far. Hopefully you enjoy this video! If you would, please like and subscribe for more videos. I progress better through feedback as well, so don't be afraid to leave a comment below! - Maxos
  14. Imagine that you have just died. You enter a bright tunnel of light as your soul transcends your human body. You gradually accelerate down the tunnel. By the time you reach the gates of heaven, you are travelling at a break-neck speed. You close your eyes, bracing yourself for the impact. When you notice that you haven't been harmed, you open your eyes. God stands before you, in all his divine glory. He speaks: "Thou hath pleased me, oh precious subject. I know of your great struggles on earth, and the adversity you faced. But...I also know of your tendency towards loyalty, courage, and kindness despite these arduous trials. I shall honor your perseverance with a choice: You may enter my glorious kingdom; or you may opt to begin life anew in the kingdom of Equestria. You will be mortal there, but I will watch over you, and ensure that no harm befalls you for the duration of your equine life. I cannot, however, act as a shield for any negative emotions that come as a result of your mortality. And beware: Your deeds in this realm will be judged. If you choose to take advantage of my blessing by killing, stealing, destroying, or otherwise causing grief to the other inhabitants of Equestria, you will be sent directly to hell. Likewise, if you choose to honor the values which you upheld as a human, then you will have the opportunity to return here after your death." How would you respond? Would you choose Heaven, or Equestria?
  15. I was thinking, I should make one of these. Anything you want to know about me, just ask away.
  16. hello everybody i hope u enjoy this i made it last weekend but never got a chance to up load it so here is the link i would love to now what u think about it
  17. let alone some people say i can draw cute things, well i can also draw scary things as well, like this. A then and now picture of how i improved (slightly) and a little more to his concept art, The story behind him is on my Deviantart, but ill give you guys some basic info height (while standing) 11 feet, (on all fours) 6 feet weight 255 lbs Origin : Indian legends strengths : speed, strength, power, Jaw strength, long claws, agility, multiple visions (night vision, heat, etc.) high jumping, roar weaknesses: Dream catcher prison, if you want to know more just ask
  18. Who lives and Doughsbury Lane?